Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Gives Hippo a Helping Hand

03/09/2009 at 09:00 AM ET
Gene Young/Splash News Online

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, 2 ½, takes a moment to cover up her stuffed hippo with a blankie while waiting for Brad Pitt to help big sister Zahara Marley, 4, out of the car on Friday in Washington D.C.

The trio were headed in Tugooh Toys in Georgetown, where they scoured the shelves for toys. On the way back out, both girls wore sunglasses!

Shiloh wears Vans Kids Authentic Multi Monkey in Black/Hyacinth ($33).

Click below for a photo of Zahara in her shades.


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Rose on

I feel bad for Zahara because she always seems so uncomfortable with the cameras being on her. It’s really sad that photographers can’t respect the personal space and privacy of children.

Lis on

Wow. Shiloh looks just like Angie in that picture. I’ve always thought she favored Brad, but not in this one…I think it’s the lips! LOL🙂

And Zahara is such a little diva! Too cute!

Blackrose on


Maci on

I wonder if Jolie has reconciled with her dad Jon Voight? It would be good for him to see how much Shiloh looks like him.

lala21 on

They are both beautiful. I also love that they dress like tomboys.

ErykaWynter on

I can’t even imagine what a stunning woman Shiloh will grow up to be!

gianna on

Shiloh looks exactly like jon voight to me. The girls are always dressed tombish for the most part. Zahara is tall.

sil on

Shiloh is beautiful!

MaryAnne on

Both children are beautiful. Silly question, but how is dressing a child in leggings and pants “tomboyish” and what does it mean anyway. Zahara is wearing sparkly shoes and Shiloh has on adorable sneaks and a pink sweater. Looks like normal play clothes to me, which is refreshing. They also wear clothes more than once and share as the coat and sweater have been worn by both girls. Sensible dressing for a family that travels alot.

Lauren on

The girls are beautiful, but they are not exactly dressed in the most feminine clothing, especially Shiloh. She tends to wear pretty tomboyish clothes-clothing that looks like it could be for a boy but is dressed on a girl-a fact that is pretty straightforward as evidenced by what she’s often photographed in. I don’t know anyone who would look at her pants and sneakers and think they are anything but. That’s all gianna was saying, and in this instance, I agree.

Brandi on

Adorable! Didn’t Angelina or Brad say something about Shiloh liking to act like a little mommy to the twins? You can see it here with her stuffed animal.🙂🙂

Veronica on

Ahhh, Shiloh—my favorite celebrity baby. She is beyond beautiful, always has been. Like another poster said, I just cannot imagine her “all grown up”, she will be STUNNING.

Mari on

Oh they are both so adorable!

Ryo on

Shiloh is really starting to look like Angie! Here’s a picture of Angie when she was little:

I am a tomboy myself so I really love Shiloh’s outfit! She looks so adorable, and I love that the girls share clothes. To me, Zahara is dressed a bit like Suri Cruise – they’re lady clothes, not girl clothes. She looks really pretty.

gianna on

Yup that’s what I mean lauren. I’ve dressed girls and a boy, so for me if I put those type clothes on my daughters it’s not feminine or girly at all. You can see put jeans and stuff that aren’t dresses on girls, and make them look girly and do their hair too. Angelina seems the type not to like to dress her kids up or do the girls hair much,I never see shiloh’s hair done pretty. So every mom is different in regards to how they dress and do their kids hair. I personally love how salma hayek, isla, nicole richie, etc dress their kids as oppose to this, that’s more my type taste.

Lou on

i think outfit-wise, shiloh is wearing something that would look very good on kingston rossdale! lol.
think the dark clothes the girls always wear add to the tomboy look mentioned. (ie; picture shiloh’s outfit in pink=altogether more feminine!)

however, that is irrelevent! love this family, shiloh is so beautiful x

ana on

Lou Says:
think the dark clothes the girls always wear add to the tomboy look mentioned. (ie; picture shiloh’s outfit in pink=altogether more feminine!)

O.K. I thought the complaint was that she always wears white dresses in summer? Remember when they were in France, people were asking over and over – why is she always dressed in white!

Both girls are very beautiful and cute!

Shelly on

If I remember correctly Shiloh was dressed in a dress 24/7 before and people complained she never wore little jeans or pants. Now she has little cords on with a pink shirt and she looks like a tomboy, huh?

I don’t think Shiloh looks like Jon Voight at all except for that cleft chin and height. She looks exactly like Brad including the long blond hair. She has Angelina’s shaped eyes but the rest of her is the spit out of Brad’s mouth. She’s a gorgeous kid.

