Kelly Clarkson Has 'No Desire' For Children

03/11/2009 at 11:00 AM ET
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Unlike many of her American Idol alumni, Kelly Clarkson says that having a child isn’t high on her list of priorities; In fact, it might not be on her list at all! “Oh my God, I have no desire,” the 26-year-old songstress tells USA Today. “I would not be a good mother.” Instead, Kelly enjoys being an aunt to her niece and nephew, and feels that the demands of her career would not be conducive to motherhood.

“I used to want to, like, adopt 10 kids — because I had friends who were adopted, and I thought that was the coolest thing, to be chosen. But again, my job is too selfish.”

Kelly’s new album All I Ever Wanted is in stores now.

Source: USA Today

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Aitch on

Yeah, I said the same thing at 26 too. Wait till she’s 35 and it will be a different story!

stevie on

I really like her she seems really down to earth. She’s right about her carreer and she has TONS of time anyway! I’m sure she’s be a wonderful mom!

Jen K on

Ugh, why do people always say that? “You’ll change your mind.” NO, a lot of us do not change our mind. I’ve known for a long time I don’t want them and as I get older I feel even more strongly about it.

Jess on

Ok these comments kinda bug me. If you don’t want kids don’t say it because if something ever happened and she became pregnant than its a whole different story. She is young and although they may not be in the cards for her now…who knows what the future holds.

Alice on

Good for Kelly, she doesn’t feel pressurized by the “kids are necessary for your happiness” thing. When you reach a certain age, people start asking when you think you’ll have them, and even if you don’t want them now you will later… like it’s the universal right thing for everyone. I personally can’t wait to have some, but I understand some people really don’t feel the need and feel better on their own. Go Kelly and keep singing 😉

Jeanne on

I hate the “you’ll change your mind” comments too, I hate it when my mom says it to me and I hate it when strangers say it about a person they don’t even know. And I imagine she only said something because she was asked the question. And sadly enough that question gets asked to every single female celebrity of child-bearing age, even though it’s no ones business but their own. That such a gross invasion of privacy is considered normal in this day and age sickens me.

I’m glad Kelly is honest enough with herself to know that motherhood isn’t something she wants for herself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this view, and I truly don’t understand why those of us who don’t want kids are constantly being told we’re selfish and/or that we must hate children. It’s better to not have kids then to bring an unwanted child into the world just because we’re told we have to.

Angi on

Everyone doesn’t need to have babies…and THAT is ok.

Kodie on

I just blogged about this last night. I hate when people tell me I’ll change my mind because I really don’t think I will. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids (I worka at a daycare for crying out loud) but I understand how much work they are and I’m too selfish to give up everything for a child. My boyfriend and I are perfectly content never having children and I wish people would understand that some people just never have that desire.

Sarah on

She may or may not change her mind. She is still young, however, it is perfectly ok not to want children. I said the same thing at her age and ended up changing my mind and had my 2 children at ages 32 & 35. My sister said the same thing as Kelly; and all through her 20’s, 30’s, and almost at age 43–still does not want any children. Not EVERYONE should have a child; it’s good Kelly is honest with herself.

candykane on

Well she is 26 and on top of her carrere she doesn’t need to have the desire for a Baby. Maybe it will change maybe not. Sometimes a new partner changes your mind sometimes not. I guess we will see. Eather way she is the only one who needs to be happy with her decision

Kelly on

It’s perfectly fine to not want kids, I just don’t get it! If you don’t, your line just stops! You don’t continue on through your kids, grandkids etc. I think it’s awesome knowing that I’m a continuation of all of my “great-er” family.

l on

Some of you might hate the “you’ll change your mind” comments, but fact is people do change their minds. Not all, sure, but it happens. Wanting children or not has nothing to do being selfish or having a selfish job, if you want one , you’ll make time and space, if not, not even the most carefree job won’t instill this desire.

Gabrielle on

Jeanne – I couldn’t have said it better myself! I am 29 and am still unsure about having children. I think I would be happy with having a child (if/when I’m ever ready), but I also know I would be perfectly happy with my family consisting of just my husband and myself. To each their own!

Laura on

As some of you have said, she is only 26 she MIGHT change her mind. That isn’t to say she will and it’s fine if she doesn’t. But she is still young and in 10 years she might be done working (who knows?) and want to have a family. Either way I think it’s fine whatever she decides.

ErykaWynter on

Not everyone changes their mind, but at 26 I was saying the same thing and now I want a baby so bad I can’t think straight! (I’m 30.)

Jenny on

I think many people have babies for the wrong reasons…and if someone doesn’t want to be a parent, I totally respect their decision. If she changes her mind, great. If she doesn’t, that’s good too.

Candace on

At least she doesn’t have any illusions about trying to do both jobs as wells as I’m sure she would like to.

elle on

They say it because the majority of people DO change their minds. Because at some point most women say it and most don’t follow through. The desire for children is not emotional its biological and near impossible to fight. We are just animals after all and its an innate desire. Not a response to culture or society. If people didn’t change their minds the human race would be in quite a bit of trouble.

~~Childless Anthropologist 😛 lol

elle on

(continued from above lol)

and to get an idea of just how many people change their minds, how many women do you know who’ve never had children?(excluding people who couldn’t concieve). I think its fine(odd but fine) if a person doesn’t want to have children. I just turned 21 and I told my mom who had me at 34 that i didnt want kids. She told me that “thats what they all say until you see your married friends with their babies and you want yours too”. Now I realized that its not really that I don’t WANT children, its just I can’t see myself being a mother. Mostly because I still feel like a teenager. Also I feel a citzen of humanity obligation to adopt children.

Rose on

I find it really annoying that female celebrities are asked this question so often, and yet I rarely (if ever) see the question posed to a male celebrity. It’s such an annoying double standard.

And I just don’t agree with those who said that most people change their mind. Just because most people end up having children does not automatically mean most people who didn’t want children to begin with change their mind. The one number has nothing to do with the other. In order to know that most people change their mind you would have to know how many didn’t want children to begin with and then what percentage of those people changed their mind. I just did a little quick research and found that the number of people who are voluntarily childless is actually on the rise.

