Nicole Richie Bares Her Bump

03/19/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
Jesse Grant/WireImage

It’s the official belly debut! Nicole Richie smiles and waves while showing off her growing bump in a fitted shirt on Wednesday evening. The 27-year-old was attending the “What Comes Around Goes Around” Fall 2009 Collection Launch at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles.

Nicole and partner Joel Madden expect their second child in late August/early September; they are already parents to daughter Harlow Winter Kate, 14 months.

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Sandra on

Pregnancy really suits her🙂 That is one lucky gal!

Viv on

She looks great! Just glowing!

Emily on

She really seems to have turned her life around. Good for her!
She’s so tiny, isnt she? Looks like a lil beer belly on her!🙂

Amber on

LOVE her. I’m so excited for this family.

Niki on

I just love that family, I bet Harlow will be a great big sis!

cathy b on

She looks great and her outfit is so cute!!!

Colleen on

I thought she looks like she popped out quick. She is only 3-4 months if what they are saying is correct. I agree she has turned her life around. Motherhood really suits her.

Mmers on

I hope she has it September 3, that’s my birthday!!

Nika on

She looks STUNNING!!!!!!! Gorgeous woman!
I think these days Nicole Richie is a great example to everyone, but especially for teens who need to have a little turn around in their life too. Nicole Richie is the proof that you CAN do it!!

Korrie on

She’s just cute as a button! So please for her and her family. What a cute little bump!

Shirelle on

Nicole is so pretty she s such a great mother. I hope she has another little girl who is just as cute as Harlow!

Nan on

wow – she looks different here! beautiful and healthy…..but different. i can’t put my finger on it!

martyna on

Just few weeks ago I saw re-runs of Simple Life……nowadays Nicole is so much different then that girl we could see in this Tv series and I have to agree with others that matherhood really suits her . Good for her !!!:)

gianna on

She looks so cute, she only has a small bump and skinny everywhere else. Elisabeth hasselbeck is showing a lot more and she is due august too, but in general nicole carried smaller than elisabeth did in the past also.

michelle on

She looks great!

Kianna on

I agree with several others who have posted that Nicole is really suited for “mommy-hood”! Being pregnant and having her 1st daughter really has had a VERY POSITIVE EFFECT on her, her lifestyle… I am so happy that motherhood so becomes her and that she has “grown up” and is so responsible & accountable for herself! When she was expecting Harlow….she barely gained very much weight…just in her tummy area (and not all over)! At the end of pregnancy #1…she still looked thin except where her baby was extending out in her tummy area. I agree, she does seem to have “popped out” sooner with this pregnancy….but she is one gal who looks so cute…even when preggers. Good for you, Nicole !!!

denise on

Wow! Her bump is really cute! I’m as far along as she is (due date early September) but mine is much smaller but still bigger that my friend’s. I wish her the best of luck!

Silvermouse on

She looks beautiful!

L on

LOVE her cute little bump!!

Ashley on

she is so beautiful! she’s a wonderful mother and looks gorgeous even when expecting! i love her! =) nicole and joel are a great couple and creating an adorable family. little harlow is just precious!

shayla on

Its seems like she popped really quickly this time around.Everyone says that shes made a complete turn-around from her former lifestyle,but I wouldnt call being unmarried with two children anything to strive for.

ShoneZ on

I think Nicole looks like Natasha McElhone in this pic.

ShoneZ on

Natascha even!

Carol on

Is she expecting twins, she’s showing alot for only 3 months along? Wish them all the best.

Doreen on

Wahooo!! Yah Nicole! You’re looking good! Keep it up! I’m sooo excited for her, Joel and lil Harlow!!🙂

Linda on

Here’s to hoping Nicole and Joel stay together. I wonder if they’ll name this baby Willow (regardless of genger).

Islandchick1039 on

i heart nicole…love her family..the richie-madden family!

Cassie on

I wonder if she’s having twins?

CTBmom on

Nobody is congratulating her for having children out of wedlock…they are just stating that she has really grown up and has embraced being a mother. I for one, think that it’s wonderful! As far a her being married….well, who are we to judge? I think that being a committed, loving couple and and being involved and loving parents are WAY more important than some marriage certificate. That said, I think Nicole looks lovely and pregnancy definitely suits her.

charlottecook23 on

i hope its little girl


She looks cute being pregnant..

