Gavin and Kingston Rossdale Take a Break

03/12/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Juan Soliz/Pacific Coast News

Gavin Rossdale gives son Kingston James McGregor, 2 ½, a lift while relaxing at the La Quinta Resort & Club on Wednesday in Palm Springs, Calif.

The Stefani-Rossdales are currently enjoying some lounge time while Gavin competes in the K-Swiss Desert Smash tennis event, which benefits Variety Club of the Desert: The Children’s Charity, a group of local business leaders helping kids in need.

We also spotted the familyGwen Stefani and 6-month-old Zuma Nesta Rock included — out on Tuesday evening at the kick-off gala!

Click below for a photo of Gwen strollin’ with Zuma!

Clint Brewer/Banks/Splash News Online

Gwen pushes a Brio Go (£500).

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Chloe on

Kingston looks so grown up, it’s a shame he’s still got a dummy/pacifier. Love Gwen’s pushchair!

Lis on

It’s Gavin and his mini-me!!!
And I’m loving Kingston’s bedhead😀

Cassandra on

Zuma looks like he face planted in the stroller. LOL. This family is ridiculously beautiful, Kingston looks just like his Daddy.

Luce on

I am so pleased to see Kingston still with a dummy (Pacifier), allowing a baby to be a baby is a good thing! Great family!

Lila on

They have extremely cute kids, but I think it’s terrible that Kingston is still using a pacifier… maybe that’s because I never even let my son have one and he wasn’t fussy at all, but Kingston is nearly 3. Isn’t that about… a year and a half too long for a pacifier?

michelle on

Do we really have to go through the pacifier argument AGAIN? They’re good, they’re bad. My child loved his, my child gave up hers. If it’s not your child, you shouldn’t judge.

Lauren on

Gorgeous as Kingston is, he is beyond too old for a pacifier. Considering he is no longer a baby, there is no reason for him to have one at this point barring a medical one. They are asking for dental problems later in life.

ErykaWynter on

Luce, I must politely disagree. Kingston is not a baby, he is a toddler. My best friend is a pediatrician and we were actually just talking about this. At two, they should not have the pacifier at all anymore. In rare cases, it is okay to let them have it to fall asleep but that is it. It interferes with proper oral development and can affect teeth and speech at that age. She recommends babies wean by 12 mos.

Jess on

I don’t see why people get so worked up over a paci. Wonderful if you don’t let your kids ave them or cut them off by a certian age, but not all parents agree with it. My son never took one (I wish he did though!) & I personally had mine until I was about 4. Yes, I was 4 until I just put it down one day & never looked back. No dental problems in my life because of it. But I’m sure Gavin & Gwen can handle any dental problems in the future. :b

Kimberly on

People need to mind their own business, not your child, so why do you care if a parent allows a pacifier past age one?

I think there are many other issues that are far more important to worry about. They obviously love their children very much and are providing them with a good life.

JMO on

ah Kingston my man – you happen to look like a cool hip little rock star in all your photos – and then you go and disappoint me with the binky! LOL

Still cute (but so much cuter without the plug)!

Gina on

My son had a binky until he turned three. He just one day stopped using them, most likely because it got in the way of running his mouth. His teeth are normal (for a five yr old) and he speaks better than my neighbors eight year old.

E on

personally i don’t see anything wrong with the pacifier. we’re not gwen and gavin, so we don’t know when he has the paci…

my son is a few weeks younger than kingston and when he throws his little temper tantrums the paci is the only thing that calms him. that’s the only time he uses it. maybe kingston is the same way?

Korrie on

Kingston is a cutie pie! Zuma is so pudgy, I just want to squeeze him! LOL!

Great Family!!

daria on

any caring and loving parent knows that kids are not identical. some need oral stimulation and some don’t. some have trouble filtering out environmental stimuli and use pacifiers to calm themselves. parenting is not a perfect science, and standards change. even the old dental problems argument is inaccurate, since many of these dental problems are perfectly reversible without any dental intervention. those parents chastising other parents might want to work on teaching their kids (and themselves!) some empathy.

sat on

He probably just woke up, I’m sure he will be fine. I sucked my thumb till age 10 and kept a security blanket till age 19. Guess I’m a lost cause, huh😉 Gwen also looks tremendous/radiant/blissful. Yay!

