Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Oval Office Diaper Improvisation

03/13/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Andrew H. Walker/Getty

A vocal proponent of the Republican Party, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 31, was recently rewarded for her support with a trip to the White House during the closing days of President George W. Bush‘s administration. Although Barbara Walters, her co-host at The View, suggested she make the trip solo, Elisabeth felt strongly that her two children with husband Tim HasselbeckGrace Elisabeth, turning 4 next month, and Taylor Thomas, 16-months — should attend.

Disaster struck when Taylor made a “big, smelly, poopy diaper” as the family of four were notified that their meeting with the president was just three minutes away, however. “I’m trying to find a bathroom to change him in because there are no changing tables in the Oval Office,” she explains. “So I’m on the floor changing him in this fancy bathroom.” Things were about to go from bad to worse! Recalls Elisabeth,

“Supermom here forgets a backup diaper! So I have Taylor on the floor looking up at me like, ‘Dude, you’re not serious that you don’t have anything to change me with.’ So I did what any logical mom would do at the time: Scraped that puppy out, put the dirty diaper back on him and sent him back into the Oval Office to meet the president.”

Apparently unfazed by the odor, President Bush was “incredibly gracious” with the kids, Elisabeth added.

As she awaits the birth of her third child, Elisabeth joked that she’s “really competitive” and planning to “give Octomom a run for her money.” The manner in which she revealed the pregnancy — telling audience members she was “knocked up” — is something Elisabeth does say she regrets, however. “I get a little bit awkward with those announcements,” she admits.”I’d rather just not announce it and show up with the kid.”

Source: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

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Harley on

That’s freakin’ hilarious!

Korrie on

I must say, I just find her so terribly brash. I’m sure she’s a lovely person and a good mother, but stories like that, involving her children and shared with the world are just more than I think is appropriate. And, the phrase “knocked up” is offensive at best. If she’d rather not say when she’s pregnant, then she shouldn’t. I just don’t care for her at all.

Kim on

I am sorry but you are going to the White House and you forget to check that you packed diapers? Also, why would she want to bring babies to the White House who will not even remember? I could see her older child but I think it was sort of not the smartest choice to bring the baby. I am a mother of two so I know what it’s like to bring babies places and it is not easy so why make it harder for yourself?

Rose on

It’s really obvious when she announces her pregnancies that she’s nervous about it. Maybe she should let one of her co-hosts help her announce it.

Janey on

I don’t really like Hasselbeck but she seems like a good mom. I think the story was really funny, and kudos to her for being a hands on mom (who packs her own diaper bags, changes her own child). Having seen her on the view she strikes me as being far from brash. The story was candid and little gross but its know different from a “my son peed on me” story that every woman seems to tell.

susan on

Good grief some people will complain about anything. How many mothers have not forgot to check to make sure they have diapers. I know for sure I have. I was in line at the store buying diapers that I forgot when my daughter proceeded to overflow her diaper. I held her in one arm and paid for the diapers in the other and then went straight to the restroom. As for the too much information if there weren’t sites like this or people or usweekly perhaps the star wouldn’t be answering personal questions about their family. True they can always chose not to answer. But people come here for pictures and information about stars and their families.

gianna on

Her stories involving her children always come across weird to me. And who with a 15 month old baby, forgets to bring diapers, that’s really strange, because you know when kids aren’t potty trained you need more than 1 diaper a day. Any mom or anybody in general with common sense, actually knows that. She uses the word knocked up a lot, even before she announced the pregnancy, she would say stuff like next time I get knocked up or last time I was knocked up, it’s such a dumb word for a married grown woman to use in my opinion.

Georgia41 on

Really now!! How absent minded can she possibly be??? Maybe the nanny was off the day she went to the White House!!!! Little advice Elisabeth, stick a diaper and wipes in your purse, than you’ll always have one with you!!! And what about her husband?? He didn’t check to make sure diapers were on hand?? She reminds me of Kathie Lee Gifford years on when she was on with Regis….anybody else remember??

michelle on

I think it’s hilarious. She’s just another normal mom.

JMO on

okay that’s disgusting and well I believe as funny as it may be cause it’s a “typical” mom moment….some stories should be left to one self!

JMO on

oh and this is just as bad and gross as the story she told about having to pee in one of Grace’s diapers in the car because she was pregnant with Taylor and had to go so badly and she had to use a few cause she went so much. I’m like okay couldn’t you just seriously leave those kinds of stories for private??

