Keri Russell and River Touch Down

03/19/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Bauer Griffin

Keri Russell and her inquistive son, River, were spotted arriving at LAX from New York on Wednesday afternoon. The 21-month-old pointed at the paparazzi and chatted with mom as they waited for their car. Keri recently shared that her little blondie loves to read — but not entire books!

“We do read [him] books, and he has his favorites, but right now it’s very much like ‘Read this one, read this one. We read the first two pages, then he’s like, ‘And now this one.’ I’m like, ‘But we haven’t gotten to the best part! Let me finish.’ It’s a lot of that.”

Dad is carpenter Shane Deary, whom Keri, 32, wed two years ago.

Click here for yesterday’s cutie.

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Destiny on

Look at River’s hairdo like Ryder Robinson.

Katrin on

Oh my gosh! He has gotten so big. We really haven’t seen him in a long time. He really is a cutie🙂

Kelly on

He’s so big now!!

Jessica on

Aww, he’s so big! I LOVE his hair!! He reminds me of Shiloh.🙂

Tara on

WOW, his hair has grown really fast. I’m not really surprised that he has long hair given his dad. He definitely looks like a mixture of both parents and has really changed alot facially in the past few months.

Harley on

When did he get so big!? Goodness!

skipsie on

oh my gosh he got so big!
he’s adorable!

bungalowbliss on

Oh, isn’t he a beautiful child! He’s growing so fast!

gigi on

where did that sweet baby face go??? he is such a gorgeous little boy all of a suddenly!

Jade on

He reminds me of Shiloh as well Jessica. He’s so beautiful.

JMO on

Another beautiful baby boy looking more like a girl *sigh*

I do understand that daddy and son long hair thing but I just think sometimes boys can have long hair but have it look more masculine then feminine.

Ashley on

Oh my gosh how cute and I totally agree with the other ladies. He looks like Shiloh. They could be sibilings🙂

Niki on

He’s adorable and I absolutely love his hair! It is so pretty, I am totally jealous!

eva on

He is a cutie,love round little faces with button noses and his mother is a beautiful woman. What is the fixation against boys looking “feminine”?Even if some people mistake River for a toddler girl all his family have to say is “he is a he not a she” and move on.There seems to be a need among some parents to announce the gender of their children since the moment they debut into this world like it is the most important thing about them. When little River grows up and his masculine features become more apparent no one will think he’s a girl even if he continues to have long hair. For now he is a little child and his gender is not apparent to him,why does it have to be for everyone else? will you treat him differently? will you think less of his personality and behaviour? is he going to be any more or less cute?

fergette on

Oh wow he is cute! Eva I completely agree with you. Especially regarding whether people intend to treat the child differently based on their gender. Would you talk less sweetly to a boy…be more gentle to a girl? Why don’t we, as a culture, decide to treat each other equally and allow personality to be the only thing that differentiates us? I intend to buy my children both dolls and trucks no matter what gender they are. I think they should be exposed to both sides. What could possibly be bad about a confident girl and a sensitive boy? I certainly don’t think River’s hair-do is going to harm him in any way.

Lis on

Beautiful baby! Looks like Shiloh.

NOT a fan of the hair😦

But he’s not my child. (As I prefer boys to look more boyish, which is only MY opinion. I think it’s fine if others don’t agree…I just don’t get it?)

Jessica on

That hairstyle definitely reminds me of Shiloh. I don’t see anything wrong with boys wearing long hair, it’s 2009 not the 1950’s people need to let gender stereotypes go.

Clair on

he is adorable!

Erica on

I agree Lis, I think that they can do what they want with their son’s hair but I just don’t get the long hair thing…never will. I guess my future boys will never have long hair (they won’t be allowed, because I think it looks dirty)🙂
That being said, he is adorable and still looks like a boy to me unlike the little boy on here last week with the clip in his hair. And I don’t actually think HIS haircut looks feminine at all, just some other boys do. He grew really fast!

Jess from Ohio on

He is absolutely adorable. And I love the hair. I agree with Eva and Fergette.

Laura on

not surprising river has long hair. keri and her husband both seem like free spirited people. plus with a name like river, how could he not have long hair🙂


Beautiful boy. I knew a soon as I saw the photo the hair issue would come up. It is funny how I think the little bobs with bangs look terrible on little girls and don’t find a problem with long hair on boys. The difference is I don’t say negative things about a child’s appearance.

Laura on

I wonder if they will have more kids sooner rather than later. If i remember the first was not planned. she is still young though to wait.

Lala on

I don’t know if this is the case for Keri, Shane and River but thought some of you might be interested – but some Jews follow the custom of giving their sons their first hair cut at age 3. Look up Upsherin or first hair cut at wikipedia.

Sammy-xx on

Wow he doesn’t even look the same, he’s gorgeous. The hair (which I love by the way) is stunning and makes him look like such a little boy instead of a baby.
He is all Shane, so handsome.

