Jenna Jameson Names Twins Jesse and Journey

03/18/2009 at 01:05 PM ET
Tiffany Rose/WireImage

Update: Jenna and Tito have released the names and weights of their newborn sons to Us Weekly in their latest issue. Jesse Jameson Ortiz weighed in at 4 lbs., while brother Journey Jette Ortiz was 4 lbs., 11 oz.

Originally posted March 16th: Jenna Jameson and UFC star Tito Ortiz are proud parents to twin boys, her rep confirms to Us Weekly. The former adult film star, 34, delivered her sons this morning, Monday, March 16th in Newport Beach, Calif. Despite being premature, the twins are “in very good health.”

Announcing the pregnancy in August and confirming it was twins the following month, Jenna was overjoyed to be expecting after previous fertility battles. “I can’t even express the extreme serenity that came over me once I saw my children inside me,” she said. “It has been my dream to have children for an extremely long time, and I truly feel like finally… the time is right and God has blessed me. I have never felt more like a woman, or more alive.”

Jenna told CBB her official due date was May 3rd, but she and Tito expected the twins some time in April — “you know how twins are!” If true, that would make the boys seven weeks early.

Source: AVN; Us Weekly; March 30th issue

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Danielle on

Congratulations! I’m sure she’ll do a good job parenting those kids, however keep the OLD VIDEOS out of reach…yikes!

Viv on

Congrats to you Jenna & Tito on your baby boys!!! Can’t wait to hear details on them & see their pictures.


Congrats!! I had a feeling she would have twin boys, I’m sure they’re adorable🙂

Mary-Helen on

Congrats to her and Tito! I am glad to hear the babies are doing well. I wonder what they named them.

Mallory on

Wow, first Brooke Sheen, now Jenna. I hope all these premature babies come out all right! Can’t wait to hear their names!

babyboopie on

Hope they have better names than Max and Bob have!!

Brianne on

yay! So glad you guys got this posted! So happy for them – I’m sure they will be wonderful parents. All the best to them and their healthy baby boys. Can’t wait to see pictures of them – I’m sure they’re as handsome as their yummy-looking daddy!

Jess from Ohio on

Congrats to them! I can’t wait to hear the names *crosses fingers for good, solid, nice, non-weird names lol*

noemi on

cngratulations jenna and tito ..and God bless your Twins Boys

Mmers on

Wow, she and Brooke!!! I was 8 weeks early and I was 3lbs. 4oz., and my twin was 3lbs. 12oz., so I’m sure they are good sized.

Dawn on

Congrats to them! Between her and Brooke Sheen, I’m getting nervous! I’m due May 30th with twins but probably expect them sooner. Glad to hear when preemies are doing well.

Brooke on

Congrats Jenna and Tito….I know she wanted these little men so badly….Hope all is well.

Fifi on

I can’t wait to hear their names, hopefully they are better than Bob and Max haha…I was shocked to hear that they had boys, for some reason I thought that they were having girls haha I wonder where I heard that…

Marilyn on

All these twin boys born so close together! Brooke & Charlie, Jenna and Tito, and don’t forget Julie Bowen — soon to come.

Lissette on

It seemed like she had been pregnant forever! Congrats to them! So happy for her!

j.U.d.E. on

What about Tom and Sam… Bob, Max, Tom and Sam..

Or Otis Ortiz, Orville Ortiz.. or Ozzie Ortiz *lol*. Zak Ortiz, Zion Ortiz,

Bob Sheen.. not easy to say.. They should have called him Bobby Sheen, it flows more..

Oh well..

Lacey on

For some reason I thought they were having girls. Oh well..Congratulations!

Lily on

I’m so happy for Jenna and Tito! Pregnancy really suited her and she looked stunning. I hope mom and the boys are doing well.

Amber on

I really feel sorry for these boys. Congrats to the parents and I’m glad that Jenna is finally the mommy she always wanted to be.. but those boys are going to be ridiculed their whole lives for the past decisions of their mother. I hope her past doesn’t come back to haunt them.

Janet on

Glad to hear they are healthy. I remember seeing her in Vegas 2 years ago and she was sooooo skinny! Congratulations!

Juliet on

Congrats to the family.

eva on

Congratulations,hopefully the babies will continue to do well.

alanna'smom on

Amber, while you are allowed to have your opinion, that was a bit rude. No one was discussing her career choices, and those boys aren’t the first and won’t be the last to have parents with possibly embarassing jobs. Who even cares? With that being said..