Sally on

Wow – it must be so wonderful to be a perfect mother who has never forgotten something. The rest of us less-then-perfect mothers have all forgotten to restock the diaper bag at one time or another, even before important events.

Hilda on

LOL! The crazy things we parents do in a pinch. So she forgot diapers, so what. At least she didn’t forget her son. Then it would really have given you people something to complain about. Things happen.

Brandi on

Oh please. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve grabbed the diaper bag and run out the door again without restocking my supply. It’s actually why I keep a diaper in my glove compartment now. For once a story many of us can relate to (forgetting a diaper and having to think off the cuff) and again it’s still something to pick at. Aside from the White House part, I thought this was a pretty “normal mom” story…

Jill on

Give Elisabeth a break! She decided to share a funny story with the public only to be critisized by moms who apparently have never forgotten a diaper before? Lay off her, don’t say on here you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to her face! Why don’t we focus on the fact that it was awesome for her children to meet our former president (or any president for that matter) at such a young age.

Janey on

Some of you are really adamant about judging the lives of others. These things happen good mother, bad mother whatever. Too quick to judge people based on one story, I’m sure some of your other “good” celeb moms have stories like that but sharing them would create comments like yours. tsk. tsk.

Kim on

To the mothers saying that everybody forgets to pack diapers on occassion, yes I see your point and nobody is claiming to be a “perfect mother” but my point was that if you are going to the White House to meet the president you would think you would have the brain to check the diaper bag and make sure you are prepared!!

Monique on

I’m not a fan of Elizabeth. I think that was a not so nice thing to do. Wow! I’ve never ever heard of a parent doing this. It’s new to me. To each their own. I just know I wouldn’t personally do this! Trust me, I wouldn’t!

Brandi on

So Monique, you would have your child sit in a poopy diaper…? What would the solution be if you found yourself in the situation? Honestly wondering.

Monique on

I wouldn’t find myself in that situation, Brandi. First off, I’d be thoughtful enough to check my diaper bag. After the baby, that is the most important thing to have as well as the accessories inside!

Harley on

Let’s see, I tend to forget more things when something important is about to happen than I do on a normal occasion. For all you know, Grace threw a tantrum while they were trying to leave thus having her forget about it. If she was a friend of yours, would you judge her this harshly to her face? I doubt it. I for one would laugh hysterically. Call her crass all you want but I for one am glad something that embarassing can happen to someone else at the worst possible time.

Sarah on

I can’t believe are actually criticizing her for this! She was probably nervous and excited, not to mention the fact that she is pregnant, which can cause a little absent mindedness🙂. Forgetting a diaper is not the biggest deal in the world. Neither is wanting to have your baby photographed with the president. People really need to relax. Accusing Elisabeth of lacking common sense or “lacking a brain” because of something so minor is really petty. It was a funny story. Laugh and move on with your life.

Anna on

I think the story is hilarious! I’m a very organized person but even I forget things sometimes. And if I was on the way to the White House, I’d probably be nervous, thus making it easier for things to escape my mind.🙂

karen on

I really don’t like Elisabeth.
However, this is something that many of us do (apparently there are some who would NEVER do this lol)!
Her toddler is 16 months old and probably doesn’t need his diaper changed out in public that often. She probably ran out of diapers in her bag and didn’t realize it since it’s become something she doesn’t have to do as often. And if that’s not the reason, normal people FORGET.
Girlfriend had to improvise and supposedly only had minutes to do so, so she thought on the fly. Some of us are better at that than others, but in a situation like that you make decisions that later on may or may not seem like you were completely sane at the moment.
I can’t say what I would have done in that situation, but I’ve had times where I have forgotten diapers.
Once when we were in NYC, my toddler decided to take a dump while we were in Chinatown in a bakery with no toilets in sight and a time crunch to get back to our hotel involving a long train ride. I reached into his diaper with a napkin and pulled out the turd and threw it away.
I’ve also just left the diaper off if I was fairly certain that my kid wouldn’t pee anytime in the immediate future. I’m thinking Elisabeth thought it was the lesser of two evils to have a diaper on just in case even though it smelled rather than risk the chance of her child peeing his pants in the Oval Office.
Again, don’t really like Elisabeth, but there are some mommy behaviors that are fairly universal.

