Honor Warren Gives Us a Grin!

03/19/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

There’s a smile! Honor Marie Warren gave us a grin while leaving Coldwater Canyon Park with mom Jessica Alba and her nanny on Thursday.

The 9-month-old is the first child for Jessica, 27 and husband Cash Warren.

See more photos of the family in their gallery, the Alba-Warrens!

A second photo is below.

GSI Media

Jessica’s nanny pushes an Orbit Baby Toddler Stroller ($600).

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Natasha on

Soooo cute!!! She looks just like Cash πŸ˜‰

Kelsey on

Honor’s such a cutie, we haven’t seen that adorable smile in a while.

Just wondering as to why Jessica seems to always have a nanny with her. I understand she’s a celebrity and the paparazzi is around, and if she had more than one kid, I could totally understand having a nanny around is needed. All Jessica has is Honor, and correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think I’ve ever seen Nicole Richie with a nanny while out with Harlow. I love the Alba-Warren family, this is just something I’ve noticed lately and don’t understand…

Jenny on

What a little cutie. Does anyone know what brand of sunglasses Jessica is wearing? I really like them. They’re probably too expensive for me.. but you never know!

Monique on

OMG! She is such a beautiful little girl. I just love Jessica as an actress and she really seems like an even better mom. They are a very beautiful family! I wish them nothing but love, happiness, and blessings!

Kelly on

What an ADORABLE baby! She’s SOOO cute.

Lisa on

Aw Honor! I missed that smile too! What a gorgeous adorable little girl! Such a big and chubby baby! Honor’s body kind of reminds me on Nell’s. Helena Carter’s daughter. Keep up the good work Jessica and Cash!

hillary on

Cute! Not sure why you would need to bring a nanny with you to the park for one baby though! Seems silly!

Allison on

I saw a baby picture of Jessica on AOL and did a double take thinking it was Honor. Honor looks just like baby Jessica!

Brooke on

Honor is too cute for words!!! Mom looks great too, she is so pretty!

I always think it’s sad when they bring their nanny’s along, but the nanny is always trudging behind, it seems that the mom is ignoring her or something. If I had a nanny, I would atleast walk or talk with her if she went with us somewhere. It seems the same for Maria Cross with her little girls.

Viv on

She’s a cutie pie!!! Does Baby Honor have blonde hair? It looks really light, & Jess & Cash have dark brown hair, just curious.

Anna on

I used to be a nanny, and sometimes the mom would accompany me and the baby on outings. It was a great way to get to know the Mom better.

suzanne on

I don’t get the whole nanny thing either! How hard is to take one kid to the park? I do it all the time with 3 of them under the age of 5! And please don’t tell me it’s because of the papparazzi…what’s the nanny going to do about that anyway? We see plenty of other celebrity moms out and about alone with their children all the time…. I will say that Honor is very cute and she does look a lot like Cash.

Lisa on

Viv. It is the sunlight making her hair look lighter. Her hair may be lighter than jessica’s and cash’s but it is brown.

Brooklyn on

Aww! She’s got a sweet smile! Her hair seems lighter as well!

ab on

I wonder about having nannies too, I mean it seems a bit much with just one child. and what is the dynamic when you are out as a trio, with mom and baby and nanny? who does what? in the second picture the nanny is just pushing the stroller while jessica holds the baby. who changes the diapers?

anyway, honor is a cutie! I love those chubby little arms!

pippi777 on

I LOVE chubby babies!

As to the nanny issue, who knows why she was there, too. I can understand with more than 1 child and the papparazzi being there. From the pictures I’ve seen of Marcia Cross with her girls, though, it depends on which one your talking about if the nanny is walking behind her. Usually, she is walking behind, it is because one of the twins is walking slower than the other one. So Marcia seems to be following 1 twin and the nanny following the other. I’ve seen several where the nanny is walking nearer to Marcia and the twins are walking together in front of them.

Linda on

I don’t think you need a nanny for ONE baby either. But Jessica can afford one and since the nanny is available, Jessica might as well take advantage of an extra pair of hands.

Mia on

Aw, she is a cutie.

@ Allison: Would you be able to find the link to the baby pic of Jessica Alba, I would love to see it!

I think Honor has brown hair, but she’s out/about a lot, and the hair probably got bleached from all the sunlight. She’ll definitely get darker when she gets older. If you look at the first baby pics of Honor her hair was very dark.

