Jaime Pressly Says She Shed Her Skin For Motherhood

03/18/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Andy Fossum/Startracks

If there was ever a defining moment in Jaime Pressly‘s life, the event would have to be the birth of her son, Dezi James. Leaving her past behind her, life for Jaime began for the second time only 22 months ago when the first-time mom welcomed her baby boy, she tells Ryan Seacrest during his radio show. “It changed everything, it was dramatic,” she says. “It’s totally life changing — there’s the life before your child and there’s the life after your child — it’s kind of like you shed your old skin.”

Unfortunately for Jaime and her ex-fiancé Eric Calvo, aka DJ Eric Cubiche, the life they imagined for themselves did not pan out, as the pair announced their split after calling off their engagement before Christmas. While Jaime admits that her demanding schedule matched with Eric’s increasing popularity that had him traveling the globe certainly put strains on the relationship, she openly shares that their mutual separation was not due to a lack of effort on their part. “You know, we tried, [but] things happen,” she explains.

“After you have a child, things change. It gets very difficult to try to make it work with your significant other because you forget that there were the two of you before there was the three of you. It’s really difficult to not just focus on the child and have everything be about the child, but also focus and take the time out to still be a couple.”

Now living her life as a single mother, the 31-year-old admits that the road she is on is far from easy; Making the workload more manageable is having a strong support system in Eric. Crediting him with being a “great father” who spends as much time as possible with Dezi, Jaime admits that the parents have become a “team” for the sake of their son. “We’re very close and really just focused on being good parents and taking care of Dezi and making sure he’s happy,” she reveals.

While Jaime and Eric have put aside their differences in an effort to raise Dezi together, the actress admits to witnessing her life become one that she had never imagined. “You don’t go into a relationship with someone and plan a child knowing that you’re not going to be together in the end. That was never the plan,” she says.

“The plan was to have a baby and to try to stay together. You never know in the future what will happen, but things happen and it didn’t work out. We’re still dear friends and have been for eleven years and very close and still love each other. It is what it is.”

Jaime’s new movie I Love You, Man is in theaters Friday.

Source: On-Air With Ryan Seacrest

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Chris on

“The plan was to have a baby and to try to stay together.” Very odd statement IMO.

mmh on

Chris — agreed. How about this one: “It gets very difficult to try to make it work with your significant other because you forget that there were the two of you before there was the three of you.”

Anita on

I agree with Chris. I knew I had to comment when I saw this one. Why wasn’t the plan to get married first? My sister did that to, talked about having a baby instead of whether they would get married and then when it happened, he dumped her and said he hoped she would die in childbirth. Now, I know thats the extreme to this case but it just makes me wonder why you would want to bring a baby into a relationship that you have to “try to stay together”. It just hurts the children in the end.

Courtney on

Gosh, I love her, but it upsetting to see situations like this. There were alot of comment that were odd IMO.

I just don’t see why it is so hard to get married, have some time to yourselves and then have a baby. I still get chills when I think about how my husband and I loved each other so much that we created a life.

“The plan was to have a baby and to try to stay together.”- That just strikes me as not alot of thought went into having this child. Like a baby would make it all better…

Trust me when I say, she is one of my favorite moms. I think she is a wonderful mother and has a wonderful bond with her son. I can say the same thing about a close friend fo mine that was in a similar situation where she thought a baby could make it all better. Kids aren’t a prize for making it thru a rough patch!

I know, I am probaby an idealist and most will think I’m wacko, but tis fine I take alot of heat for my positions…fire away…

Mary-Helen on

I feel for her, but some of her comments make it sound like having a child would save an already struggling relationship, which never works. A child should never be born with a job. I also agree with the above posters. I have one child born before marriage who was a surprise and one after we married, but our plan was always to get married first and then have children.

However, it sounds like she and her former fiance have a mature plan to co-parent.

Traci on

I have to disagree with all of you. It didn’t say they were struggling. They’ve known each other for 11 years. It’s not like it was a new realtionship where they didn’t know anything about each other and she tricked him into parenthood and now they’re stuck with it. Things happen. A couple can be extrememly happy and then a child comes into the mix and sometimes relationships are ruined because they don’t have the correct balance with parenthood. Too many mothers make it all about the child and put their partners on the back burner. It needs to be a joint effort in both cases. As she stated, their schedules are much different than they were before and I’m sure that is strain on their relationship, too. At least they are being mature enough to civily co-parent. Isn’t that the most imporatant thing? Getting married these days is so over-rated. I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 13 years and we will probably have a child before we “make it legal”. To each their own.

Lau on

Agree with Traci 100%
Why do people need so much to get married? Isn’t mutual love a good enough reason to have a child together? Marriage does not augment the love.

lori on

It sounds like everyone is taking her comment in the wrong way… re read it a few times….. it looks like she got prego and decided to deal with it and have the child and try to make a family work…since she got prego. instead of taking other options about a baby…the way it sounds and looks she didnt get prego on purpose obviously…but since it happened they decided to TRY as a family instead of her just being a single mom and him just her BOYFRIEND… they tried to make it right..it just didnt happen…nothing wrong with trying to make the best thing happen exp. when a child is involved…I think they choose the right thing to do…its sad it didnt work out like they wanted but the way she seems on here anything is possible… and if not atleast they got a beautiful boy out of it all and raise him well.

