Holmes-Cruise Family Touch Down in Japan

03/09/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Itsuo Inouye/AP

Suri Cruise, 2 ½, shares something important with mom Katie Holmes as the pair, plus Tom Cruise, arrive at the Narita International Airport on Sunday.

After weeks spent in New York, Brazil and Los Angeles, the family is now in Japan for the country’s premiere of Valkyrie, Tom’s latest film.

Check out more pics of the family in their album, The Holmes-Cruises!

Click below for a family shot!

Toru Hanai/Landov

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gianna on

That child is beyond gorgeous, she looks like she belongs in a gap ad or something. Such pretty eyes and hair.

Brandi on

Suri is so beautiful. I think they are definitely trying to grow out her bangs. You can see here that she does have that angel kiss/stork bite we were talking about before. The look of disgust on Suri’s face in the second photo is very funny.

Penny Harris on

Suri is gorgeous & they are a lovely, beautiful family.

rb on

Beautiful little girl, but it really bothers me that they never pin her bangs back. I remember how irritating that is as a child. They travel to all these fabulous destinations and Suri always has hair right in her eyes. She needs to see these places!

D on

Brandi, what is angel kiss/stork bite?

What a cutie, Suri is starting to look so much like Katie.

PJ on

I’m sure she’s seeing just fine, rb.

Alice on

Awwwww She is sooo freaking cute!!!! Hey, has anyone taken a look at Tom Cruise website? http://www.tomcruise.com/

Lauren on

Suri is precious. It’s nice to see the Cruise’s with a smile. Check out Suri’s animal print sleepers. 🙂

Gina on

The bangs use to irritate me until I got a taste of my own medicine. I’m attempting to grow out my two year olds bangs and she is always pulling out her hair clip. Guess she prefers to look like Cousin It. It’s not worth the battle.

alex on

i looove suris face in the second one!

Manie on

D, a angel kiss/stork bite is a birth mark on the forhead.
Yeah it does look like she gots one. But she is soo cute!

Des on


LOL Gina, I have a “cousin it” child too. LOL

Kelly on

Suri is always georgeous. She’s one precious little girl!

Pamela on

Suri always seems very alert in every photo I’ve seen! She seems very curious and inquisitive-and simply adorable!

Jenise on

I think this Suri is adorable.

SAR on

Those pics are too cute, and too funny!

Amy on

Suri is such a cutie. I have a daughter the same age as Suri (born the day after her) and we are growing out her bangs- believe me, there is no clip in the world that child will leave in her hair. If we had the cameras following us around, you’d see the same hairstyle in most of our pics. lol

sinclair on

Alright, I’ve gotta say it…..Is Katie pregnant????

Take note of this comment! I claim first if the news comes out soon🙂

Also, for those concerned about Suri’s lack of a hair clip–don’t worry, I think she’s old enough to maneuver her hair out of her eyes. Crisis averted!!!!

Grace on

My little Ruby has those exact shoes, they’re adorable🙂 As for Suir’s hair in her eyes…she strikes me as a little one who knows what she wants and often gets it thus I imagine if she doesn’t want a clip in she doesn’t keep it in and if she doesn’t want her hair in her eyes she’ll be sure to move it/let mommy and daddy know about it!


Mary-Helen on

Well, obviously Suri is telling her Mommy something VERY important!

She seems too funny, very animated and chatty. I bet she keeps Katie busy w/ questions and mischeif!

Jo on

she is definitly extremely cute, but that hair needs to be cut or dealt with! its always in her eyes and usually to one side, anyone heard of “lazy eye”?

it seems that hair runs in a cycle, they let the fringe get really really long and then finally cut it. for a little girl that is so imppecably groomed in every other way, i am surprised they let her hair look so messy, regardless of if they are growing it out…

Cheri on

She is SUCH a beautiful little girl. When she’s next to her mom, she looks just like her. But when Tom holds her, she looks like Tom. I hope they have more kids, they make beautiful babies.

Cate on

I think she is the cutest kid- but I have to say the bangs in the eyes drives me nuts. But that’s just me.

Mary-Helen on

My little girl is two and her bangs are getting long, but no matter what clips we put in, they are out in thirty seconds! I’m guessing that Suri takes the headband, clips or ponytail out the minute they leave the house and Katie just picks her battles. I’ve completely given up on pinning my little one’s hair back because she just rips it out in about a minute.

Lis on

LOL! Suri’s face in the second picture! I literally LOL’ed!

Jennifer on

Suri is such a beautiful little girl!🙂

L on

Although I’m not really a fan of Tom Cruise at all, there is no denying that he and Katie Holmes make BEAUTIFUL children. Suri is stunning!

Jen1 on

Suri is so adorable. Precious pics as always.🙂

Q on

Her hair doesn’t look messy, it’s combed to the side. Again why is Suri’s bangs of so much concern out of all the celeb kids out there??

CelebBabyLover on

Lauren- Where is the picture of Suri’s sleepers?

Sinclair- I’m going to have to see her in something more form fitting before I can say.

CelebBabyLover on

At first I wondered why so many people seem to forget that Suri is probably more than capable of pushing her bangs out of her eyes if they bothered her. Then I realized that perhaps those people are concerned that she has bangs like mine- Whenever I try to push them out of my face, they just fall right back!

Anyway, I’m not worried about the bangs issue. I’m guessing she doesn’t like keeping clips in her hair (just like Zahara Jolie-Pitt about a year ago)!

Diane on

Anyone who has flown across the Pacific comes off the plane looking a little frumped up.

Bunny21 on

Katie looks pregnant!!!!!!

Kristin on

Yeah, they all look very happy… Suri looks a little tired (maybe its all that traveling?) She needs to have her own show for toddlers.🙂

Mia on

Maybe we’ll be hearing a pregnancy announcement from them soon? Like next month when Suri turns 3..hm.

Monique on

Pic #2 says it all. LOL. I think Suri is the brains in that operation.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m not saying Katie is or isn’t pregnant, but I don’t think the outfit she’s wearing in these pictures is a very good one to use to figure that out. What I mean is, her outfit looks like the type that is very loose-fitting and billowly and could easily make just about anyone look pregnant.

In other recent pictures of her and Suri, she hasn’t looked pregnant to me. Of course, only time will tell for sure!🙂

rcgib on

Oh yea, Katie is totally pregnant. Mark my words.

CelebBabyLover on

I just went over to PEOPLE’s website (I go there almost every day!), and happened to stumble upon their write-up of Katie’s interview with Glamour Magazine. Apparently, there was one little tid-bit that CBB did not post in their write-up, which is this: “Asked about a current rumor, Holmes answers, ‘I’m not pregnant right now.'”

Assuming Katie is being truthful, it sounds like she’s either not pregnant right now, or is in the very early stages if she is (as most monthly magazines like Glamour do their interviews at least three months in advance of publication). I’m inclined to believe her, as they never denied their pregnancy with Suri as far as I know, and revealed it fairly early on.

Also, Katie is currently filming a movie right now, which also makes me think she isn’t pregnant. I DO, however, think we’ll be hearing another pregnancy announcement from the Cruises sometime this year!🙂


i think she is so so adorable. she is the cutest and best dress little girl. i named my daughter the same b/c i fell in love w/her name valiolah suri it’s rare and beautiful. as for the hair back mine is the same way she won’t leave anything at all in her past 5 minutes. so it’s common and there is nothing wrong w/that and plus she has beautiful hair. i also think they make a great family always together that’s what she needs loving parents. she is a blessed little girl.

Doreen on

Yes, I remember when she was a baby having that mark on her forehead!!

Doreen on

I too wondered if she is pregnant!!

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