Jaime Pressly Writes Memoir For Dezi

03/21/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
Vince Flores/ Celebrity Photo

With her separation from ex-fiancé Eric Calvo, aka DJ Eric Cubiche, “still fresh” actress Jaime Pressly says her only focus in life remains Dezi James Calvo, the couple’s 22-month-old son. That much is evident when she talks about the impetus behind her new memoir It’s Not Necessarily Not the Truth: Dreaming Bigger Than the Town You’re From. “When I found out I was pregnant, I started writing it, and I was writing just for my son,” Jaime reveals. Writing wasn’t all she was doing as she awaited Dezi’s birth, however! A 42-pound weight gain left Jaime feeling “ginormous” and the 31-year-old My Name is Earl star could barely wait to undo the damage! Ten days after delivering, she hit the gym. Recalls Jaime,

“I worked out so hard. I started doing two hours a day, six days a week. Two and a half months after he was born, I was turning 30, and the last thing I wanted to do was be fat at my 30th birthday party in Vegas.”

Despite the demands of her filming schedule Jaime says she makes it a priority to either wake up with Dezi each day, or put him to bed at night. Noting that time has passed “so quickly,” she adds,

“It’s gnarly. I remember being pregnant like yesterday. He came out like Superman. It was so cute.”

It’s Not Necessarily Not the Truth is available now. Jaime’s new movie I Love You, Man is in theaters Friday.

Source: USA Today

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Y on

Wow, could she sound any more selfish?

g!na on

Dezi is ♥

thekate on

Wait, what kind of a choice is that? She either puts him to bed or wakes up with him – don’t most moms do both? Am I misinterpreting what she said?

peedoff on

OH MY! ok i have been reading comments on here for awhile now and im disgusted how quick people are to jump on jaime when she says anything about her son or her life basically
she has said numerous of times she has him on set with her and basically everywhere she goes all through the day but she was just refering to the bedtime and wake up routine
give this woman a break for god sake

HeatherR on

peedoff- I agree that it does seem like people are quick to judge Jaime. I’m sure she is a very hands on mom and her devotion to Dezi is obvious. You can tell she is crazy about her son.

With that said, she always seems to rub me the wrong way. I think she is just a little too vocal about how important her physical appearance is. She mentions it in every interview/comment.

brannon on

I have to agree that the comments are probably a result of culminating interviews in which her vanity seems more important than time spent w her son. That being said I understand not all parents can spend every minute w their kids and that we need mom time too but I think its the way she words things?

gianna on

I’ve seen her this whole week, on the view, today show, jimmy fallon, etc, and she talks very loving about her son, how he changed her life and she adores him.I also just read an interview, where she says his father sees him reguarly but she has primary custody.So what if she wants to look good, and she does look awesome lately, but just because a mother works out, doesn’t make her a bad mom. The reason she talks about her looks is because people will always ask a celebrity who looks good after a baby, how did you do it. They asked her on the view, and she said a lot of hard work no lipo or anything for her. She said in general she danced and did gymantics as a kid and always worked out, so that your body after doing all that tends to bounce back quicker after a baby, and she is defintly right. But she also said she had to go back to work quickly, so she worked out 10 days after her son was born. I saw pics of her son too, very cute and looks so much like her.

allison on

Wow, she seems very self absorbed to me. Working out 10 days after giving birth? That is very strange to me.

peedoff on

jaime is known for being in great shape am i wrong? so if youre known for something in hollywood that tends to be what the media ask you about! i really disagree with how people are so quick to launch an attack on her by hearing snippets of a long intervierw or ONE interview out of a week long of them, yes she has been gushing about how much dezi means to her and even her own co star jason lee has also said on the record how much of an amazing mother jaime is and how she takes dezi everywhere with her, she has also been saying she has him on set most of the time and how he doesnt react to her joy hair and stuff so people think outside the box or at least outside the few lines that you see in ONE single interview before you launch an attack on someones parential skills
thats the point i wanted to make🙂

gigi on

I don’t get gianna and other poster who want to pat celebrities on the back for doing and saying what all parents do and say. She really seems to love her son. He changed her life. Who doesn’t say that? I have a friend who lost custody of her son but yeah she loves him and he changed her life. The point is people always say that. It’s nothing special. I don’t even mind her being vain since she’s an actress and they’re all vain. I just think it’s how SHE pats herself on the back for trying to spend time with her baby. Hey, I watch Earl and it’s not like she’s in every scene and is working 12 hour days. I just think she’s single and has more personal needs now than if she and her ex stayed together. Is that bad? No. Do I need to be proud that she schedules time in for her son? No. It’s called motherhood. Big whoop.