Alice on

I’m not sure the frst posters understood what she said… obviously I’m not in her head but when she says “try to make it work” it’s because you never know how it will be with a child until the child is there. Sometimes it just changes the relationship too much. And you would think that after 11 years they knew each other enough and knew how to make it work. Some people who do get married wait much less time to have a baby!

Lori, I think it is pretty obvious in her comments that Dezi was planned. She said “You don’t go into a relationship with someone and PLAN a child knowing that you’re not going to be together in the end.”

As for the “It gets very difficult to try to make it work with your significant other because you forget that there were the two of you before there was the three of you” it’s interesting that some of you think it’s odd because it is true. The world starts revlving around the child and not around the couple and sometimes it puts a strain on relationships. I think you have to make an extra effort when the first baby arrives.

It’s great that they are still friends and they will both always be there for their son.

Mia on

I think people give up too easily. All relationships are difficult to maintain, especially in a romantic relationship when a child (or children) are involved. The divorce rate is currently about 48% and I bet half of those splits could be avoided if people really made the effort and worked at it.

alice jane on

I didn’t take her comments to mean that her and her ex had a baby to try to fix their relationship. Nothing is certain and even though someone might say that they know they and their boyfriend/girlfriend/etc will be together forever, the fact is that no one knows what will happen in the future. All you can do is try to have a healthy relationship that will last. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating, engaged, married – I think every couple is simply trying to make it last.

Now for all I know her and her ex DID plan Dezi as a “fix” to a failing relationship; that just wasn’t how I initially read it and I don’t think it’s the only interpretation to that comment she made.

CelebBabyLover on

Traci- I agree! People, marriage is no guarantee that a couple is going to stay together! Jamie and Eric could have just as easily (and by that I mean that they could have split up even if they got married. Obviously it’s tougher to split up when you’re married then when you’re not from the legal standpoint, what with having to go through divorce proceedings and all!) split even if they’d gotten married and then had Dezi.

I think marriage is a wonderful thing, and if I ever met a guy whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life with (and who wanted to spend the rest of his life with me), I’d certainly much prefer to get married than just live together without being married. However, people need to stop thinking that marriage is some sort of magic bullet that guarantees people will stay together! The current divorce rate is proof that it is certainly not!

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I meant to word part of my comment like this: “…I’d much prefer to marry him rather than just live with him without being married to him…”

Angel on

I think Jaime should stop giving interviews as she always comes off so badly in them. I especially dislike the wording in this article in which it says “Now living her life as a single mother”. I’m sorry, but she has ALWAYS been a single mother. She never made a commitment to her baby’s father; therefore, she gave birth as a single mother. This is not a new stage in her life for her.

Lis on

Yes, I have to agree Angel – this is an awful interview😦

The best (or at least one of the best) thing you can do for your child is to stay focused at being in a committed, HEALTHY relationship with your spouse (or in some cases bf/gf), IMO. From this interview, this was never a priority for her. It is truly a shame that they split so SOON after their son was born, but with her attitude, it certainly isn’t a surprise.

Marriage IS important. Unfortunately many people don’t take it seriously and it is losing it’s significance.

Terri on

If marriage is over-rated why even do it at all? I think it is important and people should take it seriously. It’s not just something to do, and I’m glad that she didn’t get married just because.

Alicia on

“The plan was to have a baby then try to stay together.” That’s an insane and immoral idea to have.

CelebBabyLover on

Angel- What an incredibly rude and judgemental thing to say! How would YOU feel if YOU had a child with the man you loved, but without being married to him, and people said you were a single mother? Also, do you consider Vanessa Paradis (Johnny Depp’s long-time girlfriend), Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon, or Angelina Jolie to have “given birth as single mothers” (obviously Angelina WAS single when she adopted Maddox, and was techincally still single when she adopted Zahara, and she DID file to adopt Pax as a single mother because of Vietnam making it difficult for unmarried couples to adopt, so, in her case, I’m referring to Shiloh and the twins. And in Susan’s and Goldie’s cases I’m referring to the children they have with their current partners.)?

Legally, yes, all of those women are single mothers. However, that’s pretty much the only way they’re single mothers, and the only way Jessie was a single mother when she had Jessie. Also, how do you know Jamie and Eric didn’t make a commitment to each other? Just because they didn’t make an offical, legal commitment doesn’t mean they didn’t privately commit to each other.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa, for example, have both said that they feel perfectly committed to each other without the legal cermony or piece of paper. Brad and Angelina have basically said the exact same thing (although in their case, they HAVE alluded to being open to getting married in the future). Anyway, I think we better agree to disagree before this post turns into even more of an argument than it already is!

Alicia- You mean their plan should have been to have a baby but NOT stay together?

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