Also, it’s really bothersome with this Zahara’s a little dive business or she’s “fierce” Please. The kid hates the paparazzi and is afraid of them. Her parents have said it over and over again. I don’t get this need to make a 4 yr old some angry little person?

Lou on

Ana; my comment was merely agreeeing with other posters that her outfit is tomboyish in colour and style, not an insult or ‘complaint’.

i have also not made any comment relating to white dresses on her, nor can i find any others who have on here?!

i’m not sure how that is relevant to my comment or how mine got singled out from the others?

Diane on

She sure is pretty. She’s got her dad’s eyes, and her mom’s lips.

Rose on

“I wonder if Jolie has reconciled with her dad Jon Voight? It would be good for him to see how much Shiloh looks like him.”

I’m confused by your statement. Why would it be good for him to see that? I guess I’m not understanding what point you’re trying to convey.

Mary on

FYI: There are multiple photos of Zahara during her “pink” phase last year where she had to have some type of pink clothing (the photos of them skiing last year come to mind which also show Shiloh in her pretty and colorful ski jacket.) So maybe the children are just in another “phase” now clothing wise. Just so long as they are healthy, happy and clean, what difference does it make anyway.

Still gorgeous children and Dad is not too bad himself.

Jase on

Lol wow some of you really take how a little girl dresses so seriously. It’s kind of sad really…

Anyway I think Shiloh is a beautiful combination of both her parents.

a on

Lou…. Shiloh IS wearing a pink shirt under her jacket. It is not summer so they are not going to be wearing dresses.

TracyG on

Shiloh is adorable and Little Miss Z is stunning! I still think Shi favours Brad, but I do see Angie in her.

Who cares what they are dressed in? I never get this complaint whether it’s Suri, Violet, Kingston, Shiloh etc…as long as they are clean and presentable and happy why does it matter?

Anna on

Ahh! I was in D.C. on Friday… I didn’t know they were there. LOL… not that I would have stalked them or anything🙂 I wonder what they were doing there!

jazzie on

Pictures of Shiloh and Zahara always show them dressed the same – in all black or all white and really uninspired. They are cute little girls, but never look especially pretty. I know People complain that Suri is too frilly and wears too many dresses. People complain that Shiloh and Zahara are always dressed down and uninspired, and I agree. Of course, there are so many pictures everybody has an opinion. It does feels a little weird talking about these innocent little girls who really have no control over how they are perceived in the public. It is probably the parents or babysitters who decide what they wear. I think Shiloh and Zahara look sad in pictures. I would love to adopt both of them!:-)

I think Shiloh is the spiting image of Jon Voight! She looks nothing like Brad. Of course, Jolie looks very much like her father too. It does seem a shame that she looks so much like her grandfather, but has no relationship with him.

beenie on

Jazzie, how do you know if Jon Voight has a relationship with his grandchildren or not? Maybe he’s finally learned to keep his mouth shut about his relationship with Angie and we just don’t know that they have reconciled. If they haven’t reconciled, I’m sure she has good reasons. I get the same crap from people about my father not knowing his grandkids like he deserves to know them based on biology. People have to earn trust. Maybe Jon Voight hasn’t earned that back with Angie? Or maybe he has and they’re keeping their relationship private? Either way, why cry a river over him? He has the power to make things right and that’s not by going on E!

Lou on

A; Again, i never mentioned dresses!!
if u read my original comment you’ll see i said nothing relating to dresses or insulting the way they were dressed, and i certainly wouldn’t expect them to be wearing dresses in the middle of winter anyway!

i am still unsure how my comment could be perceived as negative, i thought on the whole it was quite the opposite. i never said there was anything wrong with they dressed, nor did i pass comment on whether or not i personally like the ‘look’ or not.

i do not come on this website to make digs, a look at my past comments on other threads are testament to that, and i do not agree with those who do. as a firm believer of ‘if you dont have something nice to say…’ i object to being grouped with those who come on here and pass comment on every thread.

SAR on

What’s funny is that even though in skin, hair and eye color, Shiloh is exactly opposite from Zahara, but they actually have similar features: the lips, the big eyes, the same face shape. They’re both so beautiful.

I agree that Zahara doesn’t seem to like cameras as much as Shiloh. Maybe Shiloh has inherited both her parents’ “acting genes.”

Em on

jazzie and others… Are you not seeing that Shiloh is wearing a Pink shirt?? How is that all black and white?

And Jazzie this comment of yours is just plain Rude!….

