Charlie Sheen Welcomes Twins Bob and Max

03/15/2009 at 05:05 PM ET
Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks

Charlie and Brooke Mueller Sheen have welcomed their twin sons, his rep confirms to Access Hollywood. Max and Bob Sheen arrived on the evening of Saturday, March 14th in Los Angeles, Calif. Due April 26th, the boys were six weeks early. However, “they’re doing great and Brooke’s doing great,” Charlie’s rep tells PEOPLE.

The boys are the first children for Brooke, 31 — who was hospitalized for early contractions last month — and the fourth and fifth for Charlie, who is already dad to Sam, 5 and Lola Rose, 3 Β½, with ex-wife Denise Richards, and 24-year-old Cassandra from a previous relationship.

Charlie, 43, announced the pregnancy in August.

Source: Access Hollywood

Thanks to CBB readers Beverley and Michelle.

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gianna on

At least they have normal names, that go well with sheen. Max is becoming a favorite for celebrities, the way lola was a few years back. Jlo, christina aguilera, trista sutter all have sons named max too. Congrats to them.

melissa on

congrats!!! nice, simple boy names.

Karen on

I’m kinda loving the simple “Bob”…..I bet that Richard, Robert, William will all come back as 1st names, not just 2nd.

StΓ©ph on

Max is a nice normal name but Bob? Sorry, but I really don’t see that on a little baby.


Sheri on

Not crazy about these names at all … there are way too many “Max”-named babies in Hollywood right now. But I wish them well and may God bless their new family. I’m sure Charlie is thrilled to be adding boys now to his family of all girls!

Lisa on

Haha Bob! lol I’m happy for the couple. I like the name Max and as above posters said has became a popular celeb baby name, but Bob?!? Anyways, I’m glad to hear they are healthy after being born 6 weeks premature. I wonder what they weigh! Next up im looking forward to Tobey MaGuires baby!

lax on

Maybe they will call him Bobby? Thats a little better! Bob is just such an oldie name!

Kelly on

Poor Bob his siblings are Max Lola Sam & Cassandra all names that work from babyhood to adulthood but Bob is going to be made fun of forever hopefully its short for Robert or SOMETHING

sushi on

All of his children have beautiful and simple names, short too expect for Cassandra but i bet they call her Cassie.

can’t wait for the pictures of the first Sheen little boys!

Jane on

Box and Max are too nicknamey for me. They could have been a lot worse though.

skipsie on

i think the names are brilliant!
bob can easily be made in to bobby or robert if he wants


Bri on

Congrats to them! I hope the boys are doing well and Brooke is feeling well.

Marilyn on

I had a feeling…I checked this site today to see if she had them yet. I wonder what they weighed. Happy for them!

Grace on

Lovely news. Not loving the names though but each to their own! πŸ™‚


Alessa Mapel on

I think I prefer Sam and Lola’s name choices of ‘Duke’ and ‘Zoe’.

Vanessa on

I think Bob is a fine name–he’s not going to be a baby for his entire life, you know. Let’s please not judge names based on a person’s age. Peanut is a ‘cute’ name for a baby or small child, but how about a 25 year-old grad student, or a 45 year-old businessperson?

Aimee on

Congratulations on the birth of your twin boys!!!!!

Stella Bella on

Man, they are really trying to fight the odd celebrity baby name issue with these names, aren’t they.

Ivey on

Ha! Normal names and people still complain, people stop acting like Bob is Peanut–

Congrats to the Sheen family!

eva on

I’m not a fan of Charlie Sheen,his show is not funny in my opinion, but I wish the family a happy life together.Hopefully this marriage will work. The names are normal and simple, though I would imagine their names are Maxwell and Robert.

Pat & Chuck Small on

Congratulations Charlie & Brooke. You will make wonderful parents and I know you must be over the moon to have 2 little boys after having 3 beautiful daughters. Your life will be very interesting from here on out, they’ll be a handful, but so worth it. I’ll bet your little girls are delighted to have 2 brothers. Again, best wishes and a long, healthy and happy life to all of you.

nicole on

I wonder if Max and Bob will end up dating Dolly and Charlie…

Lisa on

haha Nicole. Charlie and Bob Dolly and Max!