Kristen on

Good for her. She’s not contributing to the already over populated earth. 😉

Georgia41 on

I think she’ll change her mind, she’s young and in a demanding career. Honestly, I think everyone should have at least one child. I can’t find the right words to describe the feeling I had the first time I felt my daughter kick or the feelings I had when I saw my daughters for the first time!! I think that childless by choice people are really missing out!! I’m sure my comments will have everyone in a tizzy but that is what’s great about our Country, you can make the choice to remain childless and you can post comments on a public blog!!

Alice on

I know some people change their minds. But why do OTHERS have to say this as the answer to ‘I don’t want kids’, like if you don’t want kids you’re somewhat wrong? Why do they assume that it will be the case, when it’s annoying to the person? They could just say, ‘OK, your decision. You don’t want kids, you don’t have kids’ and leave it at that.

Elle… animals are not “selfish” (I don’t mean this in a bad way). Animals are not conscious they’ll have to give up going out/travelling/sleeping/whatever for years to raise their young. I also actually know a few women without kids. And it doesn’t mean that all the others changed their minds you know, I think most people agree from the start that they will want and have children at some point.

shidley on

People have been telling me “I’ll change my mind” or “just you wait and see” since I was in my early teens.

I’m almost 40 now. And my mind is still made up. It ain’t gonna happen, and I couldn’t be happier with my life choice.

elle on

We can’t say what other animals are and are not conscious of, humans have always tried to distinguish ourselves from other beings but when our desires are stripped bare the majority of them fall into the same categories. My only point was that the need for children in most people is not something that they’re even aware of until something clicks.

and these people who don’t want children, why does it bother them so much what other people say. As someone who has said it multiple times and having been told that i’ll change my doesn’t bother me. Maybe I will change my mind. Maybe I won’t. I can’t predict my future and neither can they. If a person is steadfast in their decision I don’t see where the amount of annoyance is coming from.

To me it seems that we live in an age that is very ME focused. Its almost uncool for a woman in her 20’s to want to settle down and start a family. Holding off motherhood to mid thirties is the norm. Its like a weird warped after effect of post feminism. As if being a mom is the same as being shackled to a stove.

What people do with their bodies is their business, women have fought long and hard for these rights. But if you’re going to vocalize that you don’t want children, then prepare yourself for all kinds of feedback.

elle on

“Not EVERYONE should have a child”

i completely agree.

Danielle on

I’m 33 and still do not want children. Didn’t want them at age 5, 15, 25 or now. In fact the older I get, the less I want them.

And no, just because your girlfriends have babies is not an appropriate reason to have them yourself – it’s the most important decision of your life. I recently had a conversation with a married GF, no kids, who feels like she and her husband will need to either find new friends or break down and have their own because she has no one left (except me and a few others) without kids. Seriously, who wants to have a baby because you feel ‘left out’!?

Will I wake up in 10 years and feel differently? Who knows. If so I’ll adopt if I’m too old to have a baby. If not, life will progress and bloom and be fulfilling in the ways that life is. Point is, I’m not stressing over this and we shouldn’t stress each OTHER out about it, either.

It’s incredibly condensending and passive aggressive for some women to assume that ‘everyone’ will eventually want to be a parent, that you ‘should want to’ or that you’re too young/bull headed/self absorbed to know what’s really good for you (which is, of course, a baby). Just accept that it is someone else’s choice, not better or worse than your own and move on. Lord knows there are plenty of people in this world who should not and should never have had children.

Life does indeed go on without children. A happy and full life. If you are dying to be a parent and for some reason cannot be one, that’s a totally different story. But don’t be so quick to shake your head in pity at your childless girlfriends…they’re probably doing the same thing to you.

T on

I just cannot imagine not having a child someday. I don’t want any now but in the future when the time is right that is definitely a goal of mine. I feel like a child is perfect love. They are these perfectly little beings born with a clean slate. I look forward to the challenge of raising them to be open-minded, moral and decent people who make try to always make the best choices.

Rose on

“I can’t find the right words to describe the feeling I had the first time I felt my daughter kick or the feelings I had when I saw my daughters for the first time!! I think that childless by choice people are really missing out!!”

The problem I have with your statement is that not everyone who has children feels the way you do. I know several people, who have children, who told me they wish they hadn’t and they don’t feel they’re cut out for it and they think the made a mistake. It’s a fairy tale to believe that everyone who has children ends up having wonderful feelings about it. If everyone was truly, miraculously transformed by having a child then no one would ever abuse their child, or severely neglect them, or abandon them. Not everyone is cut out to be a parent, and not everyone is missing out by not having them. I’m sure that there are childless people who feel that you’re misssing out because you haven’t done what they’ve done, but I doubt that you would appreciate them smugly telling you that you were missing out.

T on

I’m sorry but reading some of the comments comes across as if having a child is some type of disease. Some of the posters sound downright angry…

LOL but “to each, his own”.

Anna on

I want kids but I also find the “just you wait and see” comments annoying. I’m married with no kids right now, and I feel VERY fulfilled, and I’ve never been happier. Kids will be a wonderful addition to me and my hubby’s life, but they won’t be the thing that fulfills us and makes our life worth living, because we already feel that way about each other.

People are always asking celebs if they want kids because the parenting culture of today is very “my kids are the center of my universe.” Just wait 10 years or so and that, like everything, will change and come full circle like everything else.

Jen K on

I also think it’s amazing for so many people to be ok with “you’ll change your mind” to people who don’t have kids. If I said that to someone who with their hole heart wanted a kid, I’d probably get slapped.

Amber on

I thought I wanted kids but I’m 31 and really can’t see it happening. The window is slowly closing and my greatest fear is all of a sudden at 49 I’ll wake up and say” I want kids now”. True, I could adopt but if I do have kids, I’d like to have a little youth on my side. Not trying to chase after young kids in my 50’s.

LaShun on

I’m surprised by the responses. I guess I was assuming that because the posters are on a site dedicated to children that the overall response would not be against being a mom someday. (I know my comment might come off wrong but its not meant to be a slam on any of the posters who do not want motherhood…I certainly understand your side of the argument.) I guess I was being presumptuous 🙂

I’ve read where woman have said that they just don’t feel maternal or they don’t think they have the right kind of love that they felt a woman should have to raise a child.

Mariasha on

What? Every woman should have at least one child? Are we still in the Middle Ages?

And what about those women, who can barely take care of themselves.

