Mother of Two Natasha Richardson Passes Away

03/19/2009 at 07:45 AM ET
Jason Kempin/WireImage

Actress Natasha Richardson — mom to sons Micheál, 13 and Daniel, 12 — passed away last evening in New York City, following a traumatic brain injury suffered Monday during a ski lesson. Motherhood was a top priority for Natasha, who was married to Liam Neeson for 15 years. Scott Ellis, who directed the 45-year-old in January, remembered,

“Some actors when you work with them and they have children, you’re surprised to find out they have children. With Natasha, she was fierce about those kids. Motherhood was really, really important to her.”

For more on this story, please see her family’s statement and PEOPLE’s look back at her life in photos.


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jess on

Heartbreaking! My thought’s and prayers are with her family.

Natasha on

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. She was a beautiful and classy woman. I live 5 minutes away from Tremblant where the accident happened and it is such a tragedy. I loved her in Maid in Manhattan and The parent Trap. So sorry for her loss

NicoleB. on

I am saddened beyond belief and I feel incredibly sad for Liam and her boys. So tragic and it just reminds us all to live, laugh and most importantly…. love. My prayers and thoughts are with her family in this horrible time.

allison on

This is just so horrible. My prayers go out to her entire family.

JMO on

So many tragic unfortunate deaths lately. My heart goes out to the family.

Jade on

RIP Natasha.

I was keeping an eye on the news for last two days and hoping for a miracle, guess that doesn’t happen anymore 😦

Stephany on

This is such a sad, sad story. 😦 All of my thoughts and prayers go out to Liam Neeson and her boys and their family. So tragic.

Kelli on

This is such horrible news. I just pray that the family finds comfort and strength to make it through the coming days, months, years without Natasha. I feel awful for Liam and their sons. Just looking at pictures of the two of them, you could really see and feel their love for each other. I love the way that she would be looking up to him in admiration in many of the pictures that have been shown. I just pray that the family has peace and the time to deal with this horrible tragedy. She seems like such a classy lady.

L on

So tragic, beautiful women, beautiful heart, way to early

RIP Natasha = [

j on

This is terribly sad, such a freak accident, hard to stop thinking about it. All ski hills – especially those owned by large companies like Interwest – with busy runs, full of people learning to ski / snowboard – should make helmets mandantory – at the very least for beginners.

Nika on

OMG I can’t believe this, I hadn’t heard anything about the accident. I always loved her as an actress. When I was little I saw her in the Parent Trap and I always wanted to look exactly like her when I grew up. She was so classy.

All my thoughts and prayers go out to the family, poor boys.. losing their mother at an age they could really need her.

Bela on

So sad, she was so young. I feel so bad for the family, but especially for the boys who now have to grow up without their mother.

KiKi on

So sorry to hear this. She is in a better place but now I pray for peace for the family.

Sandra on

Extremely sad!
My heart goes out to her two sons and her husband.

Jenna on

This is such a sad story. My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this difficult time. I’m sure she will be missed beyond words.

andrea on

i’ve been waiting for CBB to post something about this all week long. i just feel the need to share my “grief”, for a family i’ve never met, and likely will never cross paths with in the future. This story has broken my heart into shards, despite not being terribly familar with her work. I’ve admired the way that she maintained a loving marriage, in a time when Hollywood has more of a casual and disposable approach to that. And I can appreciate how intimately involved she was as a mother, and did not role out her children as props, like many celebs these days are apt to do.

My heart breaks for the family and friends she leaves behind. Hearing the stories that came out about her final days, with Liam in the ambulance as they arrived to NYC…holding her hand and caressing her face the whole time. 😦 … And how sad, yet ultimately beautiful and giving, that she was flown back to the city, for the purpose of allowing her family/friends the chance to have their final goodbyes. *tears* I wish the media would back off and let everyone have their space and grief, without being swallowed in a sea of flashbulbs and inane questions (ie “how is the family doing?”…how do you think they are doing, jerk??).

