Tori Spelling Celebrates Liam's 2nd Birthday!

03/23/2009 at 12:00 PM ET

Cars! Cake! The Jumpitz!

After missing his birthday party the previous weekend due to a high fever, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott‘s son Liam Aaron was treated to a car-themed encore on Sunday.

Together with his mom, dad, 9-month-old sister Stella Doreen and 16 party guests, Liam celebrated his second birthday at his new home outside Los Angeles with the help of toys from the movie Cars, a car-shaped cake (from Beverly Hills bakery Hansen’s Cakes) and a performance by his favorite music group, The Jumpitz.

“Liam is obsessed with the animated movie Cars,” says his mom, “and I made him a little red car racing jumpsuit with a Liam name patch on it.”

Liam and his friends also enjoyed a blow-up ball pit in his living room and a small petting zoo in the backyard. The Jumpitz, a five-member children’s performance group, helped the intimate group sing “Happy Birthday” to Liam before the cake cutting. Says Tori: “The cutest was when he got to dig his hands into the giant red car cake and Stella was right into it as well!”

At the end of the two-hour shindig, guests left with gift bags by Silver Spoons! – each with personalized bag tags by Mabel’s Labels.

Albert Michael/Startraks

Source: PEOPLE

— Ulrica Wihlborg

Stella wears Genuine Kids from OshKosh IG Floral Tiered Dress ($13).

More photos below! Click the link to check them out.

Albert Michael/Startraks

Albert Michael/Startraks

Albert Michael/Startraks

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Brooklyn on

Aww! Stella is looking cuter and cuter everytime I see pictures! That last one is a great family shot as well!

Chicki on

Wow, Liam looks JUST LIKE Tori in that first picture – same face shape and everything! I wonder if Stella’s eyes are blue like her brother’s or brown like mommy’s? She’s really cute – cute family all around.

Lauren on

I’m virtually positive Stella’s dress is Genuine Kids from OshKosh, available at Target. I saw it there not long ago and fell in love with it. Much as I love my labels, Target has some of the most beautiful children’s clothing, especially for girls. Here’s the link:


Meredith on

Those are the cutest babies!!!

Lauren on

Stella’s dress is by Genuine Kids from OshKosh, available at Target for $12.99. I saw it there not long ago and fell in love with it. Much as I love my labels, Target has some of the most beautiful clothes for children that look like they should be in boutiques but cost a fraction of the price. The girls’ clothing is especially lovely. Here is a link:


Kelly on

Wow Stella looks a lot like her Dad! And I didn’t realize that Liam was so young when they had their second, I thought he’d be celebrating his 3rd birthday by now.

Before I get attacked I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having kids within a short span of time. I just didn’t realize.

Lauren on

Sorry for posting the same thing twice; I didn’t see it go up the first time and didn’t know if went through🙂

lolita on

i looooooooooooove Stella,and Liam too!!!

tricia mumby on

I am SO impressed with the CBB spotters for knowing where Stella’s dress is from! Even more impressed that its from Target! Love it!!

Anne on

Tori said she made that outfit for Liam. A very versatile woman. A beautiful and obviously happy family.

gianna on

Those babies are super cute. Liam looks more like the spellings, and stella looks like Dean. Love this family.

Jenny on

I bought that dress for the little girl I take care of (a birthday present) now I KNOW I have good taste! haha!

ang on

stella had a fever a couple of weeks ago,i didn’t know liam was sick as the pics! those kids are so adorable. chicki, i believe they both have blue eyes.thanks cbb!

robinepowell on

Both Liam and Stella look like Dean and both are strawberry blondes too.

While it looks like a big party, compared to what we “normal” people have, it seems smaller then the big blowout she had for Liam’s first birthday. Still a small petting zoo and his favourite? I read Tori’s book, so I thought she’d go less extragant for her kids’ parties.

Kelly: Liam was only about 5 months old when Tori got pregnant again. She is quoting as saying her doctor took off one birth control pill and two days later putting Tori on antother. Tori says Stella was conceieved in between those two days. Probably because Tori thought there was leftover pill in her system. Liam: March 13, 2007 and Stella: June 9, 2008.

JMO on

Stella’s hair has gotten redder!! Looks like Dean still but startin to resemble big brotehr with the hair coloring! Super cute!

Emily on

Wow, Tori looks really thin here. Like almost unhealthy. I hope everything is okay.

And Stella definitely looks like Daddy.🙂

Mia on

good that baby girl look anymore like her father, they’re identical! it’s so cute🙂

J-Lin on

Love the racing suit. My nephew is obsessed with the movie Cars. What a great idea!

jenny on

Emily, I agree. Tori has gotten so thin! I know there is a ton of pressure for celebs to regain their pre-baby bodies, but this looks a little more drastic. I have an 8 month old and just got to a tad below my “normal” weight and it feels great, but I can’t imagine getting much thinner.

