Madonna Considering Another Malawian Adoption

03/18/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
Piko Press/Splash News Online

David Banda Richie, 3 ½, continues to thrive under the care of his mom Madonna, who in a new interview says she is doing her best to keep the tot “connected to his Malawian culture.” Reveals the 50-year-old songstress,

“It is a big priority for me to educate my son about the world … He has a big map of Africa in his room with lots of arrows pointing to Malawi.”

From the sound of things Madonna will soon be following those arrows, herself; In response to emailed questions from Malawi’s The Nation newspaper, she hints that another adoption is on the horizon. “Many people — especially our Malawian friends — say that David should have a Malawian brother or sister,” she wrote. “It’s something I have been considering, but would only do, if I had the support of the Malawian people and the Government.” As for her recent divorce from David’s dad, ex-husband Guy Richie, Madonna characterized the relationship as “very amicable.”

“I believe in family…we both agree that our children should always feel a deep connection with both their parents. It is our responsibility to give them that foundation.”

In addition to David, Madonna and Guy are parents to 8-year-old Rocco. Madonna has a 12-year-old daughter, Lourdes Maria, from a previous relationship with Carlos Leon.

Source: Reuters via The Nation

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jessie on

good for madonna. it’s great when you adopt a kid from a different background and try to keep the kid connected to their culture

Ryo on

I don’t understand – I am under the impression that foreign adoption is STILL illegal in Malawai. Did that change?

semp on

i have nothing against woman adopting or being pregnant while single but i wonder how a new kid would feel seeing his older brothers and sister go to visit their dad. it’s seems a little selfish (even if this situation is still better for the kid that living in a orphanage). i don’t know…maybe i’m wrong but i would not feel comfortable doing that.

Lis on

Semp – you are SO right on. I agree, how could she even be thinking of adopting without a partner, when all of her other children have a father?

Lee on

um there’s alot of people who adopt as single parents and just because you are divorced doesn’t mean you shouldnt have more kids. The new child will either be without a dad or maybe her ex husband may be in her new childs life. Madonna may have other men in her life, friends and family, who could be father figures also.

gianna on

Not only would she be a single mom, but I see pictures of her out with her 22yr old new boy toy and her kids. As it is you always see her with david, cause rocco is usually with guy and lourdes often with carlos. Why in the middle of being divorced, raising 3 kids, and dating different guys, would you wanna adopt again. Probably for attention, that seems to always be the case with madonna.

Mary-Helen on

I think it’s good that Madonna has such a good relationship with both of her children’s fathers so that they have a solid family foundation. I don’t see anything wrong with another adoption, even as a single woman. I think it’s great that she wants to help David stay connected to his heritage as well.

Molly on

Sem and Lis, the choice of that future baby is either a loving family without a father or an orphanage without home, mother and father. I think its pretty clear what’s better for the child. I dont understand why do you think its better for a child to grow up in an orphanage then with madonna who doenst have a partner

ALso, how is the Malawi law about a single parent adopting? We’re adopting from china and i know lots of countries do not allow single parent (just courious about Malawi)

brannon on

yep. i’m sure when the other children go visit their fathers that poor little newly adopted child will just cry and beg to go back to his third world orphanage. truly selfish of her to be so inconsiderate to that little family-less child. let’s hope she comes to her senses.

Mia on

If she wants to adopt, more power to her-I think it’s a great thing, but I really hope she does her research this time, and really knows what she’s doing…unlike when she adopted David who already had parents (well, his father at least). I know they worked out a deal, but..come on.

g!na on

Madonna’s adopting again! I thought she just took in Jesus the 22 yr old man child! LOL. She needs to adopt again like I need another piece of cake. She jus divorced, Poor david just lost a stable unit and now she has a guy young enough to be her son! Oh, she really shows David his Malawi culture, a map in his room pointing to Malawi! What a load of hogwash! Like a map is really cheating a kid his culture! how about taking him back there to visit! Look on the internet & celebrate their culture, dress him up in African costumes etc.

normma on

malawi still does not allow for inter-country adoptions. there have been some cases in which a malawian couple living abroad has been able to adopt, but with stipulation of return. david’s adoption is considered legal in britain (and therefore respected in other nations),but it isn’t considered legal in malawi…at least, that’s what the legal systems say. however, if you have enough money, you could get around it, probably.

