Trista Sutter Hopes to Stretch Pregnancy 'As Close to Term As Possible'

03/08/2009 at 07:00 PM ET
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Due with her daughter next month, Trista Sutter can see the finish line! However, according to the expectant mama, she is doing everything in her power to stretch out her journey as long as possible. After delivering her first child — son Maxwell ‘Max’ Alston, now 19 months — four weeks premature after numerous complications — such as HELLP syndrome — arose, Trista is hopeful her baby girl will “go as close to term as possible.”

While her wishes seem to be coming true — she “feel[s] good,” albeit a bit “tired” — Trista reveals that a recent cold left her with a slight scare and a trip to the hospital as a result of dehydration.

“I got a cold and wasn’t keeping up with my fluids. I was having Braxton Hicks contractions, which are like fake contractions. I’ve had them throughout the pregnancy, once an hour or twice a day, but this was every five minutes. They rehydrated me and sent me home the next day.”

With a history of pregnancy complications, Trista and her husband Ryan have made it no secret that their brood will be complete following the birth of their second child. According to the 36-year-old, if their daughter arrives safe and sound, she will be thrilled with her family of four. “As long as she’s healthy, I’m going to have a permanent sterilization procedure done [a few months after the birth],” Trista explains. “God forbid, if she is unhealthy or we lose her, then I would try for another one.”

While the whole family is looking forward to the arrival of the baby girl — whose name will “remain private until she arrives” — if Max had his way, Ryan would be delivering as well! Aware of his mommy’s burgeoning belly, Trista laughs that the toddler has yet to fully grasp the concept. “Last night he lifted up Ryan’s shirt and goes ‘baby,’ so I don’t think he quite gets it yet!”

For the excited mama, the pleasant surprise of finding out they would be having a daughter worked out perfectly for the couple. “I just feel lucky that I’ll have one of each,” she says. Clearly elated with her baby boy, the former Bachelorette looks forward to watching Ryan nurture the special father-daughter bond with the upcoming arrival.

“That was a big reason why I wanted a girl actually. Typically, it’s daddy’s girls and momma’s boys. I think it’s going to be so special to have a girl who will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger.”

Source: OK!

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Lisa on

Good luck with baby #2 but this article got me so mad. “God forbid, if she is unhealthy or we lose her, then I would try for another one.” How could she say that. My best friend lost her daughter after 11 months and she is stil mourning it and its been 1 year. If she is unhealthy you would try for another one or you lose her im sorry i have never posted anything negative but this makes me very upset. Anyways good luck with the baby im sure it will be beautiful and i pray its healthy but she should think about what she is saying before she says it. Ah how anyone can be like yeah id have another one of this one is unhealthy or dies is the worst statement ive ever heard. I hope there are no complication.

S on

Awe there such a cute couple. Best of luck to them!

brannon on

I find her comments about having another child if this one is unhealthy really odd. superficial?

Amanda on

I had totally forgot that she was still pregnant! I hope her little girls hangs in there for a few more weeks. 🙂

That said, my 20 month old daughter was not born healthy & she will never be ‘normal’. We are just as blessed -and thankful- to have her as we are our healthy son. Her comment seems odd she’d try for another ‘healthy’ child if her baby were to be born unhealthy. I’m sure she didn’t mean it in a bad way, but it just looks wrong written out.

Susan on

I tell you what – those people make cute babies! I am sure their little girl is going to be just sweet enough to eat!

Sara on

And what if that ‘perfect’ daughter develops something like Type 1 diabetes when she is a child or even a young adult. I wonder what she will do then?!

Amy on

I don’t think her comment is that off, a pregnant friend of mine was told by her doctor they wouldn’t do sterilization until a couple months later in case something went wrong. It’s just common sense to me. I bet they have a beautiful little girl, Max is adorable!

Brittany on

I agree with Lisa, her statement about having a “replacement” child if something is wrong with her daughter upsets me. I hope for her daughter’s sake that she is healthy.

Heather on

Never cared much for her, always found her to be very superficial and full of herself (IMO) but this article sealed it for me.

Sarah on

Here’s a tip…try holding your son less as your pregnancy progresses. You might be able to carry full-term.

