Anne Heche, James Tupper Welcome Son Atlas

03/11/2009 at 05:35 PM ET
Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks

It’s a boy for Anne Heche and James Tupper! Anne, 39, delivered son Atlas Heche Tupper, weighing in at 6 lbs., 12 oz, over the weekend, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. Further details, including day and location of birth, were not released.

The couple announced the pregnancy in December, confirming in January that they were expecting a little boy. This is the second child for Anne, who is also mom to son Homer, 7, with ex-husband Coley Laffoon, and the first for James, 43.

Source: PEOPLE

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Y on

Atlas? Like a book of maps? Anyway, Congratulations!

Lea on

They said on the news here that she gave birth in Vancouver.

For now, her rep doesn’t wish to confirm the birth date or location. We hope to get more information soon!

-CBB Staff

Tara on

Congrats to the whole family!

I don’t care for Anne’s name choices, but hope all is well with the little one and that Homer is excited about his little brother.

Michelle on

Congratulations to them! Loved “Men In Trees” and I wish them all much happiness!

Mia on

Atlas is interesting. It sounds kind of like Alistar. I wonder if they’ll get married soon? Now, that the baby is here, and Heche’s divorce is finalized.

Kate on

Those names sure go together!

Kate on

Oh, Y, Atlas was a Titan in Greek mythology. When the Olympians (Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, etc.) beat the Titans in the Titanomachy, Zeus sent Atlas to hold up the sky and prevent it from rejoining with the Earth (in some art, he is pictured holding a globe itself), hence the etymology of the word used for a book of maps.

Whether you like the names or not, it works pretty well with Homer, which is the name for the great Greek poet.

Kat on

Greek mythology, folks… Atlas is the giant holding up the sky. And considering that she named her other son Homer she seems to have a passion for ancient Greece.

Kelly on

That name is interesting, can’t say how I feel about it just yet haha, haven’t made up my mind. Either way, congrats to them!

fergette on

Nooooooo!!!!!! My husband and I have had the name Atlas on our list for years. It is currently the front-runner for a future daughter’s name. Darn. Perhaps it will be okay because Anne is not a major celebrity and most people will not know of her son’s name. But still…darn.

erika on

Atlas is different!! I wonder if they’ll call him Attie or something, it would be cute. Attie and Homer, adorable!

Angi on

Well..that is a unique name.

Janey on

I’M SO BUMMEEEEEEED. I wanted to name my kid(if i ever had one) Atlas. uGH.

Philippa on

She’s surely got an Ancient Greek/Mythology theme going on in naming her children. I’m not a fan of the name Homer, but I quite like Atlas. The 2 names do go very well together.
Congrats to Anne, James and Homer!

Colleen on

I love the name! I wonder if they are big history buffs? Homer and Atlas to very well together.

elle on

I wonder if they’ll be friends with Ptolemy ?? bud-a-bum.

chloe on

my partner and i always throw atlas in the ring when discussing names for our little one due in july. it’s a great name with a strong meaning. congrats.

danda_lion on

Congrats to them, although it’s a very silly name.

Jazz on

I wouldn’t name my kid Atlas but I think it’s a cool name. Then again, I love Greek mythology so maybe that’s why.

Adrianna on

Elle- That was a good one.🙂

dee on

I love the name Atlas. First, b/c it is a strong name. And secondly b/c it’s not Aiden, Jaden Caden, Braden, Hayden, or any other forms there of.

Mary on

I casually mentioned this to my mom while we were out today and she said, “Aw, poor kid, he’s gonna have the weight of the world on his shoulders.” I inserted, “Ba-dum-bump”

I kind of like the name. Atlas isn’t the worst I’ve heard. It doesn’t feel like it was chose just for the sake of its uniqueness, seeing as he has an older brother Homer.

Anna on

Great name and goes well with Homer.

Abbey on

Love the name Atlas! Congrats to the happy family!

elle on


I try, I try😉

theres a nice little take on the name on the site dlisted. Pretty funny

daniela on

don’t care for the name, or for Homer, but congrats to them anyway!🙂

JMO on

Well they have the perfect introduction to his arrival card:

Atlas he’s here!!!!!😉

crimpe on

Ladies, I knew an Atlas in high school and he was HOT. No nickname, just Atlas. It is such a great name, don’t be dissuaded from naming your child Atlas because Anne used it first – it is still awesome!

Jane on

Congrats to the happy family!

CelebBabyLover on

I wonder why Anne and James don’t want to confirm the birthdate or location? I mean, they confirmed basically everything else (name, gender, and weight), so what’s sharing the birthdate and place going to hurt?

