Sam and Lola Sheen's Brothers' Names? Duke and Zoe!

03/09/2009 at 06:00 PM ET
Albert Ferreira/Startraks

While Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller Sheen — due April 26th — are spending their time narrowing down the name choices for their twin boys, the actor’s ex-wife Denise Richards reveals that her daughters are already ahead of the game!

Thrilled with the idea of becoming big sisters, 5-year-old Sam and 3 ½-year-old Lola Rose “talk about the boys all the time,” and have even called dibs on who gets which baby. “They each have picked one out,” says Denise. “Sam has picked her brother and Lola has picked hers.” As for the baby boys’ names? Apparently they’ve got that covered too!

“Sam named her brother Duke and Lola named her brother Zoe.”

Although Denise admits that she has “no idea what Charlie and Brooke will end up naming the boys,” she laughs that, for now, Duke and Zoe are what her girls “have come up with.” Evident from their interest in naming their brothers, the 38-year-old is confident that the twins will have “great big sisters” in Sam and Lola. “They’re very cute and they’re very excited,” she says.

Next up for Denise? Showing off her dance floor moves for America! Dancing With the Stars premieres tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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Neeli on

WoW! What a great person Denise is! She is beautiful from both inside out!

Fifi on

I agree Neeli…I think she is a great person and has been unfairly treated through everything with Charlie Sheen

eva on

LOL baby brother Zoe,how cute is that?From this statement it seems that Denise and Charlie have matured a little bit since the last I read about them going back and forth about their issues (or at least Denise)This must make their daughters so happy.

Lis on

That is so nice that Denise can be excited for her girls. I’m sure it’s tough for her, and she seems very devoted to be a good mommy; talking about Charlie and Brooke’s twins 🙂

ellka on

i think it’s cute the girls have “named” their brothers…i did the same thing when i was five. i decided my baby brother should be called lamar (i think i was watching reading rainbow, maybe?). there are all these home videos of me pointing to him and saying “this is lamar,” and some adult correcting me-“no, that’s hiatt,actually…” we still use it as an inside joke…

Michelle on

Regardless of the past, it’s nice that she can be supportive of Charlie and Brooke, and be excited with her girls (or at least act like it, for their sakes.)

Kelly on

It seems like Denise and Charlie are on better terms now which is GREAT for their daughters.

JKE on

That is so funny Ellka… when my mom was pregnant with my brother, my parents told me it was a boy, and they had his name picked out already, but for some reason I decided that he was going to be a girl and his name was going to be Stephanie! (A Full House reference for me, maybe?)
Kids are so funny sometimes!

Ally on

That is cute. Funny thing is, I also came up with a name for my sister, but it my case, it ended up being her name! I had a friend in nursery school (which I was in at the time) named Amanda so I decided the baby should be Amanda, even though we didn’t know if it was going to be a girl or a boy. My mom wanted the name Lauren, but my dad also liked Amanda, so we ended up naming her Amanda Lauren. My claim to fame now is that I actually got to name my little sister, which I think is pretty cool.

Michelle on

I’m so glad to see that things seem to be so much more amicable between Charlie and Denise. Those girls are so precious! It’s adorable the baby names they picked out. When I was little and my mom was pregnant, I’ve been told I wanted to name the baby Spiderman! LOL

Marilyn on

That’s cute. Isn’t today Sam’s birthday?

Molly on

Madonna mentioned somehwere that Lola named the baby Rocco before he was born

baby prams on

I really really like the name Zoe. Is that Greek?

meghan on

I love that they have each claimed a baby. That is just too cute! At least Sam and Lola are learning a valuable lesson in sharing 😉

meghan on

I think Zoe is the Greek word for life.

JMO on

I was just about to write that this is def. a positive thing for Denise to talk about especially for the sake of her daughters! And Duke isn’t a bad name but poor Zoe…I think he may mind someday lol!!

Vallie on

Yes Marilyn, today is Sam’s birthday.

Happy birthday little Sammi 🙂

Mary-Helen on

I think Denise has always tried to do what’s right for the girls but somehow has gotten a bad rap along the way. I think it’s cute that the girls are so excited about their new brothers.

Natasha on

I agree with Neeli too.
Denise is amazing, she deserves the best of life.

Katie on

It’s always great when the parents involve their children with naming subsequent children….most of the time. When my mom was pregnant with me, she asked my brother and sister what my name should be if I was a boy. Very excited about the movie they had just seen, they said “ET!”

I would have been Ethan Trevor, which is certainly a nice name, but I just know nobody would have ever called me anything but ET. I’m very glad to be a girl!

gigi on

i love when kids name their siblings-on-the-way!
my son wanted to name his brother sonic. haha!
i guess we just werent cool enough or famous enough to go with such a ‘different’ name. we went traditional but we still let him call his brother sonic.

Lilybett on

My brother wanted to name our littlest brother “Ice-cream head”.

Of course, this can go crazy… friends of mine named their son Elvis and when he was older, let him offically change his name to “Super Mario” and name his little sister “Princess Peach” after the characters from the game. That’s way too permissive for my taste.

