Jennifer Lopez: Twins Had a 'Good Time' at Their Birthday Party

03/18/2009 at 02:00 PM ET
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A baby’s first word is a memory that will forever be engraved in a parent’s heart, and while many are delighted to simply witness their child’s developing skills, it’s an added thrill to hear their name babbled first! Luckily for singers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, the benefit of having twins — Maximilian ‘Max’ David and Emme Maribel, 13 months Sunday — allowed for both parents to take part in that milestone. As Max eagerly said ‘dada’ first, Jennifer jokes with Access Hollywood that she was relieved to hear her little girl say ‘mama!’

“Her first word was mama. I was real mad because Max was first and I was like, ‘Okay, dada? MAMA!’ He’s like,’DADA!'”

Recently celebrating another milestone — the twins’ first birthday on February 22nd — Jennifer and Marc opened their home to close family and friends for the special occasion. While first birthdays are infamously seen as a party for the parents, the 39-year-old reveals that Max and Emme were anxious to join in on the fun. “You don’t think they’re going to enjoy their party, [that] they’re going to be in their own worlds,” Jennifer says. “They had such a good time for one-year-olds!”

With friendly entertainment that included a moon bounce — enjoyed by both children and adults alike! — a clown and sno cones, Jennifer shares that their “awesome” party was a “cute,” low-key celebration. According to the singer, the event was far from the extravaganza reported by the media! “It was not mommy dearest, okay. We didn’t have a carnival in the backyard!” she laughs.

Despite their love for jumping on the moon bounce, Jennifer admits that come cake time, Max and Emme had their attention on the sweets and were all about digging right in! “I let them put their hands in the cake. They were eating it and smushing it in their mouths,” she recalls. “I was like, ‘Okay, this is not good. We gotta stop this!'” As for singing the traditional happy birthday tune, Jennifer laughs that she and Marc do things no different than any other family.

“I mean, we weren’t harmonizing or anything like that. It was very back in the day, back home…Real monotone just like everybody does it.”

Looking forward to getting her music career back on track, Jennifer realizes that the days of fulfilling her work commitments while her twins stay home is inevitable in the near future. “I have to start thinking about traveling without them and that’s a big traumatizing thing for me now,” she admits. “I’m going to learn. I’m going to have to learn how to balance it.”

From the sound of things, Jennifer may be sharing her time on the road in the future with her budding little stars! Revealing that Emme loves posing in front of the camera at her mom’s photo shoots, the proud mama also reveals that her baby boy has inherited his father’s strong voice. “I don’t know if [Max] is going to sing, but he has the biggest, loudest voice just like his dad,” she says.

Source: Access Hollywood

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Showing 27 comments

Monique on

Her twins are so gorgeous! It’s very rare, that you see them all together, which I understand. But, they are really a beautiful family! Bless your hearts, Jennifer!

Chelsea on

I loved reading this! It’s so funny about one twin saying “dada” and the other “mama” first! That’s adorable!

Mary-Helen on

Aw…that’s so cute that one said Mama first! I remember how a little put out my husband was because both of our girls said Mama first. It sounds like they had a nice party for the little ones who enjoyed themselves (especially the cake!) with their proud Mama and Dada looking on!

Mia on

So cute🙂 They seem like a great and happy family. I’m glad they finally got their babies!

Mira on

One-year-olds eating cake? Maybe Jennifer should read some books on nutrition for infants instead of working out like crazy to be in shape.

BB on

Love her! And the twins are adorable!

Jen on

Mira Says:
March 18th, 2009 at 4:51 pm
One-year-olds eating cake? Maybe Jennifer should read some books on nutrition for infants instead of working out like crazy to be in shape.

Mira relax. It was their birthday party. It’s not like Jennifer Lopez said she gives them cake on a regular basis. I highly doubt their health was affected by that one day. Both of my daughters ate cake on their 1st birthdays and today they are healthy at 16 and 14.

Michele on

LOL @ “we weren’t harmonizing or anything like that”!! That is funny! I always wonder about singers at parties for their kids or whatever when they have to sing happy birthday!

LauraSW on

one year old’s eating cake! Heaven forbid babies should actually enjoy their birthday cake, on their birthday.

Mary-Helen on

one year old’s shouldn’t have cake?! Uh oh, someone alert the authorities becuase both of my children enjoyed a piece of cake on their first birthday!

Chanel on

Her babies are so cute. I can’t believe its been a year since she had them.

@ Mira, whats wrong with a one year old having cake on their first birthday?? You make it seem like she gives her kids cake all the time. Seems like lately some people just keep posting negative things.

Sarah on

“One-year-olds eating cake? Maybe Jennifer should read some books on nutrition for infants instead of working out like crazy to be in shape.”

Seriously?! They had a little cake on their birthday. That’s hardly grounds for accusing Jennifer of not feeding her children properly. I can’t think of a single child I have ever known who wasn’t allowed a bite of cake at their first birthday. Watching them smush the cake into their faces is part of the fun! But, people will find anything to complain about, won’t they?