Sheri on

So if her little girl is “unhealthy” then she will try for a more “new and improved replacement” child? What a horrible comment! You would think if the child is born unhealthy (God forbid) that she would require even more love and attention ~ which would mean they wouldn’t try for a third one. This comment sounds so shallow to me… As someone who has lost her only child, I would advise Trista to be grateful for whatever child God gives her ~ no matter how healthy.

stevie on

As a mother who has lost two of her four children to medical complications this article really rubs me the wrong way. My first child was born perfectly healthy and passed away at 2 years old, my other I was 5 months pregnant. I did go on to have two more children but as a mom I could never say “God forbid, if she is unhealthy or we lose her, then I would try for another one.” From your lips to God’s ears! never say that stuff out loud! and by the way losing a child is far worse than having an “unhealthy one” what ever she means by “unhealthy”,I would never say this to my husband let alone strangers! Three of my children were born at 37 weeks and perfect, having a baby at 36 weeks hardly warrants front page news to me, is she perhaphs a little dramatic?

Sarah on

I really hope that comment was taken out of context, because that bugged me too. We all hope for healthy children, but come on! I have never heard someone say that they will try for another child the one they have first is unhealthy.

eternalcanadian on

I was kind of weirded out by her comments on “…if she is unhealthy or we lose her, then I would try for another one.” Does that mean if the child is found to have a disability it is cause to try for another child? A friend of mine found out her son was deaf about 9 months after his birth. Does that mean he is “unhealthy?” I don’t know what to make of that kind of comment, ya know?

I also wonder why Ryan isn’t the one to undergoe the vasectomy? Unlike tubal ligation which is an invasive surgery with anesthesia. A vasectomy is simpler, much quicker and it involves less risks. Plus there’s about an 80% success rate at reversing it. Just my opinion as it seems Ryan is getting off scot-free per the “permanent measures.”

Karey on

Glad to see all of the commenters have my thoughts covered. My son is eight; he was born one month early and was completely healthy. I had pre-eclampsia and had been hospitalized for two months preceding his birth. Believe me, I was terrifed and was ready to sell my soul if it meant my son would be OK. Never once did I think . . . “well, gee, I guess I can just have another if he is sick or dies.” I wanted HIM and nobody else. Jeesh.

Mary on

I agree with the odd-sounding comment, and I hope that it was taken out of context.

My daughter was born at 35 weeks, and my son was born at 37 weeks. Not traumatic, but it COULD have been (lungs aren’t fully developed – usually – until 36 weeks, but it differs with each child). As far as my son goes, they wanted to take him early, since I have a “history” of fast and early labors, but due to circumstances, he waited until week 37 – thank goodness, too, since he had ZERO body fat, and boys develop slower than girls!

All this rambling to say, the longer they stay in, the better… not to mention, who knows what other difficulties she had with her pregnancies in addition to pre-term labor? Maybe that was all that she was comfortable mentioning, or all that was left in the editing? Just saying…

Moore on

Now these comments are something to talk about.
An unhealthy child is not a reason to go and have another “healthy” child. Talk about making the little one feel worthless if she ends up not being the last. She knows she at risk during her pregnancies. She really should keep up with herself and her fluids. Shes putting herself in harm’s way for nothing. Trista, please, you’re really starting to bug me.

JMO on

I too found the comment a little odd but think it was taken out of context. I guess she had a scare with Max and is just as scared that this baby could also arrive early. I really don’t think she should be thinking about that though. All she needs to do is focus on delivering a healthy baby girl in a few weeks. You accept your child any way they come. They’re a gift.

And I also agree, why can’t Ryan get the Vasectomy! My neighbor got pregnant again after her son was 6 and was not too thrilled. After that baby was born she begged her hubby to get a “V” and he refused because he was afraid it would “hurt” so therefore she had to go in and get the procedure done herself. Some men!!

MZ on

My mom had 3 unhealthy pregnancies…3 kids with 3 diff. chronic conditions. I doubt she considered any of us replaceable. I just had a baby knowing there was a 50% chance he might have my condition, but in part because of my mother’s attitude towards me growing up (she loved me and taught me I was as good as anyone else) my husband and I were OK with that chance (and as it turns out, our son doesn’t have it). I hope if her daughter isn’t (heaven forbid) completely healthy that she never reads that comment her mother made. I understand wanting to have another baby if yours passes away, but I don’t understand it if the baby isn’t 100% perfect (whatever that would mean, anyway, b/c like someone pointed out, health problems can come later).

