Marcia Cross: My Daughters Are Big Talkers

03/10/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
London Entertainment/Splash News Online

Life in Marcia Cross‘ household is one constant gabfest thanks to her chatty twin daughters Savannah and Eden. “They are big talkers,” Marcia told PEOPLE at Mott’s and Feeding America charity event in New York Monday. “They happen to be very verbal girls and I think that comes from me. Their mom is pretty verbal.”

Now that her girls, who turned 2 last month, can express themselves, Marcia, 46, enjoys every minute engaging them in conversation. “It’s wonderful that they can tell me what’s going on with them and have conversations. I just love it,” said the Desperate Housewives star. “When we go to the park one of my daughters will say, ‘The dog scares me mamma.’ Or after their birthday party a few weeks ago, one of them said, ‘Too many people mamma.'”

In fact, they seem to have inherited their mother’s tendency to talk things over. “Recently both my daughters were sitting on the steps in our home, and one of them said, ‘Let’s talk about it mamma,'” recalled the Emmy-nominated actress. “I thought, where did they learn that? Then I realized it was from me. I thought, Oh my God, what have I done to them at two years old?”

Stepping away from the twins and stockbroker husband Tom Mahoney, Marcia has teamed up with Feeding of America and has become the spokesperson for Mott’s Wake Up Call program to fight hunger and help provide meals to children and families.

“It’s a really painful thing to think about a child being hungry, but now as a mother to imagine my own children hungry is unfathomable in this day and age,” she said.

At home, making sure her own children eat healthy foods is a high priority for Marcia. “I keep them away from junk food. They don’t know about cookies yet so everything they eat is healthy,” she said. “They’ve had a bite of an organic cupcake for their birthday but it’s always healthy foods – especially now before they find out about junk food.”

Source: PEOPLE

— Paul Chi

Coming soon … CBB’s own interview with Marcia!

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S_F on

Just wondering..about her saying that her twins “get it from her”. Wasn’t she a carrier for her twin girls, with the donor eggs coming from some other woman? I really do not know, so I find it confusing. Does she mean that because she talks a lot in the house NOW, after giving birth, that her girls “take after her” and do the same?
Uh, silly me.

Michelle on

I think it’s great that Marcia only feeds her twins healthy foods. She is creating a wonderful base for her children’s future. They can’t miss what they have never had! I have a 19 month old son and get a lot of crap from relatives etc. about how I am really trying to feed him healthy – i.e. he thinks a yogurt or banana is dessert, not a bowl of ice cream. Not saying a little in moderation is awful, I just don’t know why someone would offer cookies or potato chips or ice cream as options for little kids (and I really mean under around age 3.) Good for Marcia! I wonder if she takes slack for that. My relatives pretty much make me feel like a neurotic, weird mother for saying no when they’ve offered my son popcorn, chocolate etc. One actually told me to “cut the cord already, what’s the big deal” when she wanted to give him a lollipop at under a year old and I said no. She’s the same one who sat with a fork and fed her 18 month old daughter an entire huge piece of cake (with tons of icing!) and Mcdonald’s fries. I think it’s great that Marcia is starting her daughters off the right way. And boy are those girls cute!!! Does anyone have similar experiences with trying to make healthy food choices?

christina on

S_F, I think Marcia means that she talks a lot now and her daughters do the same. She was pretty open about using donor eggs for her IVF, so I don’t think she means they get it from her, genetically.

LP on

Michelle, I understand. My mom is a very healthy eater–but the rest of my family and some friends do criticize. Don’t worry about it. You are giving your child nutrition, not empty calories. However, I am not rigid and give my son a few french fries once a month on average or a small cookie. You do have to strike a balance. My mom was very rigid and we fought over food growing up. Once I went to school and saw other kids foods, I wondered what I was missing. I do believe that if she made positive associations to good food and neutral to junk–I would have had less problems with food during my teenage/adult life. I was the type of child that rebeled so my mom’s insistance on no junk food, fatty foods, comfort foods, etc. made me crave it or want to rebel. Ironically, I still don’t like chocolate or soda/fizzy drinks, so her rigidness must have worked! My problem is ice cream and fatty foods. Moderation, that is what it should be about, IMO.

Sarah on

Michelle, I wouldn’t worry about it. You are the one of the only people who always always has your son’s best interest at heart. I can’t see any valid reason why a one year old baby needs candy.

My mother allowed me the occasional cookie, cake, or coke, but overall I was not allowed to have fruit snacks (i.e. gushers), sugary cereal, or other fatty, sugary foods on a regular basis. Sometimes I hated that I didn’t have the coolest lunch in school, but I got over it. Today, I rarely eat junk food because I do not crave it at all. It was never part of my regular diet but at the same time it wasn’t completely forbidden. Moderation is may be best once your child gets old enough to know what junk food is.

Allison on

I can’t wait to read the interview with Marcia Cross! Her twins are so adorable, and she and Tom seem like great, actively involved parents. I was so sorry to hear that Tom is undergoing treatment for cancer. I don’t think he and Marcia have publicly spoken about the type of cancer he has, but I wish they would, if only to educate others about early cancer detection and prevention, as well as treatments. Will CBB ask about this?

No, we didn’t, we didn’t feel it was the time or place.