Ali on

something a LITTLE more creative would’ve been nice…I prefer a crazy name (Zuma, Shalom, Wolf)over a plain one, seriously.

Mia on

Nice and simple. Max, and Bob (Bobby) for short.

They sound good with the last name Sheen.

Lisa on

Mia, you mean bobby for long….. I think Max Sheen sounds nice and maybe Bobby Sheen i just dont like Bob alone… but its their sons and I wish them best of luck!

liv on

I’m not a fan of the names either. I much prefer unique names, but congrants to them for there new boys!

Molly on

Congrats to the family! Both names are a bit plain for my liking but I’m sure these boys will make us warm up to them.

mom2carter on

Not a big fan of Bob although it sounds better with the last name Sheen than Max Sheen… think Maxine (Maxeeeen). Congrats to them, bet Brooke is happy to have those babies out so she can be off of bedrest!

katie on

ha ha ha BOB.. lol.. Max is the new hollywood boy name for sure!

Robin on

What about Bob?! I just had to say that…Lol! At least they are normal names unlike Apple, Knox or Zuma. However, people just can’t win…if the name is too weird they say that the kid is gonna get made fun of. If it is too normal then they say how boring. By the way, Bob is my dad’s name a good name but even I am willing to admit that it’s not my favorite boy’s name. But congratulations and I can’t wait to see them. They will be adorable of course!

Mmers on

I’m sorry but Bob? I can’t really take them seriously. I like Max. I bet they are good size, maybe 4 pounds, because Brooke was huge.

Fifi on

I like the name Max, though it has become a trendy name, But Bob haha definitely not my cup of tea. I would never even consider naming my child that. I definitely prefer more unique names such as Zuma, Apple, and Knox to Bob…

Colleen on

My husbands name is Ted (Theodore) the 2nd, and now that I am expecting a son, we will name him Ted the 3rd. I asked DH what he was called as a boy and he said “Ted”. It doesn’t sound like a cute baby name to me at all! I am thinking we will call the baby Theo instead.

Marylyn on

So, who cares what they name their children. Get a life people. It’s their choice. They are their children, not yours. Do you want people criticizing your choices?

danda_lion on

I hope the boys are doing well.

Both “Sam Sheen” and “Max Sheen” have tongue-twister sounds to them. “Max Sheen” runs the risk of sounding like when my brother was a child and had to see a speech therapist, tried to say our neighbor Maxine’s name. “Bob Sheen” doesn’t sound great either, sorry to say.

Mary-Helen on

It seems like everyone is naming their kid Max these days. I know Trista’s son is Maxwell and Jennifer Lopez’s son is Maximillian but still, Max seems to be the new “in” name.

Not loving Bob either. But hey, it’s their kids and if they like it, then why not? Congrats to them.

Amy on

Wow here was me thinking these comments would all be about hoping the babies are healthy as they are 6 weeks early, but no….their parents choice of names are seemingly more important! Don’t quite know what to make of that!!

Congratulations to the whole family, i hope everyone is happy and healthy!

camille on

i realy must say i don’t like the name “bob” for a baby, and responding to robin i really like the name zuma. still, congrats πŸ™‚

Michelle on

I can’t believe how many people have issues with Bob. Most people seem to complain when the name is too “out there” and now that it’s an everyday name — still complaints. Anyway…..I like the names, especially Max. Not a huge Charlie Sheen fan, but I wish them much happiness with their new babies!

Min on

Ugh, ugh, ugh…BOB? You’ve got to be kidding!

Max is okay…but, clearly overly used…but, BOB???

debi on

I am a big fan of Martin Sheen and, by all accounts, they are a really close family. I am so disappointed one of them was not named Martin. Why not Max and Marty?

Brooklyn on

I like Max, as for Bob, well… Anyways, besides the names, Congrats to them!

Judith on

Congrats to Brooke and Charlie!! Twin boys!! How wonderful!! I L-O-V-E their names. At least they won’t get into fights on the playground, like someone with the name Bronx or Brooklyn probably will!! I bet their (Max and Bob’s) sisters are so excited, too!!

Chris on

Congrats to them! Wow Charlie is a father of five now. But what were the names Lola and Sam picked out for the twin? Is is too late to use those? lol

Pam on

Charlie has always said he likes short, simple names. Guess the trend continues with the boys….

lori on

Congrates to them both charles makes a good dad he will have his hands full with 2 boys. wow! but they can do it.