I don’t want to judge her,because I think she’s a great mom but she looks a bit obssesed with her body.I can’t believe she went to gym only ten days after the delivery!

iluvallbabies on

I agree with HeatherR and Brannon. People are quick to jump on Jaime, but it DOES seem every single interview it goes on to talk about her appearance! How much exercise she did, how she wants to be a certain size, and how she started working out when her baby was so young- because she “didnt want to be fat for her Vegas birthday party”!!

It reminds me of another Celeb mom featured on here regularly (that I wont name!).




krewcat on

Someone said a couple days ago that she should stop doing interviews becasue she comes off bad…


I mean really there is MUCH worse things than being fat for your 30th birthday….because you have a 10 week old baby! Besides a girl her size even after a baby would hardly be considered FAT!

Yea, selfish comes to mind…

Sallie on

Oy – what I wouldn’t give to be able to work out 2 hours a day/6 days a week to get even remotely close to my pre-pregnancy body.

thekate on

Maybe Gigi said it better than me – why should she get a medal for spending time with her child. She just made it sound like she can pick and choose when that time is which doesn’t make sense to me.

And I don’t think people are jumping all over her – she puts it out there, we are just expressing our interpretation of what she said. If she doesn’t want the public involved then she should stop doing interviews or find a different line of work.

And I was proudly “fat” for my 30th birthday party with my baby boy in my arms! Had to say it….

Shannon on

I agree. She rubs me the wrong way. She seems so obssessed with her physical appearance

Sam on

What’s wrong with working out 10 days after giving birth? If she’s able to do it, than why not? Just because she just had a baby doesn’t mean she needed to spend every second with him–he does have a father you know!

gianna on

Gigi i’m not patting her on the back, for her saying she loves her son. I’m trying to say CBB posted just one interview, if you watch her on other shows during this past week, she doesn’t strictly talk about her weight, like people here are making it seem. On every single talk show, she happened to look gorgeous, so yea everyone asked her about her body. So you have to answer the questions, better than her saying some BS like the weight just bounced off from motherhood naturally. She talks a lot about her son, and the only reason her weight is mentioned so many times, is because at least from the interviews I’ve seen other people bring it up. Go to abc.com and watch the view, you can see how that was the first question thrown at her the minute she walked out. Elisabeth hasselbeck even said twice, please call me to remind my body to get back into shape after this baby.

Lauren on

Totally agree– she has Amanda Peet syndrome now, where everything she says just adds on to the negative opinions of her. Someone really should mention to her that she comes off poorly in interviews.

Also, there’s no way she is 31. Sorry.

CelebBabyLover on

I agree with gianna and peedoff! Also, please try to remember that most actresses in Hollywood are under IMMENSE pressure from the industry to get back to their pre-baby bodies as soon as possible after giving birth!

iluvallbabies on

Taney, who are these “morons” you are refering too?

kate on

It’s weird, the more people call her selfish, the more I like her. I think it’s refreshing. I can’t take half of Hollywood’s actresses serious when they talk about how normal they are etc and I bet her work-out regime really isn’t all that extraordinary (in their standards). Plus, maybe because I haven’t seen her in interviews, I always picture her as this loud, obnoxious character she plays on Earl and that’s, um, funny;)

Plus, her son is cute and I like his name. Too bad about the break-up:/

this woman on

Women in this industry are only under “pressure” if they succomb to the ridiculous standards that are set for them. As long as there are women like her that are willing to appease the industry this will continue to be the norm and thats all there is to it. She has always rubbed me the wrong way with this topic…even her choice of wording makes her come across as petty and superficial…she may be a wonderful mom and excel at what she does but to me the way she comes across in articles like this makes her ugly in my eyes no matter what kind of shape she’s in.

Lola on

I love Jamie and think she sounds like a great mom. It is disturbing how some mothers are so judgemental about others. Some of you are so catty and obviously jealous of Jamie… you should be ashamed of yourselves.

momof2andbabyontheway on

She’s 31?!!!! I’m shocked. She has a very old/harsh look, sorry. I’m 33 and I can’t believe I’m older than she is.

Very strange how she stated she’s either there with her son at bedtime or when he wakes up in the morning. It seems to me a mom is supposed to do both. Either this interview was taken out of context or this celebrity mom lives a completely different life than most moms I know.

