Heidi Klum Becomes a Citizen For Her Children

03/09/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
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Producer and host of hit show Project Runway, her own line of jeans for Jordache, make-up for Victoria’s Secret, and her recently debuted skin-care line, In an Instant, Heidi Klum is on top of the world and the proud mama wants her children — Leni, 4 ½, Henry, 3 ½, and Johan, 2 — to realize they too can accomplish all of their dreams. Officially taking the oath to become an American citizen in order to cast her vote for President Barack Obama in last year’s election, the 35-year-old admits in the April issue of Ladies’ Home Journal that she was determined to inspire her family.

“Having mixed-race children, I feel that when I tell them they can be anything, it now means they really can.”

While President Obama serves as a good role model for her brood, Heidi shares that the main man in her life — her husband of almost four years, Seal — has quite a few admirable qualities himself. “I have the best husband in the world,” she gushes. “He’s very involved.” For the couple, spending time together as a family and maintaining a sense of normalcy is a priority, with Heidi and Seal shuttling their kids to school each day. According to Heidi, they have their routine down pat! “We talk about the kids on the way there. Then we talk with the kids on the way back,” she laughs.

Although Heidi happily takes on the responsibilities of motherhood, she believes her ability to juggle a family with a career as a celebrity is nothing to brag about.

“I don’t have the hard everyday life that so many working mothers face.”

Source: Ladies’ Home Journal

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Lauren on

I find the nanny brigade the Klum-Samuel family often has with them totally overkill. That said, I’ve always liked Heidi and give her a lot of credit for being honest enough to acknowledge how fortunate she is. She’s more self-aware than certain other celeb moms, for sure.

Jenise on

I personally really like Heidi. She seems down to earth. Many will argue that she’s a “super-model” and therefore, doesn’t face the pressures that other mothers face- but hey she acknowledges the fat that she has worked her butt off in her profession and lives a more “comfortable” life. I respect that. I personally hate it when celebrities are so out of touch with real issues and domestic responsibilities, that they don’t even have a clue to how others live. I like Heidi and I like Seal; they look very happy together and I only wish the best to them and their adorable children.

Erica on

Nice article! I didn’t know she had dual citizenship. I also think it’s refreshing how fortunate Heidi realizes she is; it’s a lot easier not to be bugged by the whole “army of nannies” deal when the mother/celeb is not out there giving the impression they are doing things all on their own.

fay on

i like that she sees that as mixed race children it is important for them to have role models who look like them, have experienced things that they will, and will live a life that may sometimes be different that the ones their parents had…

i find so often when ppl have mixed race children they get so wrapped up in the “we are the world” ness of it all that they sometimes forget that the real world is sometimes harsh and cruel and it’s important that kids see/ know ppl who look like them and those ppl can often be helpful in helping children cope…

Rose on

How incredibly refreshing to see a celebrity acknowledge that they have it easier than the average Mom. I really prefer that to the articles where celebrities try to pretend like they’re no different than the rest of us.

J-Lin on

Fay – I agree with you. I respect her thoughts on Barack being a role model for her children. I don’t know the life that Heidi and Seal live outside of the pictures I see, but it may help if they are around diverse people. It may help to have neighbors, nannies, doctors, and playmates of different races (it’s acutally a good idea for everyone) but espeically when you live a bubble. Barack is the best role model for everyone, but it’s also nice to have role models you can see and talk to everyday.

I went to college in a small Indiana town and worked as a census taker. The lady that ran the census project had adopted three mixed children. The children would stare at me everytime I came around. On one visit, she thanked me for being so patient, but her kids were so excited because they didn’t get a chance to see very many black people. I would never doubt this woman loving or providing an excellent home for the children, but I walked away feeling very sad for them and not seeing people that look like them or understanding all of who they are.

Shaunie on

J-Lin I can so relate/ empathize with you!!!

I remember one summer a few years ago volunteering in this childcare center in a predominately white neighborhood. As soon as I walked in the door that first day, a little girl (who was mixed race, and adopted by a white family) ran up to me and just stared at me in awe. Then the biggest smile crept onto her face…she held out her hand and said “Look, you’re brown like me!”

I was taken aback by it at first, and it made me a little sad for her.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a VERY diverse town so I was alot less phased by thigs like that. I was surrounded by so many different ethnicities, nationalities, religions, lifestyles…But also by people who were like me (same race, nationality, grew in a blended family, same interest, etc.)- both of which helped me better understand who I was, and that its OKAY to be me.

Tee on

I’m glad to see Heidi setting out to set a good example for her children. Parents are the most important role models that children have. However, it bothers me that the only reason she became a citizen of America was to vote in the recent election. Heidi and her family have lived here (at least part-time) for years. Wanting to vote is not the only reason to become a citizen!

meandhimandthem on

iam german like Heidi and live her in the US with my american husband with our 3 bi-national kids. Being able to vote was my sole reason for taking dual citizenship for myself, specially since my husband is in the military.
I just hope she hasnt completly given up her german one, it has a lot of advantages to have both.

eva on

I like this family.Heidi and Seal look so good together (I’m talking like 15 year old I know)and I love project runway.Heidi is a good TV host.I also agree with what Rose said. I don’t mind it when celebrities or regular wealthy people talk about their lives,which are very different from mine,as long as they do it with honesty and not to brag.It’s easier to be happy for people when they’re not pretending to be what they are not.

Josina on

It’s always great to see a celebrity marriage flourish long term. I give Heidi and Seal a lot of credit!