Parminder Nagra Can't Wait for the 'Celebration of a New Life'

03/22/2009 at 07:00 PM ET
Howard Wise/JPI

The due date is nearing for ER‘s Parminder Nagra, who revealed during an interview with US Weekly that her little one is set to arrive at the “end of May, beginning of June.” As Parminder prepares for motherhood, she says she’s most looking forward to “the celebration of a new life.” The whole experience so far has been “miraculous” for the actress, while thinking that “somebody is wriggling around in there, that is due to come out fairly soon, but it’s not even from out of town or anything, it’s right there,” Parminder shares, while holding her belly. “It’s hard to get your head around until it actually happens to you.”

One thing Parminder didn’t have to worry about during her pregnancy was planning a baby shower, because husband James Stenson took care of all the details. “He’s taken the responsibility of it out of my hands, which is actually quite nice,” notes the actress. Guests of the shower most likely participated in a onesie decoration craft, as Parminder identified it as her favorite activity at friend’s showers she’d attended previously.

“I love it when the little onesies come out, and everybody gets to decorate the little onesie. They personalize it and that’s something you would have forever. It would be something you could hand down to your child and say ‘Look, so and so decorated this for you.’ I think that’s such a lovely, personal thing.”

Baby on the way is the first child for Parminder and James, who married in January.

Source: US Weekly via SAWF

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Colleen on

Planning your own baby shower seems really tacky to me, having your husband plan it is no less tacky. I believe that if someone wants to throw you a shower, so be it, but it should be a friend or family member.

Moore on

To me, celebrating a baby is sweet all the way around no matter who plans it or if even if it’s the third time baby in the bunch.
I’ve never heard of the onesie craft though. That will be too cute for the baby once it’s born. I may have to steal that idea.

robinepowell on

Well one good thing about ER ending, she can take all the time in the world with the baby. Parminder won’t have to worry about leaving her new baby when the new TV season starts up.

Sarah K. on

That seems like a rather harsh judgment, Colleen. First of all, that “quote” seems like a lot of paraphrasing. It’s not actually clear what James “took out of her hands.” That could mean anything from helping her friends with a guest list to putting up the decorations. Besides, maybe her friends offered but she didn’t want to burden them. Calling someone tacky without all of the facts is…tacky

MZ on

I think it was the way the author of the post worded it that was weird. The CBB author is the one who mentioned planning the shower. Paraminder might have been talking about decorations or something, like Sarah K. mentioned.

SMC on

Wow, she looks stunning in that picture. And I have to disagree with it being “tacky” for her husband to throw her a baby shower. How is that tacky? Spouses throw each other birthday parties all the time, and that is perfectly acceptable. Maybe he didn’t want her friends to foot the bill of the location, food, etc.

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah K.- I agree! In fact, I think it’s sweet that James volunteered to help/organize the baby shower. I mean, how many men are willing to do something like that? What a great husband and dad-to-be! 🙂

Jane on

I have to say, it’s not correct equiette to plan your baby shower or to have a family memeber host it for you. Having said that, it’s not clear that Parminder or her husband are hosting the baby shower, so we don’t know what the situation is here, and shouldn’t judge it as ‘tacky’.

I think the onesie craft thing sounds really cool! Something for the baby to keep forever.

Lis on

I agree with Colleen and Jane.

Although we do not know all the details of PARMINDER’s shower, it is my opinion that throwing your own shower is unbelievable tacky. And I have to disagree that throwing your spouse a birthday party and throwing her a baby shower is in any way comparable. (???)

That said, I think the onesie idea is too cute. 😉

Anna on

Who says this was a traditional American baby shower? I can see planning one could be tacky if it is just to get gifts of the guests. But it sounds like she had a baby shower to celebrate the baby coming, doing crafts etc. There is nothing tacky about it.

HeatherR on

As a former wedding and event planner, I can tell you that many people plan their own showers. It is actually fairly common and not considered tacky. This is 2009….not 1959. Lol

I love Parminder on ER. She is stunningly beautiful!

eva on

She is an absolute beauty. I envied her through every second I watched of ER, perfect hair, beautiful skin and eyes…ugh so pretty.I would be excited to see her baby,I don’t know how her husband looks but the kid is going to be adorable.

Sam on

“And I have to disagree that throwing your spouse a birthday party and throwing her a baby shower is in any way comparable.”

I agree. If he was throwing her a birthday party, that birthday party would be for her, not both of them. But a baby shower celebrates a new baby, and she and her husband are BOTH the parents of that baby.

Ella on

Celebrities cannot win on this site.

Kelly Anne on

Saraj K, I agree with you. That comment made from Colleen is so rude, how is it tacky celebrating a baby shower for your child? One would want to show how much love they have to offer a child not who should organise such events. Plus she is from the UK – all her family are from there too. I’m sure they will make lovely parents.

CelebBabyLover on

Anna- Very well said! We have to remember that Parminder is orginally from the U.K., so her ideas and ways of having baby showers might be different from ours (from what I’ve heard, baby showers aren’t that common in the U.K., so I’m guessing that people in the U.K. who DO have baby showers have to basically make it up as they go).

As for family members hosting a shower…Those of you who said that would probably be horrified at my mother’s side of the family! Whenever someone in that family gets married or has a baby, it’s a family member who throws the shower (in fact, most of the time it’s an aunt of the mother or bride). That’s just something that branch of my family does!