Anyway, I agree with crimpe. I never understand it when people think that, when a celeb uses their name choice for their baby, they suddenly can’t even think about using it anymore!

erika on

CelebBabyLover – – – Perhaps because they don’t want someone going to the web nursery and taking a peek at the baby before they show him off??? Just a thought… I don’t like the name Homer but Atlas isn’t bad :o)

nikka on

Fergette, you can still name your child even if Anne used that name first. There is actually no law preventing you from using a name someone else used too

eternalcanadian on

wow, good timing for atlas! anne’s divorce just came through. what a nice celebration. i am pretty sure the baby was born here, anne got the house in the divorce settlement so she obviously lives here. not sure about the name atlas though as i think of geography when i see atlas. 🙂

Katey on

Atlas is a cool name. Although I was hoping for a matching ancient poet name like Hesiod (or Bacchylides). Although between Anne’s Homer and Atlas and Gretchem Mol’s Ptolemy, maybe there eventually will be a baby Hesiod.

Janey on


Its not because a celebrity is using it. I have a pretty unique name. My names Electra and I’ve never encountered anyone with that name. My moms only encountered one Elektra(and that was over the phone)and my friend who lives in greece(where the name originates) says even there its pretty uncommon.

I kinda feel that my name has benefited me quite a bit in my career( and i’m not a stripper :-P) so its important to me to give my own child a unique name. Something that just stands out but not…in a bad way. I noticed that names go in trends and sometimes become popular after celebrities use them. Atlas was pretty much on top of my list So it doesn’t really have so much to do with the fact that its a celeb..if my next door neighbor named her new baby that it’d be off my list. I mean yeah, i know someone in the world is gonna have my childs name…but something about just eh. I

As long as no one names their kid Ambros or Asher…I’m fine😛

Tiffany on

I actually love that name. It’s different but not too out there. Congrats to the fam.

All About Babies on

Congrats to Anne and James. Atlas’ weight same with my daughter….

Sarah on

Janey, Asher is on my List! LOL.
Atlas is a great name. Different but very strong sounding. I actually like it.

Auna on

Sorry Janey, Asher is a pretty common name and I just named my little girl Adistyn Jaya Ambrose!! I love the name Atlas. I, too like unusual names or names that are not so kids are Bellamy and Roman and I’ve never encountered another Bellamy!!

Kelpy on

Greek Mythology theme going on there. Smart😉
Not my first choice of name but it suits their family well, and their oldest son’s name too.
Congrats to the family!!!!

anniebabe on

Kirsty Alsopp from Location Location Location used Atlas for her baby’s name about 3 years ago. Think it was Bay Atlas. So not a new name to me, still a bit odd for my tastes though. Each to their own.

Harley on

Kate, I was going to say the same thing lol. I love Greek and Roman mythology/history and am incorporating that into a future sons middle name. I like Atlas more than Homer but, at least they are honest to God real names that have been around forever.

fergette on

Thanks Janey, you said it. My disappointment has nothing to do with not wanting a celebrity baby to have the name of my child, it has to do with a desire to give my child a name that is individual to them, at least generally. I am fully aware that there are/will be other Atlas’ in the world, the difference is that once a celebrity names their child a unique name, there seem to be a rash of copy-cat namers. Not only do I not want my child to be just one of the pack of Atlas’, but I also don’t want to be asked when I share their name, “Oh, isn’t that Anne Heche’s son’s name?” Sorry, but I’m not a big fan of her’s and don’t really want people asking me if she is why I named my child what I did.

Furthermore, my name is Hannah. I have met a single Hannah my age so far in my life, I’m 27. When I was around 10 the Hannah bomb went off and every little girl I encountered was named Hannah. I used to love my name, but now it has completely lost it’s originality. Not only that, but everyone seems to think I’d find it cute if they call me Hannah Montana.

I’d like to choose a unique name for my children that has a reasonable chance of remaining original throughout their lives. I’m just worried Atlas will suddenly become the next Aidan, Madison, Hannah, Braden, Ava, Isabella, and on the list goes.

Stephany on

JMO, too funny!!!

I do love how fitting Anne’s baby boys names are, even though I’m not particularly fond of the name. And I also DO NOT understand while people get all distraught when a celebrity names their baby a name “on their list.” First of all, she’s not that famous. And secondly, who care???!!! Name your child what you want! Nobody’s really going to say “Oh, you named it after Anne Heche’s baby, didn’t you?”🙂

brannon on

I know a few Atlas’ as well and have 2 Asher’s in my class this year. Ambrose always reminds me of ‘Monk.’ Truly unique monikers are always difficult to find. Unfortunately, most people realize that when a celebrity – regardless of who they are – uses a name it will likely become a little more popular than it previously was bc introduces more people to the name. Guarantee there will be more Seraphinas, Harlows and Viviennes now than in previous few years.

beenie on

Adistyn? Why do people think taking a common name and giving it a stupid spelling that will forever confuse people is going to make the name seem unique? As a substitute teacher, I’ve seen every stupid spelling for Michaela and Madison, yet these girls still have common names. If you like a common name, embrace that and don’t try to be cute when you’ll just end up looking dyslexic.

