Nicole Kidman's Gymboree Girl

03/12/2009 at 01:00 PM ET

With the wind in their hair, Nicole Kidman and 8-month-old daughter Sunday Rose leave Gymboree class on Tuesday in Nashville, Tenn., where they had spent the past hour dancing and singing with fellow parents and their kids.

Although pregnancy rumors have been swirling again, Nicole’s husband, Keith Urban, says that he’s not expecting.

The country star tells CMT Insider, “I’m not pregnant, no, definitely not. Clear that one up right now. I haven’t had any check-ups recently but โ€ฆ it’s just going out on a limb here.”

Sunday wears Trumpette’s Maryjane socks ($24.50/six pairs).

Click below for another shot of Nicole and Sunday!


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Danielle on

Funny…for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how you’d know what brand her socks were, but now I see that there are NO shoes on top!!

Anyways…Sunday is beautiful๐Ÿ™‚

Sara on

They look adorable but why is Nicole wearing long sleeves and Sunday is in a t-shirt? Poor cold baby! It looks windy!

Sheila on

She is soo cute!! I think she looks like her daddy!

Jeni on

She’s adorable and getting quite big. We don’t get to see photos of her that often.

And I love Keith’s quote๐Ÿ˜„ So very him. I’m excited for his new album.

eternalcanadian on

oh my goodness, there’s sunday! such a cutie and she sure has the light blonde hair of her mum plus she’s all keith in the face.

Ashley on

Wow Sunday sure does look like Keith.

I’m so happy to see Nicole with her biological daughter. It’s great to see that she has a child that can be with her full time since she has to share Connor and Bella with Tom and rarely sees them due to Scientology.

matt housh on

awwwww sunday looks sooooo cute!!! and i dunno if the rumors are true or not, she does seem to have a lil bump there but she just had a baby 8 months ago! and keith was pretty cagy when he said ‘he’ wasn’t pregnant….ohhh i dunno lol

k on

What an adorable baby! Nice to see Nicole out and about with her youngest!

Brandi on

Sara, they’re in Nashville so I’m assuming the weather there is better than up north. I’m sure she knows how to dress her baby.

She definitely is all Keith but has Nicole’s hair. I am glad to see Nicole wearing hers curly again!!

Marcie on


Tuesday was a nice day here in Nashville with the temperature reaching 77 – 80 degrees. It was a bit windy, but definitely nice enough for Sunday to wear short sleeves. Unfortunately the temp has dropped to the 30s today. ;o(

Betsy on

does she have a birthmark on her forehead or is it just the lighting?

Abbey on

That baby is definitely Keith Urban’s daughter! She’s so cute! I love those cheeks.

Shannon on

She is soooo cute!! I love seeing pics of them, definitely one of my favorite celeb families. I was so sad for her when she had that miscarriage right after her and Tom split, but look at what wonderful things she has now- a wonderful husband, another beautiful baby, and what seems to be a great future!

Definitely hoping they’re expecting again-the way Keith put that comment really makes me wonder!

angela on

Could you imagine if you were at Gymboree and turned around to see Nicole Kidman and her baby in class with you and your kids? That would be so cool!๐Ÿ™‚

Natasha on

Ashley, I don’t think scientology has anything to do with it. Their schooling? Yeah, seems a little more likely.

Lauren on

Aww, Keith and Nicole’s little “sweet thing.” Wonder if she’s loving Daddy’s new single as much as I do?๐Ÿ˜‰

Becky on

What a cutie! If the rumor is true that that is a baby bump, then based on her last pregnancy, that is probably a 9 month pregnant bump!๐Ÿ™‚ Next announcement will be that they had baby #2, not that they’re expecting.๐Ÿ˜‰

Jess on

She looks so much like her daddy, she’s so cute.

And I’ll agree with the PP’s about the weather. I kinda had to laugh because on Tuesday it got close to the 80’s, my son was in shorts & a t-shirt. But I was the weirdo who was wearing a light, long sleeve jacket over my outfit just because I prefer layers when I’m out & about. So if you saw pictures of me & my son, it would have looked pretty much like this & I guess people would think I was freezing my son. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tee on

It’s so great to see Nicole and Sunday Rose. That’s a baby that we don’t see very often. She’s absolutely beautiful!

iluvallbabies on

Betsy was thinking the same thing. I can definately see a red mark on her forehead? Almost looks like veins or a birthmark. She is very cute and definately favours her dad.

And yes Keith made a point of saying ‘HE’ wasnt pregnant- joking around and avoiding the actual question!

michelle on

It’s been super cold in Nashville and that infant doesn’t have a sweater on but parent does. What is Nicole thinking.

