Angie Harmon Has New Sympathy for 'Miserable' Moms-to-Be

03/19/2009 at 01:00 PM ET
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Mom-of-three Angie Harmon has a lot on her plate, but not so much that she isn’t willing to replicate a little St. Patrick’s Day magic for her eldest daughter Finley Faith, 5. At school, a leprechaun was on the loose and Finley’s teacher made a trap; Angie attempted to make a similar trap at home but “it was no good,” she said during a Tuesday appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show. “It was a box, a stick and a rope…[Finley] came home and she was not impressed,” the 36-year-old actress said. “A 5-year-old who is unimpressed is heartbreaking.”

Later on in the chat, Angie said that the 13 weeks which have passed since she delivered daughter Emery Hope have done nothing to soften her stance on pregnancy.

“I’m so thankful and grateful for all my children, so please don’t misunderstand me, but I wanted literally to take my own life every single moment of this last pregnancy. So no, we’re not doing it again!”

Angie admitted that she used to view “miserable pregnant women” as “ungrateful cow[s],” but said that her experience with Emery instilled a sense of humility that may have been lacking before. “Now I totally understand what [they] mean,” she said. “I am now an ungrateful cow and totally fine with it.” Besides her healthy baby girl, the performance by Angie’s husband Jason Sehorn remains a bright spot in the pregnancy. “For better or worse…when you get married? What that really means is, ‘Will you lift her on and off the bedpan?'” she joked.

In addition to Finley and Emery, Angie and Jason are parents to Avery Grace, 3 ½.

Source: The Bonnie Hunt Show

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marlee on

Ugh. Why was she so miserable? She doesn’t explain? I think here use of the term “cow” explains it… She is probably incredibly vain and hated the pregnancy weight.

Sky on

If you click on the link, Marlee, it will explain why her third pregnancy was miserable.

Sky on

and by link I meant where bedpan is in blue.

Brandi on


She explained in the Pregnancy magazine article that’s linked (click where it says bedpan). I am not sure if you are a regular reader but it was posted here when she was still expecting. She tore a disc in her back and was extremely ill with morning sickness and anemia during the pregnancy. Her husband had to take care of her the whole time. It sounded horrible.

marlee on

Hmmm… I should have clicked through.

Tasha on

Why are people so judgemental? Her experience does not have to be yours and it doesn’t make her a bad mother to feel this way. Get over yourselves. If you loved being pregnant..great for you. That doesn’t mean everyone has to.

Angela on

I admire her for saying the truth! My first pregnancy was wonderful! I too thought women that complained where crazy and didn’t deserve to be pregnant, but then my 2nd pregnancy came. Wow! Her term of humility is perfect cause I too had a new understanding. I was in constant pain. I would cry cause I couldn’t get comfortable. I got these women that I had looked down on! Good for her for admitting she was wrong and making those that are miserable being pregnant knwo they are not alone and it is okay to complain!

Nylah on

I completely understand what she is saying. My first pregnancy was lovely. My second was just awful. I had morning sickness the entire pregnancy, three broken ribs, and I was just never comfortable. Then when I delivered, my baby girl got stuck in my hips, then broke my tail bone.

crimpe on

Wow, Nylah, that is one of the harshest pregnancy stories I’ve ever heard! Sounds like that second baby had it in for you…you sure it was a baby?? Just kidding. I agree with you, though, each pregnancy, like each baby, is unique.

martina on

Marlee, she looked *amazing* during her pregnancy… Her misery had nothing to do with her weight. I can totally relate. When I was pregnant with my son, the extra-weight aggravated an old shoulder injury. It started early, at about 4 months (just as I was losing the morning sickness), and never went away. I could not sit for more then 5 min without feeling uncomfortable. Forget eating at a restaurant or going to the movies. And forget sleeping. Everyone was telling me how amazing I looked, and I couldn’t care less. I’d trade my slim preggo figure for one pain-free afternoon.

