Alison Sweeney Introduces Megan Hope

03/19/2009 at 08:00 AM ET
Alison Dyer for PEOPLE for use on CBB

Alison Sweeney wasn’t expecting to give birth on Jan. 12. But when she dropped into the hospital for a check-up in full hair and makeup after a long day on the set of NBC’s The Biggest Loser, the host, then 9-months pregnant with a baby girl, recalls, “My doctor was a little concerned and said, ‘I don’t want to leave her in there one more day!'”

After having labor induced, Alison, 31, gave birth to Megan Hope Sanov at 11:48 that same night.

Alison describes her surprise – and her husband Dave Sanov’s mad dash to the delivery room just in time for the birth – in the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

At home in Los Angeles, little Megan already has her dad, a California Highway Patrolman, “wrapped around her little finger,” Alison says. Not to mention her big brother, Benjamin Edward, 4: “He pets her on the head and calls her cutie-pie!”

Megan’s nursery is decked out in pink and brown tones with sage green accents, a feminine chandelier, and traditional Bellini furniture. Tradition, too, dictated Megan’s name: “There have been a lot of quirky, unusual celebrity baby names. But we wanted people to be able to spell it. We wanted it to be more timeless,” Alison explains.

There’s nothing old-fashioned about Alison’s post-baby workout routine, however. The star who, was back on the The Biggest Loser set just eight days after the birth – and returned to her role as Sami Brady on soap opera Days of Our Lives just six days after that – has been turning to her Nintendo Wii for help. Alison is the proud owner of a new fitness program, called EA Active, and has been following its lead to help bust her baby weight.

“When do I have time to go to the gym?,” asks Alison. “It really is like a personal trainer in a box. It’s perfect. I recommend it to all mothers!”

Source: PEOPLE

— Mark Dagostino

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tcarrmotherof6 on

Alison looks very happy and Megan is a doll. COngrats to the whole family

Lis on

Sweet interview πŸ™‚ I like the “timelessness” of her daugter’s name also. And I am contemplating on getting the Wii Fit. Any reviews????

Susan on

A full head of red hair. I smell a heartbreaker.

Natasha on

Such a beautiful little sweetie pie

Stephany on

She’s a cutie pie! I’m lovin’ all the hair!

kat on

the wii sports active is not the wii fit… it is a separate game and doesn’t require the fit to play it.

It is less expensive and has a leg band that attaches to the controller as the nunchuck does.

Terri on

Look at all that hair, and those big eyes!

hkdiaz on

What a cutie-I love the hair. My daughter had hair like that-it wouldn’t lay flat for 5 months! I’m jealous that she has EA Active already (the release date is mid-May)-the perks of celebrity I guess! Re: Wii Fit-I LOVE it and use it every day. I normally HATE to exercise, so this has really helped me.

Sara on

Such a cutie pie and Alison looks awesome. Also, I love the name Megan.

Tee on

Megan is such a little doll! Look at all that hair and those big eyes! Absolutely precious.

Becca on

She is beautiful just like her mother. I think that Allison still looks great. Megan is a great baby name.

Niki on

So beautiful! And I so love that she went with a traditional name. It is gorgeous!

christineblogz115 on

Congratulations, Alison. Your daughter is beautiful.

Ashley on

Megan is such a cutie. She looks so alert for a newborn. Best of luck to the Sanov’s!

Brooklyn on

Aww! Look at that hair!

Liz on

Lis: Get the Wii Fit! I love it. And I am actually losing weight.

J.J. on

Aww Megan is her head full of hair!!

Pencils on

Hey, she was born on my birthday! What a pretty little girl with all that hair. And I like her name—they’re right, it’s timeless .

Anne on

I am a Days of our Lives fan and if Alison a.k.a. Sammi left the show, I would lose interest. She is a fantastic actress and no doubt a wonderful wife and mother with 2 beautiful children/baby.

dee on

Does she not realise that there are multiple ways to spell Megan? I mean it would be easier for me to know how Pilot is spelled, than guess which way someone spells Megan. Pretty baby though.

SAR on

Wow, look at all that red hair! Is Alison’s husband a redhead? I haven’t seen a picture of him.

I watched Alison grow up on “Days of Our Lives.” It’s hard to believe she’s now in her 30s and has two kids!

Kelsey on

Megan is so cute!! I love her hair πŸ™‚

Jenny on

What a sweet little muffin. I just want to cuddle her.

Rose on

“Is Alison’s husband a redhead?”

No. He’s blond.

Rose on

Christine on

Such cute red hair she is so cute cute baby!! πŸ™‚

Kerri on

What a gorgeous little girl! I think thats the baby who is ” Grace ” on days of our lives…

Emily on

I love her HAIIIIRRR!

Philippa on

She’s absolutely adorable, and I love her name!

eternalcanadian on

such a cute baby and lots of hair too! looks red, yeah? isn’t texting great when things like that happen?

Rose on

“I think thats the baby who is ” Grace ” on days of our lives”

It’s not. Here are the babies who have played Grace:

Maggie and Bebe Vose (January, 27 2009β€”February, 13 2009)
Ave and Grace Greeson (February, 24 2009β€”present)

kristie on

I wonder what bedding she used??? looks to me like serena and lily… anyone know??

Jennifer on

Megan is a doll! And I love her name πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Dee- Megan is sometimes spelled Meghan. πŸ™‚

Kelpy on

I could eat her all up – Megan is really just too yummy for words πŸ™‚

aleshamom4 on

what a doll, yummy hair, wide eyes, Ali looks beautiful too!!!! Love her as host as TBL;)

Nicole on

I love Ali on Days of our Lives! …her new little girl is adorable, she looks alot like her big brother and her daddy I think.

Nikki on

I really don’t see the red in her hair! It looks brown to me, with hints of red that are probably from the light?

VERY Cute baby, I wonder what made her become induced though.

Nikki on

Nice to see a celebrity baby , without a kooky name!

CelebBabyLover on

When Samantha Harris had Josselyn, everyone criticized her for going back to work just three weeks after the birth. Yet nobody’s saying a word about the fact that Alison went back to work just one week after she had Megan! Why the double-standard?

Megan on

she is absolutely a doll, and Allison named her a great name ( Megan ) it happens to be my name and I pronounce mine with a long E.

Alicia on

Congratulations Alison! Megan is beautiful!
Alison’s adorable baby girl is wrapped up in a shabby chic blanket from Pixie Dust Decor and it is their Jardin Secret Stripe fabric.Pixie Dust just started offering monogramming for their products as well. A must have for every mommy to be! πŸ™‚

cel on

I just cannot understand- big drama birth then back to work in 8 days-just seems so odd and disconnected

CelebBabyLover on

cel- She never said the birth was a “big drama”. All she said was that she had her labor induced. Induced labors DO sometimes go smoothly and uneventfully.

Regina Barley on

Congrats on your new baby. Magan Hope is Beautiful! She has great hair and her eyes are huge. My daughter Alyssa had the same BIG EYES and LOTS of HAIR. Infact she had her first Haircur at 8 months. I wish you all the best Alison!!!!