Ashlee and Bronx Cuddle Up

03/14/2009 at 03:00 PM ET

Although these photos are a bit older now (they were taken Tuesday, March 3rd), they’re just becoming available to a majority of blogs, so we wanted to make sure to get them up on CBB for those of you who may not have sneaked a peek elsewhere!

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz keeps a tight grip on 3-month-old son Bronx Mowgli as she and husband Pete Wentz make their way through LAX. On their way to the UK for Fall Out Boy’s European tour, Ashlee and Bronx spent a week on the road with the band before returning home.

Next up for Ashlee? The updated version of Melrose Place — she’s just been cast!

Click below for another photo, this time with Pete!


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ingrid on

such a CUTIE!!!

but i have to say it: please, get a different carrier! bb’s just not good for the kids…

Rebecca on

No kidding. She must be very uncomfortable to be holding him like that when he’s in the Baby Bjorn (the whole point is to have your hands free!)

hillary on

i used a bb with my son…i would sometimes hold him like that while in there just to cuddle- not to hold him up!! i say good for her for using a bb instead of a stroller or car seat- so much better when they are that youngūüôā

gianna on

Such a cute baby. I saw a picture of him this week too, his eyes are blue/grey color, he is super adorable and looks like ashlee a lot in my opinion.

Kelly on

I didn’t really notice before but I think he’s got Pete’s eyes.

brooklyn on

I hate to say this, but she just does not have that natural mother comfortable look while holding her baby…although it probably has to do with all of the paparazzi everywhere!! Bronx is a cutie and seems like a big boy for his age..adorable!!

April on

Brooklyn I’m sure the paparazzi were being very aggressive since it was the first time they were out with him. I would be holding on to my kid for dear life, of course she’s not going to look comfortable…..

He looks adorable, I see alot of Ashlee.

normma on

perhaps its one of the first times she’s used the baby bjorn… even though you know they’re strapped in and safe, the instinct is sometimes to hold on, especially with the paparazzi and just having gotten off a long flight…i think they’re such a cute family.

tigerjen77 on

Bronx is just adorable!

I must say though with all the resources and funds at their fingertips, why do ALL celebrities use Bjorns???!!!! From Brad And Angelina to Courtney and Ashlee………you’d think SOMEONE would tell them about better carriers!

jenny on

I am an Ergo mom myself. Love it! I just strap my daughter in and we are off.

Lisa on

what is the problem in using the Bjorns?? I don’t understand why some people seem to be against it…

Bronx is so cute!! =)

Mia on

I think Bronx is all daddy. The only thing of Ashlee I see is the coloring.

lj on

Are the bjorns not safe? I never heard anything about them but I’m guessing they aren’t so good since a lot of you mentioned it. Just wondering what’s wrong with them for future reference.

emily on

I’ve heard that the bjorn doesn’t support the baby properly and is bad for thier developing spines. You’d think that celebs would know about this. I personaly really like the Ergo carrier. It is supposed to offer the correct support.

CelebBabyLover on

Lisa- ITA! If they were really as bad as some people claim they are, they’d have been recalled or taken off the market years ago! Also, I personally have yet to see a celeb child who used a Bjorn in infancy suffering from any long-term affects of that use (if they had spinal problems/deformities from the Bjorn, for example, I think it would be fairly obvious. Either their back would look crooked or they wouldn’t walk right).

Also, I hate it when people generalize and use absolutes. Not ALL celebs use Bjorns. For example, Brooke Burke, Kerri Russell, Sheryl Crow, and Nicole Kidman have all been seeing using slings for their babies (granted, some, like Nicole and Sheryl, only used slings when their babies were young). Even Brad Pitt was seen at least once wearing Shiloh in a sling when she was younger (although yes, Zahara used a Bjorn, and the twins apparently do as well according to the Japan Airport pictures).

Other celebs have been seen using non-Bjorn carriers or even backpacks.

Louise on

The point is that Ashley is not using the Babybjorn properly. The strap below has to be adjusted when the baby is growing. You can see that it’s too long, and doesn’t support the head, which it is supposed to, especially with such a small child. (Notice that the child seems enormous!)

Also, the arms should pass easily in the holes.

When worn properly, it is absolutely a perfect carrier, both for the parent and the child!

kate on

hi baby bronx – you are adorable!! if any of you could cite some actual research-based sources on the bjorn and not just hear say – i would be interested to see it. i have never seen actual proof that they are bad – maybe earlier designs, but not the carriers of today. every doctor i know recommends them as safe. i also don’t think CBB would post a positive review of the bjorn if they were bad for baby as they are up on what’s current. i also think it is very rude to judge how “natural” a mother ashlee is – based on a photo taken as she is about to board a long flight with a newborn. lisa and celebbabylover i agree, people need to take a step back and think.