Leslie on

HOw can she adopt from a county that doesnt have legal confused!!!

Im adoptive parent and i had a hard enough time adopting from a country that is legal!!! WOW must be nice to be famous!

paula on

Mia…most kids who are adopted have living birth parents. David’s birth father could not take care of him and so brought him to the orphanage. Madonna quite literally saved David’s life.

CelebBabyLover on

paula- ITA! The fact of the matter is, most children are voluntarily given up for adoption by their parents, rather than automatically going to an orphanage because their parents have died. In fact, that’s basically how private adoptions in the U.S. work. Often times, the adoptive parents will even get hooked up with the birth mother while she’s still pregnant. Yet nobody ever criticizes those people for adopting children with living parents!

gina- How do you know she DOESN’T do all that? Just because she only mentioned the map doesn’t mean that she doesn’t do other stuff to keep David connected to his birth country! Also, didn’t anyone notice that she said she will only adopt again if she has the support of both the Malawian people in general and the Malawian government? Therefore, it sounds like she’s learned her lesson after what happened with David!

As for Madonna’s boyfriend…Something about them being together DOES rub me the wrong way, but I am of the belief that, at least most of the time, age is just a number (I do, however, have an issue with 80+ year old men who date 20 and 30 something women. I’m in my 20s myself, and the thought of being romantically involved with someone old enough to be my grandfather, or possibly even great-grandfather, weirds me out. I have nothing against elderly men, but I’d rather just be friends with them, thank you very much!). Therefore, I choose to reserve judgement.

Lilly on

Madonna’s [romantic] relationship with Jesus has not been confirmed, for all we know, he could be merely a friend. Until she or her people confirm it, I will not pass judgment on that situation.

David was given up to an orphanage by his father. His father has since then remarried and had a child (or two?). A lot of people seem to think that David would have been better off in an orphanage in Malawi where he was being raised by an 8 year-old child because the orphanage was so overwhelmed and understaffed and he was so sickly that he was dying. She saved his life and he has the love of both his parents even if they no longer live together.

I do hope Madonna adopts again and keeps David’s culture and language alive so he can feel of a sense of pride and a connection to his heritage and roots. However, I do wish she adopts a child without any family this time, just because tabloids exploit them and create unnecessary negativity to a positive situation (adoption). But again, like she has said, she didn’t choose Malawi, Malawi chose her, and she instantly fell in love with David and felt a connection with him.

If anything comes from this whole situation, I hope it’s that Malawi changes its adoption laws to allow its more than 1 million orphan children to have an opportunity for a better life.

Lilly on


You don’t see Madonna or David 24/7, nor do you live with them, neither do I, so we don’t know what else she does with him. Heck, we only see seconds of their lives as they go in and out of The Kabbalah Centre.

The people sent from Malawi to England to check on David stated that Madonna, along with her other children, were learning David’s native language (and would communicate with him in both languages) and would cook typical meals at times. She also had a translator for a while, who I assume was teaching them the language. Madonna has taken David back once, surely he will take him back again as he gets older.

I don’t know why we are holding celebrities much higher standards than we hold ourselves. Though I don’t don’t people who adopt children internationally probably make an effort to help their children keep their culture alive, surely there are many others who never learn their child’s language and never take them to visit their homeland.

It’s odd to be on a celebrity site only to spend all of one’s time criticizing every single thing the celebrities do.

