Charlie Sheen: I Can't Tell My Twin Sons Apart – Yet

03/20/2009 at 01:30 PM ET
Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks

They’re not identical, but Charlie Sheen‘s 6-day-old twins are still managing to fool their dad.

“I can’t tell [who’s who]!” Charlie, 43, tells Entertainment Tonight from the set of Two and a Half Men just days after wife Brooke Mueller Sheen, 31, delivered fraternal twin sons. “They’re not identical, but at this stage, they’re similar enough.”

Their names, on the other hand, aren’t giving him any trouble. Max and Bob “are very short and simple – easy to spell and remember,” Charlie says. “Bob is the same frontward and backward. I’m a fan of a short and simple name. Max was literally Nick until about a minute before he came out.”

Back home in L.A., the new parents are doing well – but are a little tired. “It’s pretty amazing. Not a whole lot of sleep, but what parent does at this stage?” laughs Charlie. “There’s adrenaline, excitement, fear.”

And the boys already have eager playmates in half-sisters Lola Rose, 3 ½, and Sam, 5, Charlie’s daughters with ex Denise Richards. “[They’re] thrilled,” he says, “but insisting that they’re named Bob and Duke. It’s not Max, it’s Duke.” We guess Lola gave up on Zoe!

Source: Entertainment Tonight via PEOPLE

— Kristen Mascia

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Hannah on

I’m not a big fan of bob but I love the name Max! Congrats to them I can’t wait to see the babies. I also remember reading that he liked short names when Sam was born. Denise picked a more girly name for Lola!

Lauren on

I think Cassandra’s and Lola’s names definitely reflect their mothers and Charlie’s lack of influence in naming them. Denise has said she dreamed of giving Sam a really feminine name like Emma or Sophia, but that she was named after Charlie’s cat. By the time Lola was born, Denise and Charlie were no longer together, and I assume this was the case with Charlie and Cassandra’s mother as well. It’s funny how Charlie’s taste in names differs so much from his children’s mothers, as well as who had influence in naming whom.

Gemini on

I think he sounds happy and I’m happy for them….one baby can be hard enough, but two…lol…

and honestly what difference does it make if anyone dislikes the names they chose for their children…this seems to come up everytime someone chooses a name that people don’t like…you don’t have to like it, THEY do…

Lee on

Well said, Gemini!

Angel on

So funny about Duke. Maybe they should have considered it, seeing that someone said Sam was named for his cat, lol. I can’t wait to see the babies. I bet they are gorgeous!

brannon on

yet to see a name everyone agrees on … good thing! could get confusing with everyone having the same few names! that being said, cute interview and i actually think the simple names are adorable. (though the zoe and duke thing is too)

Jane on

Sam and Lola are so adorable.

Lorus on

Lauren took the words out of my mouth.

Rose on

I don’t think it’s so odd that his oldest child’s name is so different from the younger ones since there’s such an age gap. My taste in names has changes so much over the years that if I had two kids that were 15 or 20 years apart in age they would be vastly different from one another. The younger kids names all seem to fit together in a weird sort of way – they’re all short, and IMO names that would sound better on a cat or dog.

Mary-Helen on

I have never had twins, but I can’t imagine bragging about not knowing who is who. It’s not a shot on him, because I’m sure it can be difficult, but it’s still so weird to admit out loud in the media.

Rose on

“I have never had twins, but I can’t imagine bragging about not knowing who is who”

I don’t see how admitting it out loud is the same as bragging. He’s just being honest. I don’t see anything wrong with him being honest about that.

bren on

I don’t know what it is about the name Bob but I just picture a fat little bald baby lol. Maybe because it seems like such an older man name that I picture their baby Bob as one of those babies that looks like a little old man.

Erica on

I still can’t believe Charlie’s wife let him name their infant son “Bob.”

Sandra on

Erica, I absolutely agree with you.

Hate the name bob, I could maybe accept the name if the kid’s name was Robert and they called him Bob. But either way I don’t like it.

I think the name Max is cute, too bad that every celebrity on the planet thinks the same. 😀 haha
But I still think they maybe should have called him Maxwell or Maximilian, and then call him Max as a nickname.
I have a thing for so-called ‘proper’ names. Sorry! 🙂

But still, in regards to Charlie not knowing who’s who. I agree with Rose, it’s refresning to hear an honest man. It’s probably only natural, and when they are a bit older he’ll definitely know, ’cause they are fraternal.

Manon on

Yes, the name thing is a bit of a bore (all the comments) but then again if no one commented where would be the debate?

There are lot’s of names I’m not keen on (I’m not all that keen on Violet actually, although very popular here, it just sounds a bit camp to me) and lots of names I love on here (Romy, Valentina, Willa and Serafine and Cate Blanchett’s boys’ names).

But the one I do always find a bit off is Jagger Joseph Blue, just because giving the THREE male sounding names seems a little harsh for the child. I think to say “it’s not your child’s name” is a bit redundant because people have a right to comment, as long as it’s not nasty.

Being called Bob and Max is not going to be any hardship!

20beth20 on

I can’t wait to see them. I bet they are cuties,

And as far as not knowing the differnce in them yet….I wholehearted agree. My twin girls are 19 months & without making them stop moving for a second to see if which has the birthmark on her forehead, I have an issue telling them apart. They aren’t even identical. But they are just THAT similar!!!

melania on

I like Bobby. I wonder if they will call him Bobby?

g!na on

aaw, i can’t wait to see the twins♥

CelebBabyLover on

Manon- Techinically, Jagger is a UNISEX name, and I’ve heard “blue” used for girls before. For example, that’s John Travolta’s daughter’s middle name (although they spell it “Bleu”).

As for Bob, here’s a shocking thought: Maybe Brooke loves the name, too! Or maybe SHE’S the one who chose it!

Manon on

Celeb Baby Lover: I agrree about JJB’s names and find “Ella Blue” one of the prettiest names ever, with the mix of the wonderfully feminine Ella with blue.

I personally find JJB’s name just a bit uncomfortable, just my feeling!

Pat on

I have a dad, brother and husband named Robert (Bob for short on two of them, and Bobby for my brother). Love the name!

Allison on

I don’t know what it is about the name Bob but I just picture a fat little bald baby lol.

Bren, that’s what I was thinking too! I can imagine Bob as a chunky little old man baby like Zuma Rossdale, only with Charlie and Brooke’s features. 🙂