Cat Cora and Wife Each Pregnant With a Boy!

03/09/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Iron Chef Cat Cora is cookin’ up a baby — and so is her wife Jennifer! Both expecting boys, Jennifer, 37, will deliver in April, while Cat, 41, is due in July.

The couple’s new sons are from the same sperm donor as their older boys, Caje, 23 months and Zoran, 5. Zoran and the baby Cat is carrying are from Jennifer’s eggs, while Caje is from Cat’s. In Jennifer’s current pregnancy, both women’s embryos were transferred, so the biological mother is unknown. The couple do not to plan to conduct DNA testing to determine this.

“[Jennifer] carried my embryo and I carried hers,” Cat explains. “It’s like surrogating, but obviously all of our kids are equal.”

“It’s really crazy! We decided that having them a year apart is harder than having kids as infants together.”

Source: OK!; PR Newswire via Cat Cora

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Chris on

Wow. I have no words….I’ll just say congrats and leave it at that!

Brandi on

I don’t know about having two babies that close together on purpose (they are certainly crazy!!), but I love that they’re splitting up the pregnancy duty. I wish my husband could have carried one of our sons!🙂🙂

sara on

Congrats on the new babies. They are going to super busy with infants so close. Almost like having twins at times I bet.

Colleen on

Oh my gosh, that’s so cool! I’m very excited for them.

Jess from Ohio on

I don’t know these ladies, but congrats to them! Four boys, whew!

Angelique on

I love it. They’re a great couple. It’s especially interesting that they’ll have all boys in the family. I imagine those boys will grow up to be fascinating individuals. Yay!

Lacey on

That’s awesome! Congrats to them!

Jazz on

My sister and her wife did the same thing…twice! They have three year old girls and boys that are 4 months and 6 months. Amelia and Norah are totally in love with their brothers Isaac and Ryan. It worked out great for them…although the first few months are really busy! It’s just like twins.
I think that’s great that Cat and Jennifer are doing that. And all boys! Wow. i really had no idea that Cat had a wife!
Congrads and good luck to both of them.

heidi on

I love Cat and her wife seems sweet from what little interviews they have had of her. I think it’s a neat idea to switch eggs! I have heard of a couple same sex couples trying to get pregnant at the same time in the event that one doesn’t take, but that doesn’t seem like the situation here. Regardless, congrats to them and good luck with sleeping!

crimpe on

A lot of boys!! I love the name Zoran, for whatever that’s worth. I think that is so interesting that they are carrying each other’s embryos, and that they have the same sperm donor. What a cool thing to do. These babies will be twins, so close in age. I had four in five years – it’s doable. Bravo to them!!

Michelle Z. on

Can you imagine the pregnancy hormones in that house? LOL! Congratulations to them!

jazzie on

C R A Z Y!!!!

Heather on

That is so neat!!! Congrats to them both, and their growing family!

ErykaWynter on

Wow – I watch Cat on Iron Chef and I didn’t know anything about her. This is all news to me… congrats to the whole family!

JRW on

WOO, they are going to be busy soon. Congrats. I love cat on Iron Chef. Smile

Wendy on

Congrats. They are just as beautiful a family as anyone else. It’s rare to see such a couple get big media, but maybe it’s because people realize that love is what makes a family. And their children will be gorgeous!

MZ on

congrats to them! i wonder why they’re carrying each other’s embryos though?

eva on

The first thing that came to my mind when I read this article was “how cute”.It’s like having twins but not really.Congratulations to the happy family, lots of boys! MZ: I am only guessing but it could be so both mothers can be part of bringing the babies into the world. One gives the egg and the other one gives birth to the baby. I know several lesbian couples who do this.

Brooke on

They are both gorgeous women….Congrats to them both. Awesome News….

HeatherR on

I’ll bet they are having a lot of fun being pregnant together! I think it’s really neat!

Anonymous on

My future wife and I would love to do the same thing some day — carry each other’s embryos (though I’m not sure if we’d do it at the same time!) 🙂 Mainly we’d love to do that because then it would really feel like the baby is BOTH of ours: it’s her egg, but I’m carrying the baby and giving birth/nursing so it’s really mine, too. Does that make sense? It really makes the baby seem like BOTH of ours.

(Though I’m not saying that the wife/partner of a woman who carries her own embryo wouldn’t feel like the baby’s mom! We just would love to do it this way so the baby is a part of both of us.)

Kerri on

For some reason, I just love that they’re each carrying the other’s embryo. Each baby has one as the biological mother and the other as the woman that gave birth to them. Such a COOL idea. Though, both of them being pregnant at the same time…that could be rough!

Anonymous on

Note–Eva said it much better than I did! It’s really so that both my wife and I can be a part of bringing the baby into the world. Thanks, Eva!

krewcat on

THAT is so cool!

CONGRATS to them!!!

Neeli on

why do gays and lesbians have boys most of the time! Do they schedule Y sperms the most from the donors?

Danyelle on

That’s so cool! I’ve never heard of wives switching embryos but that’s an awesome idea. Those are gonna be some adorable little boys. Both moms are really pretty🙂

Fifi on

I love Cat Cora, she is my favorite Iron Chef! Congratulations to them, I would love to have 4 boys! It must be a neat experience for them to go through the pregnancies together!

sigh on

That’s so cool they’re able to do that!

Mrs. R. on

I seriously think this is the most intriguing part of being a lesbian. The opportunity to empathize with and understand your partner during the pregnancy and birth process on a level that no man can do (although we all have wonderful supportive partners in our men, of course).
A good friend and her partner have both given birth to their children and I have always thought that was so super cool.

MZ on

eva, that makes perfect sense! thanks!

Robin on

WOW!! Cat Cora came to my house to teach me how to cook for an episode of Oprah Winfrey that airs this Wednesday–March 11th!!! Cat is soo sweet and she told me that her partner was expecting–but the fact that she is too is SOOO GREAT–Congrats to her and Jennifer. And thanks again for the cooking lessons!!!

danda_lion on

How is Caje pronounced?

Laura on

Congratulations to them both! How exciting! But…. I cannot imagine both parents being pregnant at the same time and trying to care for two little ones. Maybe I just had a really rough pregnancy, but I needed someone un-pregnant to help me out!

Jo on

Neeli–what an incredibly ignorant comment! Saying something like that warrants citations–and of course, you’re not going to find any because it’s ridiculously absurd!

G on

This must be the coolest part of being lesbian. It’s amazing that both can experience carrying a child and both can have that connection to their children.