Seriously, some comments here just make me wonder if there is anything else for some women then motherhood. Which is fine, if they are happy with it, but they should also accept that it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Chicki on

The term for many of us is not “childless”…it’s “child-FREE” 🙂

I know it’s hard for some of you who are already mothers to fathom, but some people are not inclined to spend the rest of their lives consumed with the travails of parenthood! Some people know early on that they are not the “nuturing type” and are better off serving as awesome aunties or uncles! What’s the problem with that?

Abby on

Ever notice no one ever says to a 26-year-old woman who WANTS children “oh, you’ll change your mind”? As if 26 is too young to decide not to have children, but old enough to actually have them.

She might change her mind. That’s totally her prerogative.

I’m 28 and have been married 5 years and deciding whether to have children (leaning heavily toward no). You have no idea how annoying that smug wink-wink-nudge-nudge “you just waaaaaaaaaaaait” you get from other woman can really. Maybe you have to experience it. No one likes being told they don’t know their own mind.

I think part of the problem is that no one distinguishes changing one’s mind, and changing one’s mind BACK. For most women, wanting children cycles from a yes in childhood, a no in late teens and early 20s, and a yes again after settling in a career and marriage. Women who have never wanted children at any point (like me) are a different story. Luckily for me, everyone in my life is very supportive.

Wendy on

To want to have a child is a perfectly natural, human thing. Even men want to continue their genetic line – like Ricky Martin.
If you don’t want a child, then don’t have one. But when you go around saying to everyone you know, “I’ll never have kids. I just don’t want a child,” it’s almost as if you’re purposefully criticizing them for their choices, as if having children somehow demeans a woman. You don’t hear people walking around like “I know that I will have exactly 4 children. I just know it. It’s already decided. I’m never going to change my mind.” So why then, do those who choose to be childless, feel the need to tell everyone about it, and publicize the fact as much as they can? Are you trying to prove a point? Why don’t you just keep quiet, and not have children. No need to act all high and mighty, implicitly looking down on those women who do have children. Funny, also, that some of the strongest women, and feminists, that I know, were single mothers, while some of the whiniest, brattiest women I know had no children, lived in expensive penthouses, and switched boyfriends like their jewelry, every month. Proves that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, eh?

Mariasha on


That goes the other way as hell. It annoys me so much, when people tell me. “You’ll change your mind when the right guy comes along” or now that the right guy came along, they still thing I’m gonna change my mind. Just as if a women who does not want to reproduce is a lesser woman.

I am 30 years old I know my mind, I know I can’t handle a kid, so why should I even consider it, just for the sake of it.

LisaR on

I just love reading these comments and seeing so many kindred spirits! I love (other people’s) babies but I’m not ready for one of my own and to be honest I’m not sure it will happen. I don’t think that makes me selfish or horrible, or any less a woman. Some of us will never ‘change our minds’ and nothing’s wrong with that.So glad there are others out there who see this and feel the same. Keep singing, Kelly! More power to the women who want babies, and more power to those who don’t.

JMO on

Many people who make the choice to not have children do it for various reasons. They may never feel ready to take on the responsibility or feel they’d make a good mother. Some may choose career and having a freedom of coming and going as they please. But why does that suddenly become selfish? It’s not. Atleast there are some people who put MUCH thought into it before MANY who don’t and then realize “oh my gosh how am I going to physically financially and emotionally care for my child!”

Racheal Ray has made it VERY clear she does not want children. And I disagree with the person who said everyone should have atleast one child. No not everyone should. There are many individuals in this world who have no business having babies (one who recently has been in the news). Babies shouldn’t be born just to fullfill YOUR need or desire to be a parent. They should come into this world because a parent truly wants them and has the means to take care of them on ALL ends.

Yes, Kelly is young. And yes perhaps maybe someday if she wishes she can change her mind. But why should anyone hold it against her. It’s her will right now to not have any kids and if in 10 years she feels like she’s done all she can do in her career and wants to settle then GREAT!

Gina on

Wendy, Kelly didn’t call a press conference to say that she didn’t want children. She was responding to a question. And anyone who is truly secure in her decision to have children shouldn’t be offended by the comments of other people who are simply stating their opinions and not speaking to anyone in particular. Kelly certainly isn’t looking down on anyone. She and others like her shouldn’t have to ‘keep quiet’ because you don’t agree with their opinions.

Emma on

I’m not sure how a woman saying she doesn’t want children implies she’s high and mighty and looking down on anyone. Where do people get these things? How odd! Stop putting words in other people’s mouths. Methinks some folks doth protesteth too much, lol.

MissHeather on

I have a friend who always says “I don’t want to get married” or “I don’t want to have children”. However, I think she is using it as a defense mechanism because she hasn’t found a decent guy in years and I believe she is starting to worry that it just might not happen for her. I think she would rather appear that she made the choice not to get married & have children, instead of people pitying her for not finding love and starting a family.

Sofie on

Funny how all you gals who are absolutely against having babies are hanging out here!! LOL!

beenie on

I’ve heard plenty of celebrities (or just women for that matter) mocked when they say they want three kids or five kids or eight kids. Everyone always says, wait until you have one or two then you’ll see. My point is that the overly sensitive childLESS women don’t get that people make comments about EVERYTHING. Your situation isn’t special. It’s like kids who think they’re the only ones who get picked on.

I personally don’t think Kelly should have children. This is a woman who freaked out when a relationship ended and almost ruined her career so she could write a whole album of F you songs. She doesn’t seem emotionally capable of motherhood and I applaud her for seeing that about herself. I applaud all the women on here who know they’d be bad mothers and would find no joy in their children and choose to remain childLESS for their own happiness and the happiness of their potential children. Good for you but stop whining like you have some big problem in your life. So someone says something to you occasionally. Grow up and get over it or get some therapy. It’s just words.

devin on

Believe it miss heather there are some women who do not want children and I applaud them for knowing this before it is too late.

Mary-Helen on

I think Kelly is being very mature about this. She knows she is on the road alot right now and it’s hard to focus on a career and a child.

She used to want children and now she doesn’t. She may change her mind again. She also may not. But that’s really her call more than anything.

Mary on

To be clinical, re-producing is a biological function of being female. We were given the equipment for this function. However, that does not mean we have to re-produce. It takes more than having a child to be a good mother, which I think should be the point. Many women and men have children, but are not good parents. I think people should think about all it takes to be a good parent before having children. Just keeping the bloodline going to me, is not that great a reason.