Hannah on

I dont think there is any problems with pacifiers. Dont judge others kids! My son (same age as Kingston) has one when he’s sleepy as do most other kids I know with them. It’s a comfort thing!

Kingston is gorgeous and love Zuma’s pram!

Amy on

People REALLY should mind their own things…

My middle girl loved her paci and weaned at 3 years old. She has beautiful and perfect teeth!

Em on

I normally don’t comment on these things, but I sucked my thumb until 12. The doctor’s didn’t think anything of it, and my teeth are perfectly straight today.

Erica on

I don’t think people should judge. They have mentioned that he gets scared by the photographers, and I think if it comforts him, it is doing more good than harm. I had a pacifier until I was 2 and guess what….I needed braces. So what. I probably would have anyway. My brother and sister never had one and they also needed braces. A lot of kids do anyway, so I don’t think it really matters whether you have the pacifier or not.

charlottecook23 on

i cant beleive that cutie pie kingston is almost 3 years old along with suri and shiloh they are getting so big and little zuma is soo freaking cute

Michelle on

My concern for the pacifier is not so much the dental problems that many think of, but as a speech pathologist, extended use of a pacifier can cause expressive language delays and often inhibits the development of specific sounds and the need to use spoken language. There are many other things that parents can do to provide a “calming” mechanism other than a pacifier in toddlers.

Bell on

Beautiful well loved children in a happy family being the target of the Parenting Police is laughable.

Emily on

Personally, I would hate to see my son with a dummy as I think it makes kids look like they are stupid.

Saying that however, you can’t control what your kids want. I never gave my son a dummy, but he has a security blanket which he uses for bed times and occassionally times of distress and he often puts the corner of it in his mouth. It just must be a comfort to him.

I don’t think that he is any ‘better’ than kids with a dummy because of this, but I still hate seeing children walking around plugged up.

Boston Mom on

Thank you Michelle! I am a speech pathologist too, and was thinking the same thing!

Jennifer on

He’s a gorgeous kid but he needs to lose the paci!!

Kimber Christian on

My Mama always said……if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Why do we care what other people do with their children?!? It’s none of our business if Kingston has a pacifier. I’m sure no one here would appreciate dozens of comments about something to do with THEIR kids.

Sammy-xx on

I had my dummy until I was 3 years old and I have had no dental problems at all, my teeth are straight, I have no over bite and they are healthy and strong. I did have a lisp though but after a few times seeing a speach therapist it was fine.
My sister never had a dummy but did suck her thumb until she was 10 or so. She has had braces, and too many teeth. Also a small over bite.
Everyone is going to nit pick at pictures of celebs and their kids, but they are their kids.
None of what we are seeing is child abuse. So Kingston has a dummy and Everly Bear wore a hair clasp and whatever else.
You wouldn’t go up to a parent on the street and tell them that their 3 year old really shouldn’t have a dummy.

Beautiful Family.

Patricia(Patti) on

I love this family! They are all beautiful. I’ve been called a lazy Mother for allowing my son to have his binky ’til he was almost 3….but I don’t care! He is intelligent, speaks like he’s 7, and has nice teeth. I’m sure Gwen and Gavin don’t care, either! haha

summer on

ahhh yes, this is why I have zero interest in joining mommy “support” groups.
judge judge judge, negative comment after negative comment is all this society does. the children are obviously adored, loved, kept clean and so on…….
beautiful family indeed.

Rebecka on

I know poeple who had their pacifier until they were like 3-4, and they don’t have any problems with their teeth. I myself never used a pacifier, but I needed braces anyway😛 lol. So I don’t really see the big deal, plus it’s G&G’s kid and not yours, no one should judge them (or him).

Tracy on

To Michelle and Boston Mom….how silly. Use the speech pathologist card. You are not in a position to judge him or his parents. There are many many reasons kids still use binkies at that age. My son had his until he was three and has perfect speech and perfect teeth. And to the person whose friend is a pediatrician…no way in Hades would I take my kid to your friend. She sounds like the kind of pediatrician that makes parents feel terrible and guilty about their parenting.

That being said…..Kingston is a doll!! Zuma is precious!!! Gavin is hot and Gwen is beautiful!