Kerri on

Max is fine, but Bob? For a baby? To me, that’s stranger than Zuma!

alison on

For first children and being born in 2009 i would have taught the names would sound like a lot of thought was put into the name bob is so old and plain they could have atleast named the baby bobby,the name max has my vote it isnt the cutest but is popular today

Natasha on

I think Max is becoming really overused. I have an Uncle Bob who’s like 75 so I associate that with him haha. Either way, I’m sure they’re beautiful kids!

Sulia on

ANOTHER Max in Hollywood? I honestly don’t understand the attraction to this name. I think sweaty old college professor when I hear the name Max. And Bob Sheen? It should be criminal to call a tiny baby Bob.

~Bg on

Does it see to anyone else that almost every single celeb couple that has had twins here recently has name a boy Max lol? Some infertility doctor is tickled I am sure. πŸ™‚

Tina on

congrats to them:) there okay names. i mean not my kids lol:) good for them. bobs kinda weird:S lol, but thats my dads` name.

JMO on


They name their kid something as plain and simple as “Bob” and people still find ways to criticize!! It’s like you can’t win.

As normal and plain as “Bob” may be and not fittin for a baby it will be fine on him in 30 years lol. And I agree that Max is super popular now a days but I think it’s nice to hear a celeb choose two simple cute names!

meghan on

Great names!

Doreen on

Congrats to them! I like the name Max, cute but Bob…uhhhh not so much. πŸ™‚

Rachael on

Congrats to the entire family, hope everyone is happy and healthy.

I’m not crazy about the names either, but I don’t have to go through life with them.

Can’t wait to see pics!

Linda on

Wow, Charlie was only 19 years old when he had his first child.

At least the twins’ names are normal.

Mia on

Yes, what I meant to say is they will probably call him Bobby as a baby, but when he gets older he’ll just go by “Bob”. I wonder if they named him Robert, or if they actually named him “Bob”?

Fred Peterson on

Love your show, twins, wow! Best of luck to you and your family. You both enjoy

brannon on

i think bob is an adorable name! love it just because you never hear it anymore!! so cute! max is overused though πŸ™‚ congrats to them!

Lily on

Congrats to Charlie and Brooke!

I hope the boys are healthy and that all is well for the family.

Jane on

I don’t like Charlie Sheen, but i hope the best for the babies.

daniela on

Max is super cute – I don’t care if it is overused…but Bob??? It just seems so plain next to Max…but oh well, better than Audio Science, Everly Bear, and Zuma (sorry, but I just don’t like that name).

Congrats to the family anyway, I’m glad the babies are healthy despite being premature.

Juanita on

I would say his name is Bob and not Robert; just like Sam is Sam not Samantha. Max is popular but it is the MOST popular name for dogs; that is what I think of everytime I hear it, but to each his own.

Rebecca on

Max may be overused but I think it’s nice. Bob as a given name sounds silly to me.

Janey on

Bob. Wow. Max sounds like a dogs name to me personally. I dunno i’ve seen a thousand movies where the dogs name was max.

Chris on

In response to Debi’s comment regarding naming one of the boys after Martin Sheen. Martin is his stage name, Ramon Estevez is his legal name, so it is not surprising that Charlie would not name his son Martin.

Lilly on

I know his original last name is Estevez, did he legally change it to Sheen??

annie on

I hope the boys and mum are doing ok. Six weeks is pretty early.

Anna on

At least Bob and Max are normal names. Some of you are acting like Bob is in the same category as Apple or Peanut or Mowgli.

jordyn on

as per
Okay, I can co-sign the name Max, because almost everybody loves a Max! But Bob?! Not even a Robert. Just a Bob. It sounds like the name of a bald accountant with sweaty pits who spends his weekends at his timeshare in Florida and has a wife named Ethel who loves to make pineapple upside cake on Sundays. Bob Sheen is going to have a weird obsession with polo shirts in every color, be really good at golf and always smell like Gold Bond mixed with Old Spice. That’s my guess. That being said, Bob is a trillion times better than a Bronx Mowgli.

mn on

bob strikes me as an “adult” name, a shortened version of robert that people opt for as an adult, rather than what a child is named from birth. oh well it’s not my kid, they could certainly have given him a worse name; bob is a name he can grow into. max seems to be the “it” name these days; it’s a sweet name, even if it seems as though every celeb baby boy born in the past year has been named max.