Chris on

Maybe she was so anxious about meeting the President that she forgot to restock the diaper bag. However this is a story you don’t share on national TV. Friends and family, yes but TV? T.M.I.😦

kris on

I’ve forgotten diapers before. Or, had one but ended up needing more because I was gone longer than I expected. I’ve also had to stop to buy diapers. The best was forgetting a sippy cup for my son when he was really little and having to buy one at the mall. He was a big drinker and trying to give him sips from a water bottle or regular cup was just not going to work for him. Or the time I had to buy a new pair of pants for my son because I forgot extra clothes and he had an accident. Luckily the errand was to Target. Over the course of my kids lives I’m sure there will be many things I forget and have to wing or buy again. Now, did I necessarily want know she scrapped the poop and put it back on, no, but I’m here reading the site for whatever that’s worth. And, it is funny. Just more of a family and friends type of funny.

marla on

i have 2 kids and am preggo as well, and as much as i try to be prepared, sometimes i’m not. i’ve done the exact same thing with my oldest son (pooper scoop when in public w/o a diaper). gasp! don’t call CPS on me, please.

i don’t care for elisabeth either, but seriously people, lighten up! she’s not talking about your kids’ poopy diapers. she’s talking about her own kids, which she is entitled to do b/c, hello, she’s their mother. she can tell whatever funny stories she wants.

and if given the opportunity, i would drag both kids to meet the president, even bush, whom i did not like or support.

Amber on

This is just nasty to put a dirty diaper back on a baby. Before leaving the house, you have to pack a diaper bag with extra clothes, bottles, wipes, and diapers. I never leave the house without making sure I’m fully stocked for whatever occasion. And telling the story about her having to pee in Grace’s diapers was disgusting too. Some things just need to be kept to herself.

Alice on

Some of you, honestly! Kudos to you mothers that haven’t ever forgotten, or that have husbands that double check for you. I know I’ve done it myself, for my brother’s graduation ceremony nonetheless, with a 3 month old. I trusted my husband to pack the diaper bag while getting my 2 year old ready at the time, and it didn’t happen. As a mom, you have to think on the fly a lot. Elisabeth was a little more informative for me, but you know what, she did what she had to do in her situation. Shame on you that are judging her on this one mishap. How many of YOU perfect mothers had a day at the White House?

Lily on

I’m not a fan of Elisabeth’s but it has nothing to do with how she parents her children. As a mother of two, I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve forgotten or misplaced things. My only reaction to her story was, “I hope Taylor doesn’t hear or read about it in 12 to 13 years.” I’m know as my sons get older, they’ll go through their own phases of “mom embarressment” but at least, for them, it’s not broadcasted to the public.

Sarah on

I forgot a diaper when my son needed it the most too!! It happens! We were celebrating Xmas in the park downtown one year, when ooops…my son went #2 (well really #3) and I forgot to pack extra diapers. Duh! I ended up asking a mom w/babies herself on the street and she graciously gave me one; I thanked her profusely. I ended up going back in the bathroom of the restaurant to change him (with no changing table). Too bad there weren’t any other moms with diapers in the White House at that moment for Elisabeth, but her “Survivor” instincts kicked in.

Cat on

I love Elizabeth…I have 2 kids and I am very organized and I have forgotten many things, many of times. It happens. Mothers need to be more understanding to other mothers. She is awesome and I love her for being so open about her political views.

lala on


jlm on

I’m not a mom but I have been a daycare worker, so I have worked with young children. And who knows, she might have changed him using the spare diaper right before she went in to the White House. But then when she got in, he’d gone. I cant tell you how many times I literally JUST changed a kid, and 10 minutes later, they poop. It was the best once when I changed a kid’s diaper and not even 2 minutes later he was making that dreaded “I’m taking a poo!” face. I didn’t even have his other diaper in the garbage or my gloves yet. And then you have to do it all again.

So really, we shouldn’t be judging. Maybe she did have a spare and just didn’t have a spare for that spare. It’s impossible to predict exactly how many diapers you need and she might have thought one would suffice and it just didn’t. Poop happens and you fix it in whatever way you can. I even had a kid have three accidents one day and his parents only left him two changes of clothes. I’ve had kids parent’s bring in an extra pair of underwear, socks, shirts, and alas, no pants! And we have to fetch a pair out of the lost and found, wash their pants and put them back on them. Or we get kids who have a spare pair of pants and underwear but no shirt and no socks for those super messy times. Do we fault the parents because they forgot the most crucial part, and judge them? Nope, because we get it; people forget things!