Adrianna on

He is just precious. I don’t understand why little girls can have short hair and nobody says anything about them looking like a little boy but if a boy has longer hair it looks feminine. I think he looks like an adorable little boy.

JMO on

well I dislike little girls with short hair but that’s JMO🙂 I am just traditional in that I like boys with short hair and girls with long. However some boys with long hair don’t bother me if the child themselves look like boys. When you compare him to looking like Shiloh well that’s saying he looks like a girl (same thing was said about Everly Bear looking like Suri Cruise)!

Ryder Robinson has long hair but to me he resembles a boy. Rene Charles and Presley Gerber are two other examples of children with long hair who don’t resemble boys when I look at them. I simply could careless they’re not my kids but I certainly would hate for my own child to be mislabled as a boy or a girl when they’re not!


Mia on

Wow I thought that was Shiloh and Angelina Jolie for a second lol. He’s a beautiful boy.

Jane on

He is adorable!

Jane on

He is so adorable!

L on

Wow! He’s grown so much since we last saw pictures! He’s growing up!! what a cutie!

Linda on

I wonder why River’s hair is so long for a boy. I guess he likes it? I love that hairstyle for a female though.

eternalcanadian on

oh wow, river is so cute! he’s sure growing fast and i can’t decide if he looks more like keri or shane. gorgeous colour of blonde hair too!

Anna on

He’s gotten very big and cute. I like his hair.

Lioness on

I LOVE the hair, I think it looks fantastic!! River’s an absolutely gorgeous little boy, he’s grown so big. And I agree with you 100%, Eva, you said it very well. I mean, why does it matter so much, especially at this age, whether River or Everly get mistaken for girls? Correct it and move on. JMO, it sounds like insecurity on your end. Not saying that you are insecure, please don’t jump down my throat- I’m just saying what I think it sounds like, I’m not sure why the on-sight gender announcement matters so much.

Rye on

I thought she was holding Shiloh too! haha. I think the only difference is in the mouth! Shiloh has way bigger lips, like her mama! How funny though that they look so similar!🙂

Lilly on

I agree wholeheartedly with Eva and Fergette. I actually think longer hair looks better on him than short.

Meg on

Oh my GOODNESS! When did he grow up?? He looks adorable!

Alex on

Until I read the article I thought Keri had a girl.

CelebBabyLover on

JMO- In Everly’s case, most people clearly say that he looks like a MALE version of Suri Cruise. Just as some people sometimes say that Sasha Scrieber looks like a MALE version of Shiloh.

apple on

Very tired of the long hair debate – it’s getting so old! Who cares? People who have a problem with it are just reflecting their own issues rather than any real issue with boys having long hair. We all have our own preferences – mine happens to be in favour of long hair on boys.

My son was just accepted into a modelling agency and they said it was wonderful that we kept his hair long as he has such a great look, free of short back and sides. Who says boys should have short hair when there are long histories of boys and men having long hair – don’t people know about the histories of male appearances? I’d love to see this topic laid to rest in favour of “What a divine little boy he is!”

Stephany on

Funny because the moment I saw the picture, I thought, “What an adorable little boy!” While I do admit that some boys with long hair do look feminine, I don’t think he does at all. River is gorgeous! I love his hair and I totally agree, apple, the “long hair on boys” debate is getting sooo old!

JMO on

JMO, it sounds like insecurity on your end. Not saying that you are insecure.


I can tell you I’m far from insecure about myself. And the last time I checked nobody has thought of me as looking like the opposite sex? I don’t have children yet so I’m not insecure on their behalf so….. *gives look of confusion*

I just think a parent should realize that if they allow their child to appear looking more like the opposite gender that they should be willing to accept that outsiders may not know and when they comment on how “cute” their little boy/girl is to not jump down someone’s throat for not knowing if they’re wrong!!

mel on

he´s stunning!

elley on

cuty patooty

tj on

That is the cutest baby ever!!! OMG his little face is ssssooo

tracie on

My son also had the most beautiful blond head of hair and these huge brown eyes. We let him have his long blond curls. One day during preschool,I heard him announce “I want short hair” to the entire classroom. We went to the barber that afternoon and no more blond curls! It’s ok, I have pictures!!!!!
He is now 6’3 at 15 yrs old and proudly shows off those photos!LOL

Judith on

It is sad, I think, of these celeb moms that let their sons hair grow long, so one can’t tell if the child is a boy or a girl. I have 2 sons, but their hair was cut to look like a boy.. Just my opinion..

CelebBabyLover on

Judith- What on Earth is wrong with a boy having long hair, or a girl having short hair? And would you feel the same way if a friend of yours let their little boy have long hair?

nimbusi on

he reminds me leni klum so much🙂

Terri on

Why is it you have issues only if you dislike long hair on boys? I like and dislike many things and it’s not because I have “issues”, it’s simply a matter of personal preference and opinion. Not that big of a deal. No need to get defensive because people have different tastes.

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