Jessica on

I don’t get the nanny thing for one child either but there is no need to critize. Jeez!

gianna on

Honor looks like both parents to me. Her nose, forehead, and head shape is all cash, but her eyes, eyebrows, and expression is jessica. She is a big baby too.

LP on

So what she has a nanny–at least she is keeping someone employed in this economy!

CTBmom on

Honor is absolutely adorable!! It’s nice to see that beautiful smile, but I have to say I love the stare downs she gives the papparzzi as well, lol.

Tina on

lol what a cutiee<3.

Mary-Helen on

Perhaps she has a nanny to take Honor home if the paps get to be too much of a pain in the butt?

I don’t really get it, but then again, I don’t have 10 million photogs in my face every day, making it difficult to go about my day.

OnyxJones on

OMG those chubby arms are too much to bear. Honor appears to be such a happy, chubby baby. Would people rather see the nanny with Honor at the park all the time? I’m sure Jessica has other things she does during the course of the day. Why not let the nanny take Honor home and continue on with her day?? I would love to have a nanny for one kid, two, three or four.

FC on

She’s such a little beauty. And I love that smile, almost as much as her mama all smiles. πŸ™‚ They’re such a lovely smiling duo. πŸ™‚

Anna-Aliza on


who makes honor’s clip?

Mommy of 3 on

Honor’s chubbyness reminds me so much of my daughter’s build when she was that age……isn’t it just the cutest thing seeing a chubby little baby:) I wish I was one of thoes “dreaded Aunts” that every child hates too see because they are always pinching their cheeks…lol.
Honor is such a doll, she deffinetly got the best of her parents!!!!!

Christine on

Jenny, those sunglasses are Miu Miu 13HS Sunglasses priced at $114.

CelebBabyLover on

Maybe the nanny is good friends with Jessica and just came along on this outing as a friend?

Manon on

We don’t know anything about the details of her nanny’s employment! Maybe she just has her part time – she does work, after all! She’s not an heiress constantly going out for coffee. The nanny looks like happy! Maybe she likes doing things with her.

Manon on

Honor is beautiful – I think she’s going to be tall. Her mum is exquisite and the baby photo I saw of her Honor is a lot like her,

Vanessa on

“I’m sure Jessica has other things she does during the course of the day.”

I’m sorry but the whole idea of having a child is to spend time with it, not fob it off to the nanny. Many other women have children and take them with them to places and not dump them.

My SIL knows of a woman who had a nanny for her daughter and invited the nanny to the child’s birthday party so SHE could look after the child while the mother mingled. Nice hey?

alice jane on

I don’t really get the issue with having a nanny along….. The fact is that Jessica IS with Honor, even if there’s a nanny along. Honor’s still getting some bonding time in with her mom, but since her nanny is a part of her life it’s probably ideal that she be bonded with her too.

Jas on

Cute picture!!!

Are all nannies required to stay at home? Nannies are usually part of the family…considering they are spending time with the children so why not bring the nanny along to outings such as a water park. It’s easy to come up with a 101 negative things just by looking at a picture. Pictures don’t always convey what’s really going on. πŸ™‚

Moore on

Vanessa, it doesn’t look like she’s dumping her to me. Looks like she’s at the park and has the nanny there. What do those women do when they have to work? The kids have to go somewhere.

She may have a meeting or something later and has decided to go the park with her child before leaving her to the nanny. It happens.

I would think it was odd if she needed multiple nannies but she has one and that’s not unheard of. Nor is it unheard of for a mother and the nanny to hang out.

Lis on

Sometimes, I think that celebs just want a “friend” to hang out with, while they are out, ya know? πŸ™‚

…But otherwise, I agree with everyone else, there is absolutely no need for a nanny with only one child.

And also, Honor is a doll baby!!! I absolutely love the clips in her hair all the time πŸ™‚

Harley on

I’ve been a nanny for a few kids and I can say that generally, if the nanny is a live-in, it’s fun to go out to the park as a group. It gives you the ability to bond without the “She did this, this, this, this, and this today. Have a good night”. While I normally agree that there is no need for a nanny if you have one kid, we also don’t live the same life that celeb’s lead. I’m sure she has a routine every day on top of the scripts she’s reading and practicing, and who knows, she could have time to play in the park with her daughter but then have to dash off to work.