The photo was taken Tuesday, not yesterday or today – as Marcie and Jess stated, it was quite warm in Nashville the beginning of the week.

-CBB Staff

Michelle Z. on

My son had a similar “stork bite” on his forehead. It faded over time, though when he gets really mad, you can still see it.

Rose on

Good grief, I wish the media would just back off and let celebrities announce their pregnancies if/when they’re ready instead of constantly asking people if they’re pregnant. It’s just a rude question – especially in light of Nicole’s medical history. I wish they would be more respectful of the fact that some people don’t want to announce their pregnancies until after they’re out of the first trimester and just give it a rest already.

Ruthella on

Michelle Z: My son has the exact same thing, a stork-mark on his forehead, and it’s totally faded now, except for when he gets really cross! It’s so funny to see๐Ÿ™‚ My daughter has a tiny one at the nape of her neck too, it’s very kissable๐Ÿ™‚

ErykaWynter on

Yeah! We finally get a great shot of Miss Sunday Rose. Just beautiful!

gianna on

She looks like both parents, but more keith I think

Chicki on

Does anyone else think it’s weird that Suri Cruise also had a similar birthmark on her forehead? Hers may have faded away by now, just as I’m sure Sunday’s will too!๐Ÿ™‚

Pam on

Are her cheeks red from the wind, or is that another possible birthmark as well? She is a cutie, so I guess it doesn’t matter. Not a Nicole fan, but definately a Keith fan. Hopefully he will keep his life on the straight and narrow now that he has a family. Prayers are with him that he does.

Shawna on

Where’s this bump others are mentioning? I don’t see anything at all.

Amberlee on

I agree, she looks like her Daddy but has Nicole’s hair/coloring. Cute baby! I agree with an earlier post, IF they are pregnant- let them tell the public when they are ready. Let them have some time to enjoy it privately, it’s such a short time.

charlottecook23 on

finally a picture of baby sunday rose she is cute as a button she looks like momma but im not a fan of her name i like rose though but not sunday

Jennifer on

Aww…what a precious cutie little Sunday Rose is! She looks a lot like her Daddy with Mommy’s hair and coloring.

malibu on

Sunday Rose is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! She definitely looks like her daddy, a little KEITHETTE. (I too, hope the rumor is true that she is pregnant.) I am a BIG fan of Nicole Kidman and most recently Keith Urban – I LOVE HIM!! (my son gave me his CD Love, pain… and also his greatest hits for x-mas 2008, WOW! I was blown away. I went and bought all his CD’s.) Now I am looking forward and can’t wait for his concert in May 14.

taegan on

Good to see Sunday. Mummy looks fit.

meghan on

Not seeing a bump…


Sunday Rose is most certainly a cutee patootee, who resembles her daddy o….

deb on

Oh My God! Is Sunday just the spitting image of Keith??? Bless you Nicole for having Keith’s baby. I am so happy for the 2 of you. Sunday Rose is just adorable and seems to be so happy. Congrats, Love -DD

elle on

I think Sunday is so pale that the composure of the photo is just weird. She’s a cute baby tho.

Mia on

Look at those chubby cheeks! It’s like another Shiloh๐Ÿ™‚ Sunday is cute, she is definitely Keith but with Nicole’s coloring. Very happy for their whole family.

CelebBabyLover on

Chicki- I was just thinking basically the same thing…except that what I think is that it’s funny that there were RUMORS that Suri had a birthmark on her forehead, and now it looks like Sunday might have one as well. Personally, I haven’t seen any pictures that prove that Suri ever had a birth mark.

Natasha- ITA! Also, Nicole has said that Bella and Connor actually PREFER to spend most of their time in LA, as Nashville is basically not that interesting for kids their ages.

As for Nicole being pregnant again…I really don’t know. I DO see what could potentially be a tiny tummy, but considering Nicole’s comments about how she’s always had a “little tummy”, I’m guessing it’s just that, a little tummy!

Anyway, I was just wondering when we were going to see Sunday again!๐Ÿ™‚

Sheri on

Oh … isn’t she a little angel and the spitting image of Keith!! She does look a little pale and sickly, though ~ but maybe it’s just the wind in her face. And her name has grown on me … wasn’t crazy about it in the beginning, but now I think Sunday is a beautiful, feminine name. God bless this sweet family!

babyboopie on

Does anyone know why the name Sunday Rose is funny to England??
Nevertheless, a beautiful baby girl!

Fred Smilek on

Cute baby. Not sue who she looks like more…Mother or Father?

BostonMom on

I love the look of Trumpette socks but I wish they made them bigger. They are labeled as 0-12 months but only seem to fit itty bitty babies correctly. I bought some for my daughter and had to send them back because they were too small even though she was well under a year at the time. Every time I see a photo of a celeb baby wearing them, I can see that they are too small. I wonder why the company doesn’t catch on and make them a bit bigger, or make different sizes for the first year?

