Reese Witherspoon Recalls Life as a Young Mother

03/07/2009 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy ELLE

Although she currently commands upwards of $15 million per film, there was a time not so long ago when Reese Witherspoon lived a much more humble existence! In the cover story for the April issue of ELLE, the 32-year-old actress recalls that when she came home from the hospital with her first child — 9 ½-year-old Ava Elizabeth— she “couldn’t afford” to hire any help. What’s more, having recently relocated to Los Angeles from her native Tennessee meant that there was no help of any kind to be had.

“It was so hard…living [away from my family]. I really didn’t have any friends. And I had a baby.”

Noting that “no one else who was 22 had a baby,” Reese says that — like most young mothers — she missed out on much of the fun her peers were enjoying. “I couldn’t go out,” she explains.

In addition to Ava, Reese is mom to 5-year-old Deacon Reese with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe.

Source: ELLE

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Ms. please on

I feel I must speak out for all the young mothers who truely struggle as I once did, with a new born infant and not enough resources. Reese Witherspoon and her young husband made almost one million dollars the year Ava was born. How much does child care cost in LA?

AND on

Is it me, or does it seem weird that she would say she “couldn’t afford” to hire help? I know she wasn’t making the kind of money then that she’s making now, but still.

From what I’m reading here, Reese doesn’t sound filled with joy about her experience as a young mother. I wouldn’t want Ava to read it.

Lucy on

I was 23 when I had my first daughter. I really admire Reese for telling the truth about how hard it can be when you are the only person of your age group that you know of to have a child. I can be a very isolating and scary experience

Ruth on

I love Reese. However this article ticked me off just a bit. She says she couldn’t afford to hire any help??? She should try only making $16,000 a year and being a single mom.

sharon on

seriously did she need help just because she is a celebrity what about all the other young single mothers?

Ruthella on

I understand her point about peers. I was in the same situation at 22, none of my friends started having babies until at least 5 years after I did.

But the money thing…What is she actually saying? If she had no help, surely she can’t have been working. And if she wasn’t working, why would she need help anyway? I don’t get it, but I don’t believe that the kind of acting jobs she had in those days didn’t pay enough to pay for childcare.

Missy on

Couldn’t afford help??? According to IMDB, her salary for Fear (which came out 3 years before Ava was born) was $200,000. Her salary for Cruel Intentions (which came out the year Ava was born) was $250,000. I didn’t bother looking up the salaries of her actor-husband. I seem to recall interviews she did shortly after Ava was born where she said she WANTED to take care of her child herself, without the help of a nanny. Now she’s saying she couldn’t afford one?

Bri on

I usually love reading Reese’s quotes and whatnot, but this one bothers me. She and Ryan were paid pretty handsomely even back when Ava was a newborn and she couldn’t afford help? Huh???

beenie on

I think the worst part of her statements is how irritated she seems that she couldn’t go out and have fun like other women her age. It’s one thing to say you feel isolated or overwhelmed at that age (not really that young to begin with) but to whine about not being able to party and hang with friends because you’re essentially shackled with a kid isn’t very admirable. Plus she travels and parties now so what’s the problem? She seems to whine a lot these last few years which is weird since she’s successful with healthy kids and a good romantic relationship. Why so whiny when life is so good? Does she really view herself as a victim or are her statments meant to make herself seem “more real”? I just don’t get it.

Monique on

Ever since she had her daughter the media has been talking how she is a “young mother” and how hard it was for her. Give me a break, many women have children at 22 and younger, even celebs, why the focus on Reese? Wah, wah she couldn’t afford help, most people can’t and survive just fine.

Mary-Helen on

I think she was just expressing something she felt @ the time, saying she identifies with alot of young moms. I’m sure nothing mean was meant by it.

I love my daughters to death but when I was 21 and home with my newborn, sometimes I just wanted to go out with my friends. It’s not a bad thing to admit sometimes.

Not to mention 200 seems like alot, but living in LA where others are making millions of dollars and you’re trying to compete with them for a nanny, it can seem frustrating.

Sarah on

All of these comments about how she said that she was unable to afford a nanny (despite a hefty paycheck) have me wondering… how much does it cost to hire a nanny? For all we know, it could be a LOT (i.e. hundreds of thousands?)!! That honestly wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering Hollywood lifestyles!! I don’t really think it matters what everyone thinks about what Reese is saying – she seems like an amazing mother, and she is also incredibly successful in her career!! I love Reese!!