Debbie Betts on

Dear Charlie and Brooke
My congrats on your twins boys, Max and Bob. I hope they are healthy and bring you many years of joy, love and the respect of sons to their parents. I hope that all 5 of your children can be close and share lots of love.
Good luck with late night feedings.

Shiloh 13 on

Congrats to Brooke and Charlie for their precious little ones. I’m not concerned about their names. I just wish them all the love, health and happiness that awaits them. Treasure your children. Not everyone is fortunate to have children so those that do need to always be thankful for the gifts that they’ve been given. Lots of Love!!

Alex on

I love Max on a boy. Robert/Bob is not my cup of tea. I bet Bob is after a family member.

ang on

congrats-brooke gave birth to 70 year old men.least they’re gonna be cute.

Kim from Australia on

Not a fan of ‘Bob’ at all, its really old sounding, maybe if it were short for ‘Robert’ he’d get ‘Rob’ or ‘Robbie’. Max is cute, but very popular. Next ones due are Jamie and Jools Oliver and Trista and Ryan I think? Oh and me too amongst the April crowd! πŸ˜€

Ashlee on

As long as the parents like the names, that’s all the matters. I don’t really see what is wrong with the name Bob Sheen. I’m sure there are lots of guys named “Bob” who have been called that their entire lives…even as babies.

Congrats to Brooke and Charlie!

Elena on

Thank you, Charlie and Brooke, for proving the point that it’s better to have a unique, even weird name (like Rafferty, Kingston or even Zuma) than an overused, unimaginative, plain name like Bob. Poor little Bob Sheen! Max is much better.

CelebBabyLover on

brannon- The only other celeb twin I can think of that is named Max is J-Lo’s little boy…and full first name is actually Maximillian. Christina Aguilera and Trista Sutter also have boys named Max (although Trista’s son is actually Maxwell), but neither boy is a twin.

Margot on

All the congratulations in the world to Charlie and Brooke on their sons, but I can’t say I’m a fan of the names they’ve chosen. I’ve never liked seeing people using nicknames as the full given name. It’s a pet peeve of mine, and it makes my skin crawl when I see names like Josh or Tom in the birth notices. I’m sure that Charlie and Brooke think they’re lovely names, though.

gargoylegurl on

I don’t mind these names. Anyway, they may just be shortened for Maxwell and Robert?

Guess celebs can’t win when it comes to naming their children…

For all we know they may be named after relatives? I really don’t think they’re that bad.

Congratulations to all of them!

Jen on

Yeah, I think that Max is way over used also.

The only Bob baby I can think of is the Crocodile Hunter’s little boy, Bob Irwin.

Whitney on

I don’t think there is anything wrong with not giving a baby a “proper” name. What if he did not want his son’s name to be Robert because he does not want him to be called Bobby or Rob or Robby. My cousin had a boy and she named him Benjamin…. however we are supposed to call him BEN not Benny OR Benji – she should have just named him Ben cause I am calling him Benny…..

And Max is just plain BORING……everyone names their dogs Max….

Lisa on

While I don’t love the names (backing up the “Bob?” comments here), what strikes me the most is Charlie’s recent naming style (after Cassandra, a long and lovely name imo…) First Sam, and now Max and Bob? Denise Richards must have really fought hard for “Lola”….

Emma on

Another Max! Congratulations to the whole family xx

Kelpy on

I like that they have named them Max and Bob – the twins are going to be using their names as adults a lot longer than they will use them is children so I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

Congrats, congrats to Charlie & Brooke, I’m very happy for them πŸ™‚

ash on

Charlie Sheen is odd.

I’m guessing he wanted Sammy J to be a boy so badly he gave her his boy name choice. And having used it up he now has to have Max and Bob instead of Max and Sam.