It takes a lot to raise a child well. I think that people should think about all that it takes and if those people are up to it, then they should have children. They are not a “disease”, but they are not toys either. I admire people who want to have children who truly want them and for the right reasons, but I also respect those who do not want them and they also have their reasons. Women without children (or a spouse for that matter)should not be stigmatized the way they sometimes are.

Children should be a joy for those that have them, but please stop making women feel guilty if they don’t want to have children.

Wendy on

Ok, then, if you don’t want to “keep quiet” and want to run around saying, “I don’t ever want children,” then people should also have the freedom to say “Maybe you’ll change your mind.” They shouldn’t have to keep quiet either. If it annoys you, then switch the conversation. You don’t have to force other people into believing that you’ll never change your mind. Besides, if you’re this argumentative about such a small thing (what other people say) you probably wouldn’t be a very good mother either. It’s better for the world that you don’t have any children.

Wendy on

Nobody’s making these women feel guilty. “Maybe you’ll change your mind” is just a statement. And it’s a fact too, maybe you will change your minds, maybe you won’t. Why can’t I say that? Why would it make you feel guilty, unless you’ve got some hidden fears or desires in there?

Emma on

And why would a woman saying she doesn’t want children and relishes her freedom irritate and offend those who do have kids? Maybe there are some regrets and desires in THERE.

Jen K on

@Sofie – I didn’t realize this was a birth/pregnancy/mom site. I thought it was a celebrity children site. My bad. By the way, I personally am not “against having babies” I personally don’t want to have one. Doesn’t mean I’m not excited when my friends/family members or others do.

@Wendy – Do you think we run around screaming at the top of our lungs that we don’t want kids??? Give me a freaking break. I only supply the answer when someone asks. Which is really rude of them to ask anyway! Why can’t people just take you at your word? And talk about sounding argumentative, are you listening to yourself?

Chicki on

“Funny how all you gals who are absolutely against having babies are hanging out here!! LOL!”

I think Sofie misses the point that a lot of women are making. Just because a woman may choose to not have kids now, doesn’t mean she won’t in the future, or that she doesn’t love children! (I’m very sure that Danielle appreciates anyone who visits her site out of plain old human curiosity!) I have said on many occasions that I can’t WAIT to be an auntie – and I mean it!

Also, I wonder why it so hard for Sofie to acknowledge that there’s a HUGE difference between ogling my favorite celebs’ baby’s pictures and the back-breaking hard work, dedication, commitment and daily sacrifice that goes into actually raising a child!

Rose on

“If you don’t want a child, then don’t have one. But when you go around saying to everyone you know, “I’ll never have kids. I just don’t want a child,” it’s almost as if you’re purposefully criticizing them for their choices, as if having children somehow demeans a woman.”

Wendy: If someone else saying “I don’t want children” makes you feel demeaned then that’s something you need to work out within yourself. Because the people who feel like everyone has to agree with them or shut up (which is what your post implies) are people who aren’t as secure with their own choices as they pretend to be.

Nowhere in Kelly’s comment did she ever say or imply that having children was bad/wrong/terrible or anything like that. All she said was that it wasn’t for her. The whole world does not owe it to you to validate your choices in life. And if you are going to operate from the point of view that Kelly is demeaning you by saying she doesn’t want kids, then by that same token you are demeaning her and her choices by saying that you do want or have kids. It’s interesting to me that the people who want others to validate their choices seem to think that validation only works one way.

“I’m sorry but reading some of the comments comes across as if having a child is some type of disease. Some of the posters sound downright angry…”

T: I don’t see anyone here who comes across as angry. Nearly every person here who said they don’t want kids has clearly stated that they don’t have a problem with the idea, just that it’s not for them. And I think it’s sad that people who don’t want kids are expected to sing the praises of the lifestyle of those who do have kids, but a lot of people with kids (not all) seem to feel no obligation to extend the same courtesy in return. What should those who don’t want kids do, have a child that they don’t want just so people like you won’t accuse them of being “angry.”

Jane on

I think it’s normal don’t want kids.

Sadie on

“You don’t hear people walking around like “I know that I will have exactly 4 children. I just know it. It’s already decided.”

I hear people say things like that all the time. Everyone I know who doesn’t yet have children has a clearly mapped out plan of exactly how many kids they want to have and how far apart in age they’re going to be, and they talk about it like it’s written in stone. And do I correct them and tell them they’ll change their mind? No. Because it’s none of my business whether they change their minds or not. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t, but it’s not my job to try to disabuse them of their ideas about how they think they’re future is going to look. I also don’t tell people who say they don’t want children that they will change their minds – because, again, it’s none of my business. Some people know their minds/hearts/desires at a very young age and others don’t – it makes people look foolish to run around trying to decide whether someone else knows their own mind or not.

jasmine on

There’s nothing wrong w/ what Kelly said…as of right now, she has no desire to have kids. Maybe that will change, who knows? If it doesn’t, big whoop. She has other things to focus on.

LisaR on

Hmm. It’s interesting that some of the women on here who do seem to have kids are the ones making low comments about Kelly’s emotional maturity (totally uncalled for) and about the supposed lack of potential motherhood skills of the others who choose to remain childfree. This is laughable given that these would be the ones (the moms) who, hilariously enough, believe themselves to be more mature.

Stella Bella on

I honestly find it strange that there are so many women who say they don’t want children hanging out on this site, since I wouldn’t have been caught dead reading about celebrity children until I got to the point of working towards having children of my own. But that is MY experience, and I realize that. We are all different. Perhaps some of you were raised around lots of children, so you are interested in strangers children (I wasn’t), you just don’t want to take any home with you? Is that how this works? Honest question.

Janey on

Oh do with your uterus what you will. Oy Vey. Keep.It.Movin.

Tina on

lol im 16 and i dont want kids. well maybe a girl, MAYBE! in like 10 years or something, but no i probably wont. good for Kelly=D all the celebrites “want kids so much”.

Danielle on


I visit for the celeb factor – for those celebs that I’m interested in. Same as if you saw pics of their kids in a magazine. Also sometimes this site has better details on stuff like first pics, names, whether someone is really pregs, etc. That’s what put me here. The posts about maternity wear, breast feeding drama, teething and that lot…I don’t care about and skip over.

Tina on

ya Stella Bella, i think that. like im an only child so im used to being alone. thats why i dont really want kids. But then again, one of my friends has 5 siblings and she doesent want kids. good question lol, im not an expert just giving my opinion.