I think this resonates so deeply as it truly is a reminder of just how fragile life is. You take for granted that the sun will rise and set again and again, yet it can all be over in the proverbial blink of an eye. 😦

rest in dear peace natasha. The world darkens with your passing, but the heavens have brightened with your arrival.

prayers, karma, good wishes and blessings to those left to pick up the pieces and try to make sense of this horrible tragedy. May the memories of her provide some comfort…know that because you were loved by her, she will go on and will never truly be “gone”.

😦 ………………

Terri on

It’s such a tragic story. I’m so sorry for the family.

LL65 on

Such a sad and tragic end. My thoughts and prayers are with Liam and his 2 sons as will as with Vanessa Redgrave and sister. Rest in peace, Natasha.

Lizzie on

This is utterly Heartbreaking:( I prayed and prayed that Natasha would recover from this!!
My heart pours out to her little Boys and Her Husband, I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to lose my husband or have my children grow up without one or either of us here to guide them!!! Incredibly incredibly sad!!!!!My Condolences to the Family:(

D on

This is so sad and heartbreaking! I really hoped she would pull through. Poor Liam and her two boys. So so sad. 😦

Stacy on

My heart is utterly broken at the passing of this wonderful mother, wife, actress, and woman. I admired her work as an actress, but more importantly her fervent devotion to her husband and family. Celebrities pass away throughout the years, but every once in a while, one just seems to strike a chord with you…this one did with me. It just doesn’t seem fair. My prayers and thoughts go out to her beautiful family and friends.

Amber on

I am completely and utterly gutted for Natasha’s entire family. Liam is one of my favorite actors and I just can’t imagine the pain he is in right now. She put her kids first as well, earning tons of respect. She will be greatly missed by everyone.

Susan on

My heart truly breaks for her husband and their two young children. What can anyone possibly say that will ease this time?

Harley on

My heart is heavy knowing that a wife and mother has passed on during such an early time in her children’s lives. I pray that her love and spirit surround them at this time of need. I’m not sure of their beliefs but I find some comfort in the thought that my brother watches over me and knows what is going on in my life. I hate not seeing him but I truly believe he sees me. I just wish there was something someone could say that would make this easier for them but there’s not. This sucks and my thoughts are with her family and friends.

J on

I get a sick feeling thinking about her sudden passing. Such a shock; my heart goes out to her family and friends.

kristen on

i just find this so shocking and sad. i feel so bad for her husband and those young boys. i can’t even begin to imagine what they’re going through right now. and poor vanessa redgrave…she has lost her own celebrity baby (something no parent ever imagines happening to them). RIP, natasha.

Terry on

My heart goes out to Natasha’s family and friends. It is sad that such a beautiful mother, wife, daughter and friend had to be taken so soon:(

Aitch on

Natasha herself, is a celebrity baby. Her death is such a tragic loss for her sons and husband and the world.

Natalie on

My heart goes out to this family. Natasha’s death is truly a tradegy, god speed to her sons and husband.

Mommy of 3 on

This is such a tragic story, I send my deepest condolances to the family. RIP Natasha 😦

Finnaryn on

Please, please make your children, or anyone else you love, wear a helmet where participating in activities where you could hit your head. I know that many of us never wore helmets or seat belts, or even were in car seats when we were young but we know better now. We nearly lost our daughter to a severe head trauma and I can imagine that horror we went through at that time is only a fourth of what Natasha’s family is currently going through. Make sure you wear one yourself. You do not want to put your family through the pain of loosing you that way.

M.C. on

She seemed so down to earth. I almost feel as though I knew her. I am truely saddedned by her passing. It’s a horrible tragedy. She was a wonderful and beautiful actress; A favorite of mine.

RIP Natasha Richardson

Kelly on

My heart goes out to her boys and to Liam. I loved her in the Parent Trap. She had such class and elegance and she will be missed 😦 What a tragic way to end a life.

Marie on

I heard about is yesterday. So sad! =(

Chloe on

Such a tragic end to a wonderful life – my thoughts and prayers are with Liam and their boys, I cannot imagine what they are going through right now. RIP Natasha.

Mrs. R. on

This was so heart-wrenching and sad to read about.
From the reports, she was in a private lesson on a beginners slope.
How awful for her husband and sons. Liam and Natasha seemed like a rock solid celebrity couple throughout the years, and it is SO sad that their time together and with her sons was cut short.