Mrs. D on

I find it strange all the postings are positive. I wonder if mine will be allowed? I think this is bizarre. No matter how hard the media beats this drum and tries to make it seem ‘normal’ this type of behavior is not. I do not think this is right.

eva on

Mrs.D from one straight lady to another,I think the posts are positive because more and more people are accepting families in all shapes and forms.I can understand if someone thinks this is highly unusual, because in a way it is but most people in this century, particularly open and young families will not call it bizarre. Please do not think we’re all falling into a “gay-media” wagon,we are simply trying to be kind and accepting to all descent human beings.

cakechick on

Most babies produced with sperm donors end up being boys… apparently the male carrying sperm are more hearty and survive the freezing/unfreezing process much better than the females. My husband and I have 2 boys from an anonymous sperm donor.

CTBmom on

Congrats to them! I am sure that these two new little guys will be just a cute as their brothers. I agree with alot of the posters…I think it’s so cool that they are carrying each other’s embryos!

Emily on

Can you just imagine laying in bed together, big ol’ bellies popping, complaining about how your backs hurt and you can’t sleep? That’s strange (as in it doesn’t happen frequently), but also awesome. I can’t really imagine how it must feel. Haha. Crazy and fun and weird, I presume. Congrats to the family!

Dominique on

Mrs D, the comments are positives because people arent being judgemental of things that arent their business. You should try.

aubrey madeline on

Congratulations wow 4 boys under the age of 5 what a handful

EM on

OK, I wondered why carry each other’s embryo? Then Anonymous explained it. I guess if you have a gay relationship then it would feel more like a family. I know we all want to be accepting of each and everyone’s own version of family, but switching embryos? I really don’t think I would be OK with that. There has to be a line somewhere, you have Octomom having 8 embryos implanted-so not normal, now we are switching each other’s? It’s not about being lesbian or anything like that, that is not my point, it’s about us playing so much with fertility, it’s just getting out of hand. But who am I right? This is just my opinion.

Shelby on

What fantastic news! I really love hearing about this couple and enjoyed reading about their family a couple of months ago. What an intriguing idea and wonderful way for a couple to both be a part of the process. It is going to be an amazing story to tell those little boys (and great pictures too). It makes me smile to see the love and change that is happening in America. EQUALITY!

brannon on

this is very awesome. i am writing a dissertation about redefining family and stories such as this reaffirm my intentions. very very cool. congrats to this beautiful family.

Alexa on

Mrs. D, because not everyone has the same idea of what makes a family. A lot of people just care that everyone loves each other, and is happy.

That said, yay for them. Their older boys are so adorable, I’m sure these two boys will be just as cute.

Mia on

Aw, congrats to them. That must be a pretty amazing experience. Two partners can share it together, literally lol.

Katy on

It’s going to be weird for these boys, they’ll have to explain for the rest of their lives how they were born so close together. I think it’s strange that they would become pregnant at the same time, but I’ve never wanted multiples. I hope these boys will have some good male role models who can understand them fully and be available for them. That’s the downside to same-sex parents with opposite sex children.

Diva on

I think this is fabulous! And about having a male influence in their lives, they have 2 wonderful moms and that should be enough for anyone. Does anyone get mad at single moms for not having a “male influence” in their kids’ lives? Be glad that these 2 wonderful parents will be taking good care of these kids…regardless of the parents’ gender!

The Nanny on

Mrs. D, there is nothing wrong with a family that has two loving parents, regardless of their gender. Two mommies or two daddies are just as good as one mommy and one daddy!

Katy, I’m sure they have strong male role models in their lives. I don’t think it’s a “downside to same-sex parents with opposite sex children.” What about single parents who have opposite-sex children?

MrsR on

I have to agree with MrsD. I am suprised that we are the minority opinion.

The Nanny on

(Though I did want to say, Mrs. D of course you are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. I simply don’t see anything the matter with this situation, and I want to congratulate Cat and Jennifer on their pregnancies!)

Angelique on

I think it’s safe to assume they have grandfathers, uncles, male family friends, and they’ll have each other — brothers.

meghan on

Katy, I have two cousins. They are five months apart because their mother became pregnant during the adoption process. Growing up either people didn’t bother to do the math or they simply did not care, because my cousins rarely ever heard comments or questions about being so close in age. I just don’t think people care as much as you seem to think. If anything they might assume there was an adoption. Also not having a strong male role model is hardly exclusive to lesbian parents. It happens to nice ‘respectable’ heterosexual parents too.

Cyndi on

How amazing for them…I think the outcome will be wonderful. I just can’t imagine living in the same house as someone else pregnant with me,with all the hormones flying around. Of course they were smart enough to do it three months apart so they have a trimester between them. Awesome.

ame i. on

The congrats and kudos to this “couple” are very nice, but I doubt some of you have stopped to think about the true reality of children born to same gender parents.
Cat’s children won’t have to worry, because they will have nannies and go to private schools where the admin. will protect them from bullying and name-calling. The same isn’t true for “regular” same-gender families. There is no one to protect the children born of a same-gender union from being beaten up and teased at the bus stop, on the walk back to their home, in the halls of the overpopulated public schools they have to attend because their parents can’t afford private school.
Cat & spouse are not brave and strong, they are privileged.

The Nanny on

Ame, I understand your concern but I think in this day and age most people (especially young people) recognize and accept that homosexuality is a very natural part of life. Of course there will be people and places who disagree with that, but on the whole, I think because people like Cat and Jennifer are being outspoken about their relationship and children “regular” same-gender families (as you put it) will be more and more accepted.

Cindy on

I guess I am old fashion and traditional.. I find this very strange.

liz b on

AWESOME!! congrats to both of you … we celebrate love, family and really making the concious,choice to bring babies into a loving family. sleep as much as you can NOW!!!best wishes.

mmh on

I don’t want to put words into Mrs. D’s mouth, but perhaps she was talking about implanting embryos, sperm donors, etc. as being strange. Perhaps it had nothing to do with Cat and her wife being same sex partners. I don’t know. I guess I am completely old-fashioned, but I can’t wrap my head around that yet!!!!

Adrianna on

Ame- I have to disagree. I think even children from “regular” same sex couples wouldn’t have a problem with bullying any more or any less than kids from a heterosexual couple. The only reason they would is from repeating things they would hear from their own parents who don’t agree with the gay and lesbian lifestyle. Anyway it doesn’t matter what kind of family you come from. Kids will always find something to pick on be it a name, clothes, etc.

Tina on

The website link gives a bit more information.

I read an article somewhere that Jennifer is due in April. I jsut found another one that says Cat is due in July. Also in Shape Magazine the March 2009 one there is a cute picture of Cat and her two boys. That picture along with one that was recently taken at some Wine a Food festival in mid Feb. If you don’t have facebook the shape picture is also on her myspace.

ljc on

This is cool. If I was a lesbian I would totally want to do this. What a wonderful way to be included in each other’s pregnancies! It’s also a great idea to share with the world. I’m sure lots of other same sex couples do this and we don’t get to hear about it. Congratulations!