Crystal on

I think she means that she would try for another if she were to die. I don’t think she is saying that she would try for another if she weren’t perfect. It is every mothers wish to have a healthy baby. Quite obviously she is taking every pre caution into trying to get as close to term as possible especially because of her age.

Try backing off a little and reading clearly before making accustations.

Boston Mom on

Not a big Trista fan, and her comments confirmed why I don’t pay much attention to what she has to say! Why would she verbalize such thoughts!

Stephanie on

Heather, I agree I never really cared for her either. I remember her wanting a girl even when she was pregnant the first time. I think she was so fixated on wanted a boy and a girl. Why doesn’t she just hope for healthy kids and why would you make a comment like that about if she is healthy, etc…. I agree that was odd.

Plus my sister had a tubal ligation last year and she has been a mess ever since. She found out that it can really screw up your hormones and she is even considering getting it reversed. Why do women do that when a vasectomy is so much simpler and doesn’t involve male hormones, I think it is unfair!!

SAR on

Oh, give Trista a break! Don’t parents often say they want a healthy child? Does that mean that they won’t love their child if it isn’t healthy? Of course not!

I think it’s pretty clear that Trista means that if their daughter is so unhealthy that she dies, they will try again. Should their daughter be unhealthy, but live, I’m sure she and Ryan will love her all the same.

Mia on

I think she just meant if something were to happen, and the baby girl didn’t survive, they would try again because they want 2 children. Nothing more, and nothing less.

The only real thing that sounded weird to me is that she is getting a “permanent sterilization procedure done [a few months after the birth]” That just sounds a little bit extreme. I think its safer and probably creates less problems for the man to have a vasectomy.

Heather on

I never liked this couple, I remember there have been other superficial comments from her, and remember him saying something about her weight after she had Max. They just rub me the wrong way, They are longing for the perfect “looking” family, yet they have no clue what that really is. Health and looks have nothing to do with it!

danda_lion on

Regardless of what she meant about her daughter’s health, she overshared. Those are the types of thoughts that should be discussed only with close family and friends — not OK! magazine.

It boggles my mind the types of things some celebrities say in interviews.

I wish her well and the baby well.

ellka on

i think her comments simply meant that should the baby not survive, there would be a discussion about trying again. i don’t necessarily think she meant that if the baby was born with some kind of problem, they would love her any less…
as for her having a “permanent sterilization procedure”–i know several women who have chosen to have their “parts” removed, because of family history of cancers…don’t know if that’s why she’s chosen it.

Kate on

Wow! I get what she is trying to say, she just phrased it very badly.

Meredith on

I don’t think Trista really meant to say what she did. Sometimes people say things that they don’t mean and it just so happens everything she says gets analyzed. At least she is honest. I’m sure the new baby will be healthy and happy!

Trinh on

i read this and CRINGED. I really hope she meant if the baby didn’t make it. b/c if she meant anything else, that’s terrible.

Lauren on

I have defended Trista in the past, but there is simply no excuse for a statement like this. Her thoughts may be normal for someone in her position, but verbalizing them in the manner in which she has is beyond thoughtless and very disappointing. She has proven herself to be very superficial, and I really hope it doesn’t come back to bite.

Jenise on

So my question is…she’ll get her tubes tied when the baby is born and she’s healthy? …Look I am not trying to judge anyone but I have to agree with the above comments on hoping that she was taken out of context because it it just seems so cold to me. Everyone hopes for a healthy child, but talking about a potential replacement child seems very distant and heartless. Best of luck to her and Ryan regardless.

HeatherR on

I agree that Trista’s comment looked tacky when it was written in the article. It just didn’t sound right and I think it would have been better to be left unsaid. Just my opinion.

I have always tried to like this couple but Trista is always a bit too smug for me and I find that a little off-putting. Nonetheless, I wish her a healthy and happy baby.

Lisa on

Everyone has basically covered exactly what I was thinking, but I couldn’t let this slide without commenting. I read the article, and thought, huh, that’s strange. A replacement child? Seriously? How about if your daughter dies it’s horrible and tragic and probably the first thing you shouldn’t be thinking is, “Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t get that procedure yet, so we can still have another one.” I understand wanting two children, wanting to have a sibling for your son, but for real, it’s a really bizarre, and oddly detached, thought process.