“I think Shiloh and Zahara look sad in pictures. I would love to adopt both of them”

They have great parents and don’t need you!
Maybe they don’t like the paparazzi inches from their face and I saw the video of them leaving the store and the paparazzi are yelling. Zahara has smiled in lots of photos when paparazzi are not yelling and inches from her face, like the People shoot with the twins and the central park pictures with Brad.

Alice on

I have to laugh at some of the things you other moms/women comment on here. Why does it matter so much to you if someone else’s child is dressed girly or tomboy-ish? Maybe Shiloh is going through a phase with enjoying those certain articles of clothing or colors. I know my daughter used to always have to wear one certain jacket no matter what, even in summer even if it was 90 degrees out. Children are children, what difference in your life does it make that a celebrity’s children are dressed one way or another? Honestly.

Mary-Helen on

Why does Zahara always have her hair done neatly and pretty while Shiloh’s is always all over the place, looking unbrushed and unkempt? I wonder if Shiloh doesn’t like to keep her hair in ponytails.

Manon on

Shiloh is beautiful – a real combination of both her parents and a future beauty to watch.

Z is gorgeous too.

As to their clothing: they are dressed for the weather! For comfort. Shiloh has often been seen in dreses.

alex on

Some kids need beautiful dresses, ribbons or special haircuts, etc.

Obviously Shiloh doesn’t. The little girl is a stunner.

She has all that she needs, Brad’s beautiful blue eyes and Angie’s mouth.

Stella Bella on

I find it amusing that people are complaining that these little girls aren’t dressed frilly enough. Look at their mother! Angelina is stunningly beautiful (as are her daughters), but she isn’t frilly. Like mother, like daughters.🙂

jazzie on

WOW!! beenie, of course I don’t know these people! I don’t know if Jon Voight has a relationship with this baby or his daughter, and I am not loosing any sleep over it. I’m saying that she looks so much like him, and she does, that it would be nice if they had a relationship. Of course, its their lives, and maybe it’s nice for them not to have a relationship. I imagine I hear info about these people the same as you thru sites like this, tv, etc. I haven’t been keeping abreast of what’s going on with their private lives, but I think the last think I heard was they were not a close family. That’s it!

My comments about Shiloh and Zahara looking sad, were not MEANT to be rude. It is my opinion that they both are sweet looking little girls who I would like to adopt…jokingly. They do look sad to me, that’s truly how I feel. On the other hand, the little girl who does the commericials for PC, Kylie, is so adorable! She looks happy. She’s doing a commercial and is being told how to act, but just from her appearances, she looks happy and adorable unlike Zahara and Shiloh who always look sad.

babyboopie on

Shiloh is so beautiful, as is Zahara! They’re so cute.

Sam on

Does anyone know where I can find that Hippo??? My son loves hippos!!

Ann on

Jazzie,why are you complaining about the Jolie-Pitt girls clothing?I think Shiloh and Zahara are beautiful little girls who are dressed just fine.BTW,I don’t agree with your “they always looks sad” comment.That’s crap.I just think certain people on this blog (you know who you are)will ALL WAYS find fault with these childern because of their Mother.I find that sad and makes me ashamed to be a woman.If Katy Holmes wants to dress Suri in designer dresses 24/7 that’s her business.Stop trying to make that the “standard” for all celebrity childern.Also if you check the archive photo’s you will see Shiloh and Zahara wore dresses all last summer.

Rose on

“It does seem a shame that she looks so much like her grandfather, but has no relationship with him.”

Having a grandchild who looks like him means he should automatically be allowed to have a relationship with her? I don’t understand that logic (or lack of logic) of that at all. And what about the other kids? Why does Shiloh looking like Jon having anything to do with whether they should be allowed to have a realtionship.

Perhaps Jon is not a suitable influence for a small child – not all grown-ups are. If one of my relatives posed a danger to one of my children then any potential harm they may inflict would be the deciding factor in whether they get to be in that child’s life, not whether or not they look alike. Looking alike is not the basis of a healthy relationship – love, stability, and respect are, and if someone cannot bring those attributes into a child’s life then they have no business being in that child’s life.

ana on

Ann, couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks.

eva on

Such cute pair of sisters.I can’t get over how pretty they are in their own way.I think they are dressed just fine,children are not fashion runways and parents have different tastes. I dressed my little one like a walking pink cake until she had enough.If Zahara and Shiloh grow to dislike the casual and normal look their parents give them, when they’re old enough they will put on whatever they want.

Manon on

Love your comment, alex! and it’s true.

They are quite casual, to be sure, but they have little frou frou things as well: the pink and the furry coat. They are dressed up like “dogs’ dinners” but then the occasion doesn’t call for it.

True, they could be dresesd in sacks and look good!