Say what you want about names like Atlas or Homer but at least they’re spelled correctly and those children won’t grow up forever having to spell their names.

Anna on

I completely agree with you beenie! I have never understood those so called kre8ive names, just awful.

Atlas and Homer are real names and spelled correctly.

Bumbles on

Wow this couple really cause debates on this website! When she was pregnant it was about them cheating getting together when with other people and now it’s all about their name choice. Living in England I have no idea who they are (apart from that Anne went out with Ellen, I think?).

Anyway I love the name Atlas and can agree with people about wanting unique names for my children. Having grown up in a little village where there were 3 Rebecca’s in my class of 15 people it was nice to be called Bethany. However as I got older the name exploded and before I went to uni I worked in Toys R Us part-time and suddenly all the kids seemed to be called Beth/ Bethany and I was constantly thinking people were talking to me as I wasn’t used to other people having my name!!

JMO on

Funny cause I love the name Kingston now. I never heard of it before until Gwen but I could never name my son that cause I’d hate for people to go, “aww did you name him after Gwen and Gavin’s baby?” – odd thing is nobody thinks twice about naming their child Matthew and going, “oh is he named after Matthew Perry?” LOL It’s just the odd and unique different names that get the attention. The same thing happened with the name Jaden. I loved that name years ago way before you heard of so many choosing it. The next thing I know every celeb and person I know started naming their kid that. Well needless to say it’s really too popular now for my liking. So I understand the disappointment when a celeb chooses a name you thought was going to be “all your own”! But I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you like the name – just go for it!

Janey on

Ahhhhh its alright. Ambros and Asher have meaning to me cause they’re my grandpa and aunts names respectively.They’re in the middle name pile now, i have like 7 yrs to mull it over.

I also think that changing the spelling of a name is silly. The sound ends up being the same so whats the difference? Its just confusing and annoying. I also agreee with the name thing..there are literally millions of names and words you could use to name a child…why make one up?? I have yet to encounter a “made up” name that I liked.

My cousin named her son Kingston and I liked the name cause it was original..but i know of like 5 babies with that name now! Back when I was younger and just imagining my fake children(i was one of those little girls) I liked old-timey Oliver, Benjamin,Liesel,Noora, Bartholemew, Laban…

I guess my childs going to have to be named DVD Manual Español or
Lather Rinse Repeat. Le sigh.

Alex on

I like Homer. Atlas not so much. Congrats to them! Let’s hope the baby looks like his father.

olerud_fan on


EXACTLY! I was just explaining this stance to my fiance the other day, and literally just read your post aloud to him. My name is Alison, and growing up, people spelled my name with two “L’s” alllll time time. It, to this day, is my biggest pet peeve. I want to name my children a somewhat unique (but not ‘weird’) name, that they won’t have to spell to everyone and their uncle. A friend of mine just named her son Aydenn, which to me, is just silly.

I truly love the name Atlas – it is definitely on my list and is the perfect example of a name that I was trying to provide my fiance with (though couldn’t think of a good one). It’s easy to spell and yet, original. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

pippi777 on

When it comes down to it, it’s their kid, thereby their choice. Atlas is more unique, but not too crazy, either. I’m not at all a fan of Homer. I used to love the name Madison or Ava. It is so overused now that I wouldn’t ever use it. I still LOVE the name “Jackson Alexander” for a boy, though both names are used often now. My names Sarah. In my choir class in high school there were 4 Sarah’s. It got irritating. Also, almost everyone that writes it for the first time spell it without the “h”. On the other hand, my sister’s name is “Krystofer”, shortened to “Krysti”.

I’m not a big fan of Anne Heche and don’t know too much about James Tupper, but congrats to them both!

Nicole on

Love the name! I love that they continued with the Ancient Greece theme. Atlas is such a strong name. Great choice!!

Kylee on

I have a 11 month old son named Atlas, my husband picked it out and now I love it. Everyone thought we were crazy.
I am 30 years old and named Kylee, I was the only Kylee I knew until recently. Now I hear the name all the time. My family has a lot of unique names like Kane, Jule, Blaine, Leo, Rigo, Jessenia, Ranier… Why be like everyone else? I wanted to name my next son Anakin until I found out it was from Star Wars, I hate Star wars, I’ll have to think of another.

Melissa on

I love that name ! Atlas is such a strong & sexy name, yet not too crazy. Great choice!!

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