Brad Pitt and Boys Lunch on Mars

03/16/2009 at 10:00 AM ET

Brad Pitt took his boys on a trip to outer space — sort of! — as they arrived to eat lunch at midtown Manhattan’s Mars 2112 restaurant on Friday.

Accompanied by Maddox Chivan, 7 ½ and Pax Thien, 5, the actor is currently in New York with his family while partner Angelina Jolie films her latest movie, Salt.

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brannon on

so cute! — all three of them!!!

Lisa on

Aww! My children love that place too…. and Brad looks mighty hot! On other blogs it talks about tender moments inside the restaurant and how Maddox got out of his seat to sit on his dads lap and rub his face against Brad’s. Just precious. Also, I read that the boys really enjoyed the arcade…. so much that it was a little boys birthday and Brad went over to the boy to say happy birthday and gave him a giftcard to the arcade. Mars 2112 is a great place to bring the children and its s0o nice to know that Brad goes there because that is Maddox’s and Pax’s favorite restaurant. I also read that they got a lot of interactive time with the alians. Love the Jolie-Pitts

Shana on

I love this family, but I am always struck by how they keep them all in grey, black, white, and khaki. The girls are NEVER in pinks or purples or girly clothes ever, and the boys are always in drab dark colors. I understand there family is the poster child for not seeing color, but can they at least dress them in some?

BTW, I think they all are adorable, lets just see some PINK OR BLUE! =)

Jade on

I can’t believe Maddox is so tall. I still remember when he was 6 months old.

Shana the girls have been seen lots of times in dresses and colours. Zahara was wearing pink almost all last summer (Angelina herself wore lot of colours during her pregnancy) and has a hot pink coat. On the last pictures Shiloh had a pink sweatshirt and a furry coat, Zahara had blue sparkly shoes, a blouse and leggings which is girly. There are numerous other instances. People tend to exaggerate. I’m sure the children are happy with their style since they are not dolls dressed for the public pleasure and they can voice an opinion about their clothes.

normma on

in one interview, brad said they hand down clothes, and sometimes, the girls wear their older brothers shirts and stuff. so maybe they buy clothes that are fairly gender-neutral and that aren’t too trendy…that way, knox can wear the same stuff maddox wore five years ago without it being obvious. (because people would probably pounce on that, though with most of these celebs, it seems like they get pounced on for everything.)

Janey on

Brad is looking so fine! It really seems that they make time for the kids, special individual time. Mars 2112 is a really neat place! I went to my share of b-day parties there.

skipsie on

Brad is Yum and the boys are adorable! How lucky is Angelina with fella’s like that …Plus little Knox ofcourse!

Mary on

The Jolie-Pitt boys and Papa Pitt are just so handsome. Such a cute family. It will be fun when the twins are older so they can hang out and go on a “boys” outing. Of course, I also think it is totally adorable to see Brad with his girls too and their oh so chic sunglasses and watches from when they were in DC.

As they say, “any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy!!” and Brad seems to be a great “Daddy”.

taegan on

It’s great to see the boys out with Daddy. And Daddy is looking delicious as usual…

Mars 2112 seems to be their favourite place in NY.

Maddox and Pax’s coats are the same, different colours though.

Lily on

Mars 2112 is so fun!

I can’t believe how big the boys have gotten, especially Maddox. Time flies!

Pam on

So glad Brad left Jennifer and got the family he had craved for years. Family by birth or adoption is just that – a family. You can tell being a father is very important to him – glad he didn’t let someone else’s selfishness ruin it for him. Angie and Brad and however many kids they decide to have rock!

Mrs. R. on

I don’t think it’s necessary for kids to wear gender specific colors. As I write this, my daughter is totally pinked out, but if she wasn’t interested in wearing it, I wouldn’t push it.

For all we know – the kids wear those colors because their parents tend to wear those colors. Angelina’s trademark is black, and I’ve never really noticed Brad Pitt wearing bright colors, except occasionally a nice blue on the red carpet. They seem lowkey – and they dress that way. It’s bound to rub off on their taste in children’s clothing, and on their children’s tastes.

Kathleen on

This is not 1962. Why do people insist on stereotyping through clothes? The kids look great in their clothes. To each his own.