Lori on

Wow, whst stunning, beautiful girls! Watch out Brad, these two sisters are going to have the boys swooning when they get older!

josette on

I think Shiloh looks like a young scarlett johansson in this picture…LOL

Amy on

I don’t understand how people can call Zahara a diva. I can’t imagine anybody on this board has ever met or talked to her so it’s really sad that people are saying such horrible things about a little girl. Just because she doesn’t smile at the cameras doesn’t mean she’s spoiled or thinks she’s too good to do so. Both Brad and Angelina have said she doesn’t like the cameras and crowds. There’s a lot of pictures of Zahara laughing and having fun when she’s not surrounded by crowds.

taegan on

Cute girls, there’s nothing wrong with the way they are dressed. It’s cold in DC! Anyone remember the “hoo haa” about Suri and her dresses in a very cold New York??

Last time with the JP girls, everyone had a issue with colour, today they are wearing colour and the focus of complaint has changed?!

I remember when Zee had her hood on and it suddenly meant they are not caring for her and her hair, today its Shiloh’s turn to be labeled uncared for! Both girls have worn pink and dresses and complainers were not happy even then.

When would you all be happy? And don’t forget they are NOT your children! Just because they don’t dress them as you would does not automatically make them uncared for, or their parents bad!

taegan on


I wondered why you guys are always slow to post pictures of these kids, now I know. Too much headaches.

There’s always discord in any thread you start about them, I never see this level in other threads…sad!

alice jane on

We’ve seen both girls wearing plenty of “girly” clothes; Zahara used to wear a lot of pink, and like many have said Shiloh has a pink shirt on. But to everyone who is complaining that the girls wear “uninspired” outfits, did it ever occur to you that maybe THEY chose those outfits and those colors? Angie and Brad both wear a lot of black and white and I know Angie has said many times that she prefers dark colors (on herself). Maybe Shiloh and Zahara want to wear dark colors because they want to be like their parents. It sure wouldn’t be the first time a little kid wanted to be just like Mom or Dad…

Anyway, I think they both are stunning little girls, but I always feel a little bit bad looking at pictures of them, especially Zahara, since we know the paparazzi upset her. It’s sad that photographers can’t just suck it up and use long-lensed cameras; they can get just as good (or nearly as good) pictures without being so invasive.

CelebBabyLover on

Anyone who says Zee and Shi always look sad obviously hasn’t seen the twins’ debut photoshoot (in which both girls are beaming and looking like proud big sisters) in PEOPLE or several other pictures in which the girls are smiling. Back in 2007, for example, there were quite a few pictures of Zee being all smiles as she was being taken to and picked up from school (in one, she’s even pointing at the paps and appears to be laughing!).

That being said, both Angie and Brad have said that Zee is scared of the paps (Brad has said she even gets scared when they go in the car, because she thinks the paps will take pictures of them in the car. Sadly, that has actually happened on multiple occasions. I’m glad that CBB refuses to post pictures of celeb babies taken through car windows or other incredibly invasive situations!), so I’m not surprised that she’s often seen not smiling.

As for Shiloh, I think she just has a more laid-back personality.

ellie on

I dont understand how people see shi’s clothes as tomboyish because ive never seen a boy in a girly fur coat before?

Just because she is wearing apporopite clothes for running around playing, not a long dress down to her knees does not been she is dressed like a boy…

Denise on

Shiloh is so beautiful. I adore her hair oclour. I would love to have a child with blonde hair likes hers. She looks adorable. I LOVE her jeans. Those kids are always dressed so fashionably. I love it.

jazzie on

My comments have gotten people really up-in-arms. I must admit, I have not seen a lot of pictures of these kids. The pictures I have seen, I repeat, the girls look sad. Okay, that being said, it doesn’t mean their parents are not taking good care of them, it just means in my opinion, the girls do not look happy. Maybe its because of the boat-load of cameras in their little faces, I don’t know.

To answer your question CelebBabyLover about photos in People magazine, NO, NO, NO, I did not buy a copy of the issue with the twins. I did not see the magazine showing the kids mother breastfeeding, so NO! I do not routinely see these kids unless I happen to see photos online or at this site. So, I do not collect photos of these kids and compare them. I go by what I see and base my opinion on the limited photos I come across.

Of course, I am not a fan nor fanatic about AJ or BP. I think Jon Voight is weird based on limited stories I have seen. Shiloh looks like him to me that’s it!

Lily on

Shiloh is adorable. Personally I love the way she’s dressed. She looks cute and stylish. Zahara is beautiful. I have to say I’m not a fan of the sunglasses.