April on

I think it’s wonderful. Congratulations to them. Those will be some well-loved boys.

Kel on

Ame – In my opinion, they are brave. Your comments are to me, veiled as caring for children. In reality, they are nothing more than “regular” homophobia rearing its ugly head. No matter what socioeconomic status, there will always be parents that teach their children tolerance and equality. I applaud all parents that give their children these gifts and Ame, know that your flimsy argument is not fooling many people.People with less luxury still stay involved in their childrens lives. We walk our kids to school, take active participation in their academia and discipline, and most of all protect them from people like you and sadly, your children.

marie on

It sounds as if I agree with Mrs. D. I am young, but very conservative and do not agree with same sex marriage. That being said, I wish the very best for this family. Cat seems like a very cool person on tv. Best of luck to them!

Jamie on

I find some of these responses really interesting. I was raised by a lesbian mother. My parents, that being my father and mother, got divorced when I was 13. My mother ‘came out’ shortly after my parents separated my mom came out to me. Once she did things in our family changed completely, in a good way. My mom was much more relaxed and happy once she no longer had to put up a facade about who she was. I am now 20 and live a perfectly ‘normal’ life. My father is still very active in my life of course. I was never picked on during my middle and high school years even though most people knew my mom was a lesbian. ( I didn’t hide it. I was not ashamed.) We lived in a very rural area as well, right smack dab in the middle of the bible belt.

I think people are a lot more accepting and understanding than we give them the credit. I have had a much better life than so many other children out there and don’t think my mom’s sexual orientation really mattered. She loved me and provided for me to the depths of her abilities and still does to do. I definitely wish Cat and her wife an easy pregnancy. I think everyone can agree four kids are tough regardless of your partners gender.😛

SY on

All I think is about is the craziness that will be theirs in the next few months, 4 boys under the age of 6, WOW! Congratulations to them, sounds like it will be a very spirited household (we only have 2 boys and that’s enough energy!)

Lin on

wow!! that is so awesome!!! I know a couple who did this and her wife birthed w/her eggs and a sperm donors. congrats to them1!!!!!!!

Aurora on

Love this! Congrats to them!
On a different note – to respond to a few previous posts, I would say that just because there are people that cannot be tolerant and acceptant of others’ lifestyles, that does not mean that everyone has to conform/hide who they are. There was a comment that no one would be there to watch out for these kids who would get teased because of their same-sex parents; to that I would say, what about children that are shorter/taller/chubbier/have glasses/braces etc etc…if they are teased or bullied, parents, and school have to step in and not only help to make the child safe immediately, they also have to work with the other children/students to help erase their bullying ways. What about children of different skin tones or cultures or religions? Just because they are different from what the “majority” appears to be, should they not embrace who they are and who their families are? I should hope not.
I can accept that at first glance this pregnancy arrangement seems different from the norm… however, on closer inspection, it is just two loving people who want to share their love with children by creating a family, something we all have the right to do (or SHOULD have).
OK, off my soapbox now!

Elena on

Congratulations to them! The guy they asked to be the donor must have all Y-swimmers up there. In their place, I would want a little girl to break up the boy zoo, so I might have tried for a different donor the third and fourth time around! But as long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters. These boys definitely won’t lack for male influence, just from being around so many other boys – but I don’t really believe that a boy needs a male “father figure” to grow up a happy and productive member of society anyway.

All studies suggest that having two financially stable, intelligent parents who love each other, regardless of gender, is infinitely better for a child than having a mother and father who are struggling financially, neglect the child, or stay in a loveless marriage. More power to Cat and Jennifer!

Elena on

Just had to add – Cat and Jennifer look so much alike, they will never tell whose baby Jennifer carried without the genetic testing! Too funny🙂

Mommy of 3 on

Wow, this is very unique!!! It’s very very neat that they decided to switch eggs!! All the best to them both in these pregnancys, I think it is so amazing that they can do this together….I wish my husband could have experienced this with me:)
Good luck girls! I can’t wait to hear how it goes after they are born:)

Mia on

If 2 people love each other, they should be together, period. Nothing expresses that love more than producing a family together. It should just be celebrated that 2 people found each other and are very happy together, regardless if its male/female or male/male or female/female.

Patterson on

Wow! Spectacular, though I wonder how much that cost! Also, they look fairly similar so that’s going to be fun wondering and never knowing. Congrats to them!

TK on

I can’t imagine my partner being pregnant as well! I’m just so lazy and don’t want to do ANYTHING right now so it’s great my husband picks up the slack. LOL.

Mrs. R. on

So as for switching the embryos, a good friend of mine said that when she and her partner had their children (a couple years apart), she was concerned she would love the child she gave birth to more than the child that her partner gave birth to. She was just scared that her birth child would seem more like hers (especially because it was her egg and therefore her genetic child). The reality is that she loves both her children equally, just like all parents, but perhaps that was some of the motivation behind Cat and her partner’s decision to switch embryos.

As for the ‘they are privledged, not brave’ comment… I think it’s unfair to say that because they are going to be more wealthy than the average family, they will not deal with any problems that a typical same gender family might have to deal with. For all we know, fancy private schools are even bigger judgement pots than public schools are… OR… maybe, just maybe, parents will take the time to get to know each other before deciding to deride a family for its structure (because you KNOW the children don’t come up with this stuff on their own – it’s always the parents bigotry).

CelebBabyLover on

EM- Nadya had SIX embryos implanted, NOT eight. Two of those embryos split, thus she ended up with the eight babies. Anyway, I don’t think switching embryos is any stranger than a straight couple using donor embryos or eggs (which, BTW, I don’t find strange in the least!)!

Alex on

Lucky them. I’d love to have 4 sons.

Margaret on

I loved this unique pregnancy announcement, and so I had to read through the comments to see what other readers have to say… One line of conversation did catch my attention, and I wanted to add my two cents. Someone said that these kids, and other kids with gay/lesbian parents are going to be teased and picked on in school. As a female with a bisexual mother, who attended elementary school as the child of a lesbian couple, I can be relatively sure that these kids are going to be safe from being tormented for something as insignificant to a child as a kid’s parent’s gender. Kids, or at least the ones I went to school with (and I attended an overcrowded public school), just weren’t too concerned with other kid’s families. Material worthy of teasing was more in the realm of clothes, notebooks, haircuts, saying the wrong answer in class, or something that happened on the playground. And once the kid gets into jr. high and high school, he/she can choose whether or not to share personal family information.

Though, it never hurts to raise your children to be open-minded and accepting, two traits that never go out of style.