I mean, I double check luggage ALL the time, and “make sure I have everything” and I always leave something behind. And the majority of the time, it’s the important things, like the driver’s licence, the wallet, the purse, the gloves, the hat, and yes, that elusive spare diaper. I say congrats to her, for being human.

Kerri on

Wow, I’m not a fan of Elisabeth, but I think everyone is being incredibly critical. Not everyone is perfect all the time…we all forget things sometimes! And I’m sure she was nervous about going to the White House and that’s how things get forgotten. She handled it the best she could with what she had!

I think it was a funny story. Man, lighten up a little guys.

Jenny on

I think Elisabeth is awesome! I don’t have children (yet) but I know that my SIL forgets diapers quite a bit. She is neither stupid nor unusually forgetful. She just has 3 children and a household to run….it seems to happen to others as well. I’m sure I will forget with I’m a mother as well. Funny story, great that she took her children to meet the president – that will be a wonderful story to tell when they are older. Go Elisabeth!

Mrs. R. on

Totally not a fan of Elizabeth, BUT this story shows so much humanity – which is why she is so popular and successful on the View.

I have a 2 year old and I forgot a diaper bag at music class this past week. I mean – what could happen in 1 HOUR?! It wasn’t my daughters poop time at ALL!!! BUT sure enough – she did, and I was stuck! I just let her go diaperless, but if I were meeting the president, I wouldn’t have taken that risk.

Seriously folks – WAY too full of yourselves to say that she was irresponsible or being stupid by not checking for diapers in the bag before she left. If you were going to meet the president at the White House, wouldn’t YOU be a little preoccupied?!

Manon on

Have to say don’t really like this story or find it remotely cute or funny. Having said that, mistakes can happen! It’s so easy to forget you have already used the “in case of emergency”.

Not keen on the way she recounts though: kind of glib. Poor little kid with a soiled nappy for probably hours on end in an environment where he could not really be free either. Not that she deliberately did anything wrong just not very sensitive.

I get bored of these “oh us typical mums” type of stories especially when quite crudely told. But she is not the only culprit amongst celebs!

Jane on

I love Elisabeth. She should have her own show.

Leanna on

Thought this was hilarious! My daughter is 14 months old and even when she was younger I would occassionally forget diapers. I guess we’re not all “Supermoms” who never forget anything! Anyway, I once had my THREE month old in one of my son’s Pull-Ups that I happened to find in my trunk when I ran out to the mall and forgot her WHOLE DIAPER BAG!!! LOL So, I think we’ve ALL done it once or twice! Not a fan of Elizabeth’s BUT it does make me take a second look at her, maybe she IS human after all….

Anna on

I don’t even like Elizabeth, but I like the people that comment on this website even less! How uptight are you if you never forget a single thing? It’s normal and human to sometimes forget something.
I also don’t think there was anything wrong with telling this story. And what is so awful about the term knocked up?

Rebecca on

I’m sorry, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve forgotten to restock the diaper bag with diapers, wipes, and spare clothes (I do have a spare diaper bag in the car stocked with all of these things) but I would never ever scrape poop out of a diaper and put it back on my child. Ever.

I had just started cloth diapering my oldest and I misjudged how many fitteds I would need. I was out of all my diapers and all I had with me was some Gerber vinyl pants (my other covers were filthy, again, I had just started and was learning the ropes.) I also had some maxi pads in the diaper bag, so I stuck a few inside the vinyl pants and used that until I got home (next stop.) If I were in a situation like Elisabeth’s, I might do the same, with the old trusty maxi pad (granted, I use a Diva Cup, so the chances of having one handy are slim now, but the White House is bound to have some available!)

Pearl on

If she had wipes, then she should have made sure she had diapers simple really when you think about the more difficult things we moms have to remember. Always have diapers and cloth in your purse at all times no matter what. Sometimes it seems like the nannies are more present than the parents.

Mary-Helen on

Wow…such perfect moms on here. Can all of you teach me how to be perfect @ all times so I can be perfect too?

Seriously, I have been in a hurry and forgotten the extra diapers and been caught w/ a smelly baby in the wrong spot. I have been in the checkout line with the bag of diapers w/ one missing while my husband is rushing to the restroom. It happens to the best of us, especially those with multiple children. It hasn’t happened often, but it has happened and it’s just part of being a mom.

Elisabeth is a frank, honest woman who is obviously a very hands on mom. I don’t agree with all of her politics and beliefs, but she definitely is a normal mom just like you or me.

