Nicole Richie Launches House of Harlow

03/09/2009 at 11:00 AM ET

Bedecked in jewels, a newly expectant Nicole Richie poses at Kitson on Melrose Ave on Saturday, where she was celebrating the debut of her House of Harlow 1960 line.

Nicole, 27, recently announced that she’s pregnant with her second child with partner Joel Madden, a sibling for daughter Harlow Winter Kate, 14 months. The new baby is due to arrive in late summer/early fall.

Click below for a side view of Nicole’s beginning bump!


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rb on

I guess she is displaying the entire line at once then?

Lissette on

I’m usually good at telling when someone’s pregnant before they announce it but if Nicole hadnt announced her pregnancy I would have had no idea!

gianna on

She looks cute, and I also would never guess she was pregnant if she didn’t announce it. She carried small with harlow though, so that’s her frame. I’m guessing another girl born in august.

Brandi on

Wow you can’t even tell without seeing that side shot. I really like her headband.

D on

LOL RB! I thought the same thing. She is so cute with her little bump. I love her haircolor too.

nimbusi on

rb, i thought the same😀 but she looks really good

EB on

she looks really cute! i’m not a fan of her hair, tho. i thought it was cuter when it was shorter, but that’s jmo..

Jenise on

RB-LOL I thought the same thing…Cute and adorable little bump regardless. I love this family.

Aelys on

Nicole looks great and happy. I’m still amazed at the 180° turn since she got pregnant with Harlow and I have much more respect for her now than I did a couple of years ago.
I think she must be due in the summer. She and Joel waited until she was in her 4th month to announce they were pregnant with Harlow, so I think they must have done the same now.

gigi on

shes fabulous!
her hair, her look, her line, her man! lol
love her!

Chanel on

I am too amazed at how Nicole has changed her life around and I think Joel(and Harlow) is the best thing that has ever happened to her. The new baby is sure to be a cutie just like Harlow. I think Nicole will give birth to another girl in July…hopefully on my bday lol

ShoneZ on

I’m a huge Nicole Richie fan but I have to say I don’t think she looks good at all. I think she looks like a skeleton wearing a wig. I hope she blooms like she did with Harlow; she looks her best when pregnant and carrying some padding.
She looks really happy though which is great. I wish her all the best with her new line, the stuff she is wearing looks gorgeous. *GUSH* So much style!

Lis on

I heard somewhere that she went to a fertility clinic to help to get preggers. Anyone else hear that? That just immediately popped into my head when I saw these pictures…she looks awfully bony even though she’s with child.

Anyway, I do love how she is such a devoted mommy🙂 Harlow is my FAVORITE celeb baby girl…I bet she’ll get a little sister!

Mmers on

I’d say she’s 3 months along, putting her due date in September or October.

victoriajh on

rb- I was thinking tha SAME thing!!!
Shonez i am curius what you are afan of? I am not really sure what she does exactly … but i dont get out much so maybe i am just missing it? {shrug}

Anna on

I don’t think she looks cute and I wonder how much things have changed when people think it is normal to look this thin? You can see in her face that she needs some extra pounds on her.

She looked 10 times better when she was a normal weight.

Erica on

I’m happy for Nicole, but she would look 10x better with her true hair color, texture, and length. Not to mention her natural weight.

Harlow will be a cute big sister.🙂

elle on

I agree the hair is too long, but I think those are extensions. She looks great. The hippie style thing she does is believable, not forced looking.

CelebBabyLover on

Lis- I doubt it. From the sound of things, she didn’t need help getting pregnant with Harlow, and she was pretty thin then, too.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m also not that worried about her weight. Unlike back in 2006 or so, she looks like she’s got some good muscle on her and isn’t all that bony (personally, I can’t see too many bones sticking out). Her skin also looks healthy, which is another good sign that she is healthy despite her weight.

I think being slim is just her body type (if you go way back and look at pictures of her, she’s always been on the thin side except for when she was fresh out of rehab), just like with Angelina Jolie.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and her face DOES maybe look a bit strange in the first picture, but I think it’s just the way she’s smiling, the lighting, or some combination of the three. I’ve seen other recent pictures of her and she looks thin, but fine and healthy.

Gabrielle on

As to people commenting about Nicole’s weight:

She is pregnant. In order for that to happen, she had to ovulate (whether she conceived naturally or with help). In order for a woman to ovulate regularly, she has to have a “healthy” amount of fat, at least 12%. She may not have a lot of fat in certain places, she may carry more in her thighs, or whatever. The point is, she was healthy enough to conceive, and beyond that it is not our business.

ShoneZ on

victoriajh, I think I am just a fan of the name she chose for her daughter. & maybe her choice in stylists. & the fact that she has ditched Paris Hilton.
That’s about it.

Helen on

i saw a picture of her in january and i knew she was prego, she also puts weight in her face so that just confirms it

Shannon on

Okay, I am not seeing skin and bones anywhere here. She looks beautiful, healthy and radiant. Especially compared to the bikini pics taken of her a few years back! Looks to me to be about 4 months along. I think she has done wonderful things with her life since Joel and, subsequently, Harlow came along. She looks like a wonderful mother, and I wish nothing but the best for this celeb family!

Aelys on

I don’t get why people are so obsessed with Nicole’s weight. OK, there was a suspicion years ago that she had eating disorders and she’s not as “round” as you’d expect a pregnant woman to be, but I remember Angelina Jolie was pretty thin herself (it seemed to me at least) when she was pregnant with Shiloh – I remember a picture of her being 6 or 7 months along, leaving a flight class and her arms looking bonier than Nicole’s in those pictures above. Yet no one said at that moment that Angelina was too thin. We don’t know how far along Nicole is, so give her time to “fill up”

CelebBabyLover on

Aelys- ITA! Also, look at Nicole Kidman. She had practically the tiniest bump in history for most of her pregnancy with Sunday (she did “pop” somewhat at the very end) and didn’t look as “round” as most pregnant women do. However, Nicole K, while definently on the slender side, is certainly not unhealthiely thin!

ShoneZ on

are you serious? all I can see is skull. She has so much bone definition in her face. About the only beef she has is the tiny bit on her arm in the second photo.
– And we aren’t commenting on a pic of Angelina Jolie, but a pic of Nicole Richie.

Aelys on

ShoneZ – just because “all [you] see is skull” doesn’t mean Nicole’s unhealthy. Like Gabrielle said, she was healthy enough to conceive so let’s not assume something’s wrong with her just because some people see a little more bone than they deem acceptable.
As for the Angelina Jolie remark, that was just me noticing how no one ever said anything about her being skinny while pregnant, yet picking on Nicole.

CelebBabyLover on

Aelys- I think the reason people are picking on Nicole but didn’t say anything about Angie when she was pregnant with Shi is because Nicole has been rumored to have had an eating disorder in the past (which she has denied), whereas Angie hasn’t (well, some of the tabs have tried to claim that she does, but obviously most people don’t take the tabs seriously. The rumors about Nicole, on the other hand, came from slightly more credible sources, I think.).

Even so, I don’t think it’s right, and I completely agree with you! People come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s about time people realized that and that there is difference between unhealthily thin and just naturally thin (again, about the only time Nicole HASN’T been on the thin side is when she was fresh out of rehab).

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