Sarah on

While she wasn’t part of the royal family, my heart feels the same heaviness as when Princess Diana died almost 12 years ago. I am so saddened that her boys are suffering the tragic loss of their mother at this young age. My prayers go out to Micheal, Daniel, Liam, Joely, Vanessa, and the extended family.

I loved her in Parent Trap; she was so beautiful.

Rest in peace, Natasha.

Jane on

I’m really sorry for her.

Shelly on

This news just breaks my heart. She was such a gracious person. My thoughts are with the family and her husband and children especially.

Kelly on

My heart goes out to her family, especially her sons. They’re so young and this has to be heartbreaking for them. Rest in Peace, Natasha.

M on

I feel absolutely terrible for her family. My heart goes out to them. May they find comfort in the memories they had with her.
This is truely a very sad story. Hollywood lost a great actress.

Lauren on

What an absolutely lovely lady. It seems she relished every role she tackled, from actor, to wife, to mom, to sister, daughter, etc. Our thoughts are with Natasha’s family and loved ones.

Jae on

This is so sad!!! To lose her so suddenly… you need to Live Laugh & Love everyday! Cause you never know!!!!!
My thoughts & prayers are with her family & friends!!
RIP Natasha

Lauren on

I second Finnaryn’s comments a hundred times over. When Kingston Rossdale was photographed on skis without a helmet and people expressed concern, they were mocked and made fun of, with people saying he may as well be wrapped in bubblewrap since people were being so dramatic. THIS is why, regardless of how good or bad you are, you must ALWAYS wear a helmet while skiing. You can never know when things will go wrong-and now this dear woman, actress, and most importantly wife and mother, is gone way too soon.

I am so sad for Natasha and her family, especially her boys; they are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

bungalowbliss on

Just tragic. I’m still in disbelief over this.

My heart goes out to Liam and their two sons. I hope the boys find some comfort in the outpouring of sorrow and the lovely compliments about their mother.

gigi on

we have lost someone who epitomized class and elegance.
prayers of strength to liam and the boys.

eva on

I was sad when I read these news at Jezebel.I don’t know why, since I didn’t know her and I only watched a few movies of her filmoraphy but her boys are so young her accident and death must have be a hard weight to carry. Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson had one of the few acting families which had class,talent and intelligence, what a sad tragedy her death has been.

martyna on

what else to say …it’s such a tragis story 😦

natalie on

i found out about her tragic accident a couple of days ago through Perez. at first, i was shocked and couldn’t believe it. she was truly one fine actress – i clearly remember when i went to see The Parent Trap as a 10-year-old and loved her funny portrayal of the twins’ British mother, and has since followed her career with a smile on my face. she was an excellent actress – with a permanent smile on your face and full of incredible talent – and i am very sad to write REST IN PEACE, Natasha. My heart goes out to Michael and Daniel, and Liam, as well as Natasha’s mother Vanessa Redgrave, her younger sister Joely, and niece, Daisy. You will forever be in our hearts and your talent and beauty will live on in your brave sons.

Elle on

Its a tragic loss for her entire family, but it seems so sad for a mother(in this case Vanessa Redgrave) to have to bury her daughter. They don’t read these i’d assume but my condolences regardless.

melissa on

Since I first heard of the fall,I stayed close to the story and praying for her recovery as well as her family and now with her passing this has made such an impact of how random and short life is and as a mother of 2 boys my heart aches for them..So,with that said Natasha,you were a wonderful and talented woman,true class in every word..Rest Peacefully and many prayers & blessings for Liam,her boys’ and all her family…

Laura on

What can i say. I am heartbroken for Natasha and her family.How could she be taken so young. I couldn’t believe it on sky news i had to go onto the internet to make sure i was hearing it right. What the world has lost heaven has gained a beautiful angel. My heart goes out to the family. I will always remember her in the parent trap. I would of lovin to meet her. RIP Natasha you will be missed

