Mother of Two Jade Goody Passes Away

03/23/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Chris Joseph/Landmark/JPI

British reality star Jade Goody — mom to sons Bobby, 5, and Freddie, 4 — died in her sleep early Sunday — Mother’s Day in the U.K. — after losing her battle with cervical cancer. She was 27 years old. The Big Brother contestant — who at times drew controversy for her sharp tongue — documented her final weeks in the hopes of earning enough money from magazine, book and television deals to carve out a bright future for her sons, fathered by television host Jeff Brazier.

Though tragic, her death has increased awareness about cervical cancer in England, as health officials have reported increased inquiries and doctor’s appointments since Jade’s battle became public.

For more on this story, please see PEOPLE’s coverage of her life and death.


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Hea on

RIP Jade. You sure did put up a fight.

Clair on

This is so sad- for all her faults in the past nobody can deny that she loved her children more than everything, and the beautiful speech Bobby made on her wedding day made me cry. Calling her the ‘best mummy in the world’ i couldn’t believe that this five year old was dealing with the thought of his mummy ‘going to heaven.’
i myself am personally delighted with the way Jade publicised Cervical cancer, and demanded the age for tests to be lowered, as my cousin died at just 17 from this form of cancer.

Lou on

RIP jade, you will be missed by many. those poor little boys, they will be looked after well by your family but nothing will fill the hole you have left.
i hope you are at peace now, and i am one of many that will be having a smear test due to the awareness you have raised.
RIP xx

Nicole on

Oh so sad… The kids are so young. My thoughts go out to them.

Just a CBB question–why wasn’t Natasha Richardson’s death posted on here? Just curious, did I miss a post?


Yes, you did.

– CBB Staff

Adele (UK) on

RIP Jade xx

Because of Jade, there is an urgency to lower the age of Cervical Cancer smear testing from 25 to 20 in England. Here in Wales & also Scotland & Ireland the minimum age is 20 so hopefully England will change the law soon.

I know she has made many people aware of how important smear tests are.

martyna on

RIP Jade , look after your kids from heaven

Kelly on

Rest in Peace Jade. I feel terrible for her little boys, they must be devastated.

babyboopie on

Rest in peace Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody. You were such a great mother to Bobby and Freddy, and they will love you so much and always be proud of their beautiful mummy. You keep smiling that beautiful smile, Jade. God bless you.

skipsie on

Rest In Peace Jade
you were a great mother and me and everyone else in England admire you for raising awareness about cervical cancer.


Carrie on

I have followed Jade right from her biginnings on BB, and will miss her very much R.I.P beautiful. Just as a side note, what is the screening age minimum in the US and Canada? xxx

Jas on

RIP Jade Goody…She lived her last days to the fullest and appreciated what she had in front of her.

Amillia on

I was just thinking about her. May God watch over her boys.

alice jane on

She’s left an amazing legacy that her boys will be proud of… think of all the lives she’s going to help save, with the publicity she gave cervical cancer.

Her boys are beautiful; my thoughts are with them and the rest of Jade’s family.

Nicole on

In the U.S. a woman can have a screening at any age. Doctors usually recommend starting at 21 though. There are only age minimums in countries with government run health care.

Philippa on

I already heard about this a few days ago, and I think it’s just so sad. She was far too young to die. My heart goes out to her boys😦

harlow on

RIP Jade
You were a wonderful mother and up until the day you left this earth you made sure they were well looked after. Im sure you will be smiling down at your two gorgeous boys from heaven always! xx

Vanessa on

As someone who was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia as a teen, I know how important it is to be regularly screened. I also know of a woman who was diagnosed with cervical cancer and dead within two months. It’s definitely nothing to play around with.😦 RIP Jade.

Kate on

My was a nurse in a OB/GYN office in New Jersey and I have been getting Pap Smears since I was 18. I also worked in Planned Parenthood in my college years. There is also big news about the HPV Vaccine that should prevent cervical cancer. There is controversy about whether younger women should receive the vaccine. I guess its a personal call.

If a woman has had a case of human papillomavirus (HPV) she is at a higher risk of cervical cancer. If she has had many sexual partners or has been with someone who had many partners this also ups her risk of getting cervical cancer. Family history also plays a factor like breast cancer.

I just hope with her tragic death many more women should go out and get checked. I don’t know how many of my own 30 year old friends who don’t regularly get a pap smear let alone my 40 year old sister in law who still hasn’t gotten a mammogram yet.

Stay safe girls and get yourselfs checked out. As my momma always says you are your best health advocate.

