Bummas: After The Wipe and Before The Dipe

03/20/2009 at 05:45 PM ET

The easiest way to prevent diaper rash is to keep that area dry, but wipes leave that cute tushie all wet. That’s where Bummas ($17 for 10) come in handy. They are little, 5×7″ rectangles of soft, 100% cotton fabric. They’re velvety soft on one side and terry-cloth-like loops on the other. Just use them after the wipe to dry baby completely and toss them in the laundry. They wash up nicely and return to their original softness, with no shriveling or unraveling whatsoever. And they’re made in the USA. I know you could cut up washcloths yourself, but the edges would fray when you wash them. Trust me. I know this from experience. Bummas come all rolled up in a cute pack of coordinating colors so I love them for a shower gift.

— Kristen

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momof3 on

What? Is this REALLY necessary? I used wipes on all three of my babies without “drying” afterwards and none of them has EVER had diaper rash. CBB–I don’t think moms need any more pressure!

Heather on

Wow!! a glorified wash cloth!! lol what will they think of next?

e on

i actually ordered these a while back but use them primarily to wipe my baby’s mouth after his feedings because they’re so soft and super absorbent. would i buy more of them? probably not. i use soft cotton gauze cloths to dry off his bum. they have finished edges and were super cheap.

Gingi on

Wow. A wipe for after you wipe. Really. What will they think of next?

WarrensMom on

this seems silly. it’s a waste of money. really, cbb? i’m dissapointed in this website for pushing over priced products on moms. give me a break!

lisnrick on

That’s totally absurd

brannon on

i use these all the time – love them. super soft and cute as well🙂 just bought them as part of my friends shower gift too. nice when you need a little splurge. necessary – nope. nice to have – yep.

crg on

We use cloth wipes and it’s basically the same thing. We use washcloths but there are also a ton of people who make cloth wipes and well them. These seem silly- they’re marketing it as if it’s a new idea. And people will buy it.

crg on

Sorry, I meant sell them!

Lorus on

Wow. We buy cloth wipes (to go with out cloth dipes) for $1 each! Even squishy bamboo velour wipes are only $1.50 each!!

Rebecca on

So absolutely ridiculous. I agree that cloth wipes are fabulous, but get a few yards of flannel on sale at a fabric store and you’ve got all the wipes you need!

Amber on

That was the most boring, uninteresting promo for a product I have ever read. No excitement, just really bland.

My daughter has never had a diaper rash and I don’t dry her bottom after using a wipe. If you’re taking care of your baby and properly changing diapers often enough, you don’t have diaper rash.

melania on

As a mom who seems to get suckered into a lot of unneccesary purchases for the baby, even I wouldn’t buy these. After 4 kids, I can tell you the best way to prevent diaper rash. After the baby has had a bowel movement, clean them up nicely and let them air out for 15 minutes or so. You might have to deal with a little pee on the floor every once in a great while, but that’s it. I think the poopy diaper is responsible for a lot of rashes (bacteria and whatnot). My 2 cents.

Aryn on

My son got a NASTY yeast infection around his genitals from the dampness left on his skin from diaper wipes, but I found that a light dusting of cornstarch powder solved the dampness problem. I do think this product is overpriced for what it is, though….a glorified washcloth! lol But if they’re making money on it, more power to them!🙂

Pencils on

I just let my baby air dry before I put on some Desitin and her diaper. She’s never had diaper rash. I think these are unnecessary–just more things to buy, and more things to wash. A baby makes enough laundry, and it’s a total waste of resources. And I like the minute or two while she dries off, I sing or kiss her feet or her tummy.

T on

I don’t have children yet and even I thought this product was just a tad silly. I guess if a person wanted to splurge it would be a fun purchase for baby. I would just either let baby’s bottom “air dry”(which my aunt would do with her baby) or use a face towel from the linen closet?

CBB Danielle on

Just wanted to point out that perhaps the primary purpose of Bummas is to be a cloth wipe, especially when cloth diapering. Check out Ciaran’s previous review of them where she describes them in this way,

If you give up using disposable diapers, you will probably also give up disposable wipes. Most of us are used to shoving a used wipe into the diaper before we trash it. This is not going to make your washing machine happy if you use disposable wipes. So you will probably want to switch to a small washcloth. This washcloth will get washed right along with the diaper. I love the Bummas wipes ($16.99 for a pack of 10) because they are made from incredibly soft cotton, are super absorbent and sized just right to get the job done. They are perfect for non cloth diaper-ers to use as a baby washcloth, face cloth and to dry off baby’s bum after cleaning with disposable wipes (drying off helps prevent rashes).

She also discussed four other accessories she considered useful for cloth diapering including longies, wet bags, diaper sprayer and lotion spray.

Cerise on

It is really weird that the primary use the company actually markets them for is to dry a bum after using a wet wipe -that’s what their website says as well as the package. I’m perplexed at the point of that – even the “wettest” wipes we have ever used weren’t so sopping wet that the baby needed to be dried after.

These are crazy overpriced as well – you can get 100% organic cloth wipes for a lot less than these or just make your own for around $5 or less for just as many.

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