OnyxJones on

Vanessa, clearly Jessica spends time Honor since she’s often photographed with her. My point was that Jessica, although a celebrity, is a working mom. The same way parents across America “dump” their kids off at daycare, Jessica employs someone to assist her with watching her child. I’m sure there are some people that use their nanny to raise their children, but I can’t or wouldn’t assume that Jessica is one of them.

dee on

Honour’s hair turned blond over nite. A few days ago it was dark brown in the sun light. Now it’s dark blond?!

Stephanie on

Wow I had no idea having a nanny was such an issue. This is the first picture I have even seen the nanny in. Honestly who cares. The whole point of the pictures is to show what a happy little girl she is. I love it. It is obvious that this girl is fed well πŸ™‚

caligirl on

She is such a cutie!! She looks just just like her daddy! I just knew she would have curly hair with her dad being half african-american and mommy being latin. But regardless I still want to eat her up especially those cheeks.

Brandi on

Who cares? Just from my personal experience, I often go out with my babysitter. I have two boys, and they usually want to do different things, so instead of being pulled in two different directions, she comes with and we can each give one boy 100% of our attention. What’s better than that?

Another thing we like to do is all go to the park in the car. I stay and play for an hour, then go to run errands like grocery shopping and the post office, while the boys stay at the park and play with the sitter, then they walk home. I can get my errands done faster without whiny sons who don’t want to be there in the first place, and they get extra fresh air and time at the playground.

Our sitter has been with us for three years and I trust her implicity. She even comes on vacation with us. It’s wonderful to have someone care about your children so much – they can always use more love. I wish more people would be open to the idea of using a caregiver. It definitely has more pro than cons, for me.

kat on

For why she has the nanny – from pics I’ve seen on just jared, along with the ones here, it seems that, when they are out, the nanny keep an eye on Jessica’s personal items (purse, diaper bag, stroller), so that she doesn’t have to worry about them being stolen.

I’m sure it’s convenient to have an extra pair of hands regardless, but we have to remember that celebrities are much more at risk of their belongings being stolen when they are busy with their child much more than other moms.

Chrissy on

She is so cute! But try saying “Honor Warren” 3 times in a row, it’s a bit of a mouthful πŸ™‚
Bless her, she’s adorable πŸ™‚

k on

So great to see smiling Jessica and Honor! As to the nanny, we’ve seen Jessica out with Honor often without her nanny, including park visits. It seems like when Jessica is meeting a friend or has a playdate, she doesn’t bring the nanny, when it’s just the two of them, the nanny accompanies them. But Jessica seems to be doing all the work of playing with Honor, changing her and the like. And I’ve never seen the nanny out when Jessica and Cash are together with Honor. You can’t argue Jessica isn’t a hands-on mom, nanny or no.

Samamtha on

I heard the nanny is Jessica’s aunt. They’re trying to get Honor used to someone else, other than her parents,so when Jessica starts filming they won’t have to leave her with a stranger…makes perfect sense to me, i personally would never leave my child with a stranger and even more so if i were a celebrity, you never know the crazy people out there.

So cute on

Tmz said that child never smile and they was so wrong. She is so cute!

jlc on

Honor is adorable, but has anybody ever seen Cash with her, holding her, playing with her, anything? The only pictures I have ever seen was of Jessica and Honor, none of Cash. Maybe I just havent looked in the right places.

Alison on

like Samantha said..why does everyone assume its a nanny? it could easily be a family member.

Lisa on

Honor is way too sweet

CelebBabyLover on

jlc- Cash HAS been seen with Jessica and Honor on outtings. For some reason, he’s usually cut out of the photos. 😦

asm1976 on

Jessica said her mother is a redhead/strawberry blonde. Looks like Honor is getting grandma’s hair color. It’s not the sun, her hair is definitely turning red.

toomuchthought on

Back off the girl for having a nanny, that’s one less person stressing about a job and I’m sure Jessica and Cash can afford to pay for her and what business is if of anyone? Maybe she just likes to have someone around in case something happens, maybe she was leaving shortly after and wanted to get some quality time in with her kid. Quit reading so much into the darn nanny and be glad that this is one celebrity mom who nanny or not actually spends time with her kids instead of sending them everywhere with the nanny.