Britney Spears and Sons Set Sail!

03/11/2009 at 04:00 PM ET

Currently on tour in support of her album Circus, Britney Spears took a break in Miami, enjoying a little R&R during a boat ride with sons Jayden James, 2 ½ and Sean Preston, 3 ½, on Tuesday. The popstar, 27, has been receiving mixed reviews for her show, which hits New York this week. The boys are accompanying her!

SDFL/Juan Garces/Splash News Online

Click below for another shot of Britney and Jayden!

SDFL/Juan Garces/Splash News Online

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Lis on

Sweet as pie. I could eat them up🙂

Kelly on

So cute! Jayden’s such a momma’s boy!

Sarah on

Congratulations to Britney on looking fabulous and being a good mother! She has really turned her life around and gotten herself back together. As for the picture so cute! The boys are so adorable and will be heart breakers when they grow up😀

Betsy on

I wish they were wearing life vests…

Bri on

Very cute! The only concern, in my opinion, I would personally never let my little kids on a boat without life jackets. Especially when they look like they are sitting so close to the side. No dis on Britney, but I would just hope that she (and other parents) would think more about safety.

Coleen on

Ah I love these two! Jayden reminds me of the twin boys on full house with that hair! So cute!

Kelly on

I usually wouldn’t agree because the boys are with her but if something happened to the boat they might not have time to put them on. So, I agree! lol

Baby Nursery Bedding on

Very cute, hope Britney will take good care of them and be a responsible mum.

Aelys on

It’s great to see she was able to take her boys on tour with her and spend some time with them. For some reason, I always have that feeling she has a softer spot for Jayden – when she’s with Sean, Jayden and the nanny, Britney’s always carrying Jayden and Sean’s with the nanny… I’m not saying she prefers Jayden, it’s just a feeling I have when I see her with her boys.

Sarah on

I love Britney… but where are her kids lifejackets???

Sam on

Yes to the life vests for sure – children AND adults! Also wanted to say that I have never seen a picture of her holding her older boy in a very long time. He’s still just a baby too. Seems unfair but hopefully it’s just in the pictures we see.


There are a whole bunch in this set of her holding Preston before they left by the pool. Unfortunately Britney was having some bikini issues so we couldn’t post them.😉

– CBB Staff

Mary-Helen on

Jayden REALLY seems to love that Buzz Lightyear toy!

I’m not trying to nitpick, but I do agree the boys should have lifejackets on. I used to teach sailing and I’m pretty anal about these things. But I’ve noticed alot of celeb parents don’t put the lifejackets on the kids, so it’s not a “Britney is a bad mom” thing, more a “common oversight” thing. Boat safety is something I think alot of us disregard and should focus on.

Lou on

lol at ”bikini issues”…that got me chuckling!

she’s looking great, as are the kids. good to see her back on form! x

Samantha on

It really bothers me that she is always carrying Jayden, never Sean. Do you think its because when Sean was Jaydens age she lost custody and feels bad so she tries to give him more attention because he is younger? In britneys moms book, Lynne explains that Sean is very sensitive and attached to his mother, yet i never see her holding him or kissing him. I feel bad for Sean because it seems brit prefers little Jayden more. Anyone else feel this way?

semp on

i love the fact that she let the nanny in the picture. i mean, i’ve already noticed that celebrities usually tend to let the nanny one step behind when there’s papz.

and those boys are so cute! To those who think she never hold Preston, it’s not true. in fact the last 2 days there has been plenty of pics of britney playing with her boys in the pool and both boys were shot in mommy’s arms. however i think little Jayden is just a mommy’s boy. and from what i’ve seen of the boys with kevin, Preston is daddy’s boy.

sandy on

I have noticed over the past few years the she has kept the same nanny for her children. I love this, they have a safe bond with her rather then having a new care taker every few months. these kids, especially with everything that has occurred in their life, have a consistency that they have grown up with.