Marilyn on

On the latest issue of Star magazine it says she’s having twins. I realize they aren’t always right, but I wonder if they are this time.

Allison on

wow, she’s gorgeous pregnant

Mary-Helen on

She’s due around the same time I am, but I am huge compared to her! Congrats to her and Joel, I hope she has a healthy child!

Cortney on

I’m with CTBMom! Shayla- They are still young and have their lives more together than most of the people their age and theyre in hollyweird to boot. Why add to the pressure of being in the spotlight by getting married? What works for them works for them-If its not broken don’t mess with it!

Megan on

I’m due late July/early August and I’m HUGE compared to her. Pregnancy really suits her though.

Amanda on

I have to agree with Shayla. Having 2 children and still not married is nothing to strive for but she definitely has turned her life around. She is too cute pregnant and motherhood really suits her.

CelebBabyLover on

I doubt she’s having twins. Women tend to show earlier with the first pregnancy, and some commentors have said that they’re due around the same time she is but are bigger. We also don’t know Nicole’s exact due date. Therefore, I’m guessing it’s just one.🙂

Viv on

Geez, the comments re: an unmarried couple having children and suggesting that that’s nothing to be proud of I find both surprising and, to be frank, reeking of 1950s attitude in a 21st century world. That’s pretty harsh sentiment. The notion that people in a happy, loving relationship who have had children together should be ashamed of themselves, and that others should not strive for the same, I think ridiculous.

Nika on

Shayla: ‘Everyone says that shes made a complete turn-around from her former lifestyle,but I wouldnt call being unmarried with two children anything to strive for.’

Wow, sorry.. but how old-fashioned is that? What country do you live in if I may ask? I live in the Netherlands and over here it is VERY normal if you never marry but do have kids together. I don’t know about where you lived ofcourse, so maybe you can’t help still thinking like that.

It is not like you need to be married to make a relationship work and to be a happy family together (and stay that way!!!!)

I still think Nicole is a great example. And I do not mean people should also have 2 kids and not get married, I mean she is an example to anyone who needs to turn around their live too…. Nicole proves you can do it, and be very happy!

JJ on

“I think these days Nicole Richie is a great example to everyone, but especially for teens who need to have a little turn around in their life too. Nicole Richie is the proof that you CAN do it!!”

She HAS turned her life around and that IS a good thing…except for the fact that she’s unmarried with 2 children. That part’s not a good example.

Livka on

You know-everyone talks about Britney being “the most improved”, but look at Nicole, she went from drugs ,eating disorders, and an out of control party life…to making her own babyfood and spending all her time with Harlow!


I cant wait to hear this new baby’s name…its gunna be very very hard to top ‘Harlow Winter Kate’ its offically the best celebaby name ever!

Monique on

She really does look like she’s glowing. Just beautiful. Congrats to her and Joel. And to Harlow, she’ll be a wonderful big sister, I’m sure!

Tina on

shes so pretty. i wonder if shes gonna have a boy or a girl.


She looks Great!!!! I commend her for turning her life around.

Wow, some on here can always find something negative to say. Her not being married, who cares. As long as they are both two loving parents commited to raising respectable children in a stable environment. With more than half of marriages ending in divorce, including her parents, maybe that is a step she is not ready to take. And I highley doubt that every single married person on here saved themselves for marriage. So you could have had a child out of wedlock as well, and you would not like it if someone were passing judgement on you.

dawn on

wow! she looks beautiful. she handles pregnancy really well. I was a horrible mess when i was pregnant. she looks really good. Now,as for her not being married,that’s her personal preference I suppose. marriage isn’t for everyone.

Lis on

Ya know, I actually would NOT be surprised if she had twins. I heard a rumor somewhere that she went to a fertility clinic. Which makes sense because she is such a tiny girl, I’m sure she may have needed some assistance getting preggo. Not that it’s a bad thing! I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all! Just sharing my opinion🙂

However, I do wish Nicole and Joel would place a little more emphasis on committing to eachother (aka: get married), since they are committed to having a family. Maybe it is the “1950’s” way of thinking, but first comes Love, then comes marriage, THEN comes baby… 😀😀😀

And I too am very excited to hear the name, as I absolutely adore the name Harlow! (It’s on my “list”…somday…)

Lola on

For all we know Joel and Nicole are married. Celebrities don’t announce EVERYTHING. They are able to chose what they share with the public.