Nika on

All day long I see this scene in my head out of Love Actually, where Liam plays a father (to his stephson) who loses his wife too, it is one of my favorite movies so I have seen it a 100 times but every single time I have to cry when I see Liam at his wife’s funeral.
And now he is actually going through all this drama with his sons….. I will pray that they can find the strength to go on. My thoughts are with you!

jessica on

I followed this story from the very first mention of it on Monday. It just shook me to my core, and I am so sad over it. She was an amazing actress, and I’m sure, an even more amazing mother. As her and Liam both seemed to have a beautiful love for eachother, their children, and life itself.
Natasha will be missed greatly.
My thought, Prayers & condolences go out to Natashas family and friends at this awful time

jashmom on

This is a completely shocking and sad!!! One of my 6 year old’s favorite movies is “The Parent Trap”. I loved her in that movie!!

My heart and prayers go out to Natasha’s family and friends. I just can’t fathom what they are going through right now.

RIP Natasha!!! You will be missed!!!

sarah on

awwww that’s terrable:( this is sooo sad and she’s really to young to die):.i feel sooo bad for her family. God bless them.

RIP Natasha Richardson:(

Tina on

ohhh my gosh i am so sorry to the whole family. no one should ever have to go through this. sometimes God does some very questionable things and just know that she is your guardian angel and will be until the day that you meet her again, just because physically she isnt there doesent mean that she wont be in your heart forever. she was a wonderful actress and seemed like a great mother and wife, i am so sorry to her whole family.

Tina on


mmh on

Nika — That’s all I can think about too — the scenes with Liam Neeson in Love Actually… It’s horrible to think he’s living it now…

Erin on

Heartbreaking. She truly seemed like a wonderful mom and wife and was a beautiful and emensely talented actress. My thoughts are with her family and especially those kids. I lost my mom at 13 and I know what they’re dealing with…it’s going to be a rough few years.

Rosy J on

Such a sad day for all of her loved one and fans. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and may she rest in peace.

Stéph on

OMG, I still can’t believe she has passed away. She was so great and I am sure she is in heaven. I cried last night about tha, I am so touched by this story and it happened here, where I live in Montreal, Québec. I can’t believe she died. It really shows that you have to enjoy life because it can all go in a second. A simple, little fall and she is gone.
I will keep thinking about Natasha forever.

All my thoughts and prayers goes to the family, to her husband Liam Neeson, to her sons, Michael and Daniel, to her mom Vanessa Redgrave, to her sister Joely and everyone else. I am sure her father is by her side to welcome her into heaven.

You will always be in my heart and thoughts
I love you Natasha
Rest in Peace

Love, Stéph

Mavs2980 on

Nika and mmh, that is all I can think about as well. I cry everytime I watch Liam in “Love Actually”. His performance is truly heartbreaking at the funeral scene and now he is having to live it for real.

Melissa on

Nika–I keep thinking the same thing and that scene breaks my heart every time I watch the movie. To imagine him going through that in real life (an occurrence he may very well have thought of for acting purposes while shooting those scenes) is heart-wrenching and I know I will never watch that movie the same way. I have been a fan of hers since The Parent Trap and will no longer be able to watch that movie either without tearing up a bit (the scene when she is reunited with one of the twins, where they’re hugging on the stairs, used to often make me tear up anyway). My deepest condolences are with the family, Natasha will be deeply missed.

Mia on

I kept checking this site to see if anything was posted. Glad to see something is finally up!

It’s a very unfortunate event that happened, especially in many ways the accident could have been prevented. I hope Liam, and their sons keep are staying strong and will keep her spirit and memory alive.

eternalcanadian on

i also have been following this story, namely coz it happened in canada at a very famous ski resort. at first i was like, oh, she fell on the kiddie slopes, ouch, well good she’s in hospital. but then as bit-by-bit things came out how she wasn’t wearing a helmet, how the ski instructor called the ambulance, how she refused to go to the hospital, then an hour later realized she needed help, then things just happened so fast.

i was shocked when it was over. i mean this was an adult woman on the kiddie slopes learning how to ski. how bad could it have been? she didn’t hit anyone or a tree. on larry king the panelists kept going back to how she wasn’t wearing a helmet and why she didn’t go to hospital when the ski instructor said she should.