Bonnie on

You all should be ashamed of yourselves. If you read your Bibles you should know we are not to judge one another. This is a wonderful time in this family’s life, (noting that they just had two 6wk. preemies). How would you feel if this was you and you named your children something nobody like? Be honest, you wouldn’t like it one bit, you would also say it’s not their babies to name. Or why can’t people mind their own beezwax and stay out of mine? Then there are you the fans, you say you are the fans yet you had to say something about the names too. Being a fan is to care, love, support to an extent, not to make fun of something or someone special in their lives. How would you feel if you met the Sheen family in person and he knew what you had said, what would you tell them? How could you prove to them you are a truly fan after making fun of his son’s name? I’m not the one to point fingers, I’ve done things wrong myself I’m not happy about, but Jesus forgave me. We all need to step back and take a better look at ourselves and what we say that may offend others. As for Charlie and his wife congradulations on your new baby boys, and their names are beautiful as I know the boys are. God has given you a wonderful gift, don’t miss a day of enjoyment with them. God Bless You All!

Whitney on

Lola was supposed to be Charlie – until hey started ripping each others throats out.

jessica on

BOB.. and max

i just cant believe it..
i know people thinks its ‘normal’ etc etc.. but honestly.. maybe BOB and FRED ?
definately not my style.. don;t mind max but not with BOB.
Still, sure theyre cute and congrats to them.

Gloria on

Congratulations Charlie and Brooke! Finally you have BOYS Charlie. I wonder if you’ll find it any different than raising girls. I think boys and girls are a joy but you’ll definitely notice a difference in raising them. You’re going to have a blast with your boys I’m sure.
Congratulations to the big sisters too!
Welcome to the world Max and Bob. May you have a happy and blessed childhood.

Laydacris on

I don’t see how Kingston or Zuma are weird names as they are names of places. Bob on the other hand is a very old name. Its like naming your daughter Barbra!!!! Its their choice, but I think the name sounds like an old person in a childs body!

Meredith on

Max and Bob may be “boring” or “normal”, but the only problem I see is that Max Sheen said in full sounds like a Maxine said with a speech impediment. Poor little Max. Either way though, its their choice. Congratulations Charlie, Brooke, Cassandra, Sam and Lola on little Max and Bob!

Sarah on

I have to say I’m not a fan of this new Hollywood trend of giving children nicknames as given names. Max, Bob, Sam, Charlie, Dolly, Sadie, Jack… how boring.
I think Maximilian and Robert would’ve been a lot better. Max and Bob are too short, too nicknamey and too trendy (at least Max) for my liking.
Anyway, congrats to them!

LL65 on

Congratulations to Charlie & Brooke!

H on

Congratulations to the Sheen family! My twins were six weeks early as well, but were healthy and fine (just a little smaller than we anticipated) and came home after only a 10-day stay in the hospital. Wishing them all a healthy and happy life!

Emily on

My friend had twins the same day, also six weeks early. How funny. I absolutely hate the name Bob for a baby, but whatever. I DO love the name Sam for a girl though. I begged my husband to let me name our daughter Sam but he didn’t go for it.

debi on

#68 Chris, yes, I thought of that, too, that Martin is not his “real” name. However, it IS the name he has gone by for a very very long time, and apparently that is the name everyone knows him by.

brannon on

celebbabylover – i didn’t write that. simply wrote it was overused – which it has been lately. said nothing about twins.

Stephany on

Well, congrats to them! I’m sure Brooke is happy to have her boys out of her belly! As for the names…eh. I love the name Max, even if it is growing in popularity. But BOB?! That’s just way too nickname-y for me. I don’t like it.

Whatever. To each his own, right?

megan on

Same birthday as mine! Max is a good name, but Bob reminds me of my grandfather. Robert or Rob would sound better in my opinion.

debi on

People probably would not think their daughter’s name “Sam” was cute if they knew what they named her after. I won’t elaborate, but you could probably look it up somewhere.

Amberlee on

The names are awfully bland and boring. Max is ok but Bob takes the cake. I guess you CAN take it too far the other way: too normal. LOL Congrats to them.

Mommy of 3 on

Congratulations Charlie and family!!!! I find it pretty suprising how the vast majority of people on here are more concerned with the boy’s names rather then the fact that they were multipuls born 6 weeks early!!!!!! Seriously why is it that everyone on this site LOVES to pick apart everyone? Jealousy maybe???
Anyways, CONGRATS to them all, I am hoping for the best for these 2 little boys!