I-dra on

a tip i found helpful when i started diapering is, when you have nothing else to work with, put a towel in the diaper or diaper cover (in the case of cloth) next to baby’s skin. i’m sure the white house can afford to replace a towel – if not, then our economy is worse off than they have told us! : )

KF on

I found Elisabeth’s comment about the octomom and being competitive a bit strange and inappropriate, even if it was made in jest. Not even sure where she was going with that, really… maybe it’s her way of saying she wants a large family, but alluding to competition and a situation like the octuplets + 6 in the same sentence with that is just so not right to me. (IMO, that woman and her children are nothing to joke about, and for the children’s sake that family will need all the help and support they can get especially once those babies come home…)

I can sympathize and understand about forgetting or running out of diapers, though, and I think Elisabeth just did what she needed to do given the situation she was in. No big deal, I’m sure she changed his diaper again at the earliest possible opportunity!

Shannon on

Wow, talk about being critical! I salute all the perfect mothers on this site, who apparently never forgets anything, have their husbands double and triple check, and never bring their toddlers to any places.

Seriously, Elisabeth was just sharing an anecdote. Everyone trips up at times.

CelebBabyLover on

I agree with all the commentors who are saying that some people are being a little too harsh with Elizabeth. I mean, who HASN’T forgotten something important on occasion, whether it be a diaper or your wallet?

I don’t have kids, so I’ve obviously never forgotten a diaper. However, I have not once, but TWICE, found myself out in public without any of the neccesary supplies when my monthly “gift” suddenly started. The first time I was at the movie theatre, so I just improvised with some toliet paper until I got home. However, the second time I was on a day-trip which lasted several hours, so improvising wasn’t exactly pratical! I actually had to go to the nearest Wal-Mart and buy supplies as well as practically an entire new outfit! In fact, the only article of clothing I didn’t buy was a shirt (I even bought new socks, as the ones I was wearing really didn’t go with the pants I bought)!

That was embarassing enough for me. I can only imagine how it must feel to be caught out in public with a baby with stinkey diaper, and no spare diapers!

Alice on

I know I have forgotten diapers before, as I was making a mad dash out the door but to forget them knowing she was going to such an important meeting is just wild. I mean, she was going to the WHITE HOUSE!!! She has TWO babies who are still need diapers. Not sure if Grace is fully potty trained but we all know that even trained toddlers can have accidents.

Again, I just cannot imagine how she knew she was going to such an important place/meeting and didn’t pack ANY diapers – not to mention that Tim or maybe even the nanny didn’t think to make sure the bag was ready to go. Still, accidents do happen and having such a full schedule as she does, along with being preggers with #3, can make one just totally not think or forget the most important stuff.

I really do like Elisabeth!!! I do not agree with her politically but I think she is a great mom. She definitely LOVES her kiddos and makes family top priority. She seems very caring and nice too, especially when it comes to things involving children.

Jase on

I think some of you should really be given an award for being such excellent mothers seeing how you are all perfect and never make mistakes! You critisize every single move of these women when mostly they are just regular mothers like you. Think about all of your mistakes as parents – how would you like it if it were to be made public with all these people commenting?

natalie on

leave elisabeth alone. she was probably nervous like most of us and forgot something when we leave for important things.

texas on

Well, good to see soooo much perfection in mothers. I for one thought my husband checked the bag, he thought I did, etc. Guess what? No diaper at the Mexican Restaurant. Oh, the shame of it all, scooping the poop and putting it back on and going back out to eat. No diaper rash (I used a hair dryer at all times when changing diapers and no Desitin, ever.) She got a bath when we got home and a clean diaper. Best news, she’s going to be 21 this month. (that’s years, folks) Basically, the baby will live.

Lilianne on

I am a mom and I never forgot extra diapers or wipes or food for my child. EVER. The child should have been left at home in the first place because he is too young to attend such an important event. Secondly, she should have had someone with her who could have taken the child outside while she met with the President after she discovered her mistake. And thirdly, since it did happen she didn’t have to share this because it just makes her seem crass and airheaded.

Rebecca on

Jase, I prefaced with I’m not perfect, and I also explained what I did in a situation where I was like her (I wouldn’t leave a dirty diaper next to my child’s skin, that’s just unsanitary.) The thing is, this wasn’t picked up by the paparazzi, SHE shared this info. If she doesn’t want comments on it, don’t share it.