T on

Rose some posters appear very defensive as if a person verbally attacked them. The very 3rd poster took on a very defenisve tone and it has continued on since:

“Ugh, why do people always say that? “You’ll change your mind.” NO, a lot of us do not change our mind. I’ve known for a long time I don’t want them and as I get older I feel even more strongly about it.”

“I don’t want them?” as if kids are germs…

T on

Rose of course you don’t see any angry comments they are expressing your view…

LisaR on

Stella thank YOU for being so polite. I love babies and think they’re adorable. I think they’re wonderful little souls. But I also know that taking care of them, genuinely being the best mom you can be, is something you have to be cut out for. Some women are simply fantastic at it and I think they’re heroes. I honestly don’t think I’M there yet. That’s all it really is. But i do love gaping at babies, lol.

michelle on

I think there are a lot of women who LOVE other people’s kids, but don’t have the capacity or even desire to do it full-time.

I don’t have kids, but I love CBB because I LOVE kids.

I think sometimes we all need to remind ourselves that this is a celebrity gossip blog and not a parenting discussion board. There are probably better sites out there which would be more appropriate for some of the debates launched here. CBB is supposed to be cute, mindless fun spent looking at pictures and reading about celebrity babies.

Jen K on

@T – What would you perfer I say? I didn’t realize that them was an offensive term. You talked about teaching your child to be open minded in one of your posts, but it doesn’t sound like you are being a very good example of it.

And I HAVE been attacked for my decision. I’d have people tell me I’m wrong, I’m not natural, I’m selfish. So I feel I need to defend my decision because yes, there are people who don’t know me (or Kelly for example) who think they know better than I what I want for my own life. Why must people question someone’s very, very personal decissions? I would never NEVER ask someone what they were thinking in having childern. Yet people ask me all the time how could I possibly not want to have kids. It’s such a double standard. And it’s hurtful.

Abby on


It’s hard to explain, but I’m one of those people who loves babies and children, but does not want her own. I suppose it’s odd, but then again, it’s probably not too much different than women who don’t like children but want their own. I know several women who work in childcare or teach young children and are childless by choice. I also know several woman who don’t take much notice of other people’s children but cannot wait to start their own family.

Hilina on

lol… some of you guys are making kids sound like the ebola virus…
personally, i want a big family, i love kids…
i loved growing up with my siblings and the time i spent with my parents learning about life…
i would kind of wonder what the point of it all was if i didn’t have a family…

Jenna on

I never wanted children and 5 years after I was married discovered I was pregnant. I was 28 and the pressure on me to have the baby was unbelievable. I was always a woman with a baby I never thought of myself as a mother. My maternal instincts never kicked in. My son is 25 and we have a great relationship. It took years for me to stop resenting him and hating myself for sacrifices you have to make for motherhood. I love him dearly and always felt that he deserved better. I am not selfish or self-involved. I grew up in a home the middle and only girl of 7.

Rose on

“Rose of course you don’t see any angry comments they are expressing your view…”

No T they don’t express my view. I do want kids, and am currently in the process of working towards that goal.

““I don’t want them?” as if kids are germs…”

Yet another assumption you have made. Saying “I don’t want them” doesn’t mean kids are germs. You are just assuming that’s what it means, but there is nothing found in those words that says or even implies that those people think kids are germs.

“Rose some posters appear very defensive as if a person verbally attacked them. The very 3rd poster took on a very defenisve tone and it has continued on since”

The 3rd poster doesn’t appear angry at all to me. She expressed her views with a lot less anger/venom/annoyance than most of the mothers on here who are insisting that others must have kids (note: I’m only speaking in terms of the mothers who are insisting others must have kids or should, I’m not talking about all mothers).

nosoupforyou on

Good thing most people aren’t “too selfish” to have kids.

I would hate to describe myself as selfish. I see having children as a choice.

People’s choices sometimes change, sometimes they don’t.

fergette on

I think she has every right to not want to have children. Sure, she may change her mind but that’s her business and this quote should never be thrown in her face if that is what happens down the road.
I agree that the question being asked of a celebrity of child-bearing age (especially one who sounds to be single at the moment) is annoying.
I am equally annoyed by the question being asked of me. I’m 27 and have been married to my husband for 6 years. For the first year people assumed we’d gotten married because I was pregnant and were surprised when there was no baby bump emerging. Between years 2 and 5 we were constantly asked when we were planning to start a family. This year though they have moved to quietly and discretely asking “You two do want to have kids, right?”.
I find this beyond annoying. Yes, we do want children, two if possible. But why the progression of assumptions about when we will or should be having said children?
I can’t imagine how much worse it must be for these celebrity women!
Sorry for the long post but jeez everyone, let people do their own family planning, whether that involves children or not!

I-dra on

i am 100% supportive of women who know they do not want to have children, just as i am 100% supportive of women who choose to have them. it takes courage in the face of popular opinion to know what you want (or don’t want) & be outspoken about it. i support a woman’s right to choose what’s right for herself, her life & her body, no matter what that is. i respect women who choose to either remain childless or to give their baby up for adoption, just as i would hope they respect my choice to be a mother. it’s not for everyone & i completely understand that. i would hope that parenting could be left to those of us who enjoy it. i would never wish an unwanted child on a woman who just isn’t into it or wish a hateful or neglectful mother on a child who just desperately wants to be loved. (a certain belgian author, corrine maier, comes to mind)

J on

Wendy I don’t think you’re looking at both sides of it here. Not at all. I am 23, and I don’t want to have kids. Will I change my mind one day? Maybe, but right now. I’m really feeling like I won’t. I’m a kindergarten teacher, and have been working with kids since I was 10 babysitting. And I’ve been in child care for 5 years now. Most of the time, I’m ASKED, if I want kids, and I say no, I really don’t. Do I flaunt it? In no way. Do my other friends who don’t want children flaunt it? Not at all. Most often, we get asked by people who have children or who want to see us have children.

What I do notice, is women who want children “flaunting it”. Can I tell you how many times I’ve heard the “we’re trying” comment? I cannot count how many times! And then every time you see them, they give you an update! And then when they finally get pregnant, my lord, it’s all you hear about! And then when the kids come, they tell you how different their lives are, and that you know, you should start having kids, you’re at that age. And oh, it’s so fulfilling! So please, don’t tell me that we flaunt it because a lot of people who want children, announce it to the world… So according to you, it’s ok to do that, to make the people who don’t want children to feel like they must be missing something? To have people tell them it will make their lives better?