Lis on

Babyboopie – I don’t know!!!??? Please enlighten me!!!๐Ÿ™‚ (You’ve got my curiosity going…)

Stephany on

I was wondering when we were going to see little Sunday Rose again! She’s adorable, love those chunky, chunky cheeks!

KL on

Itยดs risky to take the baby out without a hat on a windy day. Ear infection right there.

Chicki on

@CelebBabyLover – I have seen Suri Cruise’s birthmark and it’s quite convincing. I don’t know how to insert a link, but if you google “Suri Cruise Birthmark” you’ll see the pictures of Suri at Tom and Katie’s wedding where the mark is really apparent! I just think it’s really weird that she and Sunday seem to have the same markings! 0_o


You can also see it (although it looks more like an angel’s kiss/stork bite) in the new airport photos, some readers pointed out –

– CBB Staff

Ellen Smith on

She is quite ordinary looking, which isn’t a bad thing, just an observation.

Sarah on

Ellen Smith, I’m surprised your comment even got posted. What were you expecting really? She’s a baby, not a model. I’m sure she’s very sorry she doesn’t meet your standards…

Joy C on

Beautiful Little Keithette!!! She’s great! Thank you Nic for the pictures.

Delilah on

I think she is quiet adorable. And I just want to kiss those cheeks. I’ll bet she has a lovely smile..Gah..too cute!

Ellen Smith on

I don’t expect any baby to be a supermodel – it’s just that everyone goes ga-ga over celebrity babies and how absolutely cute and gorgeous they are, when in fact some of them are just average looking, as I believe this child is. It stands to reason that not every baby will be “stunning, beautiful, kissable, gorgeous” and all that other sugary sweet talk, just like every adult is not beautiful. Most of us, including in my opinion this child, fall somewhere in the middle.

Chicki on

Wow, Ellen tell us what you really think!๐Ÿ™‚ Actually I agree completely with your comment – I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying some babies are cuter than others – fact of life! Although it could be that Sunday was just having a bad day, or was shot at a bad angle!

Ellen Smith on

Thanks Chicki – I’m not trying to be nasty, just observant. Those posters who feel that she is a gorgeous baby are entitled to their opinion and I feel no malice toward them.

Torre on

Wow little Sunday Rose is a cutie all right. I also doubt that Scientology has anything to do w/her not seeing her older kids. I don’t think she wants to see them. Remember, she was also a Scientologist when they were adopted. She got them into it as well! If she wanted to see her other kids… she’d live closer, and she’d see them as much as Tom does! She’s also very wealthy and has conections. Just one gal’s opinion.

babyboopie on

Lis- it’s because in England, it’s traditional for us to have a roast dinner every Sunday and we call this ‘ Sunday Roast’ and Sunday Rose’s name is very similar sounding, which is why we think it’s funny! This is why everyone should consider names more carefully!๐Ÿ˜›

wheatworth on

Nicole was taking a Babysigns class at that Gymboree in Franklin TN. She also gets private Babysigns classes at her home by the Babysigns teacher, Teri A.

Sheri on

Torre ~ Nicole has never been a Scientologist … even when she was married to Tom. She has been quite open about the fact that she is Catholic (and even had a Catholic marriage ceremony when she married Keith if I remember correctly). As far as living in Nashville, that is where the country music core is and Keith is a country music star so it only makes sense that they live there. It has also been reported that she and Keith just bought a home in L.A. so they can be closer to Isabella and Connor and come into town more often. I think Nicole is just much more private about seeing her older children (plus they are teenagers with lives of their own) so that is why we don’t see her with them as much. I’m sure she is just as much the loving mother to them as she is with little Sunday. People shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

sleekraven on

Sweet Sunday Rose. Looks like Daddy but has Mummy’s colouring and both their serious looks! I think she is absolutely gorgeous.

Fact of the matter regarding her older kids is that Kidman hasn’t lived in LA since 2002 when she and the kids moved to NY to live until they moved back to LA to live with their father in 2005. Keith’s career aside, Nashville is simply where they chose to establish their lives together, not LA or anywhere close to it. If her older kids want to be in LA then I don’t see why she has to move other members of the family just so she can act like or show she hasn’t abandoned them or that she sees them. Nashville to LA is less than 5 hours, at those children’s ages, they can board a plane and go see their Urban family. They are not babies regardless of how the media or some people seem to think, they entered their teenage years 3 years and 2 years ago respectively, Bella is Miley Cyrus’s age. At Conor’s age, Kidman was already working as an actress and earning a wage.