Congradulations Jenna on your boys! Hoping you get to bring them home soon!

Mary-Helen on

I wouldn’t say I feel sorry for them, but Amber makes a valid concern that these young boys may face bullying for their mom’s former career choice. However, I’m sure Jenna likely expects this and will likely take every precaution to protect her children from any teasing. Besides, their dad is Tito Ortiz, so I’m guessing any potential bullies will keep their comments to themselves, since Daddy has made a name for himself by beating the living snot out of other people for a living LOL!

bella mama on

Congrats Jenna and Tito!

Jennifer on

SO glad to hear Jenna and Tito finally had their babies! Hope the boys continue to thrive!

eternalcanadian on

whoah, isn’t that like 8 weeks early? are the babies okay for sure? they’d be awfully premature if they were born march 16 instead of may 3?

eternalcanadian on

Amber, just because jenna didn’t have a “proper” career doesn’t mean her children will be ridiculed. i mean look at hugh hefner’s children. what about that guy adam (seymour butt whatever his name) from family business, his son brody? also what about the guy that runs vivid videos? what about his kids? ya know, there’s lots of embarrassing jobs out there–say like the elephant pooper-scooper or the sewage cleaner, the way a lot of R-rated and Mature-Rated movies movies are these days the only difference between jenna and other female actors is her movies had close-up gyno shots. Heck even Zac Efron has a naked woman on top of him in the latest Interview magainze. What about all the models that go around naked most of the time or in very provocative ads? Would the children of those people be ridiculed for having parents that did things like that?

Susan on

How lovely. Congrats to the happy family.

Shelby on

I’m not sure how having your mother be one of the most succesful, independent, entrepeurnial business women is a bad thing. On second thought, I doubt her film career will negatively affect her sons especially by the time they become of age to understand it. Clearly, she will be discussing and taking precautions for these things. As if none of our parents ever did anything embarassing or had a career path that was thought to be “unadmireable”. I am SO incredibly overjoyed for Jenna! What an amazing blessing to have two little boys who will be incredibly well taken of and loved immensley I’m sure. I pray these little boys will continue to have good health and a wonderful upbrinigng.

Such negativity today! Stop worrying about names, career paths, or choices. This is NOT about the Sheen’s or Jenna’s choice. However, it IS about the joyous birth of her twins! Can we embrace and celebrate another joyous birth instead of focusing on negativity? Geesh!

Congrats again Jenna and Tito!

HeatherR on

I have to agree with Amber and Mary-Helen. I, personally, am not judging Jenna on her past career and I do believe that she will be a fantastic mother. These babies are obviously soooo wanted. I am thrilled for her. BUT….she is the QUEEN of porn and kids can be so mean sometimes.

joylittleton on

Evidently it’s not just kids who can be mean.

gianna on

Wow I know a bunch of people who all had sons between saturday and today. Two of my cousins, a good friend of mine, my neighbor, and now reading charlie sheen, carson, jenna, it’s definitley a boy year 2009. How cute for her twin boys, congrats to them.

Chanel on

I’m so happy for Jenna & Tito! For some reason I was assuming they were having twin girls too. I know these kids are going to have some killer genes. I wonder what she named them.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about Jenna’s career and how it will come into play when her children get older. But at the end of the day Jenna & Tito wanted these babies badly and they were finally blessed. Jenna is not the first porn star mother nor will she be the last. I didn’t see so much negativity when Traci Lords had her son.

Robin on

Well now Bob and Max have playmates and will rival for Dolly and Charlie’s attention!

Lauren on

I’m going to go with Amber & the others here– of course it is everyone’s right to pursue their chosen career, and then to bring children into the world, but you guys– she made hundreds and hundreds of really hard-core porn movies, then did such a good job marketing them that there’s probably not a place in the world she can go where “Jenna Jameson” doesn’t mean “porn.” Eventually those poor kids are going to have to see their mother in a VERY unflattering light, and I think we’re all just saying we don’t envy them having to inherit the choices their mother made on the way to the top. Yikes!

Lauren on

One other thought– when she decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a mother, maybe a feasible choice would have been to change her name and appearance, move to a small town (or another country), and start over. She should have no problem leaving the limelight if she truly wants her kids to have the best life they can, and they’re probably not going to do that if their mother remains the infamous Jenna Jameson.

Trust me, she has more than enough money to just go somewhere and raise her kids and stay out of the public eye. However, knowing her, I highly doubt she’ll do it.