And for those who made the comment about it being taken out of context, I really don’t see how it could have ever sounded okay in ANY context. It was a strange, cold statement.

Azure on

I’m sure she is just repeating what her doctor told her. When I told my OB that my husband was planning on getting a vasectemy after the birth of my second child, she explicitly told me to wait until the baby is 6 months old, just in case there is a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) issue.

deedee on

I got a tubal ligation the day after my son was born. I knew without a doubt I was done. And for the poster who wondered why someone would go through that rather than the husband getting a vasectomy, there are several medical reasons. In our case my husband’s family has a history of prostate cancer and research is conflicting as to whether vasectomy’s contribute to a higher occurance of cancer. We did not want to take that risk.

Rye on

I also read that part and LITERALLY cringed. I don’t have kids nor do I plan on having any soon, but something about that comment rubbed me the wrong way. I think it’s just a case of putting her foot in her mouth. She shouldn’t have said that. GOD FORBID her baby is born unhealthy…however, does she realize that God throws curve balls at people in ALL periods of there lives? Some children appear healthy and fine and can suddenly get severely ill and pass away unexpectedly. Even ACCIDENTS can take a child out of this world….I don’t know…her comment really bothered me. i wish her new baby complete and perfect health though.

Jessie on

I strongly believe that this statement was taken out of context. Trista is a physical therapist and has spent many years working with children with disabilities. Her attitudes and comfort level around children with disabilities is far above that of most people. Please give Trista more credit!

Wishing you and Ryan a healthy pregnancy.

Pearl on

Why is anyone surprised at Trista’s comment? she’s all about show – the show romance, wedding, family…I just pity Ryan, because he seems much more geniune though no backbone. Trista is all about show biz. Why is she still on the media again? she has to keep us up todate with her family offcourse.

Sonia on

Trista’s comment broke my heart when I read it. I could never have biological children of my own and adopted two children without health problems and then I was blessed with two more little boys who I guess by Trista’s standards wouldn’t be considered normal or healthy, but for me I guess I don’t see how that could matter. They are my children and I love them regardless of any problems they will continue to have. God has blessed me with all four of them and she needs to look at her children as blessings sent from him and accept them for who they are and not be willing to replace them with a “normal” child. I wish the best to them and their children and I will pray that little girl is born healthy and that someday her mother will see the error of her ways. Because a child with health problems will love you and need your love as much as any other child.

AJK on

When I read her comment my first thought was that she meant if they lost their daughter, not just if she had medical issues, they would have another. Not a replacement, just another child. My son is 18 months old and we are working on our next baby and we plan to be done afterward. Of course, in my mind, and my husband’s, I would know that if anything horrible should happen we might try again, but I don’t know that I would be explaining that to anyone. Especially not a magazine. I actually found it stranger for her to be explaining her upcoming medical procedures. Who really needs to know if her tubes are tied?

But since she did put it out there, I think her pregnancy experiences may be the reason she decided to be the one to be sterilized. I know both hysterectamies (spelling?) and vasecetamies (again, spelling?) can be unsuccessful but maybe she feels safer having it done, herself. I don’t know statistics, but it might be possible that she would be less likely to get pregnant again doing it that way, and the complications from the sterilization would be easier than going through another pregnancy. Of course, that’s just my thoughts. I could be totally off.🙂

Aimee on

Ewww I can’t believe she said that out loud. I wouldn’t have even said that out loud if I was completely alone in the middle of the ocean. What if her daughter is disabled or something they will chuck her in the trash and try for another? I watched their reality show and I always liked Ryan and I thought he was the nicest but I didn’t want her to pick him because she is superficial and he always seemed more content with small things. She has just proved this to me. She wants the perfect nuclear family at all costs.

CelebBabyLover on

Who says Trista’s going to have her tubes tied? Haven’t any of you ever heard of the new Essure procedure? In that procedure, metal coils are insereted via the vagina into the falliopion tubes. Thus, there are no incisions, making it far less involved or risky than getting your tubes tied.