Ryo on

It’s nice to know that apparently some people feel that as long as you “fall in love with a child” you can adopt them if you want to. Malawi DOES NOT allow inter-country adoptions. There are laws in place all over the world to prevent the trafficking of children, and one person breaking the rules counts against everyone else trying to do it legally.

Hea on

Here in Sweden, adoption would be completely out of the question when you’re 50 years old. It would not be allowed. And to add to it, she’s recently been divorced and she already has three kids to take care of… I’m surprised she’s even thinking about it and I hope this is just gossip.

Mia on

Okay, if that was the situation, so be it, however, in just as many cases..children in third world countries are usually orphans where both parents are dead, or one is dead and the other is no longer present.

Lilly on

>>>>It’s nice to know that apparently some people feel that as long as you “fall in love with a child” you can adopt them if you want to.<<<<

Ryo, that’s not what I said. I said that she chose David (vs another child who might have been without any family) for that reason. My personal opinion is that I wish she would have adopted from a country that did have a program set up for inter-country adoption, but that is not what happened. On a positive note, many people who had never heard of Malawi and it’s dire situation are aware of it because of this whole situation.

I think Malawi should change it’s adoption laws so that more than 1 million children can find a loving home. Many children are dying from illness, starvation, or malnutrition in places that are set up to take care of them. The orphanages are overwhelmed and understaffed and Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and can’t really afford to support, educate, and take care of not only 1 million orphans, but millions of other HIV+ adults, parents, or grandparents.

CelebBabyLover on

Lilly- I agree with both of your comments! You’re absolutly right about the Madonna and Jesus situation (by the way, does anyone find the fact that they’re together-whether romantically or just as friends- a bit ironic? I mean, “Madonna” is a term that has been used to refer to the virgin Mary, who was, of course, the mother of Jesus Christ).

After all, a lot of people were convinced that Madonna and A-Rod were an item. However, the two of them repeatedly said that they were just friends, which now appears to have been true. Therefore, it’s just as likely that Madonna and Jesus could be friends rather than romantically involved.

Lilly on

CelebBabyLover- Looks like we made our first comment at nearly the same time!

I agree about the names (along with the ages) creating a stir. Like you said, I guess we’ll have to wait and see when the truth comes out (regarding Madonna and Jesus) like it did before (with A-Rod).

Laurie on

It is criminal not to let a privileged woman like Madonna save a child from a life of suffering. If you would see the documentary she made, you’d want to adopt one yourself. I’m struggling with a husband and 3 kids and wish I had the resources to help these children. She does and she is. Who cares if she has no husband. She has PLENTY of love and help.

Morgan on

I have a 3 adopted Africa children. My oldest is Malawian and had been living with me for over 5 years before I was allowed to adopt him thanks to Madonna.

Before you say she is doing a terriable thing you need to know the facts like, the adoption law was written in the 1960’s when less then 1% of the population was orphaned.

That she supports the orphanage in Malawi, and does not need all the fame from it like other celbraties

I think what she is doing is great! and if you ask my Malawian son if he thinks what she did was a great thing. He would say yes, and thank her for allowing the Malawian Government to allow me to be his legal son.

Alison on

“I think Malawi should change it’s adoption laws so that more than 1 million children can find a loving home.”

And therein lies the problem – there’s this underlying assumption that white westerners are automatically better parents than those in the 3rd world because they’re richer. That the only way any child in a 3rd world country can “find a loving home” is with a wealthy western family.

“The orphanages are overwhelmed and understaffed and Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and can’t really afford to support, educate, and take care of not only 1 million orphans, but millions of other HIV+ adults, parents, or grandparents.”

Agreed, so let’s help Malawians grow the economy and create the infrastructure to do so, rather than just taking their people, who are any country’s most precious resources.

Do you really think just steaming in like a plantation owner and shipping out 1 MILLION children from a country is some kind of solution?

Third world parents and extended families are poor in material terms – that doesn’t mean they forfeit the rights to their children or they love them any less.

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