Erica on

Yeah…sorry to sound cold but Reese is gonna have to cry me a river on that one.🙂 From the way she put things you would think she was a single mom with no family making minimum wage. Yes, 22 is young, but I hope Reese realizes just how fortunate she was in particular as she was making well over $200k per film even at her age.

elle on

This all seems too ridiculous Perhaps they took “couldn’t afford” out of context. Cause if she meant, they didn’t have the money..she’s been acting steadily since she was like what..13??

Nora on

I thought her daughter was born in fall 1999. That makes her about 23 and a half when she was born. Ah well. It is quite young to have a child, especially in Hollywood but I’m not buying the cost of babysitting thing. H’Wood people hire Mexican and illegal women to keep their children at a low cost. Even if she didn’t do that, she could afford to pay the 40-50K (today’s rate) with her half a million dollar salary. Most of us make a fraction of that and still manage to have childcare. Some of us even support sick parents financially from a 45K job. Please!

Brittany on

This article is just weird if you ask me, i dont understand why she would basically say she regets being a young mother? Im never judgey on here but this just rubs me the wrong way. I was 22 when my son was born(hes almost a year) and i dont feel like i’ve missed out on anything, but maybe it was because my husband and i tried to get pregnant. And also about hiring help, i hate to break it to her but most normal people do it on their own too. I normally love Reese but this is kind of mean to say, what if Ava sees this one day??

mary on

I got married right out of college. I was 21years old. Had my first child one month before turning 24. Yes I believe I was young. But I loved being a mom. We did what we could. I did not want to go out and party. I had the college life. I found a man I was madly in love with(same guy) We met when he was a police officer and it was during tension amongst police and citizens of our city. I was so afraid of not going for something that could possible not be there in the morning. I’m glad I did 19 years later we have four children, Husband made Police Detective and a few years after transferred to the Fire Dept and is a Lieutenant. We take the kids everywhere we travel. The only thing I want to complain about is no money, no sleep. But we have each other and we laugh🙂
I don’t ever want my kids to feel or read that because of them I missed out on having fun. But we will say (jokingly) 14 more years and we will be kid free so we can have a man and woman holiday/vacation if you know what I mean?

gianna on

I always found her phoney and not down to earth at all during interviews, and this proved my point. Both ryan and her are actors and were back than, so they couldn’t afford hired help or had any? Totally BS I’m willing to bet, not to mention reese comes from a wealthy family too. Try another story reese, nobody with a brian believes this one lol.

ellka on

beenie mentioned how whiny reese has seemed recently, and from the interviews i’ve read, i kind of agree…maybe it has something to do with her being divorced…like, here’s the second go-around of dating,only now there are kids involved and it’s massively more complicated?…at least she didn’t mention being a “southern woman.” i know she’s proud of where she comes from, but she makes it seem like its only in the south that people have manners and go to church…jeez.

GinaR on

I was the same age when I had my son living in LA away from all family. Of course, I don’t have the money she does but I do understand where she is coming from. I felt very isolated and at times had many moms judging me or making comments, esp. moms who felt like they had to work harder to have kids. It was hard but finally I realized I can’t deal with their BS and worked to find mommy friends and a great support system.
Being a mom is hard no matter what age you are, but it’s even harder when you have no support system. Can’t we all get along and stop judging!

eva on

Gianna ITA. Many times I wondered what other CBB readers saw in her that I missed because I am not a fan of hers.She is however,very pretty and so are her children.The cover of this magazine is quite good but the article,meh at least now I’m not the only one who is not impresses.

Lauren on

She’s not dumb enough to say things that her largely female audience would most likely find as irritating as some seem to have found it. So I’m willing to see what else she said, the entire context, etc. And by the way, I think it’s hilarious that we who aren’t celebrities, who work hard to make a nice life for ourselves and our family spend even a moment of our free time to peer into their lives. Exactly what does that say about US? And now I’m off to do the laundry!