Mommy of 3 on

One thing I forgot to add to my previous post is…..

Sulia, you say that naming a child Bob should be criminal?? SO should your name! Maybe Jessica, Bonnie, George, Samantha, and Cleo should be criminal too??? I don’t believe any name is criminal except that word itself!
To each their own correct? I’m sure there is something that Charlie could rip into you about!!!!!!!!!!!

JMO on

If they named the child Bobo – people still wouldn’t be happy! It’s a better name imo then Pilot, Zuma, and Knox!!

JMO on

ooops and lets not forget the infamous PEANUT!

danda_lion on

debi Says:
March 16th, 2009 at 10:03 am
People probably would not think their daughter’s name β€œSam” was cute if they knew what they named her after. I won’t elaborate, but you could probably look it up somewhere.
Isn’t she named after Charlie’s cat? I agree – that’s not cute; it’s silly.

Janna on

Charlie Sheen’s three daughters were given the surname Estevez at birth, NOT the name Sheen. So is there any reason to believe that these babies wouldn’t have Estevez as their last name as well? That would make them Max Estevez and Bob Estevez. Does that make every rude person on this site happy? Are their names good enough now?

Brandi on

Actually all except Cassandra are Sheen. Charlie legally changed his name years ago. You can see it on he and Denise’s divorce papers.

Ellen Smith on

No creativity on the name front. You can have simple names that are not exotic but are not overused (like Max) or archaic (like Bob). Bob Estevez sounds like a used car salesman. Max Estevez sounds like a Cuban deli owner.

ash on

Here is Charlie Sheen speaking in April 2004:

Charlie Sheen, who recently became a father for the second time after wife Denise Richards gave birth to their daughter Sam J, admitted: “We had a cat named Sam. I hated the cat but I loved the name! I thought it would be a great name for a boy or a girl. If it was a boy, we were thinking of Bob, or Jack.”

Charlie has also blasted celebrities who give their kids bizarre names.

He said: “Some of these celebrity names today are way out-there. It might be cool for a parent to introduce Binocular Jones when he’s six months old, but in school there’s ridiculing, there’s pronunciation, there’s spelling – it’s sort of a curse.”

So it looks like BOB was on the table a long time ago!
And yes, Sam was named after his cat.

Linda H on

Congratulations! Can’t wait to see a picture of the boys.

sushi on

Shiloh, Suri, KIngston, Zuma, Rio, Brooklyn, Pilot, Ryder, Apple…. and all you have to say is that Bob is a weird name?!
At least it’s a name.
Shiloh= name of a war
Suri= sounds like Souris ( mouse in French)
Zuma, Kingston, Rio etc…. why not Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Cannes..
Pilot and Ryder=sailer, driver…
Apple= tomato, orange, banana…
should i keep going?
Have you ever heard of Bob(by) Kennedy? Was it weird that his name was Bob? No.

danda_lion on

Have you ever heard of Bob(by) Kennedy? Was it weird that his name was Bob? No.
His name was Robert. “Bobby” was only a nickname.

Megan on

Congrats to them! That’s my birthday too.

rckayla on

Congratulations to Charlie and Brooke!!! Wow, great that Charlie finally got his BOYS; I’m sooo happy for him and Brooke!! However, what the article is not saying here is that the Sheen’s twins are not out of danger just yet; 6 weeks premature is touch -n- go although the article does state their boys’ are healthy; that’s wonderful but it’s still a wait -n-see situation with preemies. So may God be with little Max and Bob Sheen and the entire Sheen Family…

debi on

No, it wasn’t after the cat, although he may have been doing damage control (that’s how bad it was if he was using the cat as a deterrent) and it wasn’t Samantha either.

Adrianna on

Congrats to them. I never thought I’d say this but the name Pilot Inspektor has grown on me. πŸ˜‰

Sarah on

I also knew Sam was named after his cat.
Now I’m curious Debi, what was she named after if not the cat? I tried to look it up but could only find the cat story.

Alex on

I love the name Max, that’s so cute. I don’t like Bob really, but mainly because it’s never really made it into a ‘name in it’s own right’ catagory, where as Max has. But, they are both normal names, which is good. I’m kinda disappointed that they’re not called Duke and Zoe to be honest!