And one side note: I grew up into a fine young person, thus going to show that children with gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered parents DON’T grow up to be lacking what children with heterosexual parents have or had.

All this babbling, and I almost forgot to congratulate the glowing expecting mothers!

Erica on

I’m not sure how I feel about this…it’s one thing to get a sperm donor out of necessity, and become pregnant that way. I support anyone struggling with fertility in their measures to have a healthy child so it’s not even that. It’s the idea that we (generally speaking) seem to be more and more okay with the idea of “playing” with life itself. The arrangement with Cat and her wife didn’t arise out of a physical need for one of them to carry the other’s embryo. Wow, I am not articulating my thoughts well here, but I guess the gist of what I’m saying is that there is something off about the idea of swapping embryos back and forth not because you have to, but just because you can. It turns the necessity of a fertility specialist into a novelty, almost like a plastic surgery.

Neeli on

cakechick- I thought x sperms were healthier than the y sperms :S

Lauren on

While I can understand that some people can’t wrap their heads/hearts around this family’s decison, I can say from experience that same sex partners tend to analyze every concieveable situation as much as they can before the pregnancy, so much so that the rest of us are like – Stop! It’s going to be alright! My sister’s sister-in-law and her wife put in more thought and prayer, etc. before starting their family than all their heterosexual friends and family combined! I wish Cat, Jennifer and their brood nothing but the very best. If we all fretted about what our kids might be bullied about one day, we’d likely never have them in the first place. Love is love. The world needs more of it.

sat on

wow! never thought of that! congrats!

Abby on

What’s even more interesting than this story are everyone’s comments to it. I don’t understand why people are getting their hackles up over the people that don’t agree with this couple’s decisions.

Jamie discussed her childhood in the Bible Belt and being raised by a lesbian mother. She said that people didn’t bother her about her mother’s sexual orientation. Now you KNOW people around them didn’t agree with her mother’s lifestyle but as Jamie said, they didn’t give her a hard time about it, either.

My point is this: it’s fine to disagree. In my opinion, the only offensive comments to this article are the ones that were made in RESPONSE to the ‘conservatives’ who don’t agree with the choices that this couple has made.

If you’re of the opinion that everyone should ‘live and let live’, I would recommend NOT jumping on people’s backs who think this is unusual or who disagree with it. This IS an unusual thing that these women are doing, and whether it’s right or wrong, society doesn’t change gears overnight. Equality doesn’t mean being rude or unjustly confrontational to either side.

automaticstop85 on

I’m gay. My husband and I have two boys and a girl. Not sure what that means, but I’m pretty sure we didn’t ask for any particular kind of egg from the egg donor.😉

The nasty comments are bizarre. My children are in no way privileged. My son goes to a regular school, and you know what? Kids don’t care, most of them, because kids have no biases. It’s only adults who are hateful.

I think this is very cool. If we ever had another kid (lol not) it would be nice if we could “both” be related to him or her.

CC on

I think this is great!!!! Congrats to Cat & Jennifer…. I wish you gals all the best with the soon to be two new additions to your family..

Hea on

I understand why they would do it like this, both contributing and so on… but it seems a bit unneccessary complicated to me. hehe Congrats to the whole family though and I hope they have healthy babies.

Livy on

My mother and father divorced when I was 8 and my sister was 5. My mother then came out and her partner moved in with us. I was brought up by three loving parents who I adore completely. I was never bullied, I once had a couple of kids at school comment but that was much more out of curiosity than anything else. My brothers (born into my mother and her partner’s relationship) are now 8 and 10 (he will be 11 a week tomorrow!) and have never experienced any negative behaviour because of their parents’ sexuality.

We are very ‘normal’, my parents live in a surbaban, reasonably conservative, village in the north of England. My brothers attend the state primary school.

My upbringing was wonderful. I was brought up in a loving, secure family unit with parents I could talk to and respected. Just I believe and hope these boys will be. Congratulations!

denise on

I’m rather confused, where is the problem with same-sex couples or Moms? I don’t know them but in general I don’t see a difference between a male-female, male-male oder female-female relationship as long as it’s healthy and non-abusive. I wish the family the best of luck and I guess the children will love being so close in age!

Susan on

That is so cool! That is going to be a lot of diapers. Good for them!

Tina on


babyboober on


Yes, actually, many researches have done studies on the lack of male role models when parents divorce or when a woman becomes pregnant and the father leaves. There is an entire generation of boys becoming men and not knowing how to behave because a lot of them don’t have male role models in their life.

Now, that is not to say that these two women do not have a huge group of men behind them. Until this article ran, I’d never heard of these two women, so obviously we don’t know much about their home life.

I think being 8 months pregnant and caring for your wife and a newborn is going to be extremely, EXTREMELY difficult, especially if the woman who is due later goes into pre-term labor or has complications. Good luck to them, they’re going to need a lot of support, especially in those first few months. It’s not going to be like twins, because one will still be growing a human while surviving on sleep deprivation…

Andie on

The egg/embryo swapping bothers me but that is just my feeling and before the flames start it has NOTHING to do with their relationship. It’s just a personal feeling I find un-settling. BUT what if (god forbid) one child got sick and they needed to know the biological mother REALLY quick??? I know that they say they don’t want to know as each child is equal but what if one day they HAVE to know and no time to wait for tests???
That concerns me. I think in the interest of the childs future they should at least have it down somewhere who is the bio mother or at least one should know.

Sandra on

I thought I read somewhere that she was married to a man, I didn’t know she’s gay. I just never knew. Congrats to both of them, they must be so happy!

sara on

You know babyboober There are a lot of kids who have horrible fathers and probably would rather grow up without one. And there are PLENTY of children who have no father and grow up just fine. And children in schools get picked on, for one reason or another…I can’t wait until the day when people won’t even bat an eye in regards to this.

Amy on

Awesome for them! I don’t know how they handle each other hormones because I was a major pain in the rear when pregnant, lol.

Bravo, finally open minds…and closed ones seem to be in the path of extintion.

erica alayne on

I’m really excited to see mostly positive comments on this post. I was kind of leery when I clicked to read on the comments, but I’m pleasantly surprised that for the most part people are very accepting of all of this. The world has al ong way to go, but we’ve come a long way.

No disrespect to anyone who in fact doesn’t agree with the embryo switch or their sexual orientation; I might not agree with you, but everyone has a right to their opinions, and I feel if I want people to respect mine, I have to respect others in return.

sgtmian on

congrats to the cora family! the only thing i have an issue with is the ‘anonymous’ part, because anonymous donation doesn’t sit very well with me. i’m a gay woman, so i’m not being homophobic, i just feel that, if possible, people should have access to both biological parents throughout their lives. even if one of them isn’t raising the child, i think it’s important to know your history.