Sue on

I don’t think for one minute that Angie Harmon was vain or disliked her weight during any of her pregnancies. I think she is just being brutually honest. Doesn’t make you love your children less or wish that you were never pregnant. My second pregnancy was none to appealing, my daughter had to vie for space along with huge fibroids. It was quite unpleasant, and very high risk, so much so that it led to my decision to have my tubes tied. However, like Angie I cherish both my daughters and feel very blessed that at the end of it all they were both healthy.

gianna on

Angie had always said she wanted 4-5 kids, but that her husband wanted no more than 3 kids. This pregnancy physically was very hard on her, it had nothing to do with weight cause she didn’t even carry big. And after this baby, she got skinny quickly. I think in general it was just a difficult pregnancy for her, and after 3 kids, she doesn’t wanna go through that again.

victoriajh on

i have three and i can tell you that the third you are still parenting two other kids and it was rough
plus pgy takes a toll on your body and by #3 you are feeling it!
I saay thanks to her for sharing and making me feel less like a wimp with my third child!!!
plus I can also say that i gained more weight on my arm than she gained on her entire body!!! LOL it was not pretty!!!

Sam on

” She is probably incredibly vain and hated the pregnancy weight.”

What’s wrong with hating your pregnancy weight? It can cause discomfort and even pain. I don’t think there’s anything vain about disliking that.

iluvallbabies on

I dont think there is anything wrong with saying you had a very diffcult pregnancy, but the line that got me was “I wanted literally to take my own life every single moment of this last pregnancy”.

Its not something I would joke about. Unless she wasnt joking, in that case its a very odd statement to give to the press that you were contemplating suicide?

I just dont find this kind of “joke” funny at all- maybe because it hits home with me. Hmmmmm anyway….

She is a great actress and has a gorgeous family though🙂

nancy on

She has the absolute most awesome names for her daughters. They sound like names that would come from the Bible. She too is stunning.

marlee on

I think it’s her use of the derogatory “cows” that I find offensive. Not the fact that she didn’t like her pregnancy weight – agreed – no harm in that. But using a term like “cows” takes it from a feeling of discomfort to a level of appearance.

Jody on

I find her comments offensive. The fact that she said she wanted to take her life every day of her last pregnancy really bothers me. What an insensitive comment to make.
I have been pregnant twice so I know what pregnancy can be all about. I have never really liked her and without much reason; now I feel justified.

Jurnee on

It doesn’t sound like she’s using the word “cow” to refer to weight, just to someone ungrateful or whiney regarding pregnancy, and she probably meant to be funny. But granted, it’s not a kind word-even though she ended up referring to herself as a “cow” as well. No matter what her reason, it’s probably a bad idea to use the word “cow” and “pregnant woman” in the same sentence. And yes, all pregnancies are different, and each woman is entitled to complain all she wants if necessary! Lord knows I did.

Kristen on

I find her comments a bit offensive as well. While I absolutely respect her personal pregnancy story, I think that being a public person she should hold back a bit. Her beautiful and loved youngest daughter should never have to read online that her mother hated carrying her and wanted to take her own life. There are some things children (even grown children) should never have to hear, even if it is all true. I want nothing more than for my children to feel wanted and loved, and I wouldn’t want them to have even a momentary doubt of that.

cantueso on

I don’t know who Angie is, because I am not American, but it is a little strange to see that cow image. A bit rough. A bit cow-like.

CelebBabyLover on

This seems to be another example of how celebs can never win. When celebs say only postive things about their pregnancy, people complain that they’re not “telling it like it is”, aren’t being realistic, or are given prospective moms-to-be the wrong idea about pregnancy.

Now here’s Angie being honest about how hard pregnancy can be at times…and she’s getting critcized for that! Can’t have it both ways!

Elaine on

I congratulate her for being honest that pregnancy is tough and its not all sweetness and light for everyone. It doesn’t mean she loves her child any less than her elder siblings, or wanted her any less! To say that is ridiculous. Women do not get pregnant just for the experience – its because you want a child. i am sure that mothers who didn’t have the great experience that so many celebs claim to have had will now be feeling a bit more normal.

Brenda on

Jody said — “I find her comments offensive. The fact that she said she wanted to take her life every day of her last pregnancy really bothers me. What an insensitive comment to make.”