It’s not really our business anyways, as there are two people(well, soon to be four) their relationship. As long as they are happy, who cares?
(Mind you, I don’t think they are married.)

Autumn on

Shayla- that type of thinking is insane. Whats better, a couple of people having babies, being unmarried and happy OR two ill-equipped people having kids after they get married? Marriage does not make everything better. YOu should take a look at the DATE. Its 2009, things are not like they were in 1950

Sarah on

Seeing how precious she looks with that bump makes me want to have another one! Go Girl!

shana on

Just for the record, i don’t see anybody commenting about Brangelina and their brood of unmarried parented children, or any of the others who have chosen to have children without the benefit of marriage… i mean… come on… to each their own

emmacs on

Wow, she’s pregnant again?! It seems like everyone is getting pregnant these days…

juliawo on

She looks adorable.

Nicole on

Nicole looks so cute pregnant… how exciting for them…I think it will be a sister for Harlow.

Lisa on

Congrats Nicole&&Joel all the best for the new baby. Harlow is going to be a great big sister

CelebBabyLover on

Lis- I doubt that’s the case. Nicole was quite skinny just before getting pregnant with Harlow, and they made it pretty clear that Harlow was concieved the old-fashioned way.

However, that’s the very reason I hope she ISN’T having twins. Everyone will pounce on her and say she used fertility treatments, which is proof that she was too skinny before she got pregnant, which is proof she has an eating disorder…and so on and so forth.

shana- ITA!

emilyc on

wow, are you guys serious? I just had my second chid “out of wedlock” and am absolutely in no way ashamed of it! Nicole should’nt be either! Please don’t judge!

Nika on

Wow, to all the people moaning about nicole and joel not being married. Some people need to get out and experience life some more…

And for all the people saying that she may be carrying twins because of fertility treatment; you are aware that joel IS a twin right??

Maybe it’s just me, but i would find it more likely that if they were expecting twins, it would be due to that fact.

The comments on this site never ceases to amaze me…

adverbag on


Célia on

I love this family!there’s nothing wrong having children without being married..Personally,I want children but I don’t believe in marriage like more and more people I think.

Becks on

I love how there’s all this emphasis on marriage, but no mention of the 50% divorce rate *eyeroll*
A certificate of marriage does not a good parent make. Nicole and Joel are clearly happy and do their best by little Harlow. Marriage status absolutely shouldn’t factor into anyone’s judgement of them, in this day and age. It just stinks that some people are still of that archaic mindset.
I’m so happy for them! My son shares Harlow’s birthday (01/11/08) and we’re also expecting our second child in September.
I think it’s exciting and wonderful that their kids will be close in age too.
Congrats to them and their families!

alee on

This isnt about her being unmarried.. this is about her being an amazing person and making an amazing turn around.. So what, she isnt married.. but Joel and herself are giving Harlow a beautiful happy life. Some ppl are married, with one or two kids, and they are horrible mothers or fathers.. marriage is nothing but a paper. the stability Harlow receives from Nicole and Joel is more than many married couples give their kids. Stop hating, and pay more attention to your husband that is prob. banging the girl next door with your negative attitude.

brandy on

She is further along than 3 months. I am due near the end of Oct and am almost 3 months which makes her close to 5. I don’t think she is exceptionally big for 5 months.

Mia on

While I think her/Joel seem very happy together, and children (well baby #2 is on the way) iare adorable, my only argument is if you’re committed enough to have children together, why not just make the union legal and get married? I’m in no implying getting married means “its going to last”, a relationship can work out/or not work regardless of the legal status, but I just think “if you’re in the committed mind set already..”

Some people argue “well if you don’t get married, you don’t get divorced” but that doesn’t make any body’s relationship invincible. If it’s going to last, it will-if it’s not, it won’t However, I think too many people give up on relationships too easily. Although the divorce rate is about 48%, I think if people really made the effort and didn’t treat marriage as a casual thing, I think the divorce rate would linger closer to 25%.

CelebBabyLover on

Nika- Actually, Joel’s being a twin wouldn’t affect Nicole’s chances of concieving twins. Twins come from the mother’s side (however, a girl’s father CAN potentionally pass to her the gene for hyper-ovulation. This is why twins sometimes seem to “skip” a generation).

alee- I mostly agree with you, but whoa! I think your comments were a little too harsh, especially that last sentence. As for marriage being “nothing but a paper”, my view is that, if you get married because you truly love each other, want to spend the rest of your lives together, and are committed to the work involved in a marriage, then it’s great.

