Paris Hilton Hopes For a Boy; Nicole Richie Takes One Day At a Time

03/10/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Following the birth of Harlow Winter Kate Madden, now 14 months, Paris Hilton was more than happy to dote on her friend Nicole Richie‘s baby girl, and now the heiress is ready to do it again! With Nicole and her boyfriend, Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden having recently announced that they are expecting their second child, Paris finds the news “so exciting,” noting that her former reality co-star’s dream of having a “big family,” is coming true — “fast!” As for baby-on-the-way, Paris is hopeful she will be buying blue this time around.

“I hope it’s a boy. I would love for Harlow to have a little brother to look after her.”

While Paris is looking forward to the new addition to the Richie-Madden household, Nicole admits that her future — including any plans to marry Joel — does not weigh heavily on her mind. “I make it a custom not to plan the future,” she says, adding that she “may plan to and I may not” tie the knot.

For now, in lieu of marriage proposals, Nicole has her focus on her family. Quick to label Joel as a “good father [and] talented musician,” with a “good personality,” the soon-to-be mama of two — whose dedication to her daughter includes waking up at 6:45 a.m. in order to have things in order before Harlow rises and shines at 7:00 a.m. — is seeing more of her traits in her daughter as the little one grows.

“[Harlow] had a close resemblance to Joel at the time of birth. But, she [now] looks like me because of her green eyes and blonde hair, but she also resembles Joel.”

With the debut of her own line House of Harlow, Nicole reveals that she maintains a low-key sense of style when out and about with her baby girl. “I wear jeans and a T-shirt and no make-up when I am with my daughter,” she tells Us Weekly. However, careful to “take care of my ‘adult time’ too,” the young mom enjoys jazzing up her outfits for a night out on the town. “Because I am still 27-years-old, you know?”

Source: Us Weekly

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ann on

looks like nicole because of her blonde hair? well, if you’re not talking genetics, sure.

kelly on

funny that she thinks harlow looks like her!

lily on

before she said harlow looked exactly like her when she was born and it looked like joel had nothing to do with it and now she looks more like joel.

Brandi on

Ann nicole’s hair did have some golden tones as a child, here is a picture:

l on

Paris Hilton hopes for a little brother for Harlow so that can he can “look after her”? Because what … girls and women are not able to stand on their own feet, they need someone to keep an eye on them?
What an misogynist and archaic view this woman still has!

Ekaterina on

The Paris Hilton comment bothers me to no end. I’m really tired of people saying they want a son to look after their daughter(s). It’s the 21st century, I think we all know by now that girls can take care of themselves. Furthermore, do girls not take of their brothers? Are women not capable of taking care of men? Such a terrible statement all-around.

Kristi on

The Paris Hilton comment bugged me too. My daughter is 4 and my son is 14 months. She very much looks after him. Sometimes when he is about to fall she jumps up faster than I can to catch him…I agree, archaic indeed.

Bren on

I actually agree, I think Harlow is looking more like Nicole when she was younger, not so much now because she doesn’t have that chubby face anymore but I just adore her and Joel. I think they seem like such down to earth people. I had a friend go to rehab after her mother’s death (she started drinking to deal with it) and it really helps their addiction and mental state so I am glad she got that help because I bet she is now such a wonderful mother. She just seems so positive and caring and I love that she is doing charity work for children who live in areas where they don’t have many options.

allison on

Ladies…Please don’t be bothered by something that PARIS HILTON says. Clearly the woman just doesn’t get it, and lives in her own reality.

Lizbette on

Does Harlow have green eyes and blonde hair?. It looks to me she has brown hair and eyes, anyhow she is so cute and it looks like Nicole will have another girl.

Chris on

I do think Harlow is tarting to resemble Nicole more. But I didn’t know she (or Nicole) had green eyes. I thought they were light brown. As for Paris…*sigh* I can’t believe she and Nicole are still close. They seem to be in totally different places in life.

Susan on

Don’t worry about Paris Hilton’s take on child rearing. Everytime that woman opens her mouth, we are reminded of why we think she should keep it closed. Yes, she has a lot of unearned money. Yes, she thinks she works really hard. But in the end, who wants to have a family with someone who cannot in any way be selfless – as all parents must be. And if she wants to really work hard, she should try having children (hmm, perhaps she shouldn’t).

Basically, she irritates the heck out of me, but honestly – I would rather have my desk job, credit card bills, people who love me for me and parties of pizza and beer at home than have her life any day.

mmh on

Nicole has such a neat attitude about being a mother but still having her adult time too. Her take on things is refreshing and realistic, I feel…

Lorus on

In my experience boys tend to be more protective of their siblings, especially when older (teen years) compared to girls. I don’t think she meant it as Harlow is going to be weak. You may not like Paris )I’m not fond myself) but she is a strong business woman who has made millions on her own. I don’t think her comment was meant to say girls aren’t powerful.

elle on

Harlows eyes always seemed brown to me too and her hair never struck me as blonde. Is that really Nicole Richie as a child? She looks a lot more afro-american/latino in that photo and I can more so see the resemblance with harlow there. Its hard to tell who a baby takes after, I know people say Honor looks like Jessica but to me she looks more like Cash Warren.

