Katie and Suri's Breakfast Club

03/23/2009 at 08:00 AM ET

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri, who turns 3-years-old next month, go out for an early brunch Sunday at a Le Pain Quotidien bakery in Beverly Hills.

Check out more photos, some with dad Tom Cruise, in their family gallery!

Suri wears Juicy Couture’s Striped Bow Cardigan ($102), paired with Nordstrom’s Bella Ballet Flats in Candy Red ($40).

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UggaMugga.com on

They look like such a fashionable little pair! Suri is such a beautiful girl! And her bangs have really grown…that will make a lot of moms on here happy! 😉

Lis on

Yep, they are definitely growing out the bangs!!! Suri is precious, as usual🙂

Wonder when TomKat are going to make Suri a big Sis? Anyone heard anything about that?!

Bb on

Suri looks beauiful here, longer hair looks lovely on her

LadyKitty on

I was just wondering that,would love to see a sibling of Suri,she is so cute!

Harley on

She has gotten so big lately! If she keeps on this gorgeous path I’d lock her up lol.

martyna on

every time I see a picture of star going to eat sth at restaurant or other places I am wondering if they cook sth by themselves at home ??- just curious

Btw suri look like mini version of Katie

kendrajoi on

She is becoming more and more of a little lady all the time. I really think she looks a lot like Tom in this picture.

P on

It is really refreshing to see a celeb child wearing the same pair of shoes more than once (the shiny red ones)…anyone know if they come in size 4.5 kids? I have very small feet and they’re kind of epic (the shoes, not my feet).

Grace on

What a cute little outfit Suri’s wearing!


Caroline on

Suri is the most precious child (besides my own), but Katie looks awful …

JEH on

Ah by far one of the most stunning celebrity babies ever!!! Love this little girl. I do wish Katie wasn’t so matronly, just because she is a wife and mother she doesn’t need to look so much older, she just doesn’t have that vibrance in her that she had before Tom and in the beginning of their relationship. Hopefully Suri is allowed to look like a little girl while she is.

Momtobobby on

Katie looks so tired. I feel for her. I also think Suri is already three. Cute shoes.. I wish she would put a hat and coat on her though.

rb on

I wonder why they never pull her hair away from her eyes or face. Never a barrette to keep her bangs out of her eyes. Not a pony, even in Brazil and hot climates.

ks on

Momtobobby, Suri will be 3 on April 18.

~C~ on

where can I mail some hairbows and barrets to the lovely Suri? I’m so tired of her ragamuffin hairstyle! Actually today’s picture, is more like a retro Veronica Lake look.

Shawna on

ks – there is a whole conspiracy theory that Suri was actually born in December. I have no idea why. Personally, I think those people are kind of nuts.

Brooklyn on

Suri looks cute, and so big now!!!

babyboopie on

Haha! Yes, we do need to send a huge Royal Mail parcel stuffed with hairclips and hairbands for this little lady! And I do agree, Katie looks so ill!

Melinda on

Give her a break…its ALMOST tuckable behind the ears. My daughter is the same age, with the same exact haircut, and she rips everything out, only hers lays directly infront of her face like Thing from the Adams Family. At least Suri’s seems to stay to the side!

Lee on

Did someone really just suggest she should have a hat and coat on?? It could not have been as cold as New York, so I doubt she needed more than the the longer sleeves she has not. Also the whole thing with the hair bows is getting ridiculous. There were alot of mothers who commented on other pictures that hair bows aren’t always kid friendly. Why do people always need to point out what Katie should do for her child? She’s her mother and Suri looks healthy and happy. What else should matter?

Kaitlyn on

Suri is a doll! Just curious if she has a middle name, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it posted?

Cat on

ok they are in LA, it was 75 degrees the other day. It’s cold today but not for a hat and coat…. she is dressed just fine.

Jared Snyard on

Wow What an outfit to wear .. to go to the Art Studio…?? With one
of the Beckham boys.. Not insulting her but it is nice to see that
Suri is wearing leggings..Nice to see the outfit that Suri picked out…And how she loved the bakeries in New York with her Mom..!

Alice on

LOL, Melinda, I think you mean Cousin Itt from the Adams Family rather than Thing (the hand).

gianna on

Such a gorgeous child, she could be a model. Great mix of Tom and Katie, love her hair and eyes.

Melinda on

sorry, yes cousin it!

Denise Briggs on

She’s losing her baby face!! Looks like a little girl now…adorable !!

Emily on

I can never decide if I think she looks like Katie or Tom. When she was younger, I thought she was definitely a mini-Katie, but the more I see of her the older she gets, I think she looks like Tom, too. I hope she looks more like Katie when she’s older, haha. I am not really a fan of Tom Cruise.

Marianne on

Katie is carrying a hairband, so Suri probably just took it off.

Mary-Helen on

Is that a headband sticking out of Katie’s pocket? chances are Suri ripped it out. My daughter is 2 and rips out any ponytails, barrettes, headbands, you name it.

Ryo on

Actually that’s Katie’s purse, not a headband. JJ has more pics and the full one of this.

Suri is so cute. She is starting to look like Tom to me.

Ruthella on

My daughter has hair just like Suri’s (but blonde). No matter what I do with it, it’s in her face five minutes later! My hairdresser says it’s the way it grows and she’ll be thankful for it when she’s older!

Anyway, my point is that some of us just weren’t born to look neat and tidy! I love the way my little scruff looks🙂 The only sure way to stop her hair falling in her eyes is to French plait it, but that requires forward planning and lots of bribing to sit still😉

CelebBabyLover on

I don’t think Katie looks ill or bad at all! In fact, I love her expression in this picture! She’s smiling and almost seems to be rolling her eyes at the thought of the paps following them yet again (as in, “Is watching us go into a bakery really THAT interesting?”).

Shawna- I couldn’t agree more! People seem to forget that Brooke Shields’ daughter Grier was also born on April 18th, 2006, and Brooke has spoken about the fact that both girls were born on the same day. Somehow I can’t see Brooke lying about that. I have a whole list of other reasons why I think that theory is crazy, but I’ll spare you guys!🙂

Ruthella- I hear you! My hair is like that as well. I was fighting a “hair battle” with the wind today…and I lost. Everytime I pushed my bangs out of my eyes, the wind just blew them right back! When my hair gets a bit longer (I’m growing it out) I’ll probably pull it back, but for now all I can do is push those bangs out of my eyes!🙂

I also agree with the people who said that a coat was not neccesary. I know Katie is wearing a scarf and a hat, but I’ve seen her wear them several different times, in various types of weather. Therefore, I’m guessing she wears them for fashion, not warmth.

Anyway, I love Suri’s outfit. I actually don’t mind the fact that she usually wears dresses (especially since Tom has said that SHE’s the one that wants to wear them, rather than them forcing her to), but I have to admit it makes me smile seeing her wear a more casual, slightly mis-matched outfit. She seems to love those shoes, too!🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and as strange as this may sound, I LOVE the fact that Suri is often seen wearing those red shoes without socks. Seems like she and I have something in common: We don’t like socks!🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I almost forgot: To the poster who asked, Suri doesn’t have a middle name according to her birth certificate (which TMZ dug up during the “Where’s Suri?” contervesory, just as they recently did with M.I.A.’s son’s).

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