i read what Finnaryn and Lauren said about seeing pictures of kids on CBB without helmets. how so true that is! kiddie slopes o tricycles or whatever, wear helmets, and yes, adults, we all should be role-modelling for the kids. would we have worn a helmet on the kiddie slopes? let’s be honest, i think 90% of us won’t, but would we make our kids wear them? i think we would.

i think we need to rethink the whole helmet safety issue for both kids and adults. too often i see adults on scooters or bicycles without helmets, especially if they’re with their kids, but the kids are wearing them or in some cases not as we’ve seen on cbb.

so yeah, as tragic as this is, i think a lesson can be learned in all this, especially in not refusing medical attention even if you feel okay.

RIP Natasha and condolences to Liam, Michael, and Daniel and the rest of the family. 😦

daniela on

I was never a huge fan of hers but for some reason her death hit me to the core. Maybe cause my mom was very familiar with her and her mother’s work, it has hit me harder than expected especially since my own mother passed away after a head injury.

What a tragic loss, she was young and taken before her time. My deepest and sincere condolences for her husband, her boys, her mother and sister. 😦

Montrealer on

Please guys, the helmet comment is one made by PERSONAL choice – not should NOT be a nannystate law (we have ENOUGH of those here). In this case I am not sure a helmet would have changed much (your head still rattles in a helmet). The fall was minimal, there was obviously something WRONG beforehand for DEATH to occur. Example, John Ritter would probably not have died had he known beforehand about his heart problem – seems like this was another similar incident – a trigger. It is a tragedy but so is death by drowning, suffocation from a falling snow fort…. I go to Tremblant almost every weekend and skiing is not as dangerous as people think it is. Helmets for kids is fine as well for professional athletes, but the majority of us feel no need to wear them- despite all the protest in the name of “safety”… besides if I break my neck the helmet will do very little. Please wear a helmet if you want, but dont pressure the government to make it MANDATORY for everyone else. As a free adult I still have a choice to choose. Tragedy about Natasha, very surreal, much sympathy to Liam and the boys

Shannon on

I was sad when I first heard about this story. But I thought I’d never heard of this actress before, but Liam Neeson’s name sounded familiar. Now I realise she is the wonderful actress of Maid in Manhattan and Parent Trap, and how I had been captivated by her performanaces. It’s so sad. My thoughts to her family and friends through this tough time. God Bless.

Mary on

I was very shocked and saddened to hear of her sudden passing. my heart goes out to her husband, children, and the rest of her family.

apple on

This is such a terrible tragedy for her young sons and family. My heart goes out to them and I’ll be hugging my own sons extra tight tonight. I can’t imagine the enormity of this kind of loss for those poor boys 😦


Such a sad tragedy. Her Family are in my thoughts and prayers

dawn on

I’m so sorry this happened. it really hit close to home,as my mother in law just passed away from something similar. but hers was cerebral hemorraghing due to stroke. she went from sitting out side,enjoying the warm weather,to sitting on a ambulance gurney,complaining of a “really bad headache” was later put on life support and left us shortly after. My heart goes out to the family, especially her two young boys and husband. My husband is 40 and is still emotional about it,even though it happened over 3 weeks ago, so I can imagine how her son and husband feels. I was following the story,and was hoping she would recover. may her soul be at rest.

Nina on

Let’s not forget that Natasha wasn’t just a mom. She was a celebrity baby in her own right.

Finnaryn on

Montrealer, a helmet very well could have saved her in this case. Yes, a head does still rattle around in a helmet but the helmet will take the brunt of the impact instead of the skull. And the padding would protect it even more. You can drop an egg from two stories and if it is padded enough, it will not crack. Sorry to be blunt during such a sad time, but it has to be said, if only to save one other life from ending so tragically.

I loathe the term “nanny state.” It is so often used in cases where a law is purposed that will save people from their own stupidity. Do you consider putting a child in a car seat to be a nanny state law? It’s your child and your personal choice if they go flying through a window right?

Heather Nicole on

She was a great actress and she will be terribly missed..

Her Family are in my thoughts and prayers