Nicole Richie's Paparazzi Plan: Singing Songs!

03/11/2009 at 07:00 PM ET
Courtesy Glamour UK

The flashing bulbs from the crowds of paparazzi are enough to frighten any child, but as pictures have proven, 14-month-old Harlow Winter Kate seems to be at ease in front of the shutterbugs; For that, she can thank her parents, Nicole Richie and Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden!

In a new interview with Glamour UK, Nicole — who is currently expecting her second child — not only opens up about motherhood, but pores through a series of photos, giving a short caption for each moment captured in time. With one of the snapshots showing the mother-daughter pair out for coffee back in September, Nicole explains her ritual to keep her daughter calm.

“I was with some friends and I saw a few photographers. I have a rule that we don’t talk about that stuff in front of Harlow, so we just kept singing songs, which is why my mouth is open. But I was trying to distract her from seeing anyone.”

With a strict no-tabloid rule in the Richie-Madden household, Nicole shields herself from the gossipy tales and instead focuses her attention on her countless responsibilities. “We just don’t partake in any of that,” she says. In addition to being a full-time mother to Harlow, the 27-year-old has her own jewelry line — House of Harlow 1960 — is producing a show based on her book, The Truth About Diamonds, working on her album, and will be starring in an upcoming TV show, which she developed. As her list of projects grow, Nicole’s determination drives her to find time for it all. “I’m a Virgo so I’m very good at scheduling. I do a lot of my work at night and between [Harlow’s] naps,” she shares. “I think you just take one day at a time.”

Although hesitant to suggest her life has completely changed since the onset of her relationship with Joel and welcoming her first child, Nicole agrees that the journey of parenthood has led her down a distinctive path of maturity. “I feel changed in the sense that I’m older and any woman who’s a mother obviously experiences change,” says Nicole, adding, that while she is “not perfect,” she is loving “every minute of it.” There is no arguing, however, when it comes to her change in style — these days, Nicole happily skips the bangles and stilettos to keep up with her daughter! “I don’t wear jewelry because she puts it in her mouth and I don’t wear heels because I run around after her,” she reveals.

Delivering their children only a day apart, Nicole and songstress Christina Aguilera have bonded over motherhood after being introduced through mutual friends. Calling her “a great wife, great mom, and great singer,” Nicole admits that, when it comes time to sing their babies to sleep, Christina’s 14-month-old son Max Liron Bratman gets the better end of the deal! “And I’m sure Max gets better lullabies than Harlow,” she jokes.

Despite her close childhood friends and her newly formed relationships with other celebrity moms, at the end of the day, Nicole finds herself turning to Joel. “When you’re parents you have to make every decision together, so you become a team,” she explains. Clearly elated with her growing family, Nicole admits that there is no better partner than the one she has!

“I can wholeheartedly say that he’s the best dad I have ever seen. He’s as good as my dad [singer Lionel Richie]. Him and my dad are really close. Joel is superdad.”

Source: Glamour UK

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Kelly on

It alway’s make’s me laugh when i hear about Nicole & Christina talking about how great they each are after all those rumor’s came out that they hated each other & Christina refused to be induced on the 11th apparently those rumor’s are wrong! Lol

elle on

I don’t have kids, but I always wonder about certain comments about parenting. I have friends with kids and they’re always like “ohh she’s the best mom” or “he’s the best dad” things of that nature. I mean I won’t down it because its positive thinking and thats good…but when dealing with young children it confuses me. I’m not saying that parenting at any stage is easy, but I was always thought that the later years of child rearing were the most difficult. The years that truly test parenting skills…not now when a kid has no real will of their own.

just a thought.

Mary-Helen on

I love the positive way that Nicole talks about her life, especially Joel. It’s so nice to see such a mature and loving couple raising their family together. I was never a fan of GC before Good Morning Revival (saw their young and the hopeless tour and didn’t enjoy it) but he seems to be such a good partner and father and he and Nicole seem to have built a wonderful life for Harlow. Love her singing to her so the paps don’t frighten her!

michelle on

I think when Nicole says that Joel is the “best dad”, she means that he helps her out, is loving to her and Harlow, contributes to everything and basically is the best that she could ask for.

I doubt there is a master scale somewhere that compares the greatness of fathers.

Besides, he hasn’t done the later years yet. Maybe he will only get better and then he really will be “the best”, to her and her family anyway – which is really all that matters.

Nicole on

I wish we heard more about Christina. Shes so secretive about her baby

LP on

Elle, I have a child, a 2 year old boy and I can tell you that young children can be very difficult. Most parents and child professionals (e.g. psychologists) agree that toddlers and teenagers are similarly challenging. Teenagers are considered older toddlers! Even a baby is challenging. You can tell much about yourself and your partner/spouse in those first few years. I know women who had children and their husbands flaked out, that is did nothing to help out and left them all the childcare and housekeeping. Bottom line, dealing with a crying baby while sleep deprived or a screaming toddler reveals a lot about character.

Good charlotte freak on

I was not thrilled at all when Joel first hooked up with Nicole. I thought of her as a druggie and party girl. All wrong for him!! But, she has really come around and I’m so proud of her. Of course, with a nice guy like Joel for a partner, she was bound to. I actually had the chance to meet her on a couple of occasions during Good Charlotte’s tours and she is really sweet and friendly. I think her and Joel make a great couple and Harlow is precious.