Silvermouse on

I actually think porn for those who are confident enough to do it and like sex, would be a good career if someone REALLY wanted to do it. It’s people like those who are saying her boys are going to be teased, who are going to be doing the teasing. And what exactly is wrong with someone’s mom doing porn. If Jenna were my mom, I’d be like, I guess you think my mom is hot, and laugh. From what I’ve seen of Jenna on television she seems like a cool chick despite what she does or did as a living. It’s an alternative lifestyle, get over it. My congratulations to Jenna and I hope her boys are okay because they were quite early.

Hea on

Lauren – Oh, so you _know_ her? Interesting.

joylittleton – In this case, if kids pick on them for what their mother has done for a living, it’s hardly kids being kids. It’s more like… parents gossiping and placing vile opinions in their own kids. Children won’t know she’s made porn unless some adult tells them, explains it and allows bullying.

CONGRATULATIONS Jenna and Tito. I wish you and your children all the best.

Mia on

Aw, congrats to her! I knew it was twin boys. I wonder what they named them?

miss_brown on

Ahh congrats to Jenna & Tito! My due date’s also 3rd May, so I’ve been keeping a close eye on her pregnancy🙂 I knew she’d be way before me, as she has twins…i’m pleased she got to meet her bundles of joy this early if they’re healthy. Can’t wait to meet mine now! x

allison on

Will her kids get teased by other kids for what she did as a career? Absolutely, no doubt about it. But Im sure many of us (if not everyone) on this blog were teased in school for something. Now as an adult, I can look back on it and see that it is just what happens in school. As adults, her boys will respect their mother and have no ill feelings with what she did in her younger days.
That being said, my husband and I are both fans of hers professionally and personally and I am soooooo happy for her and Tito!!!!! There are to many kids out there that are not wanted-these so clearly were! Lets be happy about that people…….


First I would like to say Congratulations to Jenna & Tito. Twins, what a blessing.

A new life brought in to this world is something that is to be admired and celebrated. Not judged and ridiculed.

And to all these people that are posting about how ridiculed the boys will be and how hard it will be for them because of the job that their mother had in the past. If it ends up being so hard for them it is because of bias judgemental people such as yourselves. Where do you think the children learn such hate and ridicule. Children are not born being judgemental and hateful, they learn if from the people that surround them. I higly doubt that everyone in your life has agreed with every decision you have made.

And honestly who cares what these celebrities name their children. Not everyone wants their child to have a generic run of the mill name. These children are not mine or yours. We do not have to raise and support them. So it is not our choice on what they are named.

I do agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when it can be so hurtful, you should think about keeping it to yourself. To all the mothers or would be mothers, just think of how you would have felt after just having a baby and someone telling you, oh I hate that name or oh, your child is going to have a messed up childhood because of a job you used to have. I know I would have flipped the hell out.

To each its own!!!!

Mommy of 3 on

It never fails does it??? Nobody can be worried about these poor little boys being 8+ weeks early OR just be happy to hear that they are both doing well, instead they have to bring the Sheen’s name choices into it (which btw is disgusting to say “I hope they have a better choice of names”) as well as Jenna’s past career. I hope you all know that Jenna is here on this site today because of her career choices! That is what made her a celeb, so maybe you should all just learn to DROP IT and be glad that these little ones are reported to be in good health. Wouldn’t you all fell badly if **god forbid** something happened?
CONGRTULATIONS to Jenna and Tito on these 2 little boys, I wish the best of health for the long and bumpy road that lies ahead. Oh and I can’t wait to see pics AND the name choices….good or bad!

Harley on

Congratulations to the happy couple! I’m sure those boys will be quite the heart-breakers when they grow up!

As for all the people saying “the sons will be ridiculed”, what generation are ya’ll from? I can tell you from a 25 year old’s perspective that those boys will be classroom heroes when the other kids figure out what porn is. She’ll be the hot mom, he’ll be the hot dad, and it’ll just be that much cooler in a teen/young adults eyes when they figure out who the boys’ parents are. Hefner’s kids are like freakin’ stars because of their dad being who he is. She may have been in the porn industry but she’s also a savvy business woman who owns numerous properties and invested well into her future.

Sure, it’s unconventional and not accepted by all and that’s fine. Yes, people are entitled to their opinions of someone else but quit finding the negativity of a “situation” and look at the positive side. These boys were wanted more than anything in the world, she and Tito have an amazing relationship, and these kids will have everything they could ever want, on top of a kick butt rep because of their parents.

brannon on

I hope these boys encounter much less judgmental people than those (some of those) posting on this thread. can’t wait to hear their names!