– CBB Staff

elle on

I never ever ever had unhealthy food in my house. I grew up in a ethnic family so i mainly ate west indian and south asian cuisine that my mom and gma cooked at home. it was when i started middle school and got an allowance that i discovered junk food, fast food. I think its pretty harmless as long as people can distungish the difference.

SaraT on

The funny thing about Marcia’s comment about not giving the girls unhealthy treats is that I have seen the girls on more than one occasion around Brentwood eating things like cookies and ice cream!
I think it’s great to try to stay away from that stuff as long as possible, but I truly find her comment odd because I have witnessed it myself and even thought it was a bit shocking because I thought she was really into the healthy stuff.

Rose on

“Wasn’t she a carrier for her twin girls, with the donor eggs coming from some other woman?”

I’m sure you didn’t mean your comment to sound harsh, but it kind of does. She is not a carrier for her children, she is their mother, whether she is the biological mother or not.

It doesn’t matter whether a child is biological/the result of donor eggs/adopted, whatever, children (regardless of how they come into a family) mimic their parents and pick up characterstics (mimicing facial expressions, mannerisms, speech patterns).

Sadie on

“I have seen the girls on more than one occasion around Brentwood eating things like cookies and ice cream!”

I’m not naive enough to believe that a celebrity would never misrepresent themsevlves, because I’ve seen it happen many times, but it’s possible that what looked like cookies and ice cream could have been some sort of organic cracker or granola bar/snack (because a lot of that stuff does look kind of like cookies) and there are also several kinds of organic (no-sugar added) frozen ice cream type products that aren’t really ice cream because they don’t have dairy in them. I don’t consider Frozen Rice Dream or Organic toddler biscuits the same as cookies and ice cream even though they kind of look like them.

Mary-Helen on

My daughters eat a healthy mix of healthy w/ the odd sweets here and there. My girls both love veggies and dip and yogurt and such. But they also love cookies occasionally.

Kelly on

Marcia’s girls aren’t hers biologically?! I had NO idea, I actually thought they really looked like her!

Anna on

I don’t think Marcia has said she used donor eggs. She just said that people need to realize that if you get older you might need to.

I agree with CBB that she should not be asked about her husband’s cancer. Every time there is a post on her there are people asking what cancer he has. It doesn’t matter.

Nina on

To Sadie this is so funny just like Sarah T I have seen the girls with treats!
We see them all the time at the local park and they frequently go to the ice cream truck to get treats. So no these are not healthy organic treats! I started laughing when I read her comment about treats because I am always thrown off when she gives it to them. Like it’s 4:30 in the afternoon, I would never give my daughter ice cream at that time!
On another note, I am also glad CBB didn’t ask about Tom’s cancer, if they wanted to talk about it they would have already!

CelebBabyLover on

Nina- How do you know they aren’t organic treats? Maybe the ice cream they get from the truck is the stuff that Sadie mentioned.

l on

“She was pretty open about using donor eggs for her IVF”

Um, no. She was talked about her IVF, but she NEVER said she used egg donors.

SH on

geez, by these comments you’d think that ice cream was cyanide or something. god forbid, people, did YOU eat ice cream as a kid? they’re not going to die! it’s called moderation. you can give your kids a healthy diet AND give them a little ice cream treat too…

jojomommy on

HAHA that’s pretty funny but of course there not organic healthy ice cream at the parks ice cream truck. I am curious CelebrityBabyLover if you live in LA? Most people here are health nuts but I can assure you there are no healthy options at the parks ice cream truck, unless you buy a $3 water!🙂

Rose on

“geez, by these comments you’d think that ice cream was cyanide or something. god forbid, people, did YOU eat ice cream as a kid?”

No one is saying it so horrible. They’re saying that Marcia said she doesn’t give that stuff to her kids, when she really does. I think the issue was one of honesty.

CelebBabyLover on

jojomommy- No, I don’t live in LA. And really, do you know for sure there aren’t any healthy options on the ice cream truck? Maybe there are, but you have to ask for them. Oh, and is frozen yogurt avaliable at the truck? If so, then I think that counts as healthy food. At any rate, it’s healthier than ice cream!

Anyway, I don’t see why Marica would lie about giving her kids only healthy foods, so I’m guessing that her statement may have been taken out of context or she worded it poorly.

jojomommy on

Yes actually I do know for a fact that there are not healthy options at the parks ice cream truck. Trust me I’ve looked! And we go to the same park as them, (very popular park here) so I know for sure.
Not that it’s a huge deal, I just don’t understand why she’d make such a bold statement regarding treats.

Ida on

1. Marcia has never said that she is not the girls’ biological mother, only that she used IVF, and she has said that Eden looks like her (which she does) while Savvy looks more like her dad (which she does) so I’m sure they are both Tom’s and Marcia’s biological children. Not that it really matters though🙂
2. Jeez, I live in Brentwood too, and here are healthy options (frozen youghurt, organic stuff etc) like everywhere. I’m not saying I know if they’ve had unhealthy food or not, but I really don’t think Marcia would lie about something as pointless as that.. sorry but that’s just me.

CelebBabyLover on

jojomommy- Maybe she was exaggerating, or worded her statement poorly (which happens to everyone on occasion), or it got taken out of context (for example, maybe she said more, but the interviewer chose to leave it out).

Marcia just seems to me to be a very honest person. I mean, after being so open about having used IVF, I don’t see why she’d lie about something that, in comparassion, is pretty small potatoes!

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