Emily on

bob isn’t my favourite name but atleast they have chosen names where the kids aren’t gonna get teased or anything like that and i love the name max. max is one of my very favourite boy names. max and bob both go well together. i was expecting way worse.

Megan on

How hypocritical. When celebrities name their children Peanut, or Apple, or Pilot, but when boys are named Max or Bob there’s a problem. Max is too mainstream and popular, and Bob is too old fashioned. Is that considered a problem? I don’t think so.

Megan on

I meant to say everyone goings crazy when celebrities name their children something crazy, but once there is a normal name people aren’t happy either.

babyboopie on

Whenever I hear the name Bob, it reminds me of a 50 year old bumbling man with jolly cheeks and a northern dialect but I can imagine this Bob will be so cute and chubby! I really like the name Max too, like his name implies, I’m sure he’s the oldest and the strongest of the two! Congratulations to Brooke and Charlie on the birth of their baby boys!

iamzelda on

Congratulations to the proud mommy and daddy. Here’s wishing you many blessings for a lifetime of health and happiness together.

Renee on

Love the names, my little boy was born 6 weeks early he was 4 pound 6. He was healthy just small ,he need to be feed through a tube until breastfeeding was established, he’s now 6 months old and you’d never know he was born early. Hope they are all well.

ash on

The only other piece of info I can salvage regarding Sam’s name is that she was born during production of Scary Movie and he and Denise apprently both wanted to use a name with the letters S&M?
Which makes me think it may have a seedier S&M connection… perhaps..?

Also, there was that big hoopla about the whole Charlie begging Denise to get an abortion with Sam because she was female!
I don’t think Charlie deserves to have kids…. and unfortunetly it is already very apparent that the little girls Sam and Lola have issues. 😦

debi on

#121 Adrianna, LOL!!

#130, Ash, yep, that’s what I read.

anna on

congrats and i love their names

Juanita on

Ash…you cant believe what tabloids print. It takes both parents to influence children and I dont see Charlie Sheen with a reality show soooooo……….

Danielle on

ok…to all the people complaining about the people commenting on the names…Give me a break…this is a BLOG and comments are accepted in favor and against. It’s all in good fun…

I think that Max is ok…Bob is HORRIBLE, but whatever… the names obviously work for them!! Congrats!

June on

I hope the name BOB is not real like Ickitt turned out to be!

What a horrible name to name a little boy. “Bob do you want a juice box with your mac and cheese or chocolate milk?” It just sounds silly!

Samantha Delynne on

I’m Happy for charlie sheen.Hes going be a great father to Bob/Max.

alanna'smom on

Congrats to the parents! I think Bob and Max are cute names, though I personally like Robbie or Rob better as a nickname for Robert. (Although it seems like they used Bob as his full name.) But Bob can always go by Bobby as a kid and Bob as an adult. I think it works! It’s old fashioned, true, but by no means weird. I think everyone’s being too critical.

eternalcanadian on

oh my, another set of quite premature twins. not as premature as jenna’s twins, but still pretty early! i sure hope they’re okay.

Molly on

Bob and Max are cute names. Maybe the names meant something to them. Maybe a father,grandfather you never know. Untill you know the story.

daisychild on

Congratulations! Enjoy ebery moment of it. They grow up fast. Each stage is awesome!

CelebBabyLover on

Brannon- Whoops! Bg was the one who’s comment I was actually referring to! For some reason, I mistook her/his comment for yours! Sorry about that!

Anyway, I actually don’t mind the twins names. The name Bob DOES sort of remind me of an older man, but I still think it’s a nice name. I also don’t see what the fuss is about them using such normal names! Personally, I actually really like older, classic names.

While Bob probably isn’t a name I’d consider giving to my child, I WOULD consider something like James, Luke, or Andrew. As for a girl…Emma (I know it’s fairly popular now-a-days, but I still like it!), Julie, Rose, and Mary are all names I would definently consider! πŸ™‚

Tiffany on

Max is OK, Bob is an old mans name. Even Terri Irwin has stopped calling her son Bob and now refers to him in interviews as Robert.
Why have a couple of people said they wished for Duke and Zoe. Obviously Zoe is a girls name!!!!!!

debi on

#138, who’s jenna?