TDGoodMom on

I’d also like to extend my congratulations to the expecting couple!

I’d also like to mention a potential reason for the women choosing to act as surrogates to each others pregnancies.

Since gay marriage is not legal in most states, and in several states it is very difficult for same-sex parents to adopt, acting as the surrogate to your partner’s biological child gives you legal status as that child’s parent.

They will probably also go through with the second parent adoption, just as an added measure of protection.

I think that, despite it’s unconventionality, it is a very smart legal move for both women. They are protecting the sanctity of their family with whatever limited legal means that are available to them.

brannon on

automaticstop 85: soooooooo right! where i teach, there are a lot of children of same sex parents. (6 out of my 16 kids in the class.) the kids don’t think anything of it! it’s what they are used to and they see loving parents. period. i love being able to tell my son that he has a mommy, some of his friends have mommies and daddies, some of his friends just have daddies, some of his friends have 2 mommies, 2 daddies or so forth. all families are different and if adults were as accepting as children the world would be a much better place. ironically, the one family who continuously tries to “shield” their child from knowing about the other children’s families and complains when other parents are in the room – are currently divorced and living in separate states. the only thing they agree on is that it’s not ‘healthy’ for their children to be exposed to same sex parents who are in the room volunteering. neither of them have ever volunteered and they refuse to have parent conferences at the same time. it’s not a crazy world, there are just crazy people living in it.

Michelle on

My little brother and I are 9 months apart. I got adopted and while my parents were waiting for me, my mother got pregnant with her first biological child (we have an older brother who is adopted too!) Not a single person in my 27 yrs on this earth every asked why me and my little brother were so close in age. We are very open about us being adopted and it was never an issue. I highly doubt anyone will question why they are so close in age once they meet the parents. As for why everyone is so happy..well it’s a couple, commited to eachother, who are bringing new lives into their loving home that they can support finanically, emotionally and mentally! This is not Octo-mom, or anything tawdry. The swapping of embryo’s..big deal…how do you think surrogates get their embryo’s? Cat and Jennifer are just being “surrogates” for eachother….and the upside to that is being able to make their family feel more like one! Congrat’s to them and I hope they enjoy every minute of being preggo together!🙂

Michelle on

Ande: What do you think happens to adopted children with no knowldege of health history? My parents never knew what health hazards I may have, because they couldn’t just dial up my bio-parents and ask! So really the health kind of a non-issue. There are many people out there with no knowledge of their health least for this couple, if they indeed needed to know the medical history..they can get a DNA test fairly quickly….much quicker then adopted they are ahead of the game in that sense

Sarah on

sgtmian, I think even anonymous sperm donors have to reveal their medical history for that exact reason. So, whether or not you get sperm from someone you know, medical history is not an issue.

Also, to the person who cited a study on a lack of male role models having a negative effect, you cannot extend the scope of that study to this situation. Those studies look at single-parent households which is totally different. This family has two parents that are financially sound. Studies to date about homosexual parents reveal no substantial negative side effects on children.

Sarah on

I love Cat on Iron Chef!!

Congrats to the family!!

D on

Wow!!!! Cat is awesome on the iron chef! What a great idea to plan her and her wife’s pregnancies at the same time. I actually think that would be such a cool experience to go through. Ya know, I wish my husband could get pregnant so he really knew how it felt to go through it. Good luck to the two mama’s!

LM on

There are many people who agree and many who disagree with this situation. There is a common misconception that conservative and religious (christian/muslim) people hate homosexuals. This is simply not true. You can love people and not agree with their actions. As a christian, I don’t believe in alienating people. I believe in loving all people just as God does, however, I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t stand on what the Bible teaches. I would like to say I have a brother that swings both ways and love him very much and he knows I will be here for him no matter what.
I’m not the judge of his heart.

I hope the Cora babies will be healthy and happy. God Bless!

Kelly on

While I do think it’s a cute idea to swap embryos, I do see it as kind of pointless too. But I also kind of think: oh well, they had the money to do it so why not?

I wish them all the best!

Alice on

Congratulations to them on the babies… but wow so close in age that’s brave! As babyboober (94) said, it might be even harder than having twins because of the newborn + pregnancy thing.

Anyway, just my 2 cents on the possible boy/girl imbalance: Y sperms are also faster than X sperms. Simply because the Y chromosome is smaller (hence lighter) than the X one. That’s why you have more chances of having a boy by having sex after ovulation because the Y sperms are more likely to get to the egg first. So I don’t know how they create embryos from donors but it might be the explanation, especially if there’s insemination involved.

Brigid on

They are a beautiful family who show that love, above all else, matters most in raising a family.
I wish them both easy pregnancies, and succesful delivieries with no complications.

Lizzy on

Hi Mrs. D, I couldn’t agree with you any more. I must say sorry but I find this situation disturbing. No matter how you put it these women are playing GOD. Certain things like having a mother and father are made for a reason. It is essential to have both roles in your life. I mean if children from single parent households have issues now imagine a child who doesn’t even have the option to be influenced by parents of both sexes.

I respect everyone’s opinion and don’t want to upset anyone but, I just think this is not right. If everyone began doing this it could potentially cause major sociological impacts in our society.

I feel like I am against the current posting this here because all the people posting seem to either be homosexual or know someone who is( maybe that is why they are more lenient to the subject, because it would be inconvenient not to be.)

sgtmian on

i didn’t mean your medical history, although that is important to know too, i just think it’s important for people to know where they came from. some people, adoptees and children of sperm donors, don’t care where they came from, whereas others grow up feeling like something was always missing.

i think it’s important for people to have some sort of relationship with their biological parents, as long as it’s possible. and i think it is in situations like these, because whether or not you have an anonymous donor, is a choice. melissa etheridge and her first wife knew who their donor was, pretty well, i think. i’m not sure about her twins.

i’m nothing like my mother, who raised me, and although i don’t see and haven’t seen much of my father throughout my life, the fact that he’s pretty much my male counterpart, is a great comfort to me. and it’s sad to me that other people don’t get to experience that, don’t get to build a relationship with their biological parent because their other parents wouldn’t give them that option.

if i do decide to have children later, i’ll probably do that with a gay man or another gay couple, because unlike most lesbians, i want my child to have a father. all children have fathers, and they have the right to know them.

and yes, i feel the same way about anonymous sperm donors and straight couples. there’s nothing anonymous about being a parent, so i just don’t like it.

