Roger Federer and Mirka Vavrinec Expecting First Child

03/12/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Jon Furniss/WireImage

There’s going to be another kind of racket around Roger Federer‘s house. The tennis star — widely considered to be one of the greatest players in the history of the sport — is expecting a baby with partner (and former tennis pro!) Miroslava ‘Mirka’ Vavrinec. The 27-year-old announced the “really awesome news” on his website earlier today. “Mirka is pregnant and we are so happy to be starting a family together,” Roger writes. “This is a dream come true for us.” He adds,

“We love children and we are looking forward to being parents for the first time. Mirka is feeling great and everything is going well.”

Mirka, 30, is due this summer. The couple have been together for close to nine years.


Thanks to CBB reader Jane.

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lele on

love love him and admire his dedication to her… hope to see him play @ the ericsson…

Chloe on

Congrats to Roger and Mirka!

Nela on

Congrats to Roger and Mirka!

Mimi on

Does anyone ever get married first and then have babies? I love this couple and have been waiting for news on their marriage. They have been together for a very long time.

Sarah on

Congratulations to them! That lil boy or girl is going to have some serious tennis ability!

Mimi, yes people still do get married and then have children but it is 2009, there is no problem in having kids when you are not married. I think maybe it is even a little bit better because then if you do end up splitting up it won’t be as messy as a divorce. As long as you are committed to each other and in a loving relationship, you basically are married just without the piece of paper

eternalcanadian on

I’ve always been of the opinion if you’re committed to having children together you should get married. It also would be lovely if people got married before deciding to have children. These days cpeople are so much of the “oh well, if there’s problems I’ll just get a divorce” or “why bother getting married, it’ll just end in divorce” or “it is just a piece of paper, we already have kids and are together.” People don’t take marriage seriously anymore and I find that a sad commentary on today’s society. I think it is the greatest sign of love, even more than children, when someone asks you to marry them and that piece of paper says to the world this person made a commitment to you, wanted to witness your life, and vice versa. That’s just my opinion, and my husband agrees with me. 🙂

eternalcanadian on

Again with no edit function. I should point out my remarks are not in regards to people that choose not to be with the other parent of their child or to be single parents. It is in regards to people in a relationship with each other like Roger and Mirka.

lele on

i was thinking about that today and maybe they are married?????

babyfan on

In your discussion of ‘having babies and not being married (yet)’ don’t forget that these two are European, and our attitude to this is more relaxed. Nobody here gets married because of a baby any more, there have to be other reasons and most people view it as something that can wait. And who knows: maybe they have already secretly exchanged vows – without having a media circus – that would not surprise me at all.

martyna on

I come from Poland and I have to admit that our society is rather traditional and majority of people get married and than have kids.Nnowadays I know a lot of people who have got kids without being married . I think that some people just don;t believe in marriage or don ;t need it … it is not the rule that you have to be married to have kids togehter

Btw Congrats to Roger & mirka …mayby future tennis star is on the way

Paige on

Congratulations to Roger and Mirka. I think he’s my aunt’s tennis guy.

This child will probably be both gorgeous and definately have some skills at tennis.

taegan on

Whooooohooooo! Great news for Roger and Mirka.

Anna on

These people have been together for nine years I don’t think they need to prove their commitment to each other by getting married.

If I were you I’d worry about people marrying after knowing each other 1 month, having a baby 8.5 months later and splitting up 5 months later.

Lou on


congratulations, hope the pregnancy continues to go smoothly, i cant wait to see him/her.
maybe a little boy…i’m thinking a playmate for kingston/zuma?with G+G and RFed being really good friends their children are bound to be close. i’m sooo excited! he’s the only reason i watch tennis lol x

Heather on


Shannon on

Congratulations! I was so happy when I saw this news on a tennis forum. I LOVE this couple, they are so loving!

I always hate it when people suggest Roger should have dumped Mirka for a more glamorous model/actress (just like about, 90% of the mens players), just because he shot to fame. He would not have what he is today if not for the rock in his life: Mirka

Shannon on

And re the marriage issue: They have been together for 8 1/2 years, and if you’ve followed them throughout, you’ll know their relationship is solid, and they’re as good as married anyway

Donattela, Milan Italy on

I’m a huge Roger fan the rant I’m about to go on is not exclusive to him….
I don’t understand people who have children out of wedlock WHO LATER GET MARRIED;

IF THEY NEVER GET MARRIED I’ll understand it’ll prove that their secular and don’t need the institution of marriage.