Laura on

I agree with Lisa, I don’t see how this could have been taken out of context.
I perfectly understand she wishes her daughter to be healthy (doesn’t everyone?) but what she’s trying to do is make real the perfect life she has planned and, in my opinion, that’s not how life works. You don’t just wait to see if your child is okay to get a procedure done so nothing will mess with the ideal picture you have created for yourself and your family. This is why I’m against these kind of procedures (unless they’re necessary). They let you control things out of pure selfishness.
Having said all that, I wish the family well.

gigi on

i believe their goal is to have 2 children and if something was to happen to their daughter, they want to leave the opportunity open to be able to get pregnant again. i dont believe there is anything wrong with that. perhaps she could have worded it in a more sensitive way but all in all i am not going to sit here and crucify her for a statement when she isnt the only one who feels that way……shes just the woman who happen to say it out loud.

Meredith on

I love the way people who didn’t even see the ENTIRE interview act like trista is a bad person. Maybe the person interviewing her asked her would they would do about that circumstance. Also, Trista never said if the baby was unhealthy she wouldn’t love it. I think she is a good person who loves her children. Who are we to judge her. Do you know her personally? I would like to dissect every word some of you say and see if you don’t take some of it back. Good luck Trista and Ryan!

Mommy of 3 on

Wow, this is something I never expected to hear from her (or anyone else for that matter) I do understand what she is trying to say in regards to *IF* anything ever happened BUT isn’t there a saying such as “somethigns are better left unsaid” ?????

Regardless 36 weeks is pretty close to full term. I delivered my children at 36,37 and 39 weeks respectivly. All were prefect at birth and there after BUT I would NEVER concider having another child just as a replacement. If she is that worried about her daughter becoming ill afterwards she should possibly concider Cord Blood…..IMO

Mommy of 3 on


Is it possible that you are thinking of a Tubal Ligation insead of a Hysterectomy being unsuccessfull? A Tubal is when they either cut, cotterize or clamp your tubes on both sides which can leave you with a 0.9% chance of becoming pregnant. A Hysterectomy on the other hand is a complete removal of ALL female reproductive organs including the tubes, ovaries and uterus leaving it a 0.0% chance of concieving.
With a Vasectomy there is again a 0.9% chance of getting someone pregnant again, the only downfall for a man is they have to “donate” their soilders into a cup yearly for testing to make sure the sperm count is down.

I had a Tubal Ligation done when my daughter was 3 months old(both tubes clamped with titanium). It isn’t as “bad” as everyone claims it to be…I was out of the OR in 40 mins, back to my 3 children in 3 hours, washing the floors and cooking dinner by 5pm that same day. I only had 2 stitches and they disolved within 5 days. I had no pain or discomfort period.

Lis on

Goodness gracious! As soon as I read that comment, I knew she would get blasted for it…

I don’t think her comment came off as how she meant it. She never said anything about wanting a “perfect” child. Give the woman come slack.

Every single thing gets disected on this site.

Best of luck and God Bless to Trista, Ryan, Max and new baby Sutter. Can’t wait to hear her name!

Kim from Australia on

I can totally relate to Trista and her wanting to get as close as possible to her due date, I’m also due with my second next month and also every week closer is a bonus as my son was born 8 weeks premmy 2 years ago. I hope she gets to her due date, its an awful feeling thinking you’ll ‘go’ anyday at this stage! Funnily enough I was also in hospital for dehydration and pains and sent home after being on a drip for many hours! Good luck Trista !🙂

Shelly on

Here’s a tip…try holding your son less as your pregnancy progresses. You might be able to carry full-term.


Sarcasm? A little unnecessary if you ask me. As much as I found Trista’s comment a little odd, I honestly think she really didn’t think that comment through but that’s my opinion

D on

I hope Trista’s baby is born close to her due date too and healthy because that is what is important.

As for her “replacement child” comment, it shouldn’t have been said to a magazine. I agree with you ladies! It is kind of hard to take that out of context…Trista should keep that stuff between her and family…sheesh, I don’t have a filter sometimes but even I wouldn’t say something like that. This comment rubbed me the wrong way, so I will leave it at that.

Well, anyhow, good luck to her, her baby and her little boy.

Kerri on

Wow, I definitely just think her comment came out wrong. All I interpreted it as was her saying they’d try again for a 2nd child if, for some reason, this one didn’t survive.

JMO on

I’m not sure what procedure she’s having however atleast with a Vasectomy it is reversible. So if something god forbid were to happen to her daughter (or even her son) atleast Ryan could reverse his procedure to try again. From my understanding once a woman has her tubes tied it’s not successful in reversing the procedure (if that can even be done) Sorry I’m no doctor nor do I have kids so I am not an expert it’s just what I have heard from others.