Mars 2112 is a lot of fun for kids, even older ones who you may think are too cynical about this kind of thing. They make a fuss over all the kids and it’s not all that expensive either.

Brad and Angie seem to be doing a great job as parents. It’s a very rare thing to see these kids anything but well behaved.

Lis on

Wow, Pam. I assume you know them personally the way you slammed Jen Anniston for being “selfish”. (????) Because I never really have picked up on that one; you must know something we don’t…

Lis on

Oh, and for the record, I think the way Brad went about getting his family was selfish. Just my opinion.

Kelly on

I love seeing Brad with the boys (just missing Knox haha), they’re both so cute and I especially love seeing Pax!

Kelly on

Pam, did you really have to pull Jennifer Aniston into this? She has nothing to do with this picture of Brad, Maddox & Pax.

dgsnesrt on

Lis…How in the world was Brad selfish in getting his family??????? He always wanted a family and Angelina already had Maddox and was in the process of adopting Zahara when they got together.

Ryo on

I agree there was no reason to bring Aniston into this post at all, but seriously, how is it selfish that Brad wanted a family and got one? People separate all the time because of differences about whether or not to either start having kids or keep having kids, and nobody is called selfish there.

Maddox has gotten so big it’s crazy! I still remember the little chubby baby Angelina brought home. I love that him and Brad have matching styles here, so cute! Both boys are gonna be heart breakers when they got older. Someone else mentioned that, five years ago, if they’d imagined Brad Pitt in 2009 they never would have seen where he is now – but I think Brad’s in a truly wonderful place and I’m so happy for him.

eva on

What a happy trio, they might not be my favorite actors but they do have a nice, apparently happy family and the children are all darling. I must say this about the “dark clothes debate” just because it seems so strange to me: the family is a pleasure to watch but they owe us no entretainment when they are outside of a movie set.Sure, you would love to see pink and blue, or orange and green but the children are not out on display for your pleasure or entretainment, so how you want to see them dressed is irrelevant. Personally,it would rub me the wrong way if someone said “oh your daughter is so cute,I would love to see her on different colors” excuse me?

jay on

This is the perfect denim ad. Brad Pitt is hot.

Lilly on

I think people should be a little more open-minded when it comes to colors and what children wear. My favorite color for the longest time was blue. I’m glad my parents let me pick out my clothes and didn’t insist on making me wear frilly pink dresses with tons of lace. I was both a girly-girl and a “tom boy” (though I dislike the term), depending on the day or occasion and all turned out well.

Brad and Angie seem like fun, caring, and understanding parents who take into consideration their childrens’ choices and desires, within certain boundaries. They seem like great parents to me.

Stephany on

UGH! Did someone REALLY have to drag Jennifer Aniston’s name into this post? What was the point? Personally, the way Brad went about “getting his family” turns me off and I’m not a big fan of either of them.

That being said, those boys are CUTE! They are both going to be complete heartbreakers when they grow up.🙂

Nicole on

Ugh, why can’t we ever just enjoy pics of Brad, Angelina and the kids without the Jenn/Brad/Angie triangle debates. Who cares about all of that NOW, what over 3 yrs later?? As long as they’re happy, all of them- Brad, Angelina, the kids, and Jennifer in her own life, then why does any of it matter?

The boys are adorable, and I love how happy they look to be spending time with Daddy. That’s what truly matters here, that those kids are all loved very much by both of their parents, and that their parents are happy. Anything other than that is pointless to even discuss.

Pootertoot on

Just love to see Brad and/or Angie with their kids. They are always with the kids. I read on another site from some crazed woman that it’s a shame how B/A ignore their kids, I about died from laughter. I’ve never seen 2 celebreties enjoy their kids more, have you? I started reading this site and thought to myself “AWWWW what a relief to read about A/B in a nice light, then someone justtttttttt had to bring the wine bag into it.” Yea it’s been 4 years, time to shut that discussion down. I’m so pleased for B/A for finding each other and all their kids. Is wonderful to see such a happy family for a change!!! Thanks ladies for all the uplifting input!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Pootertoot- Great post!

melissa on

I just went there as they were leaving… I was so mad! That would have been cool

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