Di on

I have definitely have noticed that Britney has a tendency carry Jayden and the nanny or her father is carrying Sean Preston. For some reason I thought that it is because maybe Sean is a year older and maybe she does not have the strength to carry him but the nanny has no problem carrying Sean. I wonder if she feels that Jayden needs some extra love and attention because she lost custody of Jayden during his first year of life.

Blue on

Brittney was away from her boys mentally and physically for a long time. I do think she has a “soft spot” for Jayden but its probably because of the absence of her in his life when he was so very young. I think she loves them both equally but is trying to put in some extra momma/son time with little Jayden to maybe make up for when she was gone.

semp on

i think Jayden ask her attention more than Preston. and she shouldn’t refuse him that of course.,0,33
here one shot of britney and her oldest son! there’s many others but i don’t want to search. the only site where i found it is on a creepy site dedicated to britney’s kids!

jenny on

I have two daughters and some people say I do the same thing but the fact is one of my daughters needs her mommy more, the other likes to be more independent or rely on other people besides me. As another mother with a mental illness, I think Britney is doing a great job, its not easy.

I do agree that those kids need to be wearing life jackets though.

iluvallbabies on

OMG listen to everyone- “she has a soft spot for one son, she doesnt hold her other son enough, where are the life jackets” etc etc?

I just give her credit for coming out of her ‘darker period’ looking more focused on her family and happy. Thumbs up Britney!

Chris on

She looks great and these pics are so cute! I think she carries Jayden more because he’s the baby. Kevin said that Preston is a daddy’s boy so maybe that’s part of it too.

Sadie on

I find the “she cares about one kid more than the other comments” odd – you can’t tell that from a picture.

But I find it just as odd when people say things like, “She’s such a good mom” – it’s not possible to tell that from a picture either. There is so much jumping to conclusions going on, on both sides.

And I wholeheatedly agree with those who have a problem with the kids not having life jackets on. There is no excuse for risking a child’s safety – Britney shouldn’t get cut any slack on that just because she’s a celebrity.

Honey on

she looks like she’s having a great time with the boys. What a great time for the whole family. I’m glad Kevin and even his other kids have been around to share in on the fun.

Roxi on

Roxi on

a cute photo with JJ and Preston at Disney with their new “mommy”🙂

samantha on

Semp that is jayden she is holding not sean, sean was wearing dark blue swim trunks….

No, she’s right, it’s Preston. His swim trunks were light blue while they were by the pool. We’ve seen the entire image set and it is Preston.

-CBB Staff

Manon on

Blue I think there is a lot of truth in what you say. Jayden’s birth did seem to come at the start of her troubles so maybe now she feels more protective? Having said that: true we can tell nothing just from photos. Such judgements about “good/bad mother” are made on photos.

Manon on

Sadie: agree! great the progress Brit. is making but they should have life jackets.

Julie on

She looks great and very happy with her boys!

Rachel on

I think these are awesome photos to see — they look so happy and she just looks a thousand times better than a year ago. It’s really uplifting to know that someone can come so far. And I’m pretty sure the nanny is the same nanny that Kevin uses too (I’ve seen pictures of her with the kids when they’re in Kevin’s custody) if so that’s awesome that they have that commonality in both places.

As for the lack of life vests… I agree they need them. I know it’s so easy to think that you’re holding them and that as a parent/adult we’d never let anything happen, but I know a family that lost a child when another boat crashed into theirs on a lake here in Kentucky. The child was not wearing a life vest and when he and several others were thrown overboard in the crash he of course immediately sank to the bottom. It took rescue workers several hours to find his body (even knowing the general area where he disappeared).

Those parents still live with the nightmare of “if only” for the rest of their lives.

It’s like a seatbelt… such a simple thing can save your life. Why in the world would you not use one?

Bell on

In Florida they have to have life jackets on the boat not on the person. I am sure there are plenty of life vests to go around in case of vessel failure.

Sam on

YES Samantha I feel the same way and posted about it. The staff here said there are some pictures of her holding Sean Preston – so knowing that is nice. I would still like to see the pictures though! My concern is that the two boys are so close in age – Sean Preston is really not that much older, still just a babe too and these are the years he most needs that closeness with his mom. Glad it’s not just me that notices this.