I do know someone whose husband had a Vasectomy and a month later she did get pregnant while her other child was only 3 months old!!

liz on

you know, a lot of you sound like catty ladies right now. not one of us knows her personally and like many interviews, this could have been taken out of context. there is absolutely NO SHAME in wanting a healthy baby – or two for that matter. and on top of that, who says she is trying to be selfish with that – maybe she just wants a ‘normal’ playmate for her son if god forbid something kept her soon to be daughter from being able to be active. lay off ladies.

Meredith on


you are ABSOLUTLEY right! I’m glad a few people out there have some sense!

Sarah on

“maybe she just wants a ‘normal’ playmate for her son if god forbid something kept her soon to be daughter from being able to be active.” -liz

What?! A “normal” playmate? Please tell me that was a joke. What is a normal kid anyways? Trust me; her son will not be worse off if his little sister was disabled.

Jenise on

I agree with Sarah.

Tiffany on

OMG- I knew when I read this article there would be drama in the comments. I’m sure Trista didnt mean anything by her remarks. Everytime a celeb makes any comments on their pregnancy, or the perferred gender of the baby,etc.. everyone has to jump down their throat! I agree with Liz, lay off!!

Sarah on

To Shelly-

I honestly didn’t mean to be sarcastic. I have read that Moms in the last month of pregnancy need to stop picking up their children to lessen muscle strains in the stomach and back areas. Old wives tale??

I know when I was pregnant with my 2nd, I couldn’t pick up my toddler son (he was normal weight). One time, I did and was in bed for days recuperating.

Anyway, good luck and congrats to the Sutter’s with baby #2!

AJK on

Mommy of 3 – that’s actually exactly what I was thinking. What I read from her didn’t state exactly which procedure she will undergo and I accidentally put the 2 types of sterilization methods for women in there. (And I was up late with a cranky toddler and not in my right mind! Daylight Saving Time really screwed us up.)🙂 I guess with her complications I was assuming she would get a hysterectomy, which of course made my “tubes tied” comment make no sense. Sorry!

iluvallbabies on

Liz, what exactly do you mean by “normal?”

Thats very offensive😦

I understand where Trista is coming from, but she should have chosen her words a lot more carefully.

Chicki on

Liz, there is absolutely no question that Trista misspoke in this interview, but as others have pointed out previously, this is not the first time her comments have rubbed some the wrong way. I, myself, consider her a “psuedo-celeb” so maybe I really don’t listen too carefully to what she says anyway, but to verbalize what she did in this article is in extremely poor taste – mainly because I don’t think anyone should talk about even the IDEA of losing a child unless you’re confronted with hard evidence that your baby may not be viable, in which case you should be conferring with your doctor – not with your fans through OK magazine!

I recall one of the first interviews she did after Max was born and she made some comment about wanting to drop her baby weight quickly and I remember thinking to myself “she JUST had the baby, like two weeks ago!!!” and I thought it was a very superficial comment to make. a few weeks later she was on a magazine cover in a bikini showing off her post-baby body and I thought – how sad that she felt the need to do that!! I guess I just feel sorry for her and people like her – because I don’t think they’ll ever really be happy…

Becky on

I agree Crystal! At first when I read her comment I was a littel put off and KNEW there would be a ton of comments and then I thought about it a little more and think it was out of context. I think, and this is just my thought process, that she is saying if, heaven forbid, they baby died in utero, or was unhealthy and died. If she has this procedure now, which is permanent, and for some reason the baby would die, they wouldn’t be able to try again. I am sure she is not saying unhealthy, as in diabetes like someone mentioned, and they would push her off and try again! They aren’t monsters, I am sure that is not what she is talking about. I am sure the “unhealthy” part was referring to unhealthy to the point of losing the baby. Just my opinion…..

Tee on

I have always admired Trista for her honesty when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. My first thought is that this comment about a “replacement child” was taken out of context. Nevertheless, it rubs me the wrong way. Children can not be replaced. My sister carried identical twin girls. One of them was still-born at eight months in utero. We are so grateful to God for allowing Cecilia to be born healthy, but she does not replace our Penelope. She is Cecilia. Nobody can replace Penelope. Even though my sister’s had another precious baby since then, we still grieve the loss of Penelope. One child can not replace another.

jazzie on

I see photos of this couple a lot and read news about them, but what is their celebrity? I know they were on a reality show, but what do they do now as an ongoing career? This is a serious question. Thanks!