Erica on

I agree with the previous poster Nicole, I feel like we see and hear so much more about Harlow than Max. I guess Nicole just doesn’t mind the attention or sharing details about her daughter as much as Christina? Oh well, I’m not complaining, and I’m sure they just have different feelings when it comes to media attention. Harlow is adorable and It’s cool hearing about her. I also like the way Nicole dresses her🙂

Billie on

Whatever Nicole & Joel are doing seems to be working as Harlow, for the majority of the time, always looks happy & relaxed.

Manon on

Nicole: I think it’s quite nice Christina wants to protect her baby!

Nicole R. talks about Harlow just enough to be charming but SOME stars give too much detail about their children, I think. Still, each to their own.

babyboopie on

I have the actual magazine here with extra information! ON THE PRESS: In the Richie-Madden household, they ‘ have a no-tabloid rule in our house, and we don’t watch a lot of TV, so we just don’t partake in any of that.’
MORE ON JOEL: ‘Did I know he was the one?’ She repeats the question and giggles, ” Sure, you could say that. We’re polar opposites, Joel and I. I’m untidy and he’s very tidy, conservative, shy, clean. We have very different tastes.”
ON PARIS: (Is she still friends with Paris these days?) ” Yes. We went through a phase where we weren’t speaking, but I think you can safely say that for anyone who’s been friends for 25 years. I don’t get into fights with people, and if I ever had a falling out, it has been ultimately resolved. It’s part of growing up.”

jaclyn on

At first when I found out joel was dating nicole, omg. I freaked. I was like, ah! That’s all I can say(on here) since I was a huge GC fan(still am! Im going to meet them this thurs) I just didn’t think nicole was okay…… she was wild. GC was against that before which was what seemed like they were going against THEMSELVES. Now with all the success, Nicole in my opinion is a GREAT mother. I can’t stand it when ppl talk bad about her. She came such a long way. And who can we thank? Joel! I believe its Joel that changed her….. he’s such a great father. And they have a awesome charity the richie madden childrens foundation together.

Good Charlotte is awesome, give them a listen if u haven’t yet🙂

kris on

elle you made me chuckle – “when a kid has no real will of their own” – most kids certainly do have a will of their own. Many of them have very very strong wills.🙂

On the best Mom/Dad comment, I would assume it’s just peoples opinion of what they see. How that Mom or Dad is with their child. And, I hate to say it but down the road if you have a teen/young adult that is having problems that doesn’t automatically mean you have a “bad” parent either. Which to me is the scariest part of being a parent.

On a lighter note, Harlow is a doll! I love Nicole and Joel’s attitude towards the paps. Good luck to them on the next addition to their family.

Stephany on

I think it’s safe to say that babies and toddlers do have wills of their own. I work with both and I see it on a daily basis! So I think she does have a right to say that Joel is, in her opinion, “the best dad.” I always thought those first few years are some of the hardest, especially with a first baby.

Anyway, I love Nicole! She just loves her little girl to pieces! And I’m excited about her second pregnancy!

elle on

My mistake. I bow down to the Childful. I am but a childless plebe😛

amelita on

I love hearing about tender-hearted rock stars!

hannah on

i agree with elle re “the best mum/dad” comments. I know it is my issue – but they really really annoy me. How “good” a mother someone is of a baby generally has a LOT more to do with the baby than the parent. Hårlow is only one year old and both nicole and joel have described her as “easy and wonderful”. Of course they think they are awesome parents – the kid is happy, well-rested, fed, pliant.

BUT one easygoing baby doesn’t test nothin’ in my humble opinion.

My first child made me feel like the most incompetent mother in the world: he refused the breast, never slept, cried or whined almost non-stop until he was 8 months old and basically was an enormous pain in the bum (we loved him but lordy we did NOT enjoy him). My second child is 6 months old and makes me feel like the best mum in the world:she sleeps, she eats, she smiles, she rolled early and babbles happily. Heck, she is even way cuter than #1. People are always telling me how great i am with her and asking me for advice on how to manage their babies (?!?). Only thing that changed is the infants – i parent the same way now that i parented the first time around. And i am NOT a great mum, i just got an easy baby.

ps: #1 has emerged from the ugly/ cranky duckling phase and is now divine and adorable and just a heap of fun so please don’t worry on his behalf

elle on

LOL at hannah!! Thats very interesting.

CelebBabyLover on

Come on, people! Nicole was obviously just gushing about her boyfriend and the father of her children!🙂

Sherry on

If celebrities really don’t want to be photographed when they are out with their kids there are ways to do it. I have one idea that could work…..Keep one shirt in their bags (for them and their child) and then before they leave the restaurant, change back into that top and paparazzi will not want to photograph them because they will look like they looked the previous day. It won’t be classified as a “money shot” if it doesn’t look like it’s a new photo.

Tayler on

Nicole is an incredible woman. I love her to death and believe she is making amazing parenting choices as well as partner choices! Nicole and Joel are perfect together. I wish the best for them and can’t wait for Richie’s new projects to come out!!!

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