However, getting married just for the sake of getting married, getting married just because of the kids, or getting married just because other people want you to is, imo, wrong.

Basically, there are both “right” and “wrong” reasons for getting married.

Paige on

Oh my goodness! I can not wait until she has the new baby. She is so adorable and I think Harlow will make a great big sis. I wonder what she’s going to name it though. Harlow Winter Kate is so beautiful, but yet simple. It’s going to be very hard to top off. I wish Joel, Nicole, Harlow and the new baby all the best!

Jaclyn on

I am 21 unmarried mother, there is such a thing as common-law, being married without ACTUALLY being married.
Joel Madden & Nicole Richie
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell
Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry
Liev Schreiber & Noami Watts
Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves
Michelle Williams
These celebrities are all unmarried with children–why not pick on them as well.

Vicci on

I’m with Autumn and everyone else who have made similar comments re. Shayla. Nicole and Joel are fantastic parents. If they were married would they be any better? No. Being in a loving, happy relationship IS better than being in an unhappy marriage which is difficult to leave. My parents planned to have children but didn’t plan to marry because my mother was severely beaten by her first husband and couldn’t face marrying again…a few years after I was born she felt ready and they did marry and my parents are an incredibly happy, very much in love couple. Let’s not judge others over something that’s a very personal decision.

suzannah on

aww i hope she has a little boy🙂

prevost1580 on

Nicole is too cute! What a great mom she is too🙂

Jody Firneno on

If Nicole and Joel love eachother enough to have a second child together then I hope they can get married for the sake of their kids. There are just way too many babies being born to single moms, celebrity or not.

Robbie's Mom on

Jody: Nicole is not a single mother, nor are Joel and Nicole doing anything that is of detriment to their children. There are plenty of married parents who do not spend the time with their children, or each other, that these two do.

I personally think the changes Nicole has made in her life and the way she has adapted to motherhood is fabulous.

And FYI, my parents aren’t married and have been together 36 years. My brother and I had fantastic childhoods and were raised better than most people I know. Our parents never discouraged us from getting married, my brother is married and I am engaged. My parents just never felt the need. Maybe Nicole and Joel feel the same way.

Allison on

I am sooo jealous. I want to be pregnant again!

Anne on

Why does being married make you a better parent? My boyfriend and I have been together for 6 years, and we are the parents of two children, a 3 year old daughter and a son who just recently passed away at 2 days old. We provide our daughter with a stable, healthy life at home. She has no idea what marriage is, all she knows is both her mommy and her daddy love her and each other. Being good parents is top priority to us both. We’ve been through a lot together, and are fully committed to being together forever, it is a conscious decision we have made. My sister, on the other hand, is married. She has three children with her husband, who just recently got out of jail for domestic abuse. He broke her leg with a baseball bat, while the children were present. He’s just moved back home with them. Now, just looking at the basics – my boyfriend & I; unmarried with children, my sister & her husband: married with children, many of you would jump to say my sister is doing the “right” thing, while I am not. Can’t you all see how wrong it is to jump to conclusions like that?

BeckyPeabody on

One of the things that heartens me, is that the image of the stereotypical wild, crazy singer/rocker families are being put to bed. There is Nicole Richie, Ashley Simpson Wentz, Seal, Eminem and Madonna who are seriously into discipline, routine setting and overall stability for their children. Proving that there is no “necessarial” incompatiblity between mothers/fathers who go on tour for a living and providing stability and a deliberate, focused child rearing plan for their families.

And there are many others rocker/singers who are shredding the wild rocker parent image. These just came to mind because they are current stories about them.

Kas on

Good for them! They are obviously a happy loving family, both of them are independently wealthy, and care so much about all children, hence their Richie-Madden Children Foundation. Nicole has certainly turned her life around since she decided to become a mother. I am very pleased at what remarkable loving people they both are. How very blessed all of their children will be, and all the other children and families they have chosen to help out of the goodness of their hearts. God bless them both. They have been blessed in so many ways and have chosen to share their blessings with others. Whether they are married or not, is no one’s business but their’s and our good Lords.

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