Ryan is a firefighter in their town, as he was on The Bachelorette. He just made lieutenant. Trista is a stay-at-home mom, but has a diaper bag line as well.

– CBB Staff

denise on

This is really a non-issue, but if a man said the same thing nobody would really comment. Trista is a talker and she probably rambles on and on, but given her scary labor before and being at the end of her pregnancy, I’ll bet all that is on her mind right now is delivering a healthy baby. Plain and simple.

Elizabeth on

Wow. Some of you are seriously too involved with this! How many times have you read a comment by a celebrity and it has been taken the wrong way?? Give me a break. I fail to see how her choices affect you in your daily lives.

Also, has anyone considered that the reason she is choosing to have a permanent sterilization is because her pregnancies have been so high-risk to begin with? Continuing to get pregnant will keep putting herself & her subsequent pregnancies at risk.

Furthermore, tubal ligations are not always invasive-as in major abdominal surgery. They can be done laproscopricly now.

Karey on

To Liz: This comment you made – “maybe she just wants a ‘normal’ playmate for her son if god forbid something kept her soon to be daughter from being able to be active. lay off ladies” – made me cringe a little. I am pretty sure you meant nothing dergatory by saying “normal”, but I think the better term would be “typical.” I have a child with low tone in his hands who has difficulty absorbing information by listening (he needs to “do”). We call them “learning differences” vs. “learning disabilities” because everyone has gifts and everyone has weaknesses. My son is emotionally sound, has an extremely high IQ, and is a wickedly astute kid who nearly always has a smile on his face. Maybe I am over-sensitvie and I am not trying to provoke an argument . . . it just kills when I tell someone about my son and they give me the “I am so sorry.” I’m not sorry and neither is my child – he is perfect in every way to me.

Rachelsun on

Crystal and Liz the only sane comemnts on this.
She did not say the if the child was not perfect she would try for another one. The woman is being realistic due to her medical history. Give it a rest.

Her son is beautiful and I hope she has a beautiful healthy daughter.that is all.

natalie on

i hope she would not elect to get the sterilization procedure. i believe she would regret it.

Nicole on

Get over it ya’ll.

She was not being nasty, and it has nothing to do with all of ur personal problems.

By saying unhealthy i think she meant, if god forbid the baby doesnt make it then some day she will heal and try for another baby. I dont believe she meant oh well that ones dead lets just move on and pop out another.

Get a grip people, no need to take these statements, of a person that none of us know, to heart.

Alex on

Max looks just like his mom🙂.

CelebBabyLover on

natalie- Why is it so hard to believe that she and Ryan really do want only two children, especially with Trista’s past pregnancy problems?

Shannon on

Why is anyone surprised? A reality star like her, whose last show was 6 years ago, has to say something “wow” to get her name in the news. She’s always been kinda superficial anyway, what with her obssession with weight post pregnancy

jazzie on

I don’t know that much about these “stars”, but if they are like most “regular” people, they may only want two (2) children.
It’s not like they are obligated to have a bunch of kids. I have four (4) and it has been the most rewarding and joyous part of my life. I personally would not change a thing. However, most of my friends only have one child or at the most two children. When we meet new people, they always asks how do you do it? We both wanted children and enjoyed every stage of their lives. It helped that I could stay-at-home with the kids.

Emily on

Some of y’all just took it a bit too personally.

She said things that I’ve said, albeit I would only say them to my closest friends, not OK magazine. But I want two kids – if something bad were to happen during pregnancy/birth with my second, I will probably try again. That’s not a replacement child; it wouldn’t mean my grief would be complete once I held baby #3.

Alex – that’s funny, I think Max looks exactly like Ryan!

Sami on

Good for Trista to be honest about how she feels. Why should she hide it? Maybe if her daughter is born “unhealthy” then by going on and having a third baby she is lessening the chance of Max having the sole responsibility of taking care of his sister when Trista and Ryan have passed on. (Not that I’m saying that a sibling is obligated to be a caregiver in the way a parent is, but I would think most siblings would want to take care of an ill sister or brother).

Missy on

I have read alot of negitive comments about what was said – ok it did not sound that great, BUT you people don’t have others watching every stinking move you make and writing every stinking word you stay!! CUT HER SOME SLACK!