Sam on

Thanks ‘semp’ it was nice to see! 🙂

Sam on

Roxi – thankyou – precious!!!

Does he go by Sean or Preston? lol

Sam on

Roxi #27 – that picture is adourable. That body guard (I think he is a body guard) is so sweet with them!!! Thanks again!

Janet on

Of course there are life jackets on the boat, but those kids should be wearing them!

Terri on

LOL…I remember when Jayden was a baby and people always questioned why she never held him and always carried Sean Preston. Now it’s the opposite. I guess she can’t win for losing!

Elle on

I love the way the nanny is texting or making a call while holding Sean…

Angel on

My daughter *loves* Buzz Lightyear too!

Both of the boys are adorable, but she really should have had them in life vests.

Rachel on

Bell — not saying anything against you because you’re just pointing out the law, but isn’t that law like saying “You don’t actually have to WEAR your seatbelt… you just have to have one in the car… ya know, in case you’re headed for a collision.”

The life vest won’t do anyone any good after the fact.

iluvallbabies on

Yes yes they should be wearing vests- but Im sure the chances of being “thrown after a collision” in a boat this size would be 1 in a billion. Honestly they would not only have to be travelling over the speed limit, they would then have to run into someone else doing the same speed limit. Not even THEN would it necesarily throw them overboard. They are safely with their mom and nanny, who have a tight hold of them. Lets just leave the safety of Britneys children to her, and enjoy a cute pic🙂

JMO on

As you can see from the photos Sean P. looks very comfortable in his nanny’s arms. Some people don’t realize that nanny’s become a very important part of children’s lives. I am a nanny. I’ve helped to raise a 4 yr old girl who has been in my care since she was 9 weeks old! When she, her mother and I are all together there are times she will still want to sit in my lap or hold my hand. It’s not that she doesn’t adore her doting parents but she feels just as comfortable in my arms as she does her own mothers. One thing that I know her mother is gratefully thankful for to know she has someone to love her own child as if she were mine. Therefore I don’t think it’s Britney picking favorites perhaps Sean just enjoys being with his nanny (who most likely has been there for him more so then his mother in the past).

That being said I agree with the lifejackets and I am not sure of the laws in some states but here I believe a child MUST be wearing a lifejacket when on a boat or you could be fined.

Sarah on

Elle #40, what point are you trying to make? Are you implying that she is being neglectful because she is using her phone while holding Preston? I can’t think of a single parent/nanny/babysitter who hasn’t made a phone call while holding a child. Multi-tasking is a huge part of parenting. Besides it looks like she is paying attention to Preston and he is saying something to her. From other pictures it is obvious that Preston is very attached to her.

About the Britney favoring JJ thing, I don’t think it’s true. It seems as though it’s JJ who is more attached to Britney. He’s the one who reaches out to her and snuggles. They have said that Preston is a daddy’s boy. And, as others have already pointed out, there were poolside pictures of her holding Preston and snuggling with him while JJ is with the nanny. Also, there was a video at another site of her clapping for Preston when he jumps into the pool.

People have this need to create scandal where there is none. No one who knows her, including Kevin, has said anything about Britney favoring one child over the other. I find it pretty sad that so many people are so quick to assume that a mother loves one child more based on a few pictures (this also happened with marcia cross “favoring” eden).

Di on

I always find it out interesting how when there is picture of Britney with her kids and someone chooses to make a critical comment whether it be about her past parenting mistakes or in this situation, the children not wearing a life vest, people get offended because they do not want hear about anything negative.

Well, the world is not full of all sunshine and rainbows and if I or any other visitor to this website wants to make a comment that is critical don’t read it and move on and read the ones you want. I do not know if Britney is a good mother. All I know is the court’s stripped of her custody and that says alot.