EM on

HI Celebrity Baby Lover’s comments to me, excuse me yes there were 6 embryos, but you get the concept I see? That was my opinion and perhaps Erica in her comments said it better than me, if there is no “fertility issue” just swapping eggs gives me an uneasy feeling that we are playing “God” to some extent. We just need to be careful about what things start to be considered normal. Surrogacy is a beautiful alternative to be able to “carry” someone else’s egg to allow a woman who otherwise couldnt conceive become a mother, so I beg to differ on those who use this comparison. If adoption has nothing to do with egg donation and couples develop that love and bond, why do we need to swap eggs so we can feel like it’s one of our own?

Janna on

Lizzy: Has it occurred to you that it’s not that “they are more lenient to the subject, because it would be inconvenient not to be”… but because there are many, many people for whom this is NOT an issue?

My daughter is gay. I don’t accept her because it’s “convenient”, which I frankly find insulting. I accept her because who she chooses to have sex with is a non-issue for me… and frankly none of anyone’s business.

Breeze on

Lizzy – My friends who grew up with distant, cold, and sometimes abusive fathers have far more problems than I have after being raised by one very capable, loving woman. And I’m really glad I didn’t have the “option to be influenced” by a man who obviously didn’t care about either of us. This whole idea that you need two parents of the opposite sex to raise a child baffles me.

And I would also like to say that seeing the majority of the comments posted here be of congratulations and support warms my heart. Love is what God is all about.

To those offering their disapproval – your prejudices are your own, stop blaming God.


Lizzy on

Take it how you want to take it. I said I wasn’t trying to upset anyone. I have the right to my opinion as you do yours. However, putting the issue of not having two parents of the opposite sex aside;it is undeniable that in some shape or form it is unnatural to exchange eggs just so it can be made felt that the children are both theirs. How do you explain that to your kids when they ask where they come from? My friends mother came of the closet when my friend was in her teens. She destroyed her marriage to her husband and now has simaltaneous live-in girlfriends. My friend and her brother live between both parents houses. Their mother had the need to do this but in the process destroyed her family. My point is what you do with your sex life is your decision. But why brings kids into this world that alrealy has obstacles making it difficult enough to raise them without adding to the issues.

I understand the need to have children, and I understand that good parents don’t need to be homosexual or the opposite sex but it is undeniable that this can cause severe confussion for an innocent child. And playing with their eggs like that is like playing God or whatever you want to call. Leaving moral issues aside it’s just unnatural. No harm meant, take it how you want…just my opinion.

jasmine on

Lizzy: Just because a person has a mom and a dad doesn’t mean the household is going to be full of love and the kid is going to be free of “issues”. And just because a kid has both “roles” in his life, doesn’t necessarily make the parents positive and loving.

I do agree that there needs to be some sort of balance – that kids should have both male and females in their lives – but this can be done in different ways. The male influence could come from uncles or their moms’ friends.

brannon on

Lizzy – do you really not know anyone who is gay? That aside, I’ve never met anyone from North Dakota but I’m sure there are nice people there. Seriously archaic. It is not a leniency issue, its a people issue. I don’t want anyone judging me therefore I am not going to judge them. This is a civil issue like any other. It wasn’t so long ago that people who didn’t know someone ‘black’ thought it best to avoid them as well. History teaches us lessons people.

Anyone choosing to bring a loved child into the world should be celebrated. They are not only choosing to bring in two, but going to great means to make it happen. Kudos.

Steph on

I think it’s fabulous. Congrats to them both, I think they are brave for being prego at the SAME TIME. I’d be nuts.
I think everyone should be given the equal right to love, life and children, no matter what your gender and/or preference. And I say that as the straight daughter of a Christian minister with a traditional family in the Bible belt.
As for the anon donor, it could be that he’s just anon to us, not to them…LOL Just my thoughts.
Nonetheless, Congrats Cat and Jennifer!!!

Dierna on

Wow…I didn’t know Cat was gay…huh….I wonder if this means she’ll be off the show for a bit? The Nausia and being around so much weird food would probably not be good for a pregnant lady.

Incidentally the name Caje is pronounced Cage.

babyboopie on

Aww this is so bizzare but so cool! I wish I could do that with my man haha. Best of luck to those women and their sons with their new boys!

Denise on

What a wonderful and special thing to do, to be able to have each other’s babies! I know biology isn’t important, that you love your baby even if s/he’s not biologically your child, but how precious, to know that the child growing inside you belongs to the one you love.
If you can, why not? That’s part of what’s so sweet about having your husband’s baby. Who cares if some old person in the backwoods is clicking their teeth? You go, Cat!

JustMe on

This is wonderful news! I wish my partner and I could afford to the process once, not to mention 4 TIMES! I know what it cost for donor sperm and that is expensive in and of itself. We are looking at the process now and we hope to be blessed with at least one healthy baby.

kate on

Lizzy, I am assuming you’re very young.
Perhaps the reason your friend’s lesbian mother caused ‘chaos and destruction’ was due to the fear of other people’s predijuce and bigotry. If society were more accepting of homosexuals people wouldn’t feel the need to hide, therefore they wouldn’t marry someone of the opposite sex for the sake of hiding. (as many do)

Regarding Natural. How does one define natural? I wear eye glasses, is that natural? I was a C-Section baby. Even though children are meant to be delivered via the vagina, so is that also unnatural in your opinion.
If an infertile heterosexual couple want to produce a baby together via insemination, are they also abnormal?

Natural is something that is subjective. There is a difference between being ‘natural’ and backward. And to imply that two people who love one another should not have a child because their methods do not match the standard mass criteria, is backward in thought.
(In my opinion, of course)

Patti in Dallas on

I am a lesbian and, though my partner & I have no children and have no plans to have any children, I think it’s great that Cat and Jennifer are having a wonderful brood…congrats!

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and I certainly respect that. There are a few negative comments posted here, and that’s fine — there are many out there who disapprove of gay couples, gay couples having children, gay couples raising children, and on and on.

However, what really disturbs me is the position taken by a few here condemning Cat & Jennifer for bringing children into this world who will be teased and harrassed by their peers and staff at school. This is circular logic of the most sinister kind: The kids will be teased & harrassed at school, therefore the kids should not exist. What??!?!? News flash: The problem – if there is a problem – is with those DOING the teasing and harrassing, NOT with the kids bearing its brunt. If you really believe that the kids of gay couples will experience severe teasing and harrassment at school, then you must admit that the owners of the “problem” are the ones engaged in the acts of teasing & harrassing.

This mindset that “the child of a gay couple will most certainly be teased & harrassed at school so the best thing would be for the gay couple not to have the child” is incomprehensible bullcrap. Akin to…”that’s a shame he was killed because he was gay but he had it coming, he should’ve known being gay would cause his death so in a way he was responsible for his own murder.” No personal responsibility on the part of those engaging in abusive behaviors, and — more than that — those who think this way enthusiastically give their own open obvious stamp of approval to those engaged in abusive behavior. “It’s to be expected, the kid brought it on himself.”