Amber on

I’m sorry, but would any of you like to vividly watch one or both of your parents having intercourse the way they do in adult films? These boys are going to come across this material one day and it’s going to be so disgusting for them! It is an issue and I hope Jenna and Tito have enough common sense to try and shield them from it. I never once said I wasn’t happy for them. My daughter is the love of my life and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I know how blessed and happy both of them are to have two miracles, but look at reality here – they’re going to have to face some tough issues with these boys when they get older! Kids are going to be kids, and adults are going to act like kids – it’s reality. There’s no escaping it.

Brandi on

Mommy of 3 – they are 7 weeks early, not 8+. Just wanted to clear that up.

Mommy of 3 on

Thanks for clearing that:) Either way they are quite early and most likley needing assistance with feeds and breathing….it’s just too bad 95% of the people on here can’t focus on that rahter their Mom being a Porn Star and Daddy being in UFC.

In reagrds to Harley’s comment….HA it was exactly what I was thinking!!! Come grade 9 or 10 these boy’s will be the “stars” to the classmates! I can hear it now…”dude, your Mom is Jenna?, can I come over tonight?? LOL

Marilyn on

I noticed that too. They are only 7 weeks early not 8, and Brooke and Charlie’s boys are 6 weeks early. They’ll have to stay in the hospital for a little while.

Mommy of 3 on

Ok SORRY for the mistake of a 8 instead of a 7!!!!🙂

Richard on

on this talk about kids and the sex videos, it makes me wonder how the other kids would find out anyway, any self respecting mother wouldn’t tell children about adult films, and if they find out themselves, I’m sure they’ll be in alot of trouble.

larsprivate on

Great !🙂

Jen on

I am pregnant with twin girls and my official due date is May 1st. Although with twins, you are more likely to give birth by 38 weeks at maximum. I know if I were to go into labor right now, the babies would be perfectly fine. They might need a little time in the hospital to fatten up, and possible be on a bit of oxygen, but at this point they would be just fine. Some babies born at this gestation dont need ANY assistance at all. I just wanted to throw that out there since many are concerned about the boys’ prematurity.

I read that about 50% of twins are born prior to 37 weeks, with 35 weeks being the average. I, myself, hope to make it to 37 weeks.🙂

Congrats Jenna & Tito! I was wondering who would go first…me or her!🙂

Kadi on

I can’t believe someone actually said on here “…porn is a good career.”

Anyway, I hope they are healthy and happy! Becoming a first time mom is such a cool experience.

Kelli on

As another poster said, it will be awhile before these 2 little boys become aware of what their mom did in her past. I would see some snooty parent bringing it up instead (possibly to their own child). Who cares what she did in the past? It made her the woman she is today.
I think she will be a wonderful role model to her boys; this is a woman that beat a drug addiction, that became the most powerful woman (if not person) in all of her entertainment industry. From what I gather on her, she is a smart smart woman.
I am so happy that she found happiness with Tito and I wish them luck in the future with their wonderful family!!

sselfless on

I feel sympathy for those kids, and for their mother.

I wonder how one goes about telling their children about their porn career. At what age is it appropriate, how can you be sure? Wouldn’t you want them to hear it from you first, how likely is that?

God forbid they ever discover that skeleton in the closet on their own.


TracyG on

I am sure that Jenna is aware that her career will come back to haunt her somehow and she is totally prepared to deal with that. Since she’s been out of the porn business, you don’t hear much about her anymore.

That said, I find it ridiculous that people are more concerned about her past and how it’s going to affect these boys than the fact that the boys are very early and may have a long haul in front of them. But as usual, the focus is on the “drama” instead.

Lauren, you make me laugh. Two weeks ago, you slammed me for defending the Cruises and said that I was being “negative” by in my opinions, yet here YOU are slamming Jenna’s choices. You can’t preach to others about being negative if you are going to do it yourself. HYPOCRISY much?

I hope the boys are fine and I’m thrilled for Jenna and Tito. I’m sure they will be fantastic parents for those babies!

Adrianna on

Congrats to this family! She used to be in porn, so what?! Jenna and her husband will have to deal with the issue of her boys finding out what she used to do. So now everyone can breathe b/c when that time comes it won’t fall on any of you.

anyonymoua on

Kids are not mean. Parents are. Kids learn everything from their parents. I doubt her kids would even be ridiculed if it wasn’t for the parents.