In terms of Britney’s parenting it has certainly improved since the conservatorship was put into place, but I have feeling if the conservatorship ever ends, she will go back to her wild ways and will once again loose custody. Jamie Spears is doing everything in his power to help his daughter and he has done a wonderful job, however, I wonder if Britney even realizes how bad her life was before he stepped in. People on this board think the worst is behind Britney. I disagree. Britney does not have the freedom to do the things most adults do. She can’t go where she wants and talk to whoever. Britney’s dad set her schedule and she no choice but to get with the program. Once the conservatorship, Britney will relish her lost freedom and will go overboard. If that happens, Kevin will be going to court so Britney fans should not get the hopes up just yet because who knows what will happen in the future.

CelebBabyLover on

Terri- I was just thinking the exact same thing!

eternalcanadian on

oh no, it looks like britney didn’t slathered on the sunblock nor ensure sufficient sun protection for the boys as they sure look red and sunburnt like their mum. that’s such a pet peeve of mine when parents don’t “Slip, Slop, Slap” their kids.

eternalcanadian on

oh, and if they indeed were “setting sail” such as going out in open water, the kids are supposed to be wearing life jackets, or is it not the law like with bike helmets and car seats? even if they were just moored at the dock, the kids should still wear lifejackets. it only takes one second, one slip, and….

Sue on

A question for those who say Britney favors JJ, have you ever seen pictures of Kevin holding Jayden?
I haven’t. Even in that PEOPLE photoshoot, there are only single shots with Preston. So please stop painting Britney as the bad guy here. I’m sure Britney and Kevin love their children equally.

@ Rachel…No, Kevin has a different nanny. But Lourdes “Lulu” has been with Britney since Prestons birth in 2005

kris on

Di – well said (and in what I think is a polite way). I love seeing pics of her and the boys looking happy and relaxed – because it is good for her children. I hope she and her father continue on this path of recovery together. Let’s just say from the special she did recently (I think it was about this new album etc) I think Di’s comment is very much on target. So, keep up the good work Spears family (Britney and everyone else working with her)!!

Hari on


You have ever right to feel like Britney will fail and fail again, but I don’t get the point. She seems to be making good strides. Will she continue to make mistakes? Sure. As will any parent. At least she is trying and WANTS to be with her children. I feel like people want to see her fail to make an example. Why would anyone want to make those children miserable.

You say don’t expect the best. I say don’t assume the worst. Let them live their lives. Those boys look healthy and happy. That is all that matters. If they didn’t the courts, hell the paparazzi, would be all over that and let the world know.

Cammie on

Wow, you seem to have alot of hatred towards Britney. Do you actually know her personally and have extra insight?Yes, people DO have the right to post what they want; common courtesy should self censor some people from the posts they want to type. That being said, no, life is NOT all rainbows and sunshine, but there is something called hope. I choose the side of hope, not all the negative energy you feel the need to dispel. Who knows what will happen to Britney? WHo knows what will happen to any of us? That being said, it is great to see her laughing with her children, moving in what appears a more healthy path, considering the pain she was obviously in before. A great photo, and I wish all good things to her and her family in the future.

Denise on

These boys are so beautiful. Jayden looks so much like Britney, it’s scary. I love their little hairstyles. And Britney seems to be more hands on now with the boys, which is lovely to see.

Kayleigh on

Woooo, I’m going to watch Britney in concert in June! yay

curious on

Why are they not in life vests? It is a law to wear one. I guess once again she is breaking the law and getting it caught on photo print, but I doubt anything will happen to her. Endangering a child is NEVER cute.

Di on

Some people on this board think that I hate Britney and think that she is a horrible mother but in reality I’m just a realist. Britney is a woman with a lot of problems and that picture does nothing to change my mind. Why do you think the judge in 2008 made the temporary conservatorship permanent? It is because the underlying issues that led to the conservatorship are still present. I have no doubt that the reason why Kevin has agreed to give Britney more time with the kids is because the conservatorship is in place. There will be NO partying, no drugs and no reckless behavior as long as Jamie Spears is on the scene.
Before the conservertorship, Britney had no visitiation. After, Britney sees the boys three days a week. This is not a coincidence.

Just last month Jamie Spears was in court trying to get a restraining order against three guys because his daughter unbeknowst to him was communicating with them and her security confiscated her cell phone. Had Britney gotten her life together without the conservatorship that would be something but no one knows what is really going on in her head. The courts are still evaluating her mental state.