HeatherR on

I am sticking to my guns on this one. Something about her is kind of unlikeable…..which is funny because I liked her before she had Dezi! I agree that she is “set-up” in her interviews to discuss her post-baby appearance but she takes it too far. Many other gorgeous Hollywood moms look great post-baby and work hard at it (Halle Berry!!!!)but you don’t hear them talking about it every chance they get. Jaime seems obssessed with it and it makes you wonder what her priorities are…

Jennifer on

What’s wrong with working out 10 days after having a baby? Some women, who have always exercised a lot, feel horrible physically until they can get their heart rates up again. I know I do, and I don’t think taking an hour out of my day to run while someone else watches my daughter makes me a bad mom (or a vain person!)

dee on

I think people on here should know shooting an hour long television show usually means 13-15 hours on set, and you can be called in at 5am or wrap for the day at 2am it all depends.

And I say goods for her for wanting to be in shape. If you’ve been athletic all of your life, why wouldn’t you want to. And it doesn’t seem her son suffered b/c of it.

Vandamit on

I find that very admirable. She needs to stay fit,energetic and healthy,as a female actor is part of her livelihood. What good would it do her son to have a fat lazy mother,that would be easy
for her bad for him

oreo on

well of course she will talk up about her son. everyone talks about their kid. and even if certain celebs weren’t good parents, do you really think they would admit it. makes em seem cooler. i’m on the self-absorbed boat with this one. just watch her on Cribs showing off her house (pre-baby) and she’s a turn off. she’s one of those people who’s not so tactful and thinks everything she says is important. well, at least she’s honest about having a choice to be with her son when he wakes or for bedtime.

Manon on

I agree with Peedoff, Kate, Gianna and CBL. What is wrong with wanting to get back in shape? Whatever makes someone feel better about themselves (especially as she was going through relationship issues which could make her feel very vulnerable).

We can’t possibly judge her as a mother but what does come across is that she adores her little baby.

I do get what some people are saying about some actors coming across badly in interviews though. One for me is Kate Winslet. I admire her tremendously as an actress but she always comes across as elitist while trying to be “woman of the people”.

I hate all the false bleatings from actresses about “I don’t care about my figure all I do is sit at home with my children”.

eva on

some people like to talk about staying fit and weight a lot. I find them boring just because I don’t care about those topics but are they horrible people?no, they have a different idea of what pretty is and don’t care to take that away from them.Of course, once we have children we are only allowed to care about the children, children’s stuff and children’s talk.Clearly this actress didn’t get the memo.

Manon on

eva: hit the nail on the head!

I often think the actresses who come across as less likeable are the ones who know how to “play the game” less and are too honest.

Sheena on

Her physical appearance (and acting) is how she makes her money, so I understand why she didn’t want to be overweight anymore. I’m sure that if almost half of the women complaining about her weight loss comments made their money based on their physical appearance (being thin and in shape constantly), you’d rush to the gym too!

Nowadays, not ever mother who has recently given birth wants to sit around and marinate in their baby weight for years or even months for that matter.

Chellie on

Some of you may have already touched on some of this but I just find it so sad that she felt the need to hit the gym TEN DAYS after delivering her child! I don’t think this necessarily makes her self-absorbed, I think this is a testament to how ridiculous Hollywood standards are on a woman’s body post-partum. I know she mentioned not wanting to “be fat on her 30th”, but also imagine the pressure she felt returning to the set of her show. I think it’s a disgusting standard Hollywood has set up for these women. One of the few women I have seen so far to buck the system is Jennifer Garner. Eight weeks after giving birth, she looked fantastic but her body actually looked like it should. Same with Salma Hayek. I wish more of these women would “rebel” like them. Kudos to both of them and any other women in that business who don’t rush nature and let their body heal and return to normal in a more natural way. (climbing off my soapbox now)

mmh on

I don’t fault her for wanting to keep her shape in Hollywood, come on people, that’s her JOB!!! Don’t you feel pressure to do your job right?!! BUT, I do hate it when she says she felt like a whale at 150 lbs. (I know it’s not in this article, it’s in another one.) That’s how much I weigh regularly; I am not overweight, my BMI is healthy, and for her to pretty much call me a “whale” just pisses me off a little bit!!! =)

CelebBabyLover on

mmh- She wasn’t calling YOU a whale, just saying that SHE felt like one.

Manon- “I often think the actresses who come across as less likeable are the ones who know how to ‘play the game’ less and are too honest.” I would like to add that I think this is also true of actresses who DO know how to “play the game”, but don’t want to (Angelina Jolie is one who comes to mind).

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