However if they do get married after they have a child it begs the question why do it the wrong way around?

Having a child is the ULITMATE commitment because unlike marriage you’re tied to that partner for the duration of the offspring’s lifetime; unlike marriage which can easily be annulled or divorced, so why are people not afraid of the bigger commitment of having sex (which can cause the GREATEST COMMITMENT) but are coy about a piece of paper?

Mollie on

“Does anyone ever get married first and then have babies?”

That’s the way it SHOULD be, but the world gets more and more immoral everyday. Just because society is accepting of something does not make it morally or ethically right.

Fred Smilek on

Congratulations! They are setting up to be having a very athletic child.

Meg on

Aww Congrats. Can’t wait to see baby Fedex.

Vlada on

I love them! Congrats. Mirka has been wearing a ring for several years, who’s to say that they don’t already have a private commitment to each other. It’s up to them whether they want to make it legal.

Robyn on


sorry..but I would hardly call 2 people having a child, who have been together for 9 years immoral…

Rachel on

Hooray for them! This news is a pleasant surprise, as I am a long-time fan of his.

I am very shocked that people are making such a fuss about them not being married, though. They have been together for so long and are obviously committed to one another and this child, so why should they have to get married? They are happy and secure–let them be!

Kari on

I am with several of you on this- I feel that a couple who has been together NINE years and weathered their professional careers together are more than capable of being excellent parents regardless of being married or not. They were together when Roger wasn’t even famous. How many couples could survive the rocket to fame, the pressures, the temptations and still end up together nine years later? Not many, that’s for sure! Some couples (like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck) get married after they get pregnant and that’s great because they feel it’s something they need to do. Other couples like Kurt & Goldie or Tim & Susan never get married and they have raised successful, wonderful children and enjoyed decades-long relationships. All I care about is every child having a loving parent to raise them and take care of them. Roger is a sweetheart and Mirka seems like one too! Congrats!

brannon on

Seriously Mollie – who says “should?” didn’t realize there was a moral rulebook anywhere. I personally know many married couples who don’t make it 9 years. Maybe they SHOULD have done something differently? This couple seems happy and committed. Congratulations to them.

lennie on

Common Roger!! Sooo coool. Congrats Roger and Mirka.
I used to play tennis with Roger and his sister when I was a kid and he was a wild child. The kid’s gonna be a cute handful if he’s anything like his dad😉
greetz from Switzerland

Sabra on

I have to say I am surprised that Roger and Mirka are expecting a baby. I always thought of Roger as being conservative and would have thought they would get married before announcing a baby on the way. This does seem to have happened at the perfect time; Mirka must have fallen pregnant shortly after Roger lost his Number 1 world ranking. Nothing like a baby to boost the male ego and let Roger know he’s still got it.😉

Jacqueline on

I’m delighted at having heard of this news on Friday. I was watching ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption when, before a commercial break, one of the host(Tony Kornheiser)mentioned that Roger Federer is going to be a daddy. After the show ended, I immediately went to Roge’s official website. I’m so happy for him and Mirka. A truly loving couple. Who knows? They most likely and probably are secretly married. Deciding to secretly married and not have a media circus is a good thing.

It is sad that marriage has been ridiculed, scorned and whatnot… and still is. Marriage is a beautiful thing. It will always be the ultimate sign of commitment. Marriage should read “two people have shut out the open market” so to speak. Unfortunately some don’t see it like that and it’s sad to know that marriage is disrespected by actions, words and all. It doesn’t matter how long two date, but getting married. That’s just a blessing. That’s sealing the deal.

So anyway, let’s just congratulate them. And again, who knows. Roge and Mirka might actually be married already.

Mandy on

Congratulation Roger and Mirka
I love You Roger and Mirka and baby too
Hey I don’t believe in Marriage cos it is the signatures on the papers. I am agree with Roger and Mirka that they decided to have children before they got married.

lele on

they got married! can’t email the site 4 some reason….

Dear Fans
Earlier today, in my hometown of Basel, surrounded by a small group of close friends and family, Mirka and I got married. It was a beautiful spring day and an incredibly joyous occasion.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Federer wish all of you a Happy Easter weekend.

Jacquline Bays on

Hi Roger and Mirka congraulations on your marriage and baby to be.
Roger I think you are the most wonderful guy on earth not just because you look sooooooo good but i do believe that you are a wonderful humanbeing.You two make us all dream of love. Mirka is a lucky woman and you two are bless to be together. congrats on the French Open. you go roger! remember delay is not denial . Take care of Mirka and the baby.

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