Mary-Helen on

As I said earlier in the thread, it’s not like someone in Jenna’s inner circle likely didn’t bring this up @ some point and I’m sure Jenna & Tito have discussed how or if they will handle any teasing from Jenna’s former career. She’s not the first porn actress to have a child and I’m sure a woman as smart as Jenna has talked to her partner about how this will be handled.

As I also said, these aren’t average children, their dad is one of the most well known cage fighters in the world. Do you really think someone is going to pick a fight with someone who can say “My Dad can beat up your dad” and them know it’s true?

Nikki on

I’m very happy for Jenna and Tito!!!

They’re going to make a great couple and as for the twins they’re going to be super cute! Just like their mother and father! As for the career choice she had pick out, that’s her choice. She is a grown woman, she’s an adult. One thing hate about people want to make comments about Jenna Jameson (just being so judgemental) we have too many judgemental people in this world! That’s why the world can be so freakin cruel, world is all messed up! I hope the twins be healthy, I really hope Jenna and Tito get married someday in the future!

Ryo on

Congratulations and I hope your boys are healthy!

As for Jenna’s career…the boys shouldn’t hear about it until they’re old enough to understand that *gasp* having sex is not the end of the world!! (Unless of course they encounter children of women who cannot help but gossip about others.) I honestly don’t get the negativity associated with porn – as long as it’s two adults who are consenting, it’s fine. Being a porn star doesn’t automatically make you a terrible person – come into the 21st century please.

stevie on

I hope they’re ok, that is pretty early.

I agree she doesn’t have the best past but how would other children know that unless their parents told them? I wouldn’t keep my kids away from them because of things their mother did years ago nor would I tell them what their mom did. There are a lot worse things than that.

karen gossard on

concrats,jenna and tito on the birth of your twin boys.

Amy on

Congrats to you both, I wonder what they they are gonna be named. I hope they have really nice names.xx

Rebecca on

Congrats to Jenna and Tito!

Some previous posters are right, kids don’t come out hating, they learn it. Kids get teased in schoolyards for their names because they learn it from their parents (even a muttering of “That’s an odd name” gets picked up by kids and regurgitated later.) Will bitter, jealous women will gossip about Jenna with their friends and their kids will hear? Oh, you bet it’ll happen, it’s sad, but all I can hope is that the parents that will be at the schools her kids are at will be of better stock than some of the posters here. My kids won’t be in the same grade as her kids, but I know I wouldn’t shun her for her previous job, it’s not my place. Lord knows we all have things we’ve done in our past that we’re not proud of, jobs that we’ve done that we’re not proud of.

Lauren on

TracyG, that totally wasn’t me, I haven’t left a comment in months.

Tina G on


It’s not up to us the decide wheather Jenna Jameson has children or not. It is however our job to make sure our own kids are accepting of other kids regardless of what their parents might have done in the past.

april on

jenna tried real hard to get pregnant by her husband and lost that baby. Her past career has nothing to do with her new boys and Tito. People just relax she will deal with her choices on her judgement day.
Congrats to two great people.

Silvermouse on

To Kadi,
Porn is a career that people make stacks and stacks of money in. Some people actually like porn so it’s a stable business.
Economically that makes it a good career.
Just because it’s not your average career, doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. It’s like dissing somebody who does a Playboy shoot, yet there are plenty of respectable people who do it.
Being proud of your body and wanting to show it off does. And plus what are college boys going to do if they don’t have something to stimulate them, since girls are not at their sexual peaks? (I go to a 75% female school, and we girls get sick of guys who talk about sex ALL the time)
*Sorry ladies, just defending myself. Jenna, I apologize for this speech, but I was defending my apparently “moronic” answer.
Maybe I should get myself off this conservative site. . .😦

Silvermouse on

go Mommy of 3 btw!

Elle on

Jesse always sounds like a nickname to me. Journey is a little to hippie-ish to me and it doesn’t feel good on the tongue.

Dawn on

Love the names!

Sandra on

Like the names🙂

Tiffany on

Wow all those “j” names, what a tounge-twister!

Georgia41 on

Why would her sons get picked on?? Because their Mother is a beautiful woman with a slammin body who used to do adult films and who has created an empire for herself!!!! She has nothing to be ashamed of and those boys will only be ashamed of her if she keeps it from them when their older and if she acts ashamed of herself. The only people who will have a problem with her will be the other Mothers!!! I’m thinking these two boys will be very popular teenagers, the boys will want to get a look at their Mom and the girls will want to get a look at their Dad!! Congratulations to them both, it’s always nice to read when someone is so happy becoming a Mommy!!