Neeli on

Fifi- you are exactly right and since Charlie Sheen wanted “boys” so badly! I am sure he implanted male embroys into Brooke

Sofia on

When my mum was pregnant with me, she asked my brother and sister to pick name for me.. My sister Natalia loved her own name so much that she wanted to name me Natalia or Natasha.. But my brother suggested name Sofia and that is my name.. I got to pick name for my little sister and I really loved name Elena 🙂

Hea on

Does this mean that Denise and Charlie are back on track and speaking to each other? I hope so. Cute names, I think Zoe could be a good name for a little guy. 🙂

Sanja on

Reading some of these comments I guess I should feel lucky that my then 3 year old brother named me after a song, lol.

mazzie on

my baby girl is so excited for her new sibling but somehow i don’t think ‘torby tit’ (strawberry sister) will quite make it on to the birth certificate..

Alice on

The comments are funnier than the article, with everyone picking funny names for their siblings!! 😀
Hea, Zoe is usually a name for a girl, I’m not sure it would be so good for a boy 😉

Jess from Ohio on

My brother named me Jessica after Jessica Rabbit. I don’t know how or why my parents actually fell for it, but they did!

Lauren on

A coworker of mine was expecting his third child, a girl after two boys. Boy #2, age 4 or so, INSISTED that his little sister’s name be Britney Spears.

I was shocked to hear that my cousin’s daughter (2.5) wants to name her new little sister Rachel. That is SO normal for a little one to suggest!

Mary-Helen on

We let my oldest daughter (who was 5 @ the time) pick our youngest’s middle name. She picked Elaine (after her Gramma). Now she wants to name her sibling on the way Max (for a boy) and Sienna (for a girl). Her name choices are fairly normal compared to what I’ve read here so I am counting myself lucky (unless she changes her mind!)

Manon on

Mary-Helen: why not give the younger one a chance to pick the name this time? Just a thought…

Rachel-Jane on

A friend of mine ended up being called Laura because her older brother suggested it. Her parents liked the name, even though her brother picked the name because a girl he didn’t like in his class was called Laura.

I don’t recall giving my younger siblings names, but I do remember being constantly told off for calling my brother ‘It’ rather than ‘the baby’ or ‘the boy’ before he had an official name (I was 5). I also remember that he considered me and the next oldest girl (there’s 3 of us) to be one person, called Sissa (sister).

Sanja on

Rachel-Jane -that is too, too funny!! Sisa means breast in my language, ROLF:-)

ellka on

rachel-jane: it’s funny that you called your brother “it”. when my youngest sister was born, my brother (who was the only boy at the time) refused to acknowledge her as anything other than “it” to deomonstrate his frustration over her being female. there is a video of us sitting in the living room, talking about our reaction to our new sister, and when it gets to him he just looks at callee and says “it is unspectacular.” he was four at the time…too funny, and now they’re best friends!

Tina on

someone name there daughter Tina!!! please lol=D. i think Denise was always good with her kids, just all that hollywood crap got in the way:(. Happy Bilated 5th Birthday Sam:).

Gibbons on

My sister and I named our baby sister “Homer” when my mom was preggo with her. It was because my parents talked about the baby coming HOME a lot so I thought they said her name was baby Homer.

CelebBabyLover on

Meeli- I doubt it. I’m not saying that Brooke and Charlie absolutly DIDN’T do PGD (pre-implantion genetic diagnosis) with gender selection, but I hate how people are constantly making it sound like IVF is as easy as just popping into the clinic and going, “I want twin boys!”.

The fact is that IVF is NOT easy, fails more than it succeeds, is invasive, can be very dangerous for some women (such as those with a family history of ovarian cancer), and most couples use it as a last resort. Usually, even if a couple decides to use fertility treatments, they try other methods (such as IUI and/or fertiliy drugs) before resorting to IVF. Also, even if a woman DOES get two embryos implanted in the hopes of having twins, there’s no guarentee that both will take, or that even one will take.

Anyway, from what I’ve read, most people who select their child/children’s gender using PGD do so because at least one of them is a carrier for a potientally dangerous or even life-threatening gender-specific genetic disorder (such as Duchenne Muscular Distrophy or Hemophilia, both of which affect boys almost exclusively). It’s actually very few who use PGD with gender selection purely to get the gender of their choice.

All of that said, I’m guessing that these boys will be identical cuties (and with identicals, only one fertility treatment can increase your chances of having them. That’s ISI, Intercytoplasmic sperm injection, in which a single sperm is injected into a single egg. Since the egg’s “shell” is tampered with, this can sometimes lead to the egg spliting and forming identical twins)! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Manon- Maybe Mary-Helen’s younger child isn’t old enough to name a baby yet (i.e., either not vocal at all, or not vocal enough to choose a name).

kris on

The girls sound pretty excited which is nice. They are such cute little girls. I hope they enjoy their new brothers!

Question – Have either Brooke or Charlie said they had “help” getting pregnant? Or is this an assumption people are making?

Manon on

Celeb baby lover: that’s true but it would be nice to think ALL the kids got the chance if not!

CelebBabyLover on

kris- It’s an assumption people are making. Brooke and Charlie haven’t said a single word about having any sort of help getting pregnant.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I don’t get why so many people think that it’s a bad thing that Brooke and Charlie wanted boys “so badly”. First of all, I don’t think Brooke really ever said anything about wanting a boy, just that they thought they might end up having a boy. As for Charlie, I think it’s just natural to want a boy after having three girls!

sarah on

My cousin wanted to name her baby brother Doris! Apparently -this all occurred about 22 months before i was born- she was extremely annoyed when her parents informed her that his name was Jonathan and that no, she was not allowed to call him doris.

Mattie on

My oldest daughter Layla had just turned 2 when her baby sister Keira was born. She couldn’t say Keira so she called her “You” since she always heard us say I love you! Kids are so cute!