Mira on

Yes, one-year-olds are NOT supposed to have cake, if you care about establishing healthy eating habits. Babies who have never tried cake, wouldn’t eat it the first time, because the taste is so intense. So the fact that they were stuffing their faces tells me that this is not their first time eating sugary stuff. And that is NOT good nutrition.

I’ll admit, though, that I’m quick to doubt JLo’s parenting style. But that’s because every single one of the stories I read about her parenting choices, makes me raise my eyebrows. From the “breastfeeding isn’t good for my babies”, to “I want to be in shape so my 6-month-olds are proud of me”, to dressing infants in sequins, to.. I’ll stop there…

Diane on

I had 6 girls. all were breastfed for 9 months or longer They all ate cake on their first birthdays. They didn’t know what to think of it at first, but they DID eat it, even though they’d never had cake OR cookies before their first birthdays most are grown now but birthday cakes never spoiled their nutrition. Everything in moderation..

Claire on

Mira – just a thought – who knows – the cake could easily of been a vegan, low fat, low sugar, wholemeal, organic cake – I’m not a big fan of J Lo’s to be honest but with unlimited $$$ and a personal chef it wouldn’t be an unreasonable. My two cents

CelebBabyLover on

Mira- Actually, forbidding a food usually has the opposite effect: the kids want it even more!

Manon on

Mira : so judgemental about J Lo as a mother! Also probably the comments are taken slightly out of context.

Just because she has a certain image in showbiz does not mean she is not very maternal and enjoys her children out of the spotlight. I imagine, coming from the kind of close knit Latino family that she does, she is probaby a wonderful mother!

Denise on

Ummm, am I the only person thinking a moon bounce and clowns doesn’t equal low key??? Low key, IMO, is going out to dinner and visiting grandparents, or a small party with just family. Its amazing what we consider low key versus a millionair! LOL

Lis on

Okay, I have seen it all now (on CBB, that is)! I would have never thought in a million years someone would criticize a one year old having cake on their birthday! OMG!!!!!!! Have you ever heard of tradition???? For YEARS kids eat cake on their first birthday, and I have never met ANYONE who was affected by it.

I’m sorry, but that is just the most absurd thing I have ever heard!!!!!! LOL!!! I just have to laugh😀

Julie on

Seriously, the kids smush the cake into their faces more than eat it. For many people, the 1st birthday is the first time they try to give their kids cake. Of all the ridiculous and absurd things I’ve EVER heard on here, that one takes the cake😀

Also, as for a moon bounce not being low key, many of my friends have the exact same thing at their birthday parties. Believe me, we’re FAR from wealthy!

Chanel on

Mira, the reasons you give as to why you question Jennifer’s parenting doesn’t make any sense. The comment she made about her kids being proud of her, I could have sworn she said that cause she ran a marathon race or something.

The comments about how bad it was for her to let them eat cake on their 1st birthday was pointless and to be honest it was silly. It was their 1st birthday Max & Emme deserved to have fun on such a special day that’s a milestone.

Chanel on

Mira your comments don’t make any sense.
The reasons you give to question her parenting is absolutely wrong. The comment about making her kids proud, I could have sworn she said that after she trained to run the marathon.

It was a special day for Max & Emme, they turned one and had every right to have a little cake.

Sam on

If you don’t let your kids have junk like cake every once in awhile they’re going to grow up with terrible metabolism! I can’t believe someone would say that kids shouldn’t have cake. EVERYONE should be able to have cake every once in awhile.

Kelly on

Well Mira, my kids will have cake on their first birthday and it’s fine with me if you think that makes me a bad parent🙂

Nylah on

Good grief, I must be a horrible parent too. I gave both of my children cake on their first birthdays. It’s one time, not everyday. My children are perfectly healthy, and don’t desire sweet items, but rather healthy items such as veggies and fruits. My son refuses to eat candies and cake unless it is his birthday and my daughter absolutely hates candy and cake. I’ve established healthy eating habits with my children. Besides, just because they smashed the cake into their faces doesn’t mean it wasn’t their first time eating cake. ALL babies like to smash food into their faces, it’s the whole process of them learning to feed themselves.

Silvermouse on

Awww. . . they’re so cute! And I agree with NylahL
Some mothers just have to nag and over react aobut EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET. First it’s the environment. Then it’s the clothes. Then it’s the “Oh my gosh, something caotic is going to happen in that poor child’s life! and then, it’s the that parent isn’t doing this or this or this right. CHILL. Those are not your kids.
I’m surprised CBB doesn’t regulate this kind of childish banter because if I were a mother, I would pay attention to my own kids’ well-being unless a poor child was visibly being abused for some reason.

conishkee on

I’m a little late reading this, but for my son’s birthday party, not only did I have a cake for the guests, but a smaller version of the larger one for my son, which he tore into! He had a blast doing that, and I’m here to express, he’s been a healthy boy ever since. That one cake didn’t affect his health in any negative way whatsoever. But hey, Mz. Mira really took a beating behind her post, didn’t she? Sometimes it’s best to keep one’s opinions to themselves, especially like the one she made. All the mothers were on attack!!

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