Chris Jannuzzi on

Terrific news! I heard about this the other day but just now had the time to read the blog and the comments. Best wishes to the Sheen family.

Terri on

Congratulations to the Sheen family. I must admit that I don’t like the names Bob or Sam for a girl. I guess I just like a little more fuss when it comes to names. But it’s not my choice, is it? Congratulations again.

Terri on

Shiloh is not the name of a war. Shiloh is the name of a place that happened to be the site of a battle.

Bhughes on

Congratulations! I think children are a blessing.

I just think that its kinds disturbing to have kids with someone that is 6 yrs older than your oldest daughter.

debi on

#147, bhughes, ITA, Kevin Costner, too, same deal.

Minnesota Mom on

Congrats to the whole Sheen family ! ! !

I LOVE the name BOB! You can not screw it up and they can not nick name it out—like Peein’ Ian—. I would have named my son Bob if I did not already have cousins & uncles with that name.
Charlie- great names for ALL your children.

P.S. I also LOVE your show ! ! !

lola on

I have twin sons who were born 10 weeks early and are named Robert(Bob) and Charles (Chuck)–They are the joy of my life, along with my older son Richard (Rick)–What fun they will have!! Enjoy every minute!! We have had so much fun and so many laughs with the twins–AND—What is not with liking the name Bob???? My older son got to name the second baby born and he wanted a Bobby!! Be glad they didn’t name them like so many celebraties name their children!!

Stella Bella on

Not fond of nicknames as given names, myself. But to each his own. Congrats to them!

CelebBabyLover on

Terri- Exactly! Shiloh was the name of the site of a well-known Civil War battle.

Minnesota Mom- Believe me, some kid will probably find a way to nickname Bob. My mom’s name is also very short (and also, incidentally, a name that is sometimes used as a nickname, although it can also be a stand-alone name), and part of the reason for her being named that was that my grandmother thought the kids wouldn’t be able to nickname her because of the name being so sort.

Well, guess what? The kids DID nickname her!

nancy on

read somewhere that twins are considered full term at 37 weeks which would make Max and Bob only three weeks early and babies usually arrive 2 weeks either way from due date. Hopefully this is the case and both boys are strong and healthy. Am curious as to there weight and if brooke had a c-section tho.

Emma Rain on

Max and Bob. Well, they’re normal names at least. Nothing kooky. I like Max, but Bob is.. eh. Max and Robert might have been better.
But congrats the happy family!

Janet Betts on

Congrats on the boys, finally. Will either of them have their grandfather’s name for a middle name? Now Charlie can start to be a role model for his boys. I’m so happy for them!

Shirley from Canada on

Congratulations to you and your wife. for having healthy baby boys
mp your family is complete.Many happy years with your marriage,children and your show Charlie, it is hilarious.


CelebBabyLover on

Nancy- Given the fact that the boys were born in the evening, I’m guessing that Brooke may have given birth naturally. Most planned C-sections are done in the morning or early Afternoon. So if she didn’t have them naturally, I’m guessing it was an unplanned C-section.

CelebBabyLover on

Tiffany- I think Zoe could potentially be a boy’s name if it was pronuced like “Zoh” rather than “Zoh-ee”.

Laura on

Bob? Seriously? What, are they hoping he’ll aspire to be a middle-aged chain-smoking baseball-cap wearing trucker sporting a wifebeater and a beer gut?

Kelly on

Many Congratulations, I’m sure they’re totally gorgeous with such lovely looking parents! Glad mum and babies are well!!

My 5 yr old’s called Max, in Scotland its a very uncommon name, we love it, i can understand why its got so popular! I love short names and i think Bob and Max go together o.k

Wishing you all the best for your future together xx

P.s- My daughters called Brooke too LOL!

pippi777 on

Lilly and Janna, I was wondering the same thing about their last names myself. According to, all of his girls’ given last names are ‘Estevez.’ No last name is given for Bob or Max. Maybe, since Charlie’s been using ‘Sheen’ for this long, he figured it was easier to just give the boys that last name instead. As to Bob’s name, in an interview that Martin Sheen refered to him as Robert. So maybe his name on the birth certifate is Robert and they just prefer to call him bob.

Congrats to the whole family! I wish them all well.