Lacey on

I like the names!! Good choice Jenna and Tito and Congratulations!

Sarah on

Journey is such a cool name! I like it. I’ve never really liked Jesse though.
Congrats to them!

Cassandra on

I actually like the name Journey. Congrats to both of them I’m sure the babies are adorable!

Emma on

I love Journey – very cute!

Kate on

For being 7 weeks early, those are some good sized little boys! And I am sure they will be just fine, it sounds like Jenna did everything right to help them grow larger and to keep them in as long as possible.

Hopefully, when these boys are older, we will have lost the puritancial, uptight view of sex, and whatever their mother did or didn’t do, won’t matter anymore than what any other parent used to do for a living.

OnyxJones on

Congrats to Jenna and Tito!! I hope that Jesse and Journey are doing well and growing so they can head home. What a wonderful blessing after waiting so long.

Michelle on

LOVE the names!!! My kids all have “J” first names and I think Journey is the perfect name. To me it sounds more like a girls name than a boys, but I think it goes well with Jesse. I can’t wait to see a picture. Jenna and Tito are so blessed to have healthy children. I wish them all the best.

linda on

i love the name journey too. Given her struggles to conceive and maintain a pregnancy, the road to motherhood was definitely a journey for her.

I wish jenna and tito and their children all the best in the years to come. Congratulations!

brannon on

not that they care but i really like jameson and jett🙂

Mary-Helen on

I like the names! They’re original but not weird. They were a good size for being 7 weeks early too!

nimbusi on

emmm… journey?

Clair on

love the names!!! And lets not forget children are very resilient, they need protection from the world but they also need to be exposed to it. As long as these children are brought up in a loving family, they should be able to brush away any mean comments etc when they are older, and know they have a loving family. Just like children with parents who have been in prison or parents who have diseases such as alcoholism, they might/ probably will experience some negative comments – and look where it’s starting right here.

Dannie on

Love the name Journey, that’s my daughter’s name, only I spell it Jurnee. lol.

Doreen on

Congrats on her babies! Glad they’re healthy! I do have to say that given her past, it is what it is. It is prostitution. There is NO getting around that. She was paid to have sex with lots of people and to perform ‘certain’ acts. There are consequences to everything we do in life and who knows what will come of everything in the future for her family.

Ellen Smith on

I am so happy for her. I love the names and think she will be a great mom. I also think she was a great porn star. Nothing wrong with that.

Molly on

To all those comments above, regarding her past career: first, if kids will get teased as little, it will probably be by their peers. So then I have a question, who would be the parents of those little friends, telling their own kids their friend’s mother was a porn star (and explaining details since the kids will not understand that young)? Wouldnt that be even worse ?

If they get teased when they are bigger or adults (which is only then when peolple should learn about porn, not earlier), they will know better then to worry.

So you can drop this discussion, you don’t have to worry about them. They will be just fine

Congrats to Jenna and teh babies !!

TracyG on

**TracyG, that totally wasn’t me, I haven’t left a comment in months.**

There’s another poster named Lauren then. I apologize…:)

Jas on

Congrats to Jenna and her new family.
Unlike alot of twins…I was a big baby and so was my twin. I was 8 pounds 2 oz while my twin was 7 pounds and 10 oz!!! We were full-term too.

Mykala on

God help those boys’, that’s all I have to say about it. Also, I wholeheartdely agree with Amber. My 2 cents worth.

Ashley on

Lauren, that is a truly horrible thing to say. Because she had sex for money she should have to move to another country and change her name before she dares to raise children? My god…how is it anybody’s business what someone does with their genitalia?

Shannon on

Doreen, how would you feel if someone said something like that about you and your family??? That is the most horrible things I have ever read on this site and I am seriously dissappointed with CBB for even posting your comment.

Aelys on

Congratulations to Jenna and Tito – looks like Jenna wanted to carry on the J.J. initials lol. I’m just curious about the name Journey. I never heard it before and it just reminds me of the rock band…

Sanne on

Jeez… All I can say is that I’m very happy that I live in the Netherlands. It’s a lot more liberal then some of the people on this site. I think the CBB staff should do something about this. Or they don’t live by there house rules.

Anyway, people think about this: Why so judgemental? It could be way worse, Jenna didn’t harm or hurt anyone. She’s no Gary Glitter or let’s get extreme a dictator. They really have something to explain to their kids. Jenna does not in my opinion. She could, if she wants to. But let’s remind ourselves that these boys will be growing up in the 21st century. I hope for them they’ll be a lot more open minded like there parents.

