Harry and Charlotte Connick's Fun in the Sun

03/17/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

Actor and crooner Harry Connick Jr. enjoys the sunny weather in St. Bart’s while out and about with youngest daughter Charlotte, 6 ½, on Saturday.

Harry, wife Jill Goodacre and their girls — including Georgia Tatom, 13 next month, and Sara Kate, 11 ½ — are currently vacationing on the Caribbean island.

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Sanja on

I saw pictures of his wife at the beach, on another site and it looked like she might be pregnant again. Has anyone heard anything?

g!na on

aaw! she reminds me of me as a kid! cute little chubby thighs and blonde hair. She is so cute and look like a ham!

Anna on

I saw pictures of the whole family on the beach as well and it looked like his wife has carried 3 children.

L on

Anybody remember that old “Friends” episode where Chandler was trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre

On another note, Charlotte is one gorgeous little girl!

lele on

i love the name charlotte.

she does not have chubby thighs and if anyone ever called my daughter that age chubby – there would be a problem. i had a problem with it as my little one was past 2… i think it is wrong to call kids fat, chubby etc. i know it is not always meant to be mean and i am sensitive to it as my now long and slender little girl was once a baby people (most often my mother in law) called fat…and i simply hate it.

Lauren on

Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of Charlotte; she’s a little beauty for sure. Seems to take after Mom more, whereas Georgia and Sarah favor Harry.

g!na on

To lele, i guess that’s a difference between me and you! I was not calling the child “fat”! I guess you have insecurities that you can’t let go! So are you upset when people call cute babies chubby? Please, don’t make this such an issue because it’s not! When i looked at this pic i saw a little girl who looked just like me when i was a kid! The same hair & same cute muscular(little chunky) adorable thighs! That everyone wanted to eat up! I loved the attention! This kid is so cute & is not fat so i don’t know what your problem is!

The Baking Fairy on

I believe the middle daughter’s name is actually spelled “Sara” without the h. I remember thinking when she was born and the birth announcement came out publicly that it was cute that they picked two, short names for her. I’ve always preferred the spelling without the h so it stuck in my mind.

Jackie on

I don’t know what it is but kids love it when adults do this playful move with them! Everytime I fake “walk over them” or “waddle over them” like Harry looks to be doing to his daughter, the kids I’m with crack up.

It’s nice to see Harry just being a silly dad with his beautiful little girl!

Mia on

She definitely looks like her mother. I don’t think she is chubby at all, she looks like a regular 6 or 7 year old. I don’t remember what their 2 other girls like, but I do remember them looking more like their father.

Another note-I don’t think Jill is pregnant, I think she is just a lot heavier now than she was in her modeling days, and also since she has had 3 kids.

lele on

i do not have insecurities, but sensitivities toward the issue, as i explained. my little girl was called chubby as a toddler and i did not want to her ever think she was chubby or fat. if someone said to a little girl that age oh look at your chubby thighs they would be offended. adults for whatever reason feel comfortable making comments on children’s bodies and i think it is a mistake. i never said it is wrong to call babies “chubby” (although i can think of nicer ways to describe a sweet baby). i said toddlers and this child is 6 far from a baby…

Jenn on

I think she is adorable! What a cute pic.

Lele, you need to chill. You obviously do have insecurities about the subject. It’s completely inappropriate to take it out on a complete stranger.

Kirstin on

I agree! I think that anyone who comments on a little girl’s weight…should not! She is a gorgeous little girl and not chubby AT ALL and just a gorgeous girl! THAT kind of talk, is what breeds eating disorders in young girls! Think before you speak please!

g!na on

Lele, I don’t think G!na intended to put down this child! She said the child was adorable & is not fat! The child reminded of her as a kid with muscular legs! She will probably be a good athlete. My kid wasn’t fat but had a butt like Jlo! It was the cutest thing! She’s not fat & has no insecurities like you.

g!na on

Sorry,I think we shouldn’t get lost in this conversation about weight.

lele on

why do i need to chill? i am not mad… i just made a point about something i feel strongly about. discouraging calling little girls chubby. since when is voicing an opinion indicative of issues or insecurities? i think it is wrong to smoke. if i said oh gosh she really shouldn’t smoke does that mean i am insecure about smoking? no. at least i do not think so.

lele on

oh i give up… I do not like to hear adults call children chubby. I made a point and now I am being called insecure by strangers which is interesting. I saw the comment Gina made and responded. That’s it. If your picture was up here and there was a comment calling your thighs chubby would you laugh it off? If someone calls an adult celeb chubby there would be a lot of people coming to her defense. I feel people treat children differently and I stuck my head out for this little girl.

Brandi on

lele I wouldn’t worry about it, gina is clearly talking to herself. Anyway, Charlotte is a cutie and Harry is still such a hottie!

Lis on

L, that is the first thing that I thought of when I saw that name, Chandler trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre. hahaha

lele on

lol brandie! and love harry too…

lele on

okay my last comment… i loved seeing jill and harry on the beach looking happy and comfortable… neat couple.

FC on

She’s adorable, and I am in love with her dad, Harry. He’s always been the one that got away, lmao. That’s my story with a lot of celeb dads featured on this site.😉

And he just seems like so much fun to be around, goofing around and whatnot.

g!na on

The way i see it! Lele likes to start arguements! Brandi you seem like a real b**ch! Why would you make fun of other members? Look at yourselves and quit starting meaningless fights! As for harry his gorgeous!

Manon on

These days weight is far too much of an incendiary issue. I agree that it can be hurtful for children to be labelled the “chubby one”. I was a fairly slim child but bigger than my sister who was extremely dainty so I was always the “bigger” one.

Having said that, is it really so wrong to have a (healthy) desire to keep weight gain at bay? Anorexia and eating disorders are often (although not always) nothing to do with the odd comment one receives in childhood about being “sturdy” or whatever.

In short, what gina said about “chubby thighs” was a completely inoffensive comment in my opinion. I just took it to mean that the (gorgeous!) little girl still had that baby roundness a bit – other than that she is a very slim child.

I respect what posters are saying about children’s weight but it’s silly that we are sooo scared of weight comments these days.

Brandi on

Gina, I’m not sure why you’re being so nasty towards me. You were clearly talking in the third person in your above comments. I think that’s a little wacky – just defend your points yourself rather than referring to yourself that way.

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