Just my 2cents, parents are allowed to be selfless, too and do things that allow them to live contently and be healthy and I think that is what Kidman did. Kidman has said for many years that she doesn’t like LA and as evidenced, the first chance she got to get out of their after her first marriage ended, she moved away from there.

I am glad she has Keith and Sunday Rose in her life,

sleekraven on

And to the baby health police regarding this outing and the weather: A little wind won’t hurt the baby. The only windy bit in the picture is of them outside the door, the rest of the pics do not show them fighting the wind and considering she is walking from the gymboree place to their car, I doubt anything epic is going to happen to the kid! For all we know, it was simply a gust of wind on an otherwisely, calm day.

I daresay that it cannot be always that comfortable sitting on that judgemental highchair especially when said judgement is made using a series of photos that may or may not tell the whole story. This doesn’t show care, it show a patronising behaviour.

tdevol on

I am in Tennessee and it was in the upper 70s in Nashville early this week so the baby is most certainly not cold๐Ÿ™‚

Amanda on

Aww! She is such a cutie! I agree with everyone saying she looks
like her daddy,though I see alot of her momma in her too. Espeically the hair.

Keith’s quote about him not being pregnant was so funny.
I love him and hope to see him in concert soon.

CelebBabyLover on

Sheri and Sleekraven- ITA! Just because we don’t usually seen Bella and Connor with Nicole doesn’t mean they never see each other! I mean, this picture is the first time we’ve even seen Sunday in quite awhile! Nicole has always been rather private with her children. In fact, in some of Nicole’s interviews this past Fall, she seems to indicate that she DOES seem them more than publically known. For example, she mentioned Bella helping Keith take care of Sunday while she (Nicole, I mean) was at an event.

She also mentioned that one of her favorite pictures is one of Bella holding a (then newborn) Sunday, and that right after Sunday’s birth, she just wanted to be in the “bubble” of her, Keith, Sunday, Bella, and Connor.

Chicki- I have indeed seen the wedding photos, but it looked to me like the “birthmark” could have also been just a pressure mark (I get those all the time myself. I tend to sit with one leg draped over the other, and the bottom leg usually gets a red mark from the pressure of the top one), or even smudges from being kissed by lipstick.

However, the CBB Staff is correct about the airport photos. I do remember seeing the birthmark in them now. So I stand corrected!

Sheri on

CelebBabyLover ~ I think you better go back and read the post I wrote above … I was DEFENDING Nicole in regard to her older children! I think you’re a bit confused here in your response…

daniela on

Sunday is so cute with those huge cheeks! I think she looks like both parents, but she’s so young I usually can’t see any defining features at this age…just yummy cupcake cuteness! ๐Ÿ™‚

Also I don’t see how anyone sees a bump Nicole! She’s skinny as a rail! I just think her jacket is a bit loose in the front is all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stephanie on

how adorable. I love her whispy blond hair. My daughter, who just turned one, has a stork bite on her forehead…between her eyes. It is just beginning to fade. But the birth mark on the base of her head by her neck is just as purple. I’ve heard the facial ones are really common and most likely go away by the time they are three. ๐Ÿ™‚ But I think my little one looks gorgeous no matter what! And, I believe all mommy’s feel that way!

heather1980 on

Both Mother And Child Are Very Beautiful

Cara on

Aww… She looks just like her daddy! Yea, I agree, how stunned would you be to find Nicole Kidman at your kids Gymboree class!!

CelebBabyLover on

Sheri- I was AGREEING with you! ITA means I totally agree!๐Ÿ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I also forgot to add earlier that I think the reason some people get confused and think Nicole was a Scientologist while she was married with Tom is that she (I believe, anyway) DID take a few Scientology classes, probably to make Tom happy.

However, she never actually converted.

Tanya on

I think Suri Cruise is cuter than little Sunday Rose. I agree that Sunday is an average looking baby. She looks really tired in these photos and shes got red marks on her face,I think thats why shes not that cute looking. But if shes laughing and smiling one day I bet shes gonna look cute and chubby.

Mary-Helen on

Wow…Sunday is such a cutie! She looks really tired in these pics, Gymboree must have worn her out!

fevvers on

Lordy…I cannot believe people here are comparing Suri and Sunday like they have entrered some type of beauty competition! Repulsive. Have some respect for these two little girls who are their own people and have not asked for your “judgement” on their looks. The poor child was simply taken to a gymboree class! And I think she is a beautiful beautiful baby, IMO.

fevvers on

ps I love her outfit.

WL Pilcher on

She is very cute baby,She look like daddy

Faith on

Sunday is a cutie! She looks so much like her daddy. ๐Ÿ˜€

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