Is the picture beautiful and wonderful? Sure it is but it does not mean we should not be critical of the fact the she has two small children on a boat without a life vest. People are always making excuses for Britney. Remember when she drove with Sean on her lap? Every parent makes mistakes but Britney should know better by now.

Annie on

People need to stop judging Britney Spears by only the negative things that she’s done. What a twisted world we’d live in if everything we did that was wrong was held up for an example, and the good ignored? So her dad had to go to court to renew the restraining order, fine. But did you also read that SHE wanted the order. Or the testimony of her bodyguard and her hairdresser how she resisted Sam’s initial attempts to get in touch with her. Sure, she should have never had any contact with him. But give her credit, it took months before he was able to make any dent in her defenses.

As far as her mental state goes, no-one knows for sure what happened there, and so all this self-righteous anger and judgement about her choices pre-conservatorship are insane. How do you tar and feather someone who’s ill and unstable? That person deserves sympathy.

Besides, with all the credit for Jaime’s influence, don’t discredit Britney for TRYING. She got off her butt and started working, exercising, singing, dancing etc again. She is the one voluntarily taking her medications (because in case some of you have forgotton the conservatorship DOES NOT give Jaime rights over her medical health, only her physical wellbeing and her finances) Therefore, ANY drugs/medication etc that she takes are BY CHOICE!!! Props to her for accepting that help.

It annoys me how there are probably tons of parents being crappy mom/dads everywhere across the US, but we focus so much attention on one celebrity. Should we ignore her actions? No. But let’s be honest and upfront: She’s made mistakes, she’d made good choices. That’s life. Stop harping on the negative incessantly. It really shows how hypocritical that approach is.

semp on

i’ve just find an entire video of britney and the kids showing she doesn’t favor JJ over Preston.

this make me realize how changed she is. maybe things are still not perfect, i don’t know, but it’s so much better that a while ago!

lala on

I CAN’T BELIEVE ALL THE PERFECT MOTHER’S ON THIS SITE. DI, CURIOUS, AND ALL of THE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT LIFE JACKETS; GIVE ME A BREAK! We all know the importance of LIFE JACKETS. It’s just a photo on a website! Some women on this blog nitpick every little thing celebrities do. My gosh, give it a rest already. I swear I wish some of your lives were caught on film on a daily basis, so that I could nit pick your lives apart, the same way you do these CELEBRITY MOMS.




meghan on

You people are unbeleivable!! I cannot get over how judgemental some of you are! I look at these photos and think “How nice. A nice day for Britney and her boys!” You look at these photos and see no life vests, no sunblock(!) (Really you can tell that from a photo, Miss Skincare Expert?) and the topper–Britney OBVIOUSLY prefers one son to the other! Are you kidding me?!?! Can this woman do anything that meets your rigid childcare standards? I would love to spend a day in your homes and harp on every little mistake you make with your kids. Does it make you feel good to slam a young woman who is trying so hard to turn her life around?

TracyG on

I am not surprised to see the negative comments here. They are from most of the same people who nitpick at every single celeb on this site. I think it makes THEM feel better about their own lives to slam celebs.

I’m sure that the boat has life jackets. Yes, she should have them on the boys but not everyone wears them if they are available in the boat.

I’m sure she loves SP just as much as JJ. People want to believe the worst about Britney because of her past. If this was the standard here then how come it’s not held to every celeb on here? The hatred for certain celebs is so obvious from the same people again and again….

There are many, many celebs that are parents now who have had colourful and wicked pasts themselves (Jodie Sweetin comes to mind for example) but you don’t see them getting it thrown in their faces every time there’s a photo of them. Angelina Jolie, who is so revered on this site, also has a very scary and questionable past but yet people are so “happy and elated that she’s turned her life around”. Why can’t the same be said for Britney?

lala on


WELL SAID!!!!!!!!