I guess I should just tell those people to have their kids and keep quiet? But, no, I listen, because they are so happy and it’s so great to see. And I oooh and I ahhhh over the pictures. And I listen to the stories. But what about me, I don’t have kids and I’m happy. Can’t they just be happy for me and not try and convince me that having children will be the single greatest accomplishment of my entire life?? As if my life will be worth nothing if I don’t experience the miracle of having a child?? What a crock.

And I’m not sure what you were getting at with the bratty, selfish, childless women. I am neither bratty, nor selfish, nor do I live in a penthouse or have expensive jewelery. I sacrifice my life to my job, for pennies, I work 9 1/2 hour days because I do after school care as well. When I have extra money, after I pay my bills and my debt payments, I spend it on supplies in the classroom, from my own pocket because we’re underfunded. I have no time for a boyfriend, in fact, I haven’t had a social life since I started this job last year. I love kids, I really do, but I don’t know that they’re for me. I like being able to give them back to their parents and finally have 3 hours to myself to eat, work out, read a bit, have a bath and get into bed and then do it all again the next day for 9 1/2 hours. I don’t think that wanting a measly 3 hours a day to myself is being selfish. And if it is, remember that I’m taking care of other people’s kids for 9 1/2 hours, Monday to Friday.

Mariel on

a lot of women here are saying that they dont like kids or dont desire them… so i wonder what are they doing IN THIS BABY BLOG????

Kerri on

You know, interestingly enough, whether we choose to have kids or not have kids, both of those decisions are selfish to one degree. We take our own self-interest into the decision. I doubt most of us make the decision out of some lofty, noble ideal. Whatever we decide, it’s to some degree just doing what we want to do.

Not that there aren’t plenty of valid reasons to have or not have kids…and our only selfish desires to have or not have them isn’t a bad thing! You have to make the right choices for your life.

Rose on

“a lot of women here are saying that they dont like kids or dont desire them… so i wonder what are they doing IN THIS BABY BLOG????”

A lot of women on here are NOT saying they don’t like kids – in fact, most of the people on here who are saying that they don’t want children of their own are also saying that they enjoy kids a lot. So that is probably why they are on this blog.

And is wanting children somehow now a prerequisite to being on a website about celebrity children? This isn’t a website about having children or raising children.

There’s a huge difference between having an interest in children and actually wanting to raise them. Why is it so difficult for some to see the difference between those two things?

sinclair on

“There’s a huge difference between having an interest in children and actually wanting to raise them. Why is it so difficult for some to see the difference between those two things?”

well Rose, because voicing any interest in remaining single (AND CAREFREE!!!!) is sacrilege on this website….(*ok, slight sarcasm, but not really). I laugh because people just have such extremely close-minded viewpoints. I think most of us were raised with the “women grow up, get married and have babies” spiel doled out by their parents and SOCIETY. The way some people are responding–mostly those with kids, bien sur–you would think that we were talking about sacrificing babies on open fire pits.

I just wish some people would accept Kelly’s P.O.V. and leave it at that.

andrea on

but on the newest episode f american idol she looked like she might be pregnent you can tell the difference between someone who put on weight and someone whos having a baby. maybe she hasnt admitted it yet

Rose on

“well Rose, because voicing any interest in remaining single (AND CAREFREE!!!!) is sacrilege on this website….(*ok, slight sarcasm, but not really).”

“The way some people are responding–mostly those with kids, bien sur–you would think that we were talking about sacrificing babies on open fire pits.”

LOL. Thanks for the laugh Sinclair. I really enjoyed your post.

Cass on

Wendy Says:

You don’t hear people walking around like “I know that I will have exactly 4 children. I just know it. It’s already decided. I’m never going to change my mind.”

@ Wendy: Actually, I have known many women who have “known” exactly how many children they wanted, be it 2 or 5 or none. Whether or not these women go on to have their stated number of kids, only time will tell, since these women are still in their child-bearing ages.

I do not see anything wrong with either scenario (stating a precise number of children you know you want, or stating you want none at all). Maybe it will change over the years, but we don’t need other people to tell us that. In high school and college, many people proclaim they know exactly what they want to be when they grow up, only to change career fields a few years down the road. It would be equally obnoxious for someone to reply “you’ll change your mind” to a person who has stated his or her career goals. If you are so certain that the person will change her mind about something (be it babies or a job), then why even bother asking that person their plans? There’s a saying that goes something like “We plan, God laughs.” Does that mean we shouldn’t make plans? Or that others have the right to laugh at our plans and knowingly proclaim how they will change?!

Wendy Says:
So why then, do those who choose to be childless, feel the need to tell everyone about it, and publicize the fact as much as they can? Are you trying to prove a point?

@ Wendy: None of the women I know who prefer not to have children actually go around and proclaim it to the world just to place judgment on those who are mothers, as you seem to imply. Almost always, the answer comes after some rude and prodding person harasses a child-free woman of child-bearing age as to why they have no children yet and when are they going to have them. How are we supposed to answer these questions? Lie and say we can’t wait to have kids? Then when we continue on our life’s journey without kids, these people will either continue to harass us as to the when, or they will start to openly pity us for the lack of children in our lives. Here’s a solution, don’t badger child-free women about when they will have children, and you won’t have to be offended by our response that we do not have a desire for children.

For those of us that choose a path other than motherhood, everyone else seems to be the ones doing the judging, believing that there must be something wrong with us or that we just have yet to discover our hidden passion for motherhood. I have several friends and relatives that have chosen a life without children, and now that they are over 40 and beyond, they have no regrets. They enjoy spending time with nieces, nephews, other people’s children, but at the end of the day, they still enjoy sending them home with mom and dad.

@ Sofie (and others who think it is odd that child-free women would be on a site for Celebrity babies)

Just because we choose not to have children does not mean we hate children or even have no interest in children. I love kids. They make me smile and laugh. Kids and animals are both two of my favorite subjects to photograph, and I enjoy seeing photos of kids and animals, even if I have no idea who they are. If I browse around a site about tigers or squirrels, is it odd that I do not want a tiger or squirrel of my own?