Jenise on

I have to say that I agree with all of the prior comments. I am 23 right now my son will be 3 in May. When he was born I was 20 one month shy of turning 21. I was still in school. Yes I have a close-knit family and a loving husband (who I have now been with for 10 yrs- we have been together since the 8th grade). No I haven’t worked since he birth of my son, but I have been a full-time student and have managed to graduate the university. Look I am a big Reese fan but yes she has to cry me a river.-23 isn’t that young and although she wasn’t as famous back when her daughter was born, she and Ryan were bringing in at least seven figures. I have seen so many people struggle and strive with their children. I have always admired Reese because she seems like a good mom-but this article irritated me. t You shouldn’t complain about your children. I hardly ever get to go out and do the “college girl” thing, but I don’t miss it, hanging out with my son is the best thing. In fact today I had the best date today- a matinee movie of “Coroline” with my son.

RebeccaK on

In defense of Reese, nobody knows for sure how much money she had at the time.

Also, $200,000 sounds like a lot, but you have to factor in the amount that went to taxes plus the percentage to her agent and manager. I’ll bet she cleared $75,000 if she was lucky. Actors, even successful actors, never know when and IF they’ll ever get another paycheck. She had to manage the money she got paid with the very real possibility of not being able to work again for a while.

A nanny is going to cost $50,000+ a year in LA if you need one that’s certified and willing to sign a confidentiality agreement. That would’ve been a huge amount of her salary at the time. I’m sure movie stars still have mortgages, insurance and all the other expenses “regular” people have as well to take care of. If she says she couldn’t afford to hire a nanny, I’m inclined to believe her.

Tina on

shes acting like a victim, and she was 23 1/2 not 22 honestly cry me and freaking river. i like her as an actress but wow:S.

Tiffany on

Wow, a bunch of people on here complaining again about a celebrity’s statement about her PERSONAL experience. I had my son at nearly 22. 21, 22, 23 and a half, what does it matter? She was young and in Hollywood and everyone else was out and she felt isolated! Seriously, who are any one of you to judge what her life was actually like? Do we know? Are any of us celebrities? I don’t see your quotes on this site being torn apart. Grow up. CBB, maybe you should review your own comment policy before you lose loyal readers. Disgusting.

alanna'smom on

I think everyone is being WAY too hard on Reese, especially considering we haven’t read the whole article. My kid was born last year, when I was 23 and it IS hard and isolating, especially being away from your family! Give the girl a break! Motherhood isn’t all sunshine and roses, that’s all she’s saying. It doesn’t sound like she regrets her kids, geez! I can relate to feeling like as a young mom, I miss out on the fun partying and things my friends in their 20’s are enjoying. Would I change it? NO WAY! But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel old before my time occasionally. As far as her salary, yeah she probably shouldn’t wine about money even at that time, but I totally get the hardship of being a younger mom with no young mom friends.

LP on

I agree with RebeccaK–you don’t know what Reese and her ex actually cleared at the time. I live in NYC and a six-figure salary is middle class, (even 1 million) I know. Childcare for me costs $1,300 a month and that’s tuition for a nursery school (2 days per week). If I employed a nanny, it would double or if my son went full time it would cost about $2,100 a month. This doesn’t include rent/mortgage which is easily at the minimum in a decent neighborhood $2700 for rent/ $4000 for a mortgage. I’m sure LA is not far off. There was an article published by the AP in major newspapers about the cost of living in NYC/LA versus the rest of the country. What people can afford with $45K elseware takes at least $150K in places like LA/NYC and San Fran–bottom line, I don’t doubt that they could not afford childcare after taxes for self-employed people (actors!), manager fees, mortgage, food, etc. As I tell my mom all the time, yes she supported my brother and I as a single parent on $50K, but that is a joke to me and my husband. We would be straight up poor.

Stella Bella on

I am nearly 30 years old, pregnant, living 1,000 miles from any family, and my husband is going to school full time and making less than 30,000 a year. And you know what? I don’t begrudge Reese her comments AT ALL. Any one who saw pictures of Reese from around the time of Ava’s birth already KNOWS she was struggling- now we just know exactly why! Give her a break. Life isn’t easy and perfect for any of us- why fry someone because they admit the obvious?!

hcecilia on

I think people are being way too harsh about Reese and it’s actually really sad because she is saying things that many women, especially celebrities, don’t say. My daughter is 16 months, I just turned 24 in February. Early twenties is early twenties; her career was just blooming, as many people at that age are on their way to graduate. Married or no, having a child is difficult and unexpected – especially when there’s so much pressure and emphasis on the female to be a good mother to a newborn. I’m sure there are some of you that nearly went crazy from the lack of sleep! $200,000 is a nice healthy amount to be making but she has a lot of dues (agent, manager, actors guild, taxes, etc). And just because she comes from a wealthy family doesn’t mean that they were open to help! Some families believe that once you’re married, it’s up to the spouse to help you when you fall. I’m so amazed at how CBB readers just rip some of these celebrities to shreds.

