Anthony Kiedis' Blue Beach Boy

03/10/2009 at 05:00 PM ET
Splash News Online

Seventeen-month-old Everly Bear Kiedis sported a blue hoody — and a barrette! — while strolling along the Malibu shores with dad Anthony Kiedis on Sunday in California.

Mom is model Heather Christie, from whom the Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman split last year.

Everly wears FreeCity youngones Dove Hoody in Bright Blue ($132).

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ErykaWynter on

Cute kid, but between the picture (I understand the usefulness of the barrett but it’s still quite feminine) and the name, I would have said this was a little girl for sure.

Whitney on

this is not an insult – but he looks more like a little girl then a boy here…

Manon on

Beautiful and total boy – he always reminds me of a male version of Suri!

Ryo on

Well when you think about it, long-haired boys are stuck, aren’t they? There really aren’t any hair products aimed at boys that I’ve seen! Everly is a cutie though, I think the long hair suits him.

Chris on

This is too funny. On the Soleil Moon Frye “Wheel Good Time” post I just insisted that Jagger looks like a girl primarily because a baby boy wouldn’t have a barrette in his hair. So much for that theory.🙂

Sanja on

He looks just like his Mom!

elle on

He looks like a cross between Suri, Jason Batemen’s daughter and Ever Milla Jovavich’s daughter. It always seems like they’re at the beach.

Liza on

awww. my son has long blondey boy hair and I just keep having to tuck it all the time.

Mia on

Aw, Anthony looks great and Everly is getting so big!!

Alex on

Aw, I love this family! Everly is getting more and more like his daddy. There’s an adorable photo of a three-year-old Anthony in his book, and Everly is getting a little like that! Such a cutie pie!

Sarah on

Strange, I always thought Everly WAS a girl!

Y on

OMG He looks like his little mini me in this picture!

b on

I think he looks more like heather then anthony.

fergette on

Adorable!! Everly is one of my favorite babies! He is such a cutie pie.

aubrey madeline on

everly is so adorable i actually like the name everly

eva on

He’s adorable and he has a cool name.My hubby wore barrettes often.Men and little men need hair accessories too.

Vanessa on

he is a cutie and kind of looks like violet affleck with those eyes.

Erika on

I actually was going to comment on what a cute little GIRL she was, but after reading the comments, I guess I was wrong. I don’t like long hair on boys at all, but I usually don’t comment because it’s not my kid, not my choice, but this one looks like a girl hair cut. If you look at Ryder’s (Kate Hudson’s son) hair, it looks like it was just grown out but this one looks like he has a bob or something that deliberately makes him look like a girl. I’m not trying to be mean, he is a cute kid and all, but I think I would be a little upset if I saw baby pictures of myself looking like a boy, and I’m sure it would be the same in reverse for a boy…rl…

Emily on

That is one super cute kid.😀

claire on

they should really think twice about putting hair clips on their son!

jasmine on

he is such a cutie pie and his adorable name fits him.

camila on

omg he is so beautiful so much

fuzibuni on

it always seems to make a lot of people uncomfortable when they can’t easily tell the sex of a child.
i guess this is why many mothers feel compelled to put headbands with flowers on their infant daughters before they have hair… and why many people dress babies in blues and pinks.
they don’t like people wondering.

Now, would the same people who dislike long hair on boys lament a short haircut on a girl?
I doubt it… so why the double standard?

Lis on

Okay, I will start out saying this is a BEAUTIFUL child as all the children on this website are …

But, I am sorry (and this is MY opinion): a barette???? No, no, no, no, no…………….

Que the: “that is so sexist”, etc. comments…

Alex on

I think its time for a haircut. I’m not fond of long hair on boys.

bex on

I think he’s a gorgeous little boy.

Personally if someone couldn’t tell the sex of my child I wouldn’t mind as babies and toddlers can be very androgenous and I dont really understand the whole. Little girls must wear pink and little boys must wear blue compulsion.
My cousin at age 3 when given a pair of blue stockings and a red t-shirt said that it wasn’t for her it must be for her brother as blue is for boys.

HeatherR on

Everly is adorable and I agree that he looks exactly like his mama! Honestly, the hair clip doesn’t bother me. It is serving a purpose, not being used as a decoration or accessory!

Megan on

I love long hair on boys, like my son for instance. Everly is a total cutie.