I bet Jesse and Journey will be very proud of their strong, independent, beautiful mother and ofcourse their goodlooking, sportive father.

Congrats Jenna & Tito, cute names!

Stella Bella on

Love both the names!

Blackrose on

i just love the name Journey! congrats!:D

Adam on

Congrats Jenna and Tito! I absolutely love the names Jesse and Journey and they are way better than Bob and Max. Hope the babies get stronger by the day and get home soon. Congrats again!

mitchell042800 on

PATHETIC!!! That is what you all are that are leaving negative comments. You want to know where your children will learn to tease/torment other children – FROM YOU. We moms are suppose to give encouragement and support to new moms, heck, to every mom. She is dealing with two newborns who are born early and that is stressful enough. Instead of casting stones, why don’t you all cast prayers. Didn’t YOUR mother ever teach you, IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY THEN DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. I come to this website because I enjoy seeing the information about celebs and baby products. I continously find my self getting upset by the childishness of some of you. GROW UP!!! What she or anyone else does, is not your concern. Jenna isn’t stupid. I am sure that she has thought of everything she is going to say regarding her career choice. Just leave her alone and pray for her and the boys.

Winter on

There is nothing wrong with being a porn star. Porn is one of the biggest industries in this country, so please, someone explain to me WHY is it such a huge industry if its such a horrible thing? It seems to me that A LOT of people are watching it. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
Most people who are judging right now are people who either watch porn regularly, or HAVE watched porn at least once in their lives so stop being such hypocrites.
Children are immature and tease kids for stupid reasons, so her sons will get teased at least once in their childhoods regardless of her chosen career. Besides, I agree with some of the other commenters… would those children even KNOW about Jenna Jameson to begin with? Children don’t know hate or discrimination, they learn it from their parents.

People need to calm down, seriously. This country is so puritanical, its disgusting. In Europe, this wouldn’t even be an issue.

Doreen on

Shannon, it is what it is. There are consequences to everything that any of us ever do in life. Nothing wrong with saying that. I will definitely be Praying for her boys.

Tina on

ohhh Jesse and Journey are cool names:) best of luck to the new parents.

Tina on

I agree with Winter. please dont fucus on her past career, this is about celebrating the birth of her long awaited twins:).

Mia on

Jesse is a cool name. I’m not feeling the name Journey being, although I understand the intent of the meaning behind it, it makes me think of the band Journey which is really hate!! Glad the babies are healthy though🙂

Is this an official release…. it is coming from US Weekly after all, not like PEOPLE magazine.

Yes, Jenna and her rep work with Us Weekly.

-CBB Staff

Megan on

Congrats to them! I LOVE both of the names and I am sure these little boys are adorable. Both Jenna & Tito have good looks. Who cares if Jenna does porn. She has moved on. Let it go you guys.

gianna on

The names especially jesse, are cute. The baby for being 7 weeks early, are a good weight. Tito has an older son, congrats to all of them.

Chanel on

I love the names she has chosen, especially Jameson I like the way it sounds and can’t wait to see pics.

However I am disappointed that some people here are still going on with negative comments about her profession and her abilities as a mother. We should be hoping that her babies will continue to be healthy & get stronger since they were premature.

It saddens me how some people can be judgemental. Jenna had a pretty rough life growing up, if I’m not mistaken Jenna was not even 2 yrs old when she lost her mother and she turned to a life of drugs among other sorts of issues.

I respect her because she turned her life around. Ok so what?? She did porn while it is not…say one of the most proud of jobs in the world, she made a name for herself and owns one of the biggest adult production companies. I think that maybe the comments to this post need to be closed

Just in my opinion for a little humor, I believe Jenna would be soooooo much of a better parent then Paris Hilton

Jess from Ohio on

Congrats to them! I really dig the names a lot- even Journey!

Vicci on

Congrats to Jenna and Tito! I agree with the posters who have pointed out that kids aren’t born judgemental…they pick it up. Hopefully by the time the boys are older there will be fewer narrow-minded people in the world. Sure, maybe it will be embarrassing when they find out but it’s not like Jenna has ever done anything evil or hurt someone. And surely that’s what matters.

I like Jesse and Journey as names…although I wonder why only Jesse got Jameson as a middle name?

Niki on

Awww. what great names! I’m glad that both the boys are happy and healthy, and I’m sure that Jenna and Tito will be great parents!!! Congrats!!!