Amanda on

So nobody here has ever had one complaint about parenthood? I wish I could be so perfect. I love my kids and I wouldn’t give up being a parent for anything but you bet sometimes I vent a little, thing I wish I could do/have done but don’t/didn’t because I have kids. I had my first at 18 years old, our salary was less than $20,000 that first YEAR but yet somehow I understand that everyone sees life from where they are. $200,000 is not a lot of money in Hollywood; not at all. Sure they probably weren’t struggling to feed themselves but I wouldn’t doubt they didn’t have money for lots of extras and who cares if she wanted to/didn’t want to/couldn’t afford/could afford it anyways. It doesn’t matter to anyone but her. Quit looking for something to complain about or some opportunity to say ‘well it was harder for me…’

jenny on

I had my son at 31 and felt isolated, anxious, etc. I don’t think it has anything to do with age. Being a first time mother is scary regardless of your age. Just my opinion…

Kristen on

I’m a huge Reese fan and I have candids from back when Ava was a baby that show Reese with a nanny pushing Ava in a stroller, as well as candids that show a nanny/baby-sitter dropping Ava off with Reese. Thus, Reese’s comment strikes me as pretty weird.

Ms. please on

I appreciate the generous spirit of some of the last few commentators showing sympathy to Reese. But really, complaining about the cost of raising a child while in the upper tax bracket? Most mothers have to practically work half the week to pay for quality daycare so that they can pay bills with the other half week’s income. That’s the way it is. If you people want me to feel sorry that Reese “only” made $200,000 a year in 1999 you’re barking up the wrong tree. And don’t forget her husband had a working actor’s income too. My children live in LA on much less than this and do alright. The secret is to surround yourself with friends who have the same values as you and appreciate your lifestyle. If Reese is really saying she had no friends, then I do feel sorry for her. But I don’t think she is. I think what she is doing is recreating her past to manipulate public opinion. As for the remark about picture of Reese at the time Ava was born promoting pity, Ava was about a year old when Reese filmed Legally Blonde. Not exactly pitiful.

pinayhekmi on

It’s all relative folks, don’t get your panties in a twist. I am so tired of people jumping on all sorts of comments made by celebrities. Just because they make more doesn’t mean they don’t feel any pain, or have anymore struggles. Poof! There goes all your pain and hardship because you have money.

I personally have had bad times. The last thing I want to hear when I’m sharing it is how someone else had it worse than me. Sometimes people need to vent. I KNOW that there are others worse than me. Sometimes that helps, but while I’m going to my own particular hardship, it’s still hard to ME. Everyone’s pain is their own to carry.

pinayhekmi on

Oh, another thing. You all need to realize this little snippet was probably part of a longer response. YOu must all realize that things can get taken out of context.

Shannon on

When you mention the $250,000 Reese made for a film during that time, it is not the total amount she could take home. Factor in taxes, agents’ cut, stylists’ cut and what have you, I’d bet Reese was taking home less than 50% of $250,000. Granted, I dont belive she was struggling financially by any means, but just quoting her amount made per film is grossly inflating the actual amount she had

CelebBabyLover on

Kristen- Do we know for sure that was a nanny? It could have very easily just been a non-celeb friend of Reese’s, or more of a “mother’s helper” type person (i.e., a woman that helped Reese out but didn’t get paid for it). I just hate that practically everytime a celeb is seen with their kids and and an unfamilar woman, everyone always assumes that the unknown woman is the nanny.

Jane on

I think that people don’t realise that while celebs/actor make a lot of money – That money goes to other people – Their managers, agents, hair people, makeup people, as well as taxes. When actor first start out, they may not be making that much money, may have handled their money poorly ect. So perhaps Reese and her husband could not afford a nanny at first.

Jaclyn on

I like Reese, but I mean come on, even if she got $75,000 out of the $200,000 she was paid, she shouldnt be complaining at all. I was 20 when I had my daughter, and currently just 21 with a 8.5 month old making only $17,000 a year. She should count her lucky stars she made that much at that age.