Kids are adorable and amusing. I have cared for neighbors, cousins, nieces, and nephews all my life. I tutored kids, I am always on the lookout for volunteer opportunities that serve children. When I was younger, I wanted to be a pediatrician or teacher so I could make a difference in a child’s life. Not having the skills for those positions, I became a lawyer that continually looks to serve the best interests of children I encounter, whether it is speaking for those without a voice in a bitter custody dispute in the midst of a divorce, fighting for children who have been abused or neglected, or facilitating an adoption.

That being said, I am old enough and wise enough to realize that my place in life is to make a difference in the lives of children that are not my own. I want absolutely no part of the day-to-day activities that are involved with parenting: finding creative ways for my kids to eat their veggies, potty-training, parent-teacher conferences, chauffeuring the kids to various extracurricular activities, worrying about when is the appropriate age for a kid to possess a cell phone, etc. Instead, I want to use my career to help children in any way that I can, use my free time to volunteer for the benefit of children, and use excess money that I earn that is not being spent to raise my own kids to donate to children’s causes, such as the Make-a-Wish Foundation or the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang.

This site is not only informative for those who want to have kids. There are articles about celebrity charities and ways to donate, there are stories of personal interest. I get clothing and toy and accessory ideas for what to buy for the children in my life. Plus this is one of the classiest celeb gossip sites I know.

Jeanne on

I cannot believe how many comments there are to this post! I also can’t believe that childfree by choice people are getting continually attacked, and it’s not just in this post. Whenever there is an item here about a female celebrity stating that she doesn’t want kids this very same argument ensues, every single time, without fail. I just don’t understand why wanting to remain childless is such an offensive decision, I really don’t.

Not one of the posters here who said they don’t want kids has said they hate kids, not one. In fact as far as I can tell we’ve all expressed our love of children. I love my nephews and my baby cousins dearly, I think they’re wonderful and I love that I get to watch them grow up. Why then, is it such a horrible thing that I and many others have realized that we are simply not suited for motherhood? Seriously, I would like someone to explain this to me.

I would also like explained to me the reason why it’s perfectly okay to second guess the childfree by choice but it’s considered unconscionable in most cases to questions someone’s decision to have a child.

The bottom line is, I know myself. I know my own limitations. I admire most mothers and think it’s a great thing that they do. Do not judge me because I know I wouldn’t be good at it.

T on

I agree with one of the earlier posters that stated they wanted their bloodline and a part of them to live on (although I want to be a mother for more reasons than that). I mean my great-great grandchild might cure cancer!

Jen I think I am open-minded and I whole-heartedly believe in allowing people to live their life as they see fit but that doesn’t mean that I’ll always agree with that person. Your decision and the millions of women that agree with u is valid (not that u need me to state that). For myself I don’t agree with it but I absolutely respect it!

My point was no one attacked u on this board before it seemed to me that u went into defense mode on the 3rd post.I can tell that this is an issue that u are used to having to defend.

I think as usual we’ll all have to agree to disagree on this topic.

T on

Rose I know Jen didn’t mean “them”as germs to the literal sense…I was not assuming that’s what she meant. I knew exactly what she meant by her comment.

I stated that u don’t see the anger in these posts because they agree with your view. I stand by that comment becase looking over this post it appears to me that the overwhelming majority agree with u and share your view on the issue.

Can u honestly say that some of your posts weren’t laced with just a tad bit of anger. I believe that many times when our beliefs are challenged our anger is aroused.

T on

Rose I misread your post. My apology to u. Good luck in reaching your goal! 🙂

Wendy on

I think I might have been a little sharp in my comments. Of course it’s a woman’s choice if she doesn’t want children. What I guess I was concerned about is the modern idea that “housewives” do nothing of value. My mother was a stay-at-home mom, and you could say that she didn’t bring back money in the form of dollar bills, but she worked very hard in taking care of the daily necessities of life and educating me and my brothers. She taught us to read and write at an early age, and encouraged in me a love of music. Yet there are women nowadays who look down on those who are stay-at-home moms, or say that they’re stuck in the 1950’s, without realizing that the task of being a mother is a tiring and valuable contribution to society. My best friend is now 50, and has no child, nor husband, and we hang out all the time. But I feel that it doesn’t make sense to automatically classify women who enjoy being mothers or who want a big family as being stuck in the Middle Ages, or anti-progressive. In other words, we shouldn’t equate children with “anti-feminist.” That’s all, sorry for the confusion.

eternalcanadian on

just coz kelly has the equipment doesn’t mean she’s obliged to use it, yeah?

would you all say the same if a 26 year old guy went around saying he didn’t want kids and said the exact same things as kelly?

kudos for kelly speaking her mind.

Velouria on

Women attacking each other for their reproductive choices? What year is it?

Blissfully child-free, and ecstatically awaiting the birth of my best friend’s first child. I cannot wait to play and help take care of him/her, but I still have no desire to have my own, and neither does my husband. We love open-ended life and spontaneity.

Sofie on

Say what you want girls, but I still find it very strange posting comments that are “anti-having-children-of-your-own” on this site! I know how hard it is raising children (I have 3), so I totally get that motherhood is not for everyone!

Leigh on

I think (it’s my opinion) that Kelley is doing what she thinks is best. She wants to dedicate herself to her career right now. I don’t know what the difference is between this case and a woman lawyer, teacher, or doctor saying the same thing. She is young, has many more years ahead of her, but is doing what she thinks is best right now. Isn’t it better that she wait until she is ready than have a child who may not get to see its mother alot due to her career taking her away? Even though she might be able to balance both career and child, we wouldn’t want either one to lack for her sake.
Nowdays it is smart to focus on a career when you are young. At least you know you would be able to support a family on your own or with a husband/wife. As hot as Kelley is right now, she doesn’t want to put a damper on her career.
To Kelley , this decision is hers and hers alone. We all should not judge based on our decisions or what WE think she meant or should do. Respect her comments and leave it at that.

Sarah on

Sofie (#92) the only reason you find it odd is because you equate “not WANTING kids” to “not LIKING kids.” Sorry, but there is a huge difference. This site posts pictures of cute celeb kids and that’s how it attracts most of its viewers. Many of us skip right past the posts about products, clothes, etc. Not a single child-free person here has said that they do not like kids. Not wanting to be a mother has nothing to do with liking kids overall.

Personally, I don’t understand the “you’ll change your mind one day thing.” It seems a little belittling. No one knows what Kelly is thinking better than herself. How does anyone really know whether or not she will change her mind. When someone states a fact about their life, why question it? What business is it of any of us? And, why is it that no one ever asks someone why they DO want kids?