Patricia(Patti) on

I am laughing here. There are always so many critics everytime a picture is shown. And,…how can anyone possibly tell by this picture of Bronx,..who he looks like?! They are a cute family!!!

ingrid on

a babybj√∂rn is NOT a perfect carrier. it does not support the child’s hips the way they should be supported. the knees of a carried baby should be on the same level as their bellybutton. that’s the perfect position. and this is not possible in a babybj√∂rn. also, baby’s back should be rounded, not straight like in the bj√∂rns. if you compare babybj√∂rn and ergo baby carrier you’ll clearly see the difference.

I love bronx’s hat!

emily on

I completely agree with tigerjen77 and ingrid. The Bjorn is FAR from the perfect carrier. The child “hangs” by their crotch/base of their spine, putting an enormous amount of pressure there. The fact that they can’t actively participate in being carried, (ex. wrapping their legs around your waist) makes them dead weight, which is hell on your shoulders and back. Trust me, I know from experience. I used the Baby Bjorn for over 11 years with my charges before being introduced to the Ergo. I had serious shoulder and back pain that completely disappeared when I started using the Ergo. I have no idea why all these celebrities are still using Bjorns. If I could afford to give an Ergo to every new parent I know, I would.

Rebecca on

They’ve posted positive reviews for aftermarket carseat covers (which are completely unsafe and void the warranty on your carseat) on CBB before, so posting a positive review doesn’t hold much water to me.

Manon on

Brooklyn: I think that should read “not comfortable holding Bronx IN PUBLIC”. It’s true she must feel nervous with the snappers everywhere etc.

As for clutching the baby in his bb, I totally agree with nomma that the instinct at first is still to hold on tight to your precious cargo!

Xan on

He’s a dumpling! Thanks to all for the tips on carriers. I hope I remember them in a few years when I have kids.

But, as some have already noted, Bronx seems HUGE!

CelebBabyLover on

Rebecca- Then you’d probably be horrified at what my mother did when I was a baby! She actually MADE a carseat cover for me (she’s been into quilting and sewing for years). If the carseat covers you can buy are unsafe, then the one my mother made for me must have been even worse, right?

Well, guess what? No way would my mother have risked endangering my life! If carseat covers were unsafe, believe me, she wouldn’t have made one for me!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and guess what? The carseat cover worked beautifully, and I survived!

Baby Carriers Backpacks on

I agree, there are so many more baby carriers better than BB

Rebecca on

You survived because you were lucky your mom wasn’t in a car accident with you in the car. Your mom DID put you at risk by making a carseat cover, like it or not. Saying you survived is the WORST validation I’ve ever heard and I’m so sick of hearing that. Millions of people survived their parents taking DES while pregnant, smoking, drinking, and drugging while pregnant, not using a carseat, being dropped on their head as infants, being shaken, but does that mean we should go and discard all of the research and studies that have shown that these things are NOT beneficial to people?

CelebBabyLover on

Rebecca- Of course we shouldn’t discard the research and studies and say that just because we survived it’s fine to not use a seatbelt or not use a careseat for your baby. In fact, I very much advocate the use of seatbelts and I am very against shaking babies, especially since I know a little girl who was shaken as a baby, and now has lots of neurological problems because of that.

However, I also sometimes think we can get a little too paranoid, especially where children are concerned. I mean, it’s almost getting the point where it will soon be advised to wrap children in a protective layer of bubble wrap!

To put it differently, not everything that people claim is unsafe for children actually is. I have never heard anything that says carseat covers are unsafe, or that ALL carseat covers are un-safe. I think a lot of it depends on how well the carseat cover was made. For example, looking back at pictures of my carseat with the cover that my mom made on it, I can tell that the cover was very snug, and didn’t cover the straps or buckle at all. The fabric also didn’t appear to go under the carseat, so it wouldn’t have messed up the angle or stablility of the seat that way. Oh, and it also wasn’t all that thick.

However, if a carseat cover is poorly made and is loose-fitting, then yes, it’s probably very unsafe! Also, you’d think that carseat covers would have been recalled by the CSPC if they really were unsafe to use. If there has been research done proving that all carseat covers are unsafe, I apologize and I stand corrected!

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