Bell on

As a Native American mother with a boy, he always had long hair and if people couldn’t tell the difference oh well, not my problem. For those that think it is time for a haircut that is a parental decision. I for one can’t stand those little bobs and shorthaircuts they give to little girls for that matter I don’t care for sweaty bangs either. Not my decision though.

Mandy on

He is such a cutie! That being said… the barrette needs to go. Barrettes are for girls. And with his hair that long and the barrette he looks like a little girl.

I wonder how many people came up and said what a beautiful daughter they had…

CC on

Forget the barrette – I’m more appalled that they spent $132 on a hoody!🙂

He’s adorable just the way he is.

maegan on

i find it funny that people complain no matter what people do. They complain if the childs hair is in their face, if its too long, too short. Maybe they are trying to grow it out and just want it out of his face right now or maybe they havent had a chance to cut it and are making due. Either way who cares? Its not some glamourous hair clip or a bow, its just a simple hair clip, kinda what they use at the salon…or at least it looks like it to me. Dont make such a big deal about it i sAy *shrugs*

jenny on

weird, i never think about the sex of a child i think its strange that people clothe thier child in outfits to show off whether your child is male or female, why does it matter?

JMO on

I sort of get the long hair on boys when your daddy is a rocker with long hair. But I’ve always said that some boys look good with long hair and some don’t. That being said I think the barrett is just something for most that pushes over the top. It’s kind of the same thing when Ryder Robinson was seen with a 1/2 a ponytail when he was little. It wasn’t bad enough his hair was half way down his back but then it got pushed back like a little girls hair. That being said Everly is still cute.

Mrs. R. on

Between the name Everly, and the long hair, and the feminine appearance (probably because the child is just beautiful), I always have a hard time remembering that it is a little boy. Oh well.

brodie on

im a little confused as to why people think they need to critisise the way a kids hair is cut / or not cut.
its a little childish that people have such a “girls” / “boys”
outlook still!
at the end of the day i dont think anthony keidis or kate hudson really care what anyone sitting at a computer judging there kids think.

SH on

it looks to me like they’re using the clip to keep the hair out of his face at the beach. maybe the little BOY doesn’t like it blowing in his face, and this is a pretty good solution. not a big deal, and if you ask me, i’m with CC – spending 132 bucks for a hoodie is crazy.

Jane on

I’m not trying to sound rude, but I just find the whole gender stereotyping so superficial. Only girls can have long hair and clip it out of their face?
Personally I’m more of a fan of short hair on boys, not because I think that’s what their hair SHOULD be like, but it’s just my personal preference. But if my nephew or my son decides one day that he wants long hair, I don’t see why it’s an issue. And if that long hair is blowing in their eyes on a windy day, of course I’d get it out of their eyes for them.

Anyway, Everly is such a cute little guy, and I really love his name.

PJ on

I hope the people complaining about Everly using a hair clip aren’t the same people complaining about Suri Cruise apparently needing hair clips.

cathleen castle on

wow…i guess i just skim over other articles about them, because i thought their baby was a daughter…it’s the name that does it for me

CelebBabyLover on

maegen- ITA! In recent Suri posts, people have complained that Katie should either cut her bangs or, if she’s trying to grow them out, clip them back with a barrette or other hair clip.

Now here we have Everly, who’s long hair is being kept out of his face with a barette…and people are saying he shouldn’t have the barrette!

Manon on

Funzibuni I so agree with your comments about headbands with flowers before hair to show the world in case in any doubt might be there that the child is a girl!

I am sure one hair clip on a windy beach is not a big deal. His hair is not even that long.

Alex on

You know what I see here? A lovely little guy having fun at the beach with his daddy. And his daddy has been sensible enough to use a hair clip to keep his hair away from his eyes so he can enjoy his day more. Why people have to focus on the vanity of the situation, I have no idea. I guess appearances are more important to some people here than they are to me. Everly clearly has a very caring daddy, who, unlike some here, has put practicality before stereotypical vanity. Big up to Anthony, he seems like a great dad, as I’m sure Heather is a great mum.

Grace on

Wow. I am utterly appalled that a hair clip can cause such uproar! And such gender-prejudiced opinions…! People are mean. Everly is a beautiful little boy and people use this to say he looks like a girl…how awful!
My son is ‘pretty’, has long, curly hair (he is 2 next week) and people always mistake him for a girl. We have to use a hair band whilst he is eating or if he gets sweaty and it hurts me a little to think that people would use this, and his ‘prettyness’ as a tool to attack him in any way. I am disgusted.

