Wheel Good Time for Soleil Moon Frye and Girls

03/10/2009 at 03:00 PM ET
Greenworlo/Monterotti/Pacific Coast News

Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg pulls some precious cargo — sister Jagger Joseph Blue — around on her trike while on a park playdate with mom Soleil Moon Frye on Friday in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Soleil recently shared a new photo of Poet, 3 ½ and Jagger, 1 this month, with CBB. Check it out here!

Poet wears adidas Kids’ Street Run Oddity Toddle ($35).

She rides on a Kettler Kettrike Happy Navigator Tricycle ($190).

Click below for a photo of Soleil and Jagger!

London Entertainment/Splash News Online

Click here for yesterday’s cutie!

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Lis on

Poor Jagger, between her name and her outfit, you’d think she was a little boy😦

They are gorgeous girls nonetheless! Love the curls!

Brandi on

Beautiful girls. Both very pretty. Lis, Jagger is wearing a dress (clearly feminine, I think!), so I’m not sure what your comment refers to?

Lis on

Looks like a tank and shorts to me…I could be mistaken! Wouldn’t be the first time🙂 (And I hope for little Jagger’s sake it is!)

It’s a dress.🙂

– CBB Staff

Chris on

LOl @ the comment by Lis. But would a little boy have a barrette in his hair? She looks like a cute little GIRL to me!

Sarah on

it always amazes me how different siblings can look. my sister and i have been mistaken for friends on several different occasion because we look nothing alike. poet and jagger seem to be different in every possible way too (except that they’re both absolutely adorable)

Sarah on

Jagger Joseph Blue is such an unfortunate name for a girl!:-/
Anyway, they’re adorable!

Miche43 on

“But would a little boy have a barrette in his hair?”

Apparently so, from the picture of Everly Bear, the son of the Red Hot Chili Pepper…🙂

Manon on

Her girls are so beautiful, both of them. Little Jagger could never be taken for a boy with those little fine features.

amber on

Many of these comments clearly display gender discrimination, which violates your rules above. Rhetorical question, but why are you posting them?

April on

I mean come on…how does one go from something so feminine as Poet Sienna Rose to Jagger Joseph Blue…Seriously…I mean could it not have been Josephine at least instead of Joseph? And another color instead of Blue? I know they had their reasons behind the name but come on already!

Sage on

ummm she is not your child, so soleil can name her daughter whatever she wants. They couldn’t have named her Frank for all I care, there wouldn’t be anything you could do about it.

Manon on

I do know what you mean April that it seems unfair to name one child a very obviously dreamy, feminine name and then give the other 2 very male names and a third which does nothing to dilute this. But I guess they had their reasons.

Sage: this a forum where people comment.

Y on

I don’t care for their names, but they are both very cute!

Ali on

Both my Grandmothers have a masculine second name – it was fairly common when they were born (giving a nod to fathers, favourite male relatives etc.), and Jagger is a lovely name for a girl. I don’t see why people have such a problem with it – they are a unique and interesting family, and their names reflect that.

Erika on

I don’t think she looks like a boy. As I posted on the other thread, if I see a kid in a hair clip, I automatically assume it’s a girl. And I think she has a very feminine face. I love her sister’s hair and they are both really cute!!

Emily on

You can definitely see how much Jagger looks like her sister in that second picture.🙂

Lorus on

Ahhh, who cares if she looks like a boy or girl? She’ll eventually grow into her looks. We don’t have a lot of girlie colours and dress our 14m old in jeans and shirts and she’s mistaken for a boy a lot. Doesn’t bother me one bit.
Soleil looks amazing!

Nicole on

I adore Soleil, she is so beautiful, love her hair, she is looking adorable!

her daughters are soooo cute, they both look alot like her! keep the pics coming, Soleil is one of my fave celebrities.

KS on

I always find myself looking up the weather report after viewing pictures of celebrities and their children in California. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the way they are dressed but I just think it is funny that Soleil and Poet are in long sleeves and pants and a hat and then Jagger only has on a tank and shorts. If it is 65 or 70, an individual can easily be comfortable in more or less clothes. You see it with a lot of celebrity kids in California like Jessica Alba and Honor and Nicole RIchie and Harlow, one day they’re bundled up and the next it is sun dresses.