Rachel on

wow, me and tori gave birth one week apart, and shes looking so frail! it makes me feel like a hippo! and our daughters look the same weight/ unlike Jessica Alba’s baby who is 9 months and is twice as big i was starting to get worried…

annie on

Both Liam and Stella ae absoultely adorable! I dont want to go off to much the subject what I really wanted to post is how cute Liam and Stella are,but I agree with alot of the earlier comments about Tori getting so thin., I think she was the perfect weight after giving birth to Stella she looked radiant

kris on

Stella looks so much like her Daddy! I’d love to see a picture of her with Jack to compare too. Liam seems to have more of the Spelling gene in him to me. As for Tori’s weight, I would bet anything that doing 90210 again prompted her to loose more weight. Being back on a prime time show probably put a lot of pressure on her. Weather self induced or industry induced. I hope she doesn’t loose anymore. Her hubby always seemed to think she looked good whatever her weight was (ie pregnant or not). Which I think is good.

Mrs. R. on

Tori was always SUPER skinny before she got married. I bet that most of it right now is because she’s running around after her kids and she’s just burning a LOT of calories, but hopefully she’ll even out in a few months after her commitments to 90210 are done.

Is it me or did that sound like a LOT going on for a 2 year old birthday? It’s not so much the expense of it all, that’s a parent’s choice, but more the activity level. I don’t think my daughter could handle all that going on at once, as a guest OR as the guest of honor. They must be lucky that Liam likes all that.

cristie on

I wonder where Jack was for this?. I thought he was still living with them.

Silvermouse on

I agree with Kris. I don’t remember her name, but the woman from Full House who is now on 90210 is EXTREMELY thin now. It actually scared me half to death since I was in the gym and watching it. I hope these actresses can gain the weight back. On a side note, Liam and Stella look so cute🙂

Nicole on

Great pics!!

Tori is my fave all time celebrity and I love her family.

Looks like Liam had an awesome birthday party, he is starting to look more like Tori, but still looks alot like uncle Randy. Stella is adorable and all Dean. Dean looks hot as always.

Jane on

I love the last picture.

Mary-Helen on

It looks like such a fun party, but it’s a shame that Dean’s eldest son Jack couldn’t be there. He is Liam’s brother too and it would be nice if Dean talked about how he enjoys his younger sibs.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary-Helen- I think they HAVE discussed that, actually. And as for Jack’s whereabouts, I’m guessing he was visitng his mom and other little sister (even if he IS still living with Tori and Dean, I’m guessing his mother still has visatation rights). Anyway, I love the pictures!

ang on

i believe jack still lives with them. just coz he’s not in the pics, doesn’t mean he’s not there.tori and dean took him out to dinner at katsuya last week.there are pics floating around the net somewhere….

Colleen on

My daughter wore that dress for her 3rd birthday pictures! I love it!

Morgan on

Darling kids – why have we not heard more about the music group that did the entertaining? I went to the Jumpitz web site and let my kids listen to their music. Cooooool group!

Judith on

Happy Birthday, Liam..!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.. What a wonderful family!!

ivelissesantana on

I can see that’s a good family. Happy birthday, Liam. Looks to me everyone had fun. I like the photos, they all look great. Liam looks great in his racing suite. My brother like also the movie cars. Even though Liam was sick, he still got his birthday party. Its a shame his brother Jack wasn’t there. I love all the pictures. Tori and Dean look great. Way to go!

Katherine Page on

Tori and Dean’s kids are so cute. It looks like they had a great party. I saw the Jumpitz perform during the Holiday Season and they were a lot of fun. Emily is my little girl’s favorite.

robinepowell on

Where’s the family resemblence between Tori and Liam? Having seen pictures of Dean’s son, Jack, I find him along with Liam and Stella look like Dean and not Tori and both of the little kids have strawberry blond hair.

Has anyone seen pictures of Tori as kid? Don’t forget she had a nose jobe when was in her teens.

Jana on

Liam and Stella are very very cute! Tori looks like she’s about to break in half holding Liam in the first pic with her bones protruding through her skin like that. It looks gross. I don’t even remember her being that thin when she was younger. I don’t believe Tori’s chasing her kids to the point that she can’t maintain a proper weight. She has plenty of help with her kids I’m sure.

cristie on

To answer Silvermouse’s question, her name is Lori Laughlin.

T. N. on

Love Target and LOVE the Jumpitz too!!! So neat to see them on CBB! My kids are so into them. Thanks God we have moved on from the Wiggles!! Check them out you guys…they are great!

Linda on

Tori & Dean need to do another reality show. Miss them they were so funny together. They need to update us on the kids.

Pamela on

Tori is looking thin. She’s probably so stressed about the kids and her book coming out, but she needs some down time and some food.

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