If the teasing & harrassment of a child of gay parents honestly bothers you enough to call for the pre-emptive *non-existence* of that child, then this teasing & harrassment surely bothers you enough to do all that you personally can to change the behaviors of the perpetrators of it. Otherwise, it’s just blowhard bigotry, IMO. The bullying stays, get rid of the bullied kid — neanderthal thinking at its most primitive.

marla on

how exciting! it sounds exhausting, but congratulations to them.

and to all those worried about how children of same sex couples will be bullied, how about this: don’t raise kids who are bullies! instead, why don’t we, as parents, all agree to raise children who are accepting and tolerant of one another, whether they are of a different race, socio-economic status, religion, have special needs or happen to have parents who are the same gender.

Mrs B on

I think this thread is to comment on the article not to just give congrats to the Cora’s. Not to be stirring up a debate, but aren’t they creating little lives each time their eggs are fertilized into embryos? I feel a little lost when I read of people having unsuccesful IVF’s because that means that all those little implanted lives were lost, does anyone else ever think of this? Or am I the only one who would feel the loss?

Blythe on

@Mrs B: Uh, yes, it’s generally considered devastating to a couple undergoing IVF if their cycle fails. Trust me, the loss is mourned. There’s a lot riding on any given cycle in emotional, ethical, and financial terms.

Consider this: even for an average heterosexual couple who are trying the old fashioned way, a fertilized egg has only about a 25% chance of implanting successfully into the uterus and continuing to grow in a given month. An early loss of a fertilized egg is generally not even enough to cause a late period or abnormal bleeding for many women, so chances are a lot of us don’t know exactly what we might have lost. IVF definitely makes the loss more real and raw. People don’t do it for fun, they do it for very much wanted children.

Personally, I can’t imagine being pregnant at the same time as a partner. The hormones must keep it interesting! Congrats to them.

kavitron on

I feel the urge to contribute to this discussion, as young, open-minded, educated, non-homophobic, MALE in a swathe of giddy females (and i mean that in the nicest way).

Firstly, the issue of having a strong, POSITIVE male role model can not be shoved under the carpet of “embracing difference”. Many men suffer from issues later in their lives from a lack of this crucial input, wether they be from heterosexual or “normal” families or from single parent families. My father was not the greatest role model growing up as a kid, but i was lucky that my uncles and grandfather were. I dont know wether this couple has that kind of support but i sincerely hope they do and that they take the issue more seriously than many of you happy-clappers that have posted above.

Secondly, and less importantly, there is nothing natural about this. The fact you can only see this screen if you were wearing glasses, is not natural, but it amplifies a natural sense. It does not equate to swapping embryos. IVF is not natural, but then again, neither is spending your most fertile years as a women building a career or taking the contraceptive pill and then finding out you can no longer have children. 2 mommies is far from “natural”, but in “modern society” [read: the affluent west], this is irrelevant. Me communicating with people on the otherside of the world in seconds is not natural – but we embrace it.

I accept same-sex parenting as a reality, and my concerns with it have nothing to do with the fact that the relationship is same sex. I am curious to hear from men with same sex parents though, to learn more about their lives and if THEY feel in anyway dissadvantaged or even just their opinions on the matter. One smothering mother can be enough sometimes, trust me!

Their is a danger i think to getting carried away on the “This is fantastic!!!!” bandwagon, spare a moment to think of the logistics for these women. Im sure, as they are wealthy, these women will have hordes of nannies to take care of their kids, but imagine if were just the two of them. In a good relationship, hetero or homo, one person would carry the child, whilst the other provided support during and after the pregnancy. I think it would be dangerous for the average person to attempt this for the sake of the health of their relationship and the health of their babies and themselves.

To end my ridiculously long rant, i agree with the poster above who mentioned the scary way in which people who disagree have been lambasted in this forum. Even 5 years ago many of you would have all been on the other side of this discussion or would have at least been a bit more hesitant about it. Who’s to say you are right that this is a perfectly ok thing to do? There is no long-term evidence that children raised in good same sex families go on to be balanced and mentally healthy individuals (and i’m not saying that they are not).

Anyway, i wish them best of luck to, as “fabulous” as it is, i’d say its gonna take a hell of a lot of hard work and careful parenting – just like “normal” -only harder.

Josephine on

I usually lurk, but couldn’t help but comment on this post. I can see that most of the comments seem to be very positive, but I can’t help but be weirded out. Like many, I have a certain social construct of what a family looks like — and even though I’ve evolved over the years to integrate the idea of homosexual couples and families being part of the new status quo — obviously I am still behind the curve. All this Octomom and switching embryos and two women in a relationship pregnant and the same time is mind boggling to me. It feels a little to Sci-Fi. You can flame me if you like, JMO.

Danielle Milstead on

Congrats to them both!!!! They are such a beautiful couple.

Aitch on

I can’t tell which one is Cat, they both look so similar. Sounds like they will need some help with a newborn and then one on the way shortly after that. Does anyone know what Jennifer does for a living or is she at home full time?

kalisisrising on

Congrats to them! So exciting!

Monique on

Wow. That is so freaking interesting. I don’t think I have ever seen her outside the kitch. Didn’t even recognize her and I sure didn’t know she was married to a woman. I often wondered what her hubby looked like. Ah now I know. He looks like nothing because he doesn’t exist! Congrats to them. She is one of my fave IC’s.

Rebecca on

Patti in Dallas,
That was a fantastic post.

Patricia on

Josephine – I must agree with you….it freaks me out terribly, the amount of positive comments weirds me out even more…and I’m young, with little children.

Sarah on

I think this is great and I think that, perhaps, the embryo switching was a way to protect themselves if something ever happened and the law was brought into the situation. By giving birth to the other’s embryo, they are blurring the line of who the biological mother is in legal terms. If something happened to Cat, it would be much easier for Jen to lose custody if the child was from Cat’s egg and Cat had given birth to him. The embryo switching is a very clever way of protecting their family’s future, should something happen to one of the parents.

Misty on

I’m not trying to be judgmental at all, but how is them switching embryos any different than IVF for a couple that cannot otherwise conceive? It isn’t. I’m sorry, but if they can love and support their children, what is the difference? As far as I’m concerned, it is much more important to me for children to be born into a loving family that can provide for them (regardless of the family’s makeup) than it is to be born into a “traditional” family.