Trista – prayers that your little one makes it the full time and that all is well. I know you love her no matter what happens!

Stephany on

I totally get the comment about wanting to try again should something happen to existing children. Of course, God forbid that happen and having more children wouldn’t take the place of the one(s) you had lost.

Heather on

OK, I have not read all the comments, but OMG PEOPLE!!!! Use your common sense! Trista clearly meant when saying she would ‘try for another one iF God forbid something happened to this one or was unhealthy’ that if her daughter was to die due to health complications she would want to try for another child. She didn’t mean if her daughter had something wrong w/ her, like a disability or unhealthy but alive, she would still try for another one to like, replace her. Come On People, Use Your Heads!

Wendy on

I think everyone is talking her comment out of context. Ber desire to probably to have at least two children. I don’t think she meant any harm. My best friend BURIED her baby boy and couldn’t wait to have another child…not a replacement baby, but another child to love and hold here on earth…some of you need to get the stick out of you-know-where!

hlh on

“God forbid, if she is unhealthy or we lose her, then I would try for another one.” I agree this comment is very shallow and I would even go so far as to say naive. I watched the first Bachelor show and my immediate impression of her was she is a very shallow person. All her interviews have reinforced that impression including her behavior on Dancing With The Stars. She continues to rub people the wrong way with her interviews. Her comment truly shows her naivette of what it is like to parent a child with challenges. My 8 year old son has battled leukemia since age 5 so I have more than my fair share of experience. I wish she could do something useful with her so called “celebrity status” and visit/raise funds/awareness for the various charities that support children facing challenges of any sort. She would have a chance to meet these families, see a different lifestyle & mindset and she would inevitably grow as a person.

With all that said I really do wish her and her family the very best.

Deanna on

I too had HELLP with my first child and had to have an emergancy c-section 5 weeks before my due date. I had complications which effected my health short term and my son’s. Today, my son is a very healthy active 8 year old and I recoved after one year. I have since had a daughter who is now 4 years old she was two weeks early due to complications that where not life threatening, she was an opposite pregancy and delivery. I did have a permanent sterilization procedure done because of my high risk and the chance of HELLP returning. The risk of a third child was to high for my life and couldn’t leave my husband or kids behind. Both my children are healthy and happy little people. We know we are blessed with them in our lives and I thank God every day for allowing me to become a mom. Trista will be okay with her daughter she just needs to hang in there and think positive happy thoughts (I know it is hard). I feel her concerns and worries. I wish her many years of happiness with her two children.

Lore on

So then what if her daughter is born healthy, she has the procedure and then something happens to her son? Would she be replacing him too? Her comment, however “out of context” it was, is disturbing. On one hand she’s talking about how she’s done with having kids (so she’s doing the sterilization) but on the other hand if they run into a “problem” she’ll undergo another procedure to try to have a third child, and then what would happen if the third child wasn’t healthy enough for her? Would she go for the fourth? It just sounds really bad!

Tina on

I think getting pregnant after having HELLP syndrome with her first child was irresponsible. She’s VERY, VERY, VERY lucky she didn’t have it this time.

Terri on

Poor choice of words. I hope that she has a healthy pregnancy.

CelebBabyLover on

Heather- ITA! Also, when Suzy Preston and Matt Hoover talked about how Matt had a vasectomy while Suzy was pregnant with Jax, everyone said they were being irresponsible and should have waited until after the birth in case something happened to the baby.

Now Trista is saying she plans to do just that (wait until after the birth), and people are criticizing her for THAT! You can’t have it both ways, people!

CelebBabyLover on

Tina- Don’t you think she consulted her doctor before getting pregnant and the doctor probably said it was okay?

Anne on

It sounds blunt, but I understand her deciding to wait. Our second child, a son, was born March 11th. We knew he had a heart defect, but fully expected him to be fine after sugery. Unfortunately, there were unforseen complications and he passed away two days later. Now, I was not considering a permanent procedure, but what if I had had it done immediately after his birth? As a parent who has lost a child, I can assure you they cannot be replaced, however, I would still want to be able to have another, and to give my daughter a sibling. Its not a matter of “getting a new one” if something is “wrong” with the first. Nothing could ever, ever replace my son, but I still have an idea of what I want in my life, and that includes multiple children. Trista is certainly entiteld to the same thing. Just my thoughts.

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