Jody — she was KIDDING. It’s called sarcasm. And Kristen, your comment is even more disturbing:

“Her beautiful and loved youngest daughter should never have to read online that her mother hated carrying her and wanted to take her own life.”

Who are you to assume that her child won’t feel loved because her mother has a SENSE OF HUMOR? That’s pretty presumptious, don’t you think? Have you ever met Angie Harmon or her children?? My guess is no — so if I were you, I wouldn’t go making judgements on how her children feel about ANYTHING.

Pat on

Angie needs to be appreciative of what she has. Other women lose babies and would “love” being sick or miserable to have that child in their arms.

CelebBabyLover on

Pat- So Angie should pretend her pregnancy was all hunkey-dory and wonderful just because some women have miscarriages, stillbirths, lose their babies shortly after birth, or can’t concieve at all?

Danielle on

I had two hard pregnancies, the second being the worst. I had gestational diabetes and had trouble controlling my blood sugar even with insulin, my legs and ankles were incredibly and painfully swollen, and I was beyond lethargic. I felt like I was dying most of the time, my body was completely foreign to me. I can understand where she says she wanted to die, because if anyone has been in miserable pain before that is where your mind goes. You keep telling yourself it’s for your baby, but the pain just won’t stop, it’s agony. And I know because when I birthed the second child, for 6 hours they couldn’t get my epidural to work, meanwhile, they were pumping me full of Pitocin, increasing my contraction strength. I grabbed my husbands hand at one point and told him to take me out of this world, or at least punch me so hard in the face that it knocked me out. Pregnancy is no joyride, I’m just glad someone is honest.

kim on

I think to use the phrase “take my own life” is maybe a little extreme and maybe she didnt fully think it through before she said what she said….

Sarah on

I had a horrible pregnancy (sick 24/7, all nine months, always in discomfort, couldn’t sleep, felt – quite literally to an over-wrought pregnant mind – like I was being tortured), and I’m sure it sent me into a form of depression (though I was never diagnosed). My daughter is now almost 2, and I love her with all my heart; she is such an amazingly well-behaved little kid, I often say that I put my dues in during the pregnancy to have a wonderful, sweet thing like her. But I know what Angie is saying, and I’m not sure it’s entirely joking. But the reflection is on the pregnancy, not the child. In fact, Angie wanted that little girl so much, she put up with pain and sickness beyond what she felt like she could cope with, just to have that little girl. So, to me, it tells her daughter that she was so badly wanted that her mother would go through anything for her.

Mary-Helen on

I applaud her for telling the truth! I am pregnant with my third and seriously hated every single second of being pregnant with my first two and this one as well, but I love the end results of having a child, so I buck up and go with it. I have always hated listening to every single celeb in the world going on and on about how “magical” and “profound” pregnancy is and how it was soooo wonderful, making the women who seriously hate the experience somehow feel inferior for not loving morning sickness, swollen ankles, back pain and a host of other issues. I have chronic back pain right now, braxton hicks contractions and I’m still getting morning sickness, despite being halfway through. It’s not fun for me, but it’s worth it for the child I’m going to meet.

Auntie x 5 on

Pat “Angie needs to be appreciative of what she has. Other women lose babies and would “love” being sick or miserable to have that child in their arms.”

Pat, Angie is appreciative for what she has. She said she is “thankful and grateful for all of her children”.

I don’t find her comments offensive at all, and I’m a person who has been married 12+ years and deals with infertility. Just because I haven’t been able to have children doesn’t mean she (or anyone else for that matter) can’t feel miserable while pregnant. It’s her experience, and I applaud her honesty.

Stella Bella on

Sarah and Danielle- thanks for talking about your experiences. I have been having a rough time and you guys are making me feel better, truly.

Annabel on

I think everyone here understands that she meant the “I wanted to take my own life” comment as a joke, but I think it was in very poor taste. To me, joking about suicide is just tacky and uncalled for. I get where she’s coming from, but she could have worded it a lot better. I hope her daughter never reads that.

Jane on

I don’t have a problem with people being honest about their experiences – In fact, it should be encouraged in our society. It’s just that joking about sucide isn’t funny.

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