Now, to you guys that think you’re so lily white that you get to slam the parents for their past choices, let me ask you this: have you done everything in life that is so pure and righteous that you can judge everyone? No? Then don’t judge. And I have to agree that kids do what they are taught. If they are taught

Sanja on

I like Jesse, but Journey is a girl’s name to me. Also isn’t Jameson her ‘stage’ name? Seems weird to use your porn industry name for your baby.

Chelsea on

Vicci Says:
March 18th, 2009 at 5:14 pm

I like Jesse and Journey as names…although I wonder why only Jesse got Jameson as a middle nam

Vicci, I’m thinking he got Jameson because Jesse Jameson sounds like Jesse James.

eva on

cute hippy names.

Chanel on

I was thinking that too Sanja but I looked around and found out she just had her last name legally changed not too long ago. Her actual birth name is actually Jenna Marie Massoli.

Chanel on

Did anyone else know that Tito’s real name is Jacob?
Jenna, Jesse, Journey & Jacob..I think thats cute

Sanja on

I found a great interview with Jenna in which she talks about having kids one day and how her work will influence them:

Bugs on

Hah, love the names, Congratulations Jenna and Tito!!

Sandi on

I think the names are great. Journey is unique, but not in a weird way. I wonder if they got Jett from John Travolta’s late son?

desaudia on

I have a friend with a daughter named Journey, but Jesse is a name that i loathe. But good for them

Mia on

Also going to add that Tito’s older son is also named Jake, so all boys have J names: Jake, Jesse, and Journey.

Dee Johnson on

Great names–my daughter’s name is also Journey (spelled the same way) and everytime I say her name I think of the meaning of the unlimited oppurtunity and her ability to soar in life. As a mother who is older I can appreciate the gift that God has given me and wish them All the best!

Lorus on

I love the name Journey! She has certainly been on one on her path to becoming a parent.
Congrats to them!

april on

love the names awesome together!!!

Stephany on

I really like the names! They work well together!🙂

Mel in STL on

I find it very odd that she would give one of the boys Jameson as a middle name seeing as this was not her given name but a stage name she used for adult movies. Anyone else think that’s weird? Anyway best of luck to them!

brandi on

mel, she legally changed her name to jameson.

Victoria on

Congrats to Tito and Jenna, being a mother to twins, I kinda figured that theis twins would be early. I love that Jesse’s middle name is Jameson, i think that it’s beautiful, and i also love the name Journey.

Mary on

This comment is mainly to Amber and others who think these boys will be ridiculed. If they went to my old high school, they’d probably be treated like kings. Jenna is/was worshipped as one of the greatest most prolific porn stars. (Those aren’t my words, I’m quoting many people there) Besides the fact that their peers will be stealing their daddy’s old Jenna tapes, think about who they’ll be going to school with. celebrities, other porn stars, actors, models…basicly kids who can’t judge because their parents are no better.

Now as for their names…I like Jesse Jameson…

brandi on

^ exactly they won’t be attending regular public school.

aleshamom4 on

Congrats!!!! It is the babies that matter the most and they are healthy and have great parents that wanted them and love them!!!! Terrific names, and if anyone pics on them for a job, which is ” petty” and in todays market scarce;) Tito will kick their ” arse!”
BTW my ob only let me go 38 wks with my twin girls before induction and they were in the mid 5 lbs range so its all variables;)

Rebecca on

I wonder if Journey’s name is a sentimental one, like the journey to motherhood was long and hard, but well worth it for Jenna?

karen gossard on

congrats the names are perfect,you got your little jj’s

Tina on

Rebecca that makes sense because she had always wanted to be a mother for so long. Im glad that she chose meaningful names and not random ones.

Mary on

My daughters name is Journey, great choice of name.

Synthia on

The tabloids are making a big deal of the unusual names: my children too are named Jesse & Journey (born in 1984 and 1986)

Catherine Alvarez, PhD-abd on

Congratulations Jenna! I am so proud of you!! I know you will cherish these baby boys, will be a good mother, and transform into an even better woman. I am so happy for you!!!

Jdv on

Just watched her bio on the e channel and I have to say she has her head screwed on better than 95% of you self righteous “nothing wrong with porn it’s more wholesome than apple pie” posters!! LOL!! Look, if you like porn nobody cares, but get off your high horses when somebody with more brain cells has the audacity to suggest her career choice may cause some issues for her sons down the line. Even Jenna knows that’s going to happen and she adresses it.

Jdv on

Oh yes, forgot to add that I LOVE the names she chose for her boys! Very unique and lovely.

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