Emily on

I rolled my eyes reading the comments from Pearl, Kim, Monique, etc. Seriously, you would criticize a parent for being forgetful?! How about realizing that you weren’t there, you didn’t see the entire day unfold, and that you too make some mistakes?

Thanks to those who admitted that even though they don’t like Elisabeth, they found the story funny and thought the comments were harsh.

I think it’s funny. I thought that was good improvisation! And what a story for little Taylor later on in life. (seriously, why should anyone be embarrassed by what they did as a BABY?) I have forgotten diapers, or wipes, or other important things. Makes me wonder if those who haven’t forgotten don’t have children or rarely left the house with theirs.

Betty on

This country has just become too divided along political lines – I am guessing that most of the negative comments come from people who disagree with Elisabeth’s politics. If the same story was written about Michelle Obama I’m sure these people would applaud her for being so capable of handling a difficult situation.

Illinoisan on

I’m not a big Hasselbeck fan, but putting the dirty diaper back on the baby was pretty disgusting- I feel for the baby!!! As for not bringing any extra one- didn’t the WHite House have something for her to use, like an extra towel or something? This story was pretty gross. It’s funny, though, at the same time, I guess.

Emily on

Of course it was disgusting. That’s pretty much the point of the story. She didn’t have another option, save letting little Taylor run around bare-bottomed.

rationalpsychic on

“Knocked up,” huh? That’s a phrase I think is funny after three or four whiskys and a couple of beers on top of it.

Also, the quote: “kudos to her for being a hands on mom (who packs her own diaper bags, changes her own child)…” made me laugh. People get ‘kudos’ now for taking care of their own kids?

SallyBea on

I’m not a fan of Hasselbeck (her personality or her politics), but cut her some slack, people. Give her credit for

a. seeing the humour in the situation (vs dramatic over reaction),
b. coming up with a solution, and
c. choosing to take the kids in the first place.

CelebBabyLover on

rationalphysic- Of course a mother should take care of her own kids (well, unless there are extreme cicrumstances, such as with Britney Spears when she had her melt-down.). However, there are plently of celebs out there that DON’T seem to be hands-on at all.

I think the people saying “kudos” to Elisabeth for being on hands-on mom are just saying that they’re glad to see a celeb who actually appears to be a very hands-on mom, and doesn’t seem to just hand her kids off to nannies!🙂

Manon on

To be honest, as for being a “hands on mum” 1) how do we possibly know how hands on someone is? 2) it really isn’t a big deal for a parent to change their own child’s nappy 3) I’d actually rather a nanny changed the nappy than the mother leave the child in something soiled!

MiB on

I have been working in daycare as well as as a nanny, and I had to laugh at the story because it is so typical. Taylor is at an age where one of the most fun things to do is to pack and unpack, so it is quite possible that she had packed diapers, turned around to help Grace and Taylor unpacked the diapers himself! I know that I have checked the diaper bag, tied my shoelaces and while the baby “repacked” the bag. What do you do when you encounter a diaper blow out and realized that, thanks to a helpful baby, you have no diapers, but you do have one of daddy’s shoes! You improvise (more or less successfully). I have used burp cloths (what else can you do when you are taking a walk in the forest?) TP, paper towels and tissue when I have run out of diapers (there is nothing like pooping in a new diaper, right?!?). Since most parents and care takers will get a new nappy as soon as they can, I am sure he didn’t need to be in the soiled nappy for very long.

I also really don’t agree that she shouldn’t have brought him claiming he is too young to appreciate it, who knows if he will ever have another chance to meet a president? Even if he won’t remember that he met the president his parents will, and if they are anything like mine, they will tell him the story again, and again, and again, and he will probaly boost about meeting the president too. Just because a child is too young to remember something doesn’t mean that it can’t become a cherished memory.

Tripoli on

I’m not a big fan of Ms Hasselbeck, but I feel some empathy for her on this one. Years ago when my daughter was about the same age as her son, I had run out of diapers at Mount Rushmore and she too had dropped a nice stinky load. After making sure there was no one in the bathroom to witness my “re-treading” of my kid’s diaper, I tossed the poo in a nearby toilet,flushed and diapered her up again. So far there have been no psychological after-effects, lol.

Terri on

LOL at the diaper story!

L.J. on

wow, what a bunch of Elisabeth haters. it’ funny how a lot of you feel the need to preface your comments with “i don’t really like Elisabeth. . .” WHO CARES??!!!!!

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