Silvermouse on

I agree with lala, TracyG, and Meghan. Parents make mistakes. Some parents adhere way too much to the rules. At least she isn’t making them drink margaritas or smoke marijuana!!! Oh snap, now wouldn’t that be bad! Personally I think the images are sweet and don’t care to bash Britney or anybody else for that matter. I have often worn no life jackets or sunscreen (well maybe once or twice) But I think these ladies are being rather obnoxious about these things. Maybe the children didn’t need the lifejackets because the adults were in view and could grab the children? Notice that both SP and JJ are being held. They probably were under their nanny and their mother’s watchful eye as well. I’m not going to defend her decisions (like some insane people credited me for a couple of months back) but she has made a lot of progress. My advice is to look at Britney like a recovering alcoholic or drug addict. (i’m not dissing Britney here but I understand her actions) And plus saying that a parent prefers one child over another is rude. She shows plenty of affection for her boys
A sometimes Britney fan.
You guys overanalize Britney too much. Peace out a little.

Sarah on

thanks for the vid semp! i hope this appeases those who think she actually favors one of her children over the other. i find it ridiculous that people assume that of a mother. britney spears may be a lot of things, but i don’t think that heartless is one of them. she clearly loves her children and is trying to get her life back together for them.

Rachel on

I think the whole “favoring” thing is ridiculous. You could watch any parent in the world with multiple children at any given time and get the impression that they “favored” one of their children. That’s just life. It doesn’t mean they do.

I really loved the video. Unlike photos it was good to see some real interaction between Britney and her sons. I loved the way she cuddled Preston and danced with him and how she was jumping in the pool with the boys. Too cute.

You could have asked me a year ago and I may have told you I wasn’t sure she could ever repair the relationship she’d all but destroyed with her children. Luckily now it seems that she’s making great strides in doing just that.

tj on

It’s so nice to see Britt’s young sons smiling and happy. When Britt was having her meltdown, it was really hard to see photos of the boys always looking scared and confused with their mom. Again, nice to see all their smiling faces!

17o on

Nice babe lovely🙂

JJS on

I am so glad she is back in the boys’ lives.

As for the comments about her only holding the younger one. My kids are the same ages as SP and JJ, and I usually hold the younger one. She is pretty attached to me and when we are in a group of adults, she wants me over anyone else. Maybe JJ is the same way? I, in no way, give less attention to my older child. It is just what’s easiest in certain situations.

CelebBabyLover on

Anne- Very well said!

CelebBabyLover on

Sam- He seems to go by Preston, as Britney, Kevin, and Lynne (Britney’s mom) have all refered to him as that in interviews.

Jase on

She is holding Preston in those set of pics but I have seen the pictures and the reason CBB can’t post them is because she appeared to have a slight wardrobe malfunction on the bottom half of her bikini. It wouldn’t have been appropriate to post it since a little bit of her private parts were exposed in those pictures.

Q on

Di- It’s obvious you want Britney to fail & her kids to suffer, just admit it. Jamie isn’t in as much control as you want to think. He doesn’t make every choice for her. He hasn’t lived with her in months & isn’t on tour with her. So if Britney really wanted to go “crazy” she she could & would. Also you forget she had a breakdown, it’s wasn’t her choice. You also forgot that during the restraining order hearing that her hairdresser testified Lutfi was harassing her & Britney & that Britney said in no uncertain terms that she wanted him to leave them alone.

Curious she isn’t breaking any laws, PDF’s aren’t required in Florida for a boat that size.

Q on

Di another point that you were wrong about . The C-chip was extended because of the tour. Britney did not have to agree w/ it. Funny that you say kevin ‘lets” Britney see her boys more because he knows there will be no partying, recklessness or drugs, when he’s out doing exactly that. Jamie can’t control any of that since he’s not there. Why do you act as if her breakdown last 20 years or something? Before that she was fine w/o the need of a c-ship.

Sasha on

I’m surprised so many of the comments that are negative are coming from mothers. None of us are perfect.

CelebBabyLover on

Q- ITA, especially about the part about her breakdown not really being her choice.

Ryo on

I know this is a bit late – but that is a gorgeous photo of Britney and Jayden!

Alex on

Marvelous pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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