Jeanne on

Wendy, NO ONE here has belittled mothers or what they do. I think most moms are awesome and I applaud them. Not wanting to be a mom doesn’t mean I think they’re silly or stuck in the middle ages, it just means that I myself do not want to be one! I don’t want to be a teacher either, does that mean I must hate them too? (for the record, I don’t, I think they’re wonderful too.)

Not wanting to be something DOES NOT mean we hate people who are that thing. Please learn the difference.

Moll on

What’s weird though is the time people really want children is when they’re old, I’m talking 50+. The older you get the more you rely on your families. I know this is horrible to say, but you may be happy with just your husband now but men don’t live as long as women and unfortunately he may not be with you forever, same goes for friends. Yes you may have siblings or nephews and nieces but nothing compares to having your own children and grandchildren (bio or adopted) there looking out for you.

I shudder to think what would happen if I was childless. Maybe I’d end up in a home, spending Christmas alone.

Jeanne on

@ Moll (#96)- So I should have a child I don’t want and will likely resent for the rest of my life just so he/she will take care of me when I’m old?* No. I don’t want to make life decisions based on what may or may not happen when I’m old. Dwelling on one’s own death is rather morbid and depressing, particularly when one is young and in good health. I choose not to do that.

*I again want to stress that I speak only for myself, and that I do not hate kids.

Aitch on

Never underestimate the power of the biological clock!

Chicki on

@Moll – I see your point about getting older and having regrets about life choices, but each of us has to learn to live with regrets in life – whatever they may be. And your point about whether or not you end up alone in a home @ Christmas has little to do with whether or not you choose to have children. I think it’s more about HOW you raise the ones you do have that counts! 😉

Rose on

“Good luck in reaching your goal!”

Thank you T.

Alex on

I’m the same way as Kelly. I don’t see myself as a mother either. Too bad I’m an only child so I’ll never have nieces/nephews either.

sgtmian on

jaysus, you guys. some of you read waaay too much into things. nobody here hates children, nobody thinks they’re GERMS! how did you get “i am selfish and think children are bacteria” from “my life is fulfilling without children, and i don’t have any desire to have any of my own, please don’t belittle me because i want something else from my life”?

what is this, 1959? i’m actually quite shocked.

i’m here because i like looking at and reading stories about celebrity babies and watching them grow. is there some law that says i can’t enjoy reading about someone else’s children unless i want some of my own?

can i ask celebritybabies a question? why do you even put these articles up? what does celebrity women who don’t want children have to do with a celebrity baby site? they don’t want children, so why are they of any interest? put them in articles when and if they do.

freedomgrl77 on

Thank you, sgtmian, for asking that question…

I thought the same exact thing when I first saw the story line.

Of course, I could not resist reading all the story or the posts of everyone’s opinions naturally.

Positive stuff, negative stuff; no one is forced to agree with another. That’s what makes us individuals. I get both sides of the coin even though I have do have 2 children myself. Even if I didn’t, I like kids and I love seeing the celebrity moms and babies. It’s an escape in ways.

Love and light to you all. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

sgtmian- I don’t work for CBB, I’m simply a commentor like you. However, here’s my take on why CBB posts these types of articles: Because, when it comes right down to it, the articles DO have to do with celeb babies. An article about someone not wanting babies certainly, in my mind, has to do with babies!

Also, I think plenty of people ARE interested in whether or not their favorite stars want children.

stephanie on

Chicki: “And your point about whether or not you end up alone in a home @ Christmas has little to do with whether or not you choose to have children. I think it’s more about HOW you raise the ones you do have that counts! ;)”

I 100% agree with this comment.

mp on

I admire Kelly for being honest.

No longer childfree, but can relate on

Wendy Says:
So why then, do those who choose to be childless, feel the need to tell everyone about it, and publicize the fact as much as they can? Are you trying to prove a point?

And yet it’s always the people with kids who think it’s their business to ask a childless (childfree) woman why she doesn’t have kids. I have a child now, but I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to have one. However, since I didn’t have her until my late 30s, I was childless (childfree) far longer than most women. I was constantly being asked WHY I didn’t have any kids, and it was ALWAYS by people with kids who felt like they had the right to know my reasons. Yet, according to you, I was publicizing my reasons just by answering their questions. Well, I do have a child now, and I would never dream to ask some woman why she doesn’t have any kids yet. And guess what? I don’t have to worry about listening to her reasons if I DON’T ASK HER. That said, any woman who doesn’t have a gaggle of kids by her late 20s is always going to be given the Mother Super Act by women with children as being selfish blah, blah, blah because our culture is so fixated on motherhood being the be-all and end-all of a woman’s existence. Don’t whine you get what our culture asks for!

Paige on

No kids or marriage for me either! Im super young, just barely 18, and babies have never apealed to me either. Never! I think it crossed my mind once or twice but it was purly curiousity. Not desire lol. And marriage…nah. If it happens cool, if not Ill live. Nothing wrong with wanting kids or wanting to spend your life with the one you love. But I like my selfish ways lol. I love coming and going as I please. I hate feeling tied down. Thats why if I ever got accidentally pregnant that kid would be up for adoption asap! lol.

Amanda on

I am 34, and have NEVER had the desire to have a child. There’s no telling how many times I’ve heard every response:
“you’ll change your mind”
“you’re too young to say that” (I was 12 the 1st time I said it)
“wait until you meet the right guy” (did 5 yrs ago, still don’t want any)
“why not?”
“who will take care of you when you get old?”
“well, I LOVE MY children” (are you trying to convince me or yourself?)
It gets really old hearing the same tired lines. Some of us truly don’t need kids to be happy, and other people just can’t accept that for some reason.

KMT on

I’m not a blogger but this topic stirred something in me…

As strict food for thought and nothing more, I will share a true conversation without revealing any personal opinion on the subject.

A female co-worker and I married our husbands within a year or so of one another. In the office one morning, the motherhood topic came into conversation. In an attempt to curtail the dreaded topic, I expressed my disinterest in having a child by saying what I thought my colleague may have been thinking about me anyway….”Yes, I know, I guess I’m just selfish.” Interestingly, her reply was in such contrast to my expectation, I will never forget it. Her opinion was that “one of the most selfish things a person could do is decide to bring a little copy of themselves into the world.”

That was 10 years ago, I’m still child-free by choice and my co-worker has two beautiful children.

Imagine that.