I’ll keep quiet on the Paris Hilton comment.

Erica on

Harlow is a sweetie but she is NOT a blonde…possibly the dirtiest blonde ever maybe. And I agree lizbette doesn’t she have dark brown eyes? Whatever.🙂 Paris’ comment is a bit sexist, but I’m sure she didn’t mean it in a bad way. Hopefully Harlow and her little bro/sis will look after each other.

Rose on

I don’t understand why the article calls Nicole a young mom. I don’t really consider her a young mom – I think of a young mom as someone who has a kid at 18 or 19. I think she’s pretty much an average-age-mom. I don’t understand why the media is so enthralled with celebrities who have babies in their 20’s, they should take a trip to the Midwest and find out how common it is.

Jazz on

Harlow used to look so much like Joel it was like he spit her out. Now I see more of Nicole in her but I still think she looks like her daddy.

sarah on

to the people talking about harlows hair and eyes. I’m pretty sure that nicole would know the color of her own daughters eyes and hair…I’m just saying, I mean how many of you have actually seen her in real life and not a picture taken 10+ feet away??

Good charlotte freak on

I’ve seen Harlow in “real life” but from a distance. I have met Joel several times and Nicole a couple of times. I was never a big fan of hers, especially when she first hooked up with Joel but on meeting her, you realize just how sweet she actually is. Why she is friends with Paris is beyond me. Paris caused some problems during Good Charlotte’s tour last summer just being a diva. GC fans were not fond of her at all. I’m so glad she and Benji broke up.

Mia on

I think Harlow looks exactly like Joel, but some of her facial features are starting to be more like Nicole now that Harlow is getting that “little girl” look and out of that baby stage. Her hair is like a blonde’ish color, and her eyes are probably hazel, which can make them have a green tinge to them.
It would be cute if they had a boy.

And note-on the Nicole picture-Nicole is of African/European/and Mexican descent, so that’s why she has that exotic look about her, especially when she was young and her face was still developing.

The only thing I don’t understand is why she isn’t big on getting married..I mean, I know some people have real reasons of why they don’t want to get married, and that’s fine-but I don’t understand why its so casual to just simply not get married. The biggest thing you can do together is have children and raise a family together, but I think the extra stability of getting married would be on a similar plateau. If you’re committed enough to live together, and make a life together-including children, what’s the extra step of getting married?…

Janey on

My friend has a daughter that she swearsss up and down is a ginger and that her eyes are gray. Her husband always says behind her back in jest that his daughter is a lot of things but she is NOT a red head and her eyes are blue. I’m her godmother and spend a lot of time with her and the proud papa is definitely right.

I’ve never seen her up close or in person you’re definitely right and pictures can be deceiving but I’ve never seen a photo where her eyes looked green and hair looked blond.

Ruthella on

Harlow is all Joel, from what I’ve seen of her! And I always thought she was dark? My daughter started off dark too, though, and by 12 months she was white blonde… Still, I’ll be amazed if Harlow ends up a blonde!

I think she’s having a boy, maybe he’ll take more after Nicole! It seems like babies often do favour their daddies more at first though, with a few exceptions like Jenna Elfman’s gorgeous little boy!🙂

Natasha on

Some of you sound like you’re saying it’s a “bad” thing that Nicole thinks Harlow looks like her. So what if she does? lol

Sadie on

“but I think the extra stability of getting married would be on a similar plateau.”

In an age when the divorce rate hovers between 50 and 60 percent I don’t agree at all that marriage provides any added stability.

Mia on

Technically the divorce rate has decreased and its down to about 48%, which isn’t great either, but it has gone down. I’m not saying marriage always equals stability, it’s what you put into the relationship that counts. However, it seems like people don’t even think of marriage as an option anymore.

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- Obviously Nicole DOES think of marriage as on option, or she wouldn’t have said that she may or may not marry Joel someday. Also, maybe she’s wary of marriage because of her own parents’ divorce.

Anyway, about Harlow’s hair and eyes, I agree with the poster who said her eyes may be hazel. Hazel eyes can look brown or green depending on the lighting and other things. As for her hair, I think she is a very dark blonde.

Susan on

Look, a child without marriage is not the way I would go. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t the way other people should go. If the child is loved and well cared for, then I have zero problems with children out of wedlock.

Stephany on

Sarah, your comment made me laugh because it’s so true! We think WE know the color of Harlow’s hair and eyes when, um, Nicole sees her every single day face-to-face. Not in grainy paparazzi photos. I’m sure she knows the color of her own daughter’s hair and eyes. Funny commenters.

m-dot on

I’ve always thought Harlow looked a lot like Nicole at that age. It’s in the eye and nose area. Plus they both have hazel eyes (greenish brown), and sandy blonde hair.

I do always question how people are certain about having babies for guys, but are still determining if they’re in it for a lifetime. But, everyone’s lessons are there’s to be learned. I would love to see them make it! Nicole seems really cool.

Terri on

I thought Harlow had brown hair and eyes in the pictures as well.

CelebBabyLover on

Susan- Extremely well-said!

ashley on

sarah you are so right! i was thinking the same thing while reading the other comments. If Nicole says that Harlow eye’s are green then they are green since she looks into them everyday up close.

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