MzDizzle on

some of you people need to get over yourselves. gwen and gavin do whats best for the kids, you do whats best for your kids, leave it at that, jeez.

jackie on

Let them be the Mom and Dad and make their own decisions. Quit judging.

Amy on

Oh and my girl NEVER had any issues with speech. In fact was always way ahead of the curve. Yeah, we are big fans of pacis in my house. Never hurted any of my kids, they were happy and that’s what matters to me.
And my young one (5 months old) sucks her thumb!

Lila on

I really thought the purpose of these comment boards were to leave our opinions, as well as “agree or disagree with eachother as long as you do it respectfully.” No one has flat-out called Gwen or Gavin stupid, no one has said any of the other parents in this forum are stupid, so I don’t think anyone is pointing fingers. It’s perfectly normal for someone (including myself, as I did earlier) to leave their opinion on a taboo topic. I think giving children a pacifier in the first place is stupid, but if it soothes them, then more power to you. To each his/her own. I REALLY think that letting them have it past a year old is stupid.. Psychologically, because yes, there is evidence that proves that it can delay speech or screw up teeth. Doesn’t mean it happens every single time… and, as shallow as it sounds, visually.. I think a toddler with a paci looks downright silly. Just my opinions, though.

Lila on

AND.. I think that the people who keep saying “don’t judge” are being judgemental of others’ opinions. Doesn’t make sense to me.

elle on

Its their decision and I don’t really see any real problem with it, but prolonged use of pacifer DOES often impact oral development. Whether he is too old for his I don’t really have an opinion. I never liked having one and my mum said I’d just spit it out. Plus they can afford braces. Also if he quits using a pacifer and moves on to sucking his thumb, its the same thing.

“Are Pacifiers a Problem?
During a child’s first few years, sucking habits are unlikely to cause significant damage to a child’s mouth. But persistent and long-term sucking, especially after the permanent teeth begin to come into the mouth around age 6, can cause:

* The top front teeth to slant out.
* The bottom front teeth to tilt in.
* The upper and lower jaws to be misaligned.
* The roof of the mouth to be narrowed”

from Colgate website.

and science daily.

louisemom3 on

Last time I checked we live in a free country that allows free speech. So people can say what they want about the pacifier. Personally I think it is cruel on the parents part to let their child have a paci past the age of one. I took it away from my daughter at 18 months and she cried for 3 days straight and then forgot about it, on the other hand I took it away from my son at 12 months and he didn’t even notice it was gone. So the longer he keeps it the harder it is to give up. Take it away already!

Mary-Helen on

I can’t get over how much he looks like Gavin. Zuma looks like he’s enjoying a nice nap or checking out his toes haha.

Either way, The Rossdales are a beautiful bunch.

momto3 on

I for one AGREE with the fact that Kingston is way to old got a pacifier. My son is proof that having one past the age of 2 is bad. My son with be 3 in April, and we made him give his up about 3 months ago. As a result of him using the pacifier so long his speech is delayed, and he has issues with certain word sounds. My hubby and I both blame it on the pacifier. He was so attached to it, so we just let him keep using it. Well that wasnt the right thing to do.
He has made a little improvement in his speech since giving up the pacifier, but he still has catching up to do.

Adrianna on

I just don’t understand what the problem is. If Kingston does have issues from using his binky Gwen and Gavin are going to be the ones having to deal with it, not us.🙂

Kristen on

Everyone is so worked up about Kingston, did anyone else notice that Zuma is face planted in his stroller? LOL. This is SUCH an adorable and loving family. Those boys are beautiful.

michelle on

I don’t really think the problem is whether or not pacifiers are a good idea or not. Everyone has already heard all the arguments and personal stories for and against. The problem is that this debate comes up EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Neither side is ever going to be to able to change the other side’s mind.

Why does every comment thread have to be ruined with these senseless arguments? Yes, everyone has the right to their opinion, but is it really necessary to express it every time? What’s the point? What do you hope to gain?

Pearl on

Love this family! Paci talk has to stop ladies. I am sure on Graduation Day he will not have a DUMMY in his mouth. And since when did they start calling them DUMMIES? This is the same reason I avoid the women in my family.