CelebBabyLover on

Steph- Hear, hear! I, too, am the straight daughter of a Christian minister. However, like with LM, that doesn’t mean I hate homesexuals! In fact, I even know a lesbian couple, and *gasp* I’m friendly with them! Therefore, I, too, hate the sterotype/assumption that Christians hate homosexuals!

l on

Patti and kavitron, thank you your well put comments.
What some people said about the “bullied kid “situation is indeed a strange way of thinking. I don’t know anything about the advantages or disadvantages children face when growing up with same sex parents, I would think that any good role model is of value, but I can also imagine that especially younger children may have the need for male and female role models.
I’m also wondering why they chose to be pregnant at the same time, do they know what they’re up to?
As for the embryo switching being a way to protect themselves from legal issues regarding who’s the parent, wouldn’t it be wiser (legally) to adopt each others children?

Ericka on

First, CONGRATS to them both and their family…what a wonderful thing to have happen to them and TWICE.

I had no idea Cat was a lesbian, I think it’s great they are having a family together. More power to them!

To all that judge…really you probably should look within yourself first. It’s so rude. I do hope if you have children they grow up with a more open mind and heart than you. This would would be a less angry place if people just accepted one another for who they are…it’s all a power struggle – christians, agnostics, baptist, hindu, muslim, athiest, blacks, whites, mexicans, gays, streights, bi, trans,

In the words of the GREAT Jimi Hendrix —
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”


eternalcanadian on

It is too bad that in 2009 there’s still a lot of people that have preconceived “ideals” about what constitutes a “family.” A family does not mean one male and one female procreating with each other. A family is people that love each other, support each other, are there for each other through thick and thin, and guess what, they don’t even have to be blood-related!

I find the USA very conservative in its way of thinking, and yet it has I think the highest teenage pregnancy, abortion, and divorce rates in the world. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the people that are “anti-same-gender” families are in the USA and consider themselves quite religious and conservative.

I’m very glad to be a Canadian and in Canada where at least the government recognizes families are way and above beyond one male and one female that procreate with each other. 🙂

So yeah, congratulations to Cat. I enjoy her on Iron Chef America, and I wonder if she will continue through her pregnancy and afterward? I also saw her on a PBS show that profiled celebrity chefs (like Ina Garten, Jaques Pepin, Bobby Flay, etc.), and Jennifer was introduced as Cat’s wife so I’ve known Cat was part of a same-gender couple for a couple years.

TDGoodMom on

I would like to reprint a comment I made yesterday about the LEGAL aspect of being each other’s surrogates:

“Since gay marriage is not legal in most states, and in several states it is very difficult for same-sex parents to adopt, acting as the surrogate to your partner’s biological child gives you legal status as that child’s parent.

They will probably also go through with the second parent adoption anyway, just as an added measure of protection.

I think that, despite it’s unconventionality, it is a very smart legal move for both women. They are protecting the sanctity of their family with whatever limited legal means that are available to them”.

The couple’s reasoning could be as simple as that.

And as someone whose partner died a few months after I gave birth, it’s something I wish we had done. It would have saved me the agonizing legal process I went through to declare her his legal parent.

FC on

Whoa, talk about a mouthful. I almost got lost there, but I think it’s beautiful that they’re both carrying their boys. It’s not something I read everyday, but I wish them luck. Hmm, I wonder how they split being pregnant and then being the supportive better half at the same time, pampering each other…lol. Could always hit up family or a few spas for that… But their plates sure are full, no pun intended.

I wish them both well with their pregnancies.

Terri on

Wow that’s interesting and a little confusing, but congratulations to the happy family!

lara on

Interesting, there is a first time for everything. That ought to keep them busy for a while.

Susan on

Honestly, shouldn’t happy and healthy be all that counts?

sueperfly on

Although I do not fully understand because I am not a lesbian, and although I can understand people wanting these kids to have a “strong” male role model, I know plenty of children who grew up with a “strong” male role model around, and would have been better off growing up without one. Not every “strong” role model is a “positive” role model. Ideally, these boys will grow up around some positive male influences (uncles, grandfathers, family friends, etc), but in the end, we can only wish for every child positive role models, no matter what sex they happen to be.

MiB on

First of all; I wish Cat and Jennifer all the best in their pregnancies. I am sure they have though about male role models, it is important for every child to be surrounded by people of different genders, ages, colours, opinions, you name it!

Secondly, to those who took up bullying as a reason for bi- and homosexuals not to have children; I am in my early thirties, and know several people my age who have bi- and/or homosexual parents (in fact, I went to the same school as 5 of them). Omly one of them was ever teased, and that was because of her hair!

Anamaste on

While it’s a good thing that this topic has been opened up for discussion, I think all of us are being a little presumptuous. We have no idea what the Cora children’s lives will be like. Wait– stop– read it again. WE HAVE NO IDEA what their lives will be like. They may have a male role model, they may not. They may wish things were different, they may not. They may have 8 million nannies, they may not. They may look back on their childhood fondly, they may not.

The point is that we are entirely too fond, as a culture, of feeling that we know the best way for other people to live. We like to play armchair sociologist and predict future doom because people choose different paths than we would. Every family, and every situation, is different– no matter what your sexuality, income level, or religious beliefs.

As a bisexual woman engaged to another woman, and considering something much like what the Coras have chosen (although just one baby at a time, thank you!), I have long been very wary of conservative and religious people because I ran across a lot of them who felt completely justified in trying to make my life hell. It’s been very educational for me to try to overcome that prejudice– there are many people who don’t live the way I do that are caring, open, and wonderful.

All I’d ask for each of you is to consider the possibility that the people who you disagree with/disapprove of are not all monsters.


Lisa on

Congrats! I’ve been waiting to find an ad about this type of senario. I congratulate both of them! Best wishes. Be happy & healthy.

dennis on

as a single father i think it’s great that their doing this. and i wish them the very best

mp on

Cat & Jennifer have a whole lot more energy than I do! I’m exhausted just THINKING about two babies three months apart, not to mention the older boys. I wish them all the best.

bambi on

Congradulations ladies, best wishes and good luck.

Laura on

I have to agree with automaticstop 85, brannon and Margaret on the school issue –

I went to school with a girl who lived with her gay mother and partner and while that would have been a much bigger deal 12 years ago than it is now, she wasn’t teased by the kids. A couple asked her questions (out of genuine curiousity) when her two mums showed up to parents’ evening, but she grew up no differently than the rest of us.

I can do nothing but applaud these ladies for taking on the challenge of being pregnant at the same time! Good luck to them and I hope their family will be very happy with the new additions🙂

Susan on

Congrats on your wonderful blessings, as a sous chef and lesbian mother of two children, sleep is a precious commodity. I would also like to comment on the honesty of this couple,being open with the details of thier pregnancies is amazing. I’m impressed with the acceptance and tolerance of other posters and please keep up the postive responses in the face of ignorance and negativism.

SZ on

I love Cat and I think the idea is so sweet🙂

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