Alex on

Such a horribly sad day. I met Jade on a couple of occasions, and she was such a wonderful, beautiful and humble person. She never changed from the girl we all loved on BB. The press were mean to her at times, but she always bounced back because she was so real and likable.

Rest in peace sweetheart, your boys had such a wonderful mummy. Bobby and Freddy will grow up to know what an inspiration Jade was, and how much she worshipped them.

Chloe on

RIP Jade, I know she will be watching her beautiful sons Bobby and Freddie from heaven, I cannot imagine what they are going through knowing they will never see their mummy again. She fought a valiant fight against this killer, and did so with courage, dignity and the world wishing that she would recover. She is going to be missed in the UK, and I expect her funeral on April 4th is going to be a real celebration of a wonderful tragically-short life.

shanelle on

R.I.P jade u sure did stay with ur boys till you no longer could xxx

Mia on

It’s a really tragic situation, I think it really highlights the important of facing your problems, and keeping your health in check. 27 is very young, and she has 2 very young children.

In the U.S there is no age requirement for getting any testing done. It is usually recommended to start getting tested once a young female becomes sexually active.

RC on

RIP Jade. You did the right thing by making sure your boys are taken care of. They’ll thank you for that when you’re reunited with them again, of that I’m sure. I admire that you were able to live out such a private time in your life with the public watching you for the cause to get more people to understand the severity of cervical cancer. In some people’s eyes, they see it as selfish…but for the people who understand these things, we find it admirable. May your children find comfort in the fact that you’re no longer in pain and able to watch over them from up above.

cherien on

god bless you jade you were a lovely person an didnt deserve to die rip

Paula on

In response to the question about minimum age, in Canada all my friends and I were told to start yearly tests as soon as we were sexually active and no later than 21 if we weren’t.

marisol on

rest in peace…you deserve that…..look after you boys from heaven….god blesse you

marisol on

rest in peace….look after your boys from heaven…..god blesse you

hannah on

Its so sad when we have to hear about children losing their parents..every child deserves their mummy in their life😦
Jade was so down to earth and i admire everything she did in life, she said herself she didnt have the best start and she worked so hard to get to where she wanted, and most of all she was such a wonderful mother to her two lovely boys.

RIP Jade, im sure you will looking over your boys from heaven xxxx

KimberlyL on

In Australia we are told to have a pap smear at 18 or within 2 years of becoming sexually active, whichever comes first. Does it cost money to have a smear in the US? We have Family Planning which is equivalent to Planned Parenthood I guess, and you can have it done there for free from any age I believe.

KimberlyL on

She was very brave publicly fighting cancer. I feel for her boys. My mother fought breast cancer when I was 3 and I remember the treatment vivdly. Its very traumatic on a young child. It looks like her boys have a great support network around them to help them deal with the loss and any PTSD, and due to their mother’s dedication they will be taken care of. She has done something tremendous for them. Rest in peace. May her goodwill live on.

Rashida on

R.I.P Jade you were a wonderful person and lovely mother.

Ellie on

I feel for jade goody’s sons bobby and freddy because of the loss, i do hope they have a nice future even though their mum isn’t there to be with them.xxxxxx

Kelly on

Coming from someone who lost her own mother at a young age like Bobby and Freddie I can only imagine what they must be going though. May Jade watch over them from heaven. She will be missed. RIP Jade.

Sam on

I also have 2 little boys and I do know how sad this is. May God bless them and Jade will watch over them in heaven…very sad:(

amelie on

She fought bravely, may she rest in peace.

The media doesn’t often mention that Jade ignored two follow up letters from her doctor after her pap smear results were abnormal. It’s wonderful that so many young women are aware of having pap smears, but if you do receive a letter asking you to come back for more tests, PLEASE do not ignore it.

Tanya on

I really feel for her two little boys Bobby and Freddy. I remember seeing a photo of one of her boys crying at the weeding photoshoot and again he cried at the baptism. And I felt so sorry for him, thinking:He`s crying because he knows his mommy is going to die! It was heartbreaking, and I wonder why she did those photoshoots just a month or so before she died? She should have known one of her boys or another close person was gonna cry. Just thinking it might be embarrasing for him to see those pictures later on.

Kay on

RIP Jade, you will be missed! Such an amazing and brave woman, fighting al the way to the end to give your gorgeous boys a good life. They will never forget you and they wi;ll grow up proud to be ur sons. Your a true star sleep tight!

Sarah on

That is so sad what happened to her. I also found out that she is 1/4 black which is great.Also hope her boys know and remember there heritage.

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