JazzoRenee on

Poet looks like Soliel when she was a kid..Punky Brewster all over again.

gianna on

The girls look a lot like Soleil.

CelebBabyLover on

To the people complaining about the name…I think we need to remember that Soilel has mentioned she reads these comments.

GrandmaTo3 on

I can’t believe people are still going on about Jagger’s name. Soleil obviously loves it. I think it’s cute and refreshing. At least she didn’t go along with the current Hollywood naming trend (Ava, Lola, Ella :::yawn:::) I will never understand how some people take personal offense over what another person names their child! I don’t consider Jagger as exclusively male. And what about Poet? Everyone keeps going on about how feminine it is. There are male Poets too. Should we consider it a ‘male’ name as well? Unisex? And when is BROWN considered a male color? You’d think the younger generation would be over such sterotypes. Why are women so hard on other women?
From what I can tell, Soleil is a loving mother. Her children are absolutely adorable and look very happy. That is all that should matter.

kris on

Beautiful Mommy and girls!! I always love pictures of Soleil and her girls and Melissa and her boys. They are such adorable families.

Stephany on

They are so cute! And, yeah, I can’t understand how anyone would mistake Jagger for a boy, judging by the second picture. That is all adorable girl to me!🙂

jen on

Poet is wearing a baby gap junk food shirt. It has a skunk on it and says love stinks.

skipsie on

I love the names. I think they’re beautiful and unique.
And the girls are gorgeous, and I’m jealous of their Mum’s hair!

Lesha on

I love that tricycle. I’m thinking about getting one for my almost 2 year old this summer. I love that you can get the push handle and a foot rest that covers the wheels for little feet that can’t quite reach yet.

Their both adorable little girls and they look like their having so much fun. And I love both their names, but I have an unusual first name and so does my son. I think unique is cool.

Georgia41 on

I really think it’s silly that after a year people are still commenting about her name. Her children are beautiful and I think it’s wonderful that they have meaningful names. I also think it’s great that she doesn’t constantly have her kids in the media, we don’t hear her whining how difficult having two children is and that she has no time for herself. What about those type of comments, ladies??

Alice on

Wow I’m surprised some people would think Jagger looks like a boy, she looks totally girly to me, what with the dress, curls and haiclip…. and generally her features just look like a little girl’s!!!
I’m not a fan of her name but obviously it means nothing to me and it does to her family. I know I would totally give my child a name that holds a special meaning for me, even if it was unusual or maybe not as pretty/dreamy as others I could think of. Everyone wants to know why they’re named what they are at some point, and little Jagger will love her name even more when she does!
Both girls are adorable… Poet has grown so much!

Sage on

Manon- I know this is a forum where people comment and I left my comment no big deal.

It just annoys me that people are still constantly on her abour Jaggers name. Like because of her name she is going to be less feminine or something then Poet becuse she has a “girly’ name.

Manon on

I know what you mean Sage and agree to some extent but I guess that if we didn’t ever comment on things in less than gushing way it would be kind of strange.

I agree it’s up to the parent to name their child what they want and I like unusual names (vive la difference!). I couldn’t believe people were making negative comments about Ellen Barkin’s son being Jack Daniel : I mean, his name is the same as that of a brand of whiskey and so?!

I actually like the name Jagger. Personally though I find the 3 quite male names unusual just in the context of big sis having such feminine sounding, whimsical names. I don’t think you would choose those names and not expect some kind of comment. As long as the comments aren’t nasty I think it’s valid to comment.

As for the little miss herself, she is sooo pretty and no one could possibly mistake her for a male!

At the end of the day, she is growing up with a name of great significance to her parents which is wonderful. I love this family!

CelebBabyLover on

Manon- Could you explain how Jagger is a male name? I always thought it was more of a unisex name.

GrandmaTo3- ITA! I think I know why people are calling Poet’s name “feminine” though. I think it’s because of her middle names, Sienna Rose.

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