Leni Klum Gives Heidi a Squeeze

03/16/2009 at 06:00 PM ET

Taking a break from playing in the sandbox, 4 ½-year-old Leni Klum goes in for a squeeze, giving mom Heidi Klum a quick hug before heading back to her toys.

Later on, Heidi helped oldest son Henry, 3 ½, flip around on the monkey bars (see extended post)! The model, 35, recently told Ladies Home Journal that she became an American citizen last year so that she could vote.

“Having mixed-race children, I feel that when I tell them they can be anything, it now means they really can.”

Leni is wearing Splendid’s Puff Sleeve Tee in Seashell Pink ($29) paired with Gymboree’s Candy Shoppe Tights (not available online, check in-store or eBay).

Click below for a photo of Henry and Heidi!

De La Cruz/Most Wanted

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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babyboopie on

Heidi is definitely No.1 Mum of the Year, closely followed by Melissa Joan Hart!!

KiKi on

Can’t Heidi afford a comb or brush for her boys?

mrshekmi on

Kiki, You’re joking right?

Lisa on

Aw Leni is so gorgeous and Henry is such a happy child. Kiki fyi both Henry and Johan are mixed and they tend to have hair like that which most people find to be gorgeous so i think your comment was quite rude. Love Heidi and love their children!

SY on


I think your comment was a bit rude, it’s more that the boys hair is not quite as manageable as Leni’s, it’s a texture thing.

mel on

as someone with african heritage, let me just say that combing/brushing tight curls would be the WORST idea ever. i think her boys’ hair is fine and adorable as is

Blackrose on

Leni is a beautiful little girl and i just love Henry’s hair! Heidi is blessed to have such adorable children.:D

gigi on

i love henry’s outfit.
and i believe leni has on candy tights from the CANDY SHOPPE line at GYMBOREE.

Julia A on

I adore this family. They always look like they’re having so much fun together.

Rachel on

plus he is hanging upside down. everyones hair gets messed up then.

mom2carter on

LOVE LOVE LOVE Henry’s hair!!

kaitlyn on

I think Henry’s hair is darling!

eva on

Another adorable trio!Leni’s tights are so cool and Henry is clearly a fearless boy.

gianna on

I think her sons could use a haircut,right now it looks so unkept and like they wake up in the morning without getting their hair combed. Just because children are mixed, doesn’t mean you as a mom can’t learn how to handle their hair, or if not have seal help her. There’s not much to handle, just cut some of their hair, and i’m willing to bet they will look much better. Leni looks exactly like flavio the older she gets, and a little like henry too.

NikNak on

“as someone with african heritage” Gawd, I hate when people act like they have an authority on a subject simply because they belong to the race.

I am “someone with african heritage” and I don’t agree that combing/brushing tight curls would be the worst idea ever. In fact, unless I wanted the kids to have dreads, I recommend combing children’s hair every day, or at least every other day.

Personally, it matters little to me what parents do with their children’s hair one way or another, but I will say his hair looks extremely dry, and in need of a little tlc.

Either ways she seems like a good mom who loves her kids a lot, which in the scheme of things, is the most important.

Emma on

The comments people make on this site, particularly those with racist undertones, make me extremely disappointed at times…

Anna on

It seems that people assumes the boys’ hair looks like this because Heidi doesn’t know what to do with ti. But I think that’s not the case, I think this is just the style she likes for her boys and that’s why it look like this.

I think their hair looks great!

Jo Ann v. on

There goes the hair issue again.
Have you ever stopped to ask why they keep the boys’ hair like that ?! Those assuming it should be cut, it should be comb, it should be whatever.
My baby brother had the hardest hair to comb and yet didn’t want to have it cut. It’s just a possibility out of millions out there. Some parents don’t like young children with dread locks. Some parents don’t like to cut the kids’ hair. Some kids don’t like adults to mess with their hair.
As long as it clean, what’s the big deal ?!

Stephany on

Emma, I completely 100% agree with you! I’m pretty sure Heidi and Seal know how to take care of their sons hair. If that’s the way they like his hair, then so be it!

Adorable pictures! I love this family.

meghan on

Why is it HEIDI SHOULD? They have a father. A father who is very hands on. Maybe they like that style for their guys.

KiKi on

FYI, I AM an African American woman with many biracial kids in my family. None of them walk around with unkempt hair like this. I LOVE natural hair. I LOVE afros. But unkempt is a whole nother story. For those with ni knowledge of kinky textured hair, it DOES NOT have to look like this. Seriously, how many black boys do you see walking around looking like this?

Destiny on

As NikNak said, it really doesn’t matter to me what they do to their children’s hair. But his hair does look dry and unkept. I love Johan’s hair. But Henry has a different texture than Johan and a tighter curl pattern. A little trim to even out his hair and the right moisturizer and comb-through everyday would do wonders. It’s really a small thing but I do understand what KiKi was trying to say. And this is just my opinion so I hope no one is offended. I am not picking on Seal and Heidi as parents.

This is a beautiful family. I love Henry’s spirit. And Johan is simply adorable.

Jae on

Heidi’s children are so cute!!!!
But I think Henry’s hair needs a little attention. My daughters hair is just like that, but I add moisturizing creme or olive oil type products to give it a more healthy, shiny look. It is VERY difficult to just comb this type of hair. Especially when they are this young. Henry may not let them do it. My daughter SCREAMS when I comb her hair. So I typically just spray it with a leave in conditioner, detangler or water and just use my hands to sort of “comb” it. And she doesn’t mind that so much.

Melany on

She should do this, she should do that! OMG Heidi is so laid back, THAT’s the way it should be. People are way too concerned about looks.

lori on

Her boys hair is CUTE! plus he IS hanging upside down so im sure that dont help the looks of his hair in this picture! Seriously people..I dont ever comment on this site but i do love to look at the pics on here, why say anything if its not positive? just curious…Do you honestly think they care if you like the way their child looks? anything could be possible bad hair day…woke up late…he just didnt want his hair brushed that day…or she simply didnt feel like brushing it! who cares….hes a KID.. and hes only that for a short time in his life! wwhen he gets a little older then im sure HIS PARENTS will worry about it! No ones perfect! geez…people need to get a life …cause if you actually had one allready you wouldnt worry about other people’s so much and quit criticizing them for the way they are with their kids period looks wise..or the way they raise them!

alice jane on

Leni is such a cute little girl. I love seeing pictures of this family!

jessie on

i think their hair is fine but agree that it does look a little dry. curly hair whether on a black, mixed, or white person is typically dryer anyway, so moisturizer would be okay. (carols daughter maybe?)

Heza Hekele on

Leni’s shoes are Eleven by See Kai Run

FC on

Love seeing this family, and Henry always seems like so much fun.

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