Delilah on

I think they look like any other kid you would see on the street with their parents.
Who knew that much thought should to go into getting ones kids dressed before leaving the house?

Thank God nobody scrutinizes my sons or my daughters apparel this way. I’d be flogged for sure.
I actually let me daughter wear her brothers jeans! Out in public!!!

Seriously though 2 1/2 year olds are pretty capable of expressing their individual opinions.
Maybe..Shiloh LIKES what she’s wearing?? Maybe she actually picked it out.

And for those who keep saying “it’s just not my taste to dress a girl so unfeminine” hey guess what? they’re not your kids!

kir on

They look adorable, as always.

Even kids this young can express pretty strong opinions about what they wear – and whether or not their hair is “done.” even though parents usually buy the clothes, don’t assume the parents are always behind “the look” or the entire ensemble. i assume there is some influence here because the kids usually look pretty fantastic overall, but i’m sure they have input in the end. From a year on up my kids have been pretty headstrong about what they wear (and again, some kids really don’t ever want you do “do anything” with their hair…)

Monique on

Haha. Who cares if they look like tomboys. They are the most recognizable faces on the planet. When I look at Zahara I see a young lady who has a look on her face like, you again? No worries I think she gets that from her dad. Cuties for sure.

CelebBabyLover on

Delilah- I hear you! I used to wear my brother’s hand-me-downs all the time when we were growing up (although not his jeans, as I’ve never liked jeans), so there are a lot of pictures of me looking rather “boyish”.

taegan on

And how many “tom boys” take time to nurture their dolls and stuffed animals?

Guess you are all too busy labeling to actually see what is happening in the picture.

Terri on

Really, is it that serious whether people comment on the girls’ clothes, hair, or grandfather? It’s just comments and none of them are particularly harsh or intrusive. Relax.

CelebBabyLover on

Terri- Well, how would YOU feel if it was YOUR girls people were making those comments about (except for the ones about Jon Voight. I agree that those weren’t that big of a deal.)?

FC on

I know how the Jolie-Pitts are big on hand-me-downs/recycling, and it looks like Shi is wearing one of her sister’s (former) coats. I know I’ve seen Z in a coat exactly like that quite a few times. I love that.

Both girls are adorable in their photos, especially Miss Z in her shades. She’s rocking the hell out of them, and she knows it. She just has that cool, unfazed look about her in them.

MiB on

I think they look adorable and I really like the clothes they wear. I don’t mind a bit of pink, but I am actually not particularly fond of the pink, purple, flowery, frilly clothes you see so many little (and not so little) girls wearing.

Am I the only one who actually thinks that Zahara’s and Shilo’s neutral clothes with pink accents are cute and girlie?

CelebBabyLover on

MiB- No, you’re not. I also think their clothes are cute!🙂

mp on

Is Z tiny or Shiloh big for her age? They’re the same size.

isacutie on

They are both beautiful girls!

CelebBabyLover on

mp- Actually, if you look really close in some of the pictures, you can tell that Zahara is slightly taller than Shiloh. However, yes, they are very close in height. I’m guessing that Zahara is around average for her age, and Shi is tall for her age. Both Angie and Brad are on the tall side, so it wouldn’t be that surprising if Shi ends up tall as well!🙂

tamarae jolly on

it seem to me that instead of going on and on about how these kids are dressed we should be talking about how there mom and dad are teaching them about using there fame to help people in need in this country and in the rest of the world look at what they have done to help people who lost everything they had from katrina they are not just giving money and walking away they are making sure that the family homes they are building are sustainable and safe if another storm comes and just so you know the pictures we are talking about where taken when there dad was down in DC to speak to the representatives about getting more help there so lets say who cares about the clothes when the example they are setting is more important and you can go to there blog and make a contribution to help. peace to you,tamarae

PJ on

Silly question MaryAnne, why is it “refreshing” to see the kids in play clothes? The type of play clothes kids wear vary from family to family.

loneindigo on

Rose, are you kidding? You can’t check a site like Celebrity Baby Blog, not only check it but also take the time to comment on it, and then rail about people taking photographs of celebrity children. I get your point, and I feel it sometimes too, but I realize that I am not in a position to comment until I can stop driving up website hits that keep these photographers clicking.

Leni on

oh deer Shiloh is to absolutely gorgeous its like they took the best features from each parents i love how they dress them not to girly but not on the boy edge they still where pretty dresses and white its so refreshing from suri cruise

Jamie on

Beautiful girls who are raised by wonderful parents

Jules on

here is Jon Voight in the 70’s and Shiloh looks a lot like him!!

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