Kresta on

Pearl, here in New Zealand, we call them dummies. I assume they call them that in Australia and the UK, too.

ang on

im Australian-it’s called a dummy here(angry person mouthing off=dummy spit).supernanny is from UK and calls it a binky. no big deal.i just took one look at the pic and went “oh god, here we go” LOL

CelebBabyLover on

I want to point out something that nobody else has thought of. Shortly after Zuma was born, Gwen and Gavin both spoke about how he was having a hard time adjusting to his baby brother. Sometimes, when kids have a hard time adjusting to their baby siblings, they regress. Maybe that’s what happened with Kingston!

Anyway, I had a pacifer as a baby AND as a toddler and ended up with braces. However, I highly doubt that was due to using a pacifer. I have a very small mouth, so there simply wasn’t enough room for my teeth to align properly (in fact, some, including a few permenant teeth, even had to be pulled in order to give the remaining teeth room to be pulled into alingment by braces).

Also, my dad also required braces due to a very small mouth (and, looking at his baby pictures, it doesn’t appear that he ever used a pacifer, if they were even around at that time), so I think it’s genetic in my case!

Manon on

Louisemom3 my sentiments exactly!

I personally hate dummies (UK term) but Kingston isn’t seen with one that often so I can’t think that it’s doing much harm.

It’s funny but all the arguments on here and downright aggression stem from the fact that people get so up in arms about people giving an opinion – whether they said it once or ten times it’s their opinion and that’s why they come onto a discussion forum.

The only thing that bothers me is when people make really judgemental comments not based in fact or when they say unkind things about a baby (only read 1 forum member who has done that – about Honor Warren).

Dummy/paci or not he is sweet. I find him 50-50 like both parents but most of all his own little look!

sil on

well said Lila! i totally agree with your comment.

Wendy Snipes on

Enough already about the Passy. Let he who is the perfect parent cast the first stone. I’m sure that all the problems with teeth, speech, etc are true, but I’m doubly sure that all that would apply to kids who have the passies in there mouth ALL THE TIME! How many times have we seen this child with a passy? My son is almost 3 and still takes his passy when he goes to sleep. Do i know I need to take it? Yes….but he is still a baby and that is his comfort for now. I know that he will eventually give it up and when he is ready I will work with him on that. I’d like to see if all of you parents who are judging did everything perfect with your children.

Danielle on

I find it funny that it’s all the people with kids who used a dummy past 1 or themselves who had a dummy past 1, saying we shouldn’t judge them. Anyway I don’t see it as judging just an observation that he has a dummy at nearly 3, it’s not something I like certainly not in public anyway, maybe ok to go to sleep with at night. But hey the human species survived for millions of years without these plastic pacifiers so why can’t kids now???

Jane on

This family seems so great– I just had to laugh, though, at the headline Gavin and Kingston Rossdale Take a Break
and the description that The Stefani-Rossdales are currently enjoying some lounge time… currently? This family always seems to be on some kind of vacation or fun trip- What a life!! I guess for many of the rest of us, it’s off to work each day and maybe one vacation or trip a year! Sometimes I forget how far removed from reality these celebrities are.

Fred Smilek on

Wow….there child is growing so fast. Seems like yesterday that we received news about him.

Mommy of 3 on

Awww such a sweet family….soother and all!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe how inconciderate some of you sound on here! First of all soothers now a days (especially orthodontic ones) will NOT cause damage to the child’s teeth. Secondly is he YOUR child? Obviously he isn’t ….so stick to raising your’s and she will do the same!! Thrid of all soother’s are used as a form of comfort, have you never thought that Kingston MAY need a bit extra in that department concidering he is ALWAYS being hounded by the Paps???? While you may not agree with her soother choice for her son she may not agree with something that you do with your child….to each their own!

Mommy of 3 on

Your 1st paragraph is completley uncalled for! I don’t think it is fair at all to insinuate that a toddler look’s “stupid”!!!!! I am shocked that a PARENT would say that…what if he was your son and I called him “stupid”? Would you like that>?????

Nanny for 17+ Years/ECE Degree Earned on

Taking all things into consideration…a child needing something to help them self-soothe, etc, Kingston really is TOO old for a pacifier. It’s not good for his teeth and I’m quite certain it isn’t really necessary either. I took care of a a child who, at the age of 2, was still VERY attached to his pacifiers. He had a dental visit, the dentist told him he was a big boy & told old for it; took a day or two for him to get over not having it anymore and all was well. Part of the child forming a continued attachment to something like that is the parents’ enabling it and encouraging it. Take the reigns, parents, and help your child(ren) grow up as they should, to be smart and independent people! Trust me…they can and they want to!

