Right Bank Babies Spring 2009: Make a (Fashion) Statement this Spring

03/21/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

Looking for a way to add an air of elegance to your child’s closet this Spring? Sounds like it’s time for Right Bank Babies to be your one-stop shop for practical yet beautiful clothes for your stylish little one. Following the lead of other trend-setters like Kingston Rossdale and Apple Martin, boys and girls alike (or their fashion-savvy moms!) will find timeless pieces in the new Spring 2009 collection.

Reversible Dresses ($55) come in an array of subtle, yet beautiful colourways. Amazing Rompers ($55) will satisfy the Victorian in you. And the Reversible Short Sleeved Camp Shirt ($55) is sure to jazz up any boy’s warm-weather wardrobe. Pieces are cut to grow with your child, so a dress might become a shirt in a year or two. Plus, with most of the pieces being reversible it’s like getting two outfits in one! Or, if you’re a minimalist (or slacker) mom like I am, it means you have something on hand to change them into when one side gets dirty!

Right Bank Babies Spring 2009 collection is available now.

— Stephanie

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mslewis on

I love the two short dresses. They’re beautiful and so girly. Beautiful colors. But that longer dress looks like the girl’s underskirt is falling off!!

I-dra on

those dresses are very pretty, but i refuse to believe that there was not a better photo to choose than this one. if i were to be photographed with my mouth straining wide open with a popsicle, i would be mortified. this has to be one of the most unflattering model photos i’ve ever seen. and they are such pretty little girls! also – and this may be overthinking it, but i’m a mom, so i do that – those popsicles are inappropriately suggestive & the fact that they are being used in a photo shoot is just gross. doesn’t anyone watch “to catch a predator”?! those sickos out there love this kind of stuff!

martita on

I-dra… I thought the exact same thing.

Tilly on

Christ, they are kids with ice cream. You don’t have to read something vaguely sexual into everything.
That says more about you, than the photographer.

Maggie on

I think the photo is fine…

however, I am a little disappointed there is not a CBB discount. I would have probably bought a dress if there was- since they aren’t exactly inexpensive for little girls.

gigi on

Christ is the name of my savior so maybe Tilly when you’re not being offended by other people being offended you could stop offending Christians and find another word to use for swearing. I doubt you’d speak so poorly of Allah.

Tilly on

There is a reason I’m an atheist, lol….

eva on

The girls look angelic, ice cream or not but I don’t like these clothes,makes me think of the sound of music with the kids dressed in curtains.

Jenn on

I don’t really like the photo either. Not because of anything sexual, I just think the girls without anything in thier hands would look better, IMO.

As far as the LOL about being an athiest….eternity is a long time to be misinformed. I wouldn’t be laughing if I were you.

Anna on

I agree with Tilly. The people that want to see something sexual in this have a dirty mind. No one in their right mind would make that connection.

The dresses are cute, the photo is cute.

Sarah on

Don’t be so quick to judge someone as seeing something sexual about this as having a dirty mind.
I work with pedophiles. There is one client who would be ALL over this photo if he had the chance, and trust me.. it’s easier than you think for them to get a chance to find photos. JC.Penny catalogs.. newspapers.. printing innocent stuff such as this from online. They get it, they use it. It’s a sick fact but it’s unfortunately true.

I think the photo is adorable but yes, the popcicle and open mouth, though harmless to most is still something to get one of the people who WOULD enjoy doing sexual things to a child, well, excited.

Tilly on

Misinformed? Wow, I suppose if I said what I’m thinking now, my comment wouldn’t be approved. Not everyone wants to believe in the archaic idea of a an invisible man who made the world. Some of us prefer a bit more realism in our views. Sorry. (also I’m European, we’re a bit more sensible in that department, it seems)

And oh, those dresses are cute. Don’t think I mentioned that yet.

I-dra on

well, i’m glad SOMEONE doesn’t think i’m a pervert for pointing that out. i’m all about protecting our youth & you have no business accusing me of having a “dirty mind”. you don’t know me, you know nothing about me. this photo IS suggestive & unflattering. i’m disappointed – albeit not surprised – that popsicles are used to sell little girls’ clothing. you need to wake up & be vigilant about this stuff. you are delusional if you think there aren’t people out there, taking photos of kids at the park or the fair. we have one living in our town! he was run out of LA for operating a site where he posted photos of little girls he had taken at public gatherings & then provided a list of places where other, more dangerous, pedophiles could watch little girls or worse. now he’s doing it in MY TOWN. i am sickened & if i ever saw him staring down a child in public, i’d probably put my foot straight up his behind. people like him should be castrated & people like you should not be so f-ing quick to judge. would you be calling me names if that was YOUR child in the photo getting some creepo excited?
i believe anna & tilly owe me an apology.

I-dra on

P.S. yeah, Europe, the hub of religious sensibility had absolutely nothing to do with the Inquisition or witch burnings. Speak for yourself, not everyone around you.

alicchi on

I think i agree with i-Dra on “those dresses are very pretty, but i refuse to believe that there was not a better photo to choose than this one.”

those photoes do seem like they have some kind of implications. I view all the pictures on this page, all the different baby photoes, but this is the only one that i click in and view comments, that’s because i did feel something uncomfortable with this picture.

when i-dra express her concern about the photo, she is not just make it up or simply “think too much”. You know when we study “pornography in music videos” in communication classes, we saw similar pictures, and those pictures are regarded as potraying women seeking substitute of sexualized male body part.

This trick has its own history. It’s called Polysemy,a pivotal concept within media studies, refers to the capacity for a sign or signs to have multiple meanings.

luis on

“jeez” you people need to get over this issue. I can only imagine if they were eating hot dogs or kiwi’s, “See it is your dirty litte mind”. Whats wrong with hot dogs? Do you think there are any “freaks” watching the Nathen’s hot dog eating contest with a wicked grim? Oh yeah the dress are great(reason were here to begin with)

luis on

I still can’t get over this ice cream thing. If there was any relevance to this then why are you not out protesting the ice cream companies to re-shape the offensive and suggestive design of the “Big Stick”, damn the name alone should have gotten your panties in a bunch. Enjoy your corn dog at the fair l-dra I’ll try not to stare.

Sherry on

Oh my goodness! My daughter has this dress and its the best thing ever! So light weight, washes well and she wont take it off!
I was going to buy more online at their website, but i was at Nordstrom the other day i found them.

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