ShoneZ on

My little boy had long hair right up until he was 3 and I only cut it short because it was simply too hot for him to have it long in our dry heat. He was also quite “pretty” looking and sometimes had his hair tied back in a pony tail.
I don’t get what people are complaining about…
it’s such a non-issue.

l on

LOL, PJ, that’s the same thought I had. Yeah well, the crowd isn’t easy to please. Personally, I couldn’t care less how other people style THEIR children’s hair.

skipsie on

if the barette wasn’t in his hair, there would be complaints that his hair was in his eyes, or loads of “cut his hair, he’s a boy!”
i personally don’t have an opinion on the clip, apart from:

Wow. Congratulations on actually getting the barette in to his hair. My twin nieces refuse point blank lol

Everly is such a cutie =)

bungalowbliss on

What a darling little boy!!

Georgia41 on

Here’s a crazy idea, how about they just trim his bangs a little??

kim on

Letting the parents decide for a child to have long hair is their choice. My son had the most gorgeous ringlet curls when his hair began to grow, and I couldn’t bear to cut them off. He was always called a girl because of it, but I gently corrected people. Until he got old enough that it bothered him to be called a girl.
For some reason boys with long hair pulled into a low ponytail at the base of their neck are called girls, although older men with loose flowing hair receive criticism for being unkempt. Doesn’t that seem unfair?

Samamtha on

hes adorable and yes the clip is definitely not something I would put on my son but to each its own

anyone see the proce of his hoodie? i would never spend that much on a hoodie for myself, let alone on a baby who will outgrow it in a few months

Kayelle on

If the worst things these parents do is put a clip in their sons hair, then I think they’re doing just fine. They are having a father son day, the kid is spending time with a parent and not just carted about by nannies. He looks like a healthy, beautiful child. There are neglected and starving and absused children all over your state, this country and the world. Take some of that evergy wasted on a hair clip on a boy and focus it on something that actually matters.

elle on

Its doesn’t even look like a barette. Its like those things the hairstylists use to keep the curlers in.

Lauren on

I’ll be blunt but honest-if the thought of having somone mistake your son for a girl is so “appalling” to you that it makes you “disgusted,” don’t keep your son’s hair long. I am well versed in the social constructs of gender but far from blind about the reprucussions of deviating from the norm with regard to male/female stereotypes. A feminine-looking little boy whose parents choose to keep his hair long is going to get mistaken for a girl. That’s the reality of the situation, and if you aren’t mature enough to acknowledge this reality and deal with it as a consequence of your choice-and more importantly, teach your son to deal with the consequences of your choice for him-don’t do it.

Everly is adorable, but between his features and barette, I too would mistake him for a girl. That’s all others seemed to be saying as well, but as per usual, defensiveness is the order of the day around here.

l on

“… I too would mistake him for a girl. That’s all others seemed to be saying as well …”
We must have read different comments, because between “the barrette needs to go”, “a barette???? No, no, no, no, no” and a few others like “cut his hair”, I honestly don’t think people were merely expressing ‘my bad, I mistook him for a girl’, no, these people were actually criticising Everly’s haircut and the barrette in it.
I would also say that the parents who aren’t putting a gender typical haircut on their kids so that others can easily tell the sex and get annoyed when people constantly address this, are the ones who need to mature, but rather the other way around, people who are still so stereotypical when it comes to such an innocent thing like how long one’s child hair is and feel the need to criticise it.

g!na on

adorable little boy that looks like Suri cruise!~

HollaUp on

Kim says she gently corrected people who thought her son was a girl but most people don’t gently correct. They get offended as if it’s my responsibility to correctly guess the gender of their kid. If you want to dress your son in pink and leave his hair long and feminize him, hey free country. If you want to dress your daughter in blue, cut her hair short and butch her up, go ahead. Just don’t expect society at large to get that you’re being different. If you want to live outside the norm, you need to be cool with the majority. Why should we always bend to your wacky needs?

MiB on

Everly is cool in his hair clip! Why is it, that wee feel we need to know the geder of a baby or toddler? I remember my small experiment with a baby, a gender neutral snowsuit and three hats in different colours. The girly hat would always render comments like “What a cute little girly, girl you are!”, the blue hat would always render comments like “You’re a big boy!” and the gender neutral hat (grey with Winnie the Pooh) would always lead to the question “What a sweet little one, is it a boy or a girl?”. Apparently people even felt the need to coo gender appropriately!

gali on

cute kid:)but still he look’s like littel girl.but still cute.

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