Sarah on

It seems as though the moms who let their kids use pacifiers past babyhood seem to take particular offense. No one is calling you a bad mother. The pacifier debate is a valid one since there can be some serious problems later on in life. I think it’s ridiculous that the pediatrician and the speech pathologists have been discredited by some posters as if they know better than those who deal with it constantly. If your child is an exception, fine, but don’t ignore the real side effects of using a pacifier. It can have harmful effects whether you choose to recognize it or not.

kim on

I had my paci until I was 5 years old. I am totally fine, my speech is fine, my teeth are fine.

Mothers should really support other mothers and not be the voice of judgement. We should all understand that kids are different and not all of us are perfect.

JMO on

Emily why do you think a “paci” or “dummy” makes a child look stupid??

I don’t like kids walking around with them but I would never look at a child that has one and think, “wow that child looks really stupid!”

My niece had hers until about 2.5 years and my nephews until 3.5 – none of them truly needed them it was just a habit. Once they were out of sight, out of mind! They never looked back. And as an aunt I’d always tell them how silly they looked and call them little babies! Cause kids with paci’s look like babies and at 3 your just not a baby anymore! If your kid is old enough to go to school they’re old enough to stop using baby things.

Kingston though isn’t quite 3 so it’s not a big deal. But its’ just funny how in so many pictures he looks so grown up and then this one he looks like he’s a baby again! But I’d rather have my kid take a pacifier any day over a thumb! How do you remove that one?! lol

JMO on

Kids who suck their thumb or use a paci are not always likely to need braces HOWEVER in many cases it does come down to it.

Braces are expensive and most insurance companies will only pay half. Braces today cost between 4,000-7,000! I should know I had them recently. That’s not even the cost of it if perhaps you need extra work (i.e. jaw surgery, expanders, etc).

So for me it would be so much easier to take 3 or 4 days of crying to remove my child’s thumb and/or binky to avoid having the hassle of them having to go through a few years of braces (as well as having to pay for it).

I’m not saying my child may not still need braces (I never took a pacifier and was off the bottle by 7 months yet somehow ended up having to have braces anyways). But if I can eliminate one problem to avoid another that’s what I would try to do!!

Every parent is different. Some don’t worry about those things and would rather deal with it if it happens. But I’m more of a plan ahead type of person. So my kids may have their bottles and their pacifiers but they better believe that by the time they reach 2 they’ll no longer have them! And I’m stickin to it🙂

Delilah on

I just wish the stock market were as dependable as some of ya’ll!
As soon as I saw this picture I said “yup, someones gonna jump on him having a pacifier”.
And lo and behold..the first post! and dozens after!

I think they have a lovely family, and Gwen looks radiant.


Enough about cutie Kingston!

Is little baby Zuma ok in that stroller??

Carol on

OMG – get that pacifier out of his mouth!!

Margot on

Has Kingston’s hair suddenly gotten a whole lot darker?

Silver Pixels Photography on

In regards to your quote from the colgate website – I really do not believe any of that is true. That can also be genetic. I was weaned off pacifiers by the time I was 12 months – actually weaned wouldn’t be the word, I just refused – just like I refused breastfeeding from the get go, and according to my mother and relatives – I refused anything in my mouth wether it be a bottle, teething rings etc.

I’m now 27 and have all of those issues. Front teeth are forward facing, lower teeth are cramped – in fact, my jaws are misaligned and I have to have surgery to bring the lower jaw forward to get my jaws realigned.

And guess what – it WASN’T from a pacifier – I had perfectly normal teeth till my adult teeth grew in – my orthodontist and multiple dentists all told me that it was purely genetic. When I had my wisdoms removed my mouth was so cramped the wisdoms grew in sideways.

So as much as each and every person has their own personal opinion on the whole pacifier/dummy/binky debate – I really do not believe there is no right or wrong answer. Not everything that is on the internet can be believed.

taegan on

Some of you guys are too much!

Great to see them, and good on Gavin for helping out!

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