Kristen on

CelebBabyLover, obviously neither of us can be absolutely certain that the woman pictured is a nanny. But given that she is a woman who appears to be in her mid-fifties and is pushing Ava as well as another child, both of whom are visibly not her own, I would say it’s a pretty good guess.

Also, Ryan and Reese owned a huge, multi-million dollar English tudor-style mansion at the time Ava was a baby, so I doubt they were hard-up for money. I say this as a huge Reese fan; I’m not intending to bash her, however, having been a fan of hers for over 10 years, this recent statement of hers contradicts all that I’ve read about her in the past. It smacks of her trying to cultivate a certain image and appeal to a certain audience.

l on

All you people defending Reese, saying $250k isn’t that much after agent/ tax cut and what not, you can’t be real.

She made that money on one film alone, meaning there was much more on the bank account. Ryan (her then husband), who back in the day was more famous, earned for “Studio 54” and “Cruel Intentions” (both made before Ava was born) $1,000,000!!!
In which universe exactly is this not enough money to be able “to afford” help?

mv on

I too was surprised to read this comment….”couldn’t afford help” Of course we all know that the media can sometimes twist what people say in interviews so I am sure she will claim this was taken out of context. But if she did say it she must feel pretty ridiculous at this point. All of you trying to calculate her salary/taxes/fees etc versus a nanny salary got it wrong – she said she couldn’t afford to “go out” PLEEEASE. Hiring a babysitter for an evening here and there is something many “regular” families can afford! Forget needing a nanny or whatever, for very little money she could have had a coffee with a friend or gone out for dinner with her husband. Or better yet do what I often do – go out with my girlfriends while my husband babysits for free!!

Lucy on

Kristin, could you post a link to the pics, please?

I’m curious to see now as well.

I’ve been a big Reese fan for years as well, but this DOES strike me as odd…:/

E on

I don’t mind what she said about the finances and stuff, but I do find it odd that she doesn’t know how old she as when she had Ava. According to imdb, she was born in March of 1976 and Ava was born in September of 1999. That would make her 23 1/2 and not 22.

Kristen on

E, I’ve found that strange too. I noticed that she said she was 22 when she had Ava last year on a talk show too (either Leno or Letterman, I think). I’m guessing she claims she was 22 because she was still 22 when she actually got pregnant. But she was definitely 23 1/2 when she gave birth.

Lucy, I uploaded the pictures:

Again, I’m not trying to say that Reese constantly relied on a nanny. She was obviously a very hands-on mom, and there are tons of candids that support that. However, I do think she had some help, and moreover, even if she didn’t, she certainly could have afforded it. Her and Ryan were both doing very well for themselves even when Ava was born.

Ms. please on

You are just a doll, Kristen. I like your positive outlook. But if Reese was 22 when she got pregnant and 23-1/2 when she had Ava, that would be like the longest pregnancy in the history of live human birth! (P.S. I also heard her recently in an interview say she was 21 when Ava was born.)

Chelsea on

I really enjoy Reese Witherspoon’s movies, I think she is a wonderful actress. I have to say I can recognize that she has definately made something great of herself, but i’m sorry just becasue she “could not afford” to hire help DOES NOT mean that she came from a much more humble existence. HELLO! Those of us who live in the real world do not hire help, maybe a babysitter, but not a nanny! I just can’t believe that Reese Witherspoon or ELLE, whoever it was, could come up with such a ridiculous claim! This is just another example of how celebrities are so out of touch with reality!

Lucy on

Yes, I know where you’re coming from completly, and I agree 100%

(Woops, I can’t see those pictures though :s)

Sarah on

I don’t understand how her comments are causing such controversy. Who are we to decide what she could or could not afford? We don’t know what her expenses were at the time. They were probably paying a huge mortgage with all the added expenses. Plus, prior to Ava they were young, rich, and famous in Hollywood. Maybe, like a lot of young adults with money, they didn’t put a lot in savings accounts. Once Ava came, I’m sure it was a shock to them how expensive raising kids is.

As for the comments about how she wasn’t “that young,” What?! 23 isn’t young? It’s really really young to be a new mother with no family around. We don’t even know whether or not she had even changed a diaper before Ava. Being a new mom is hard for everyone and she shouldn’t be judged for admitting it. I honestly cannot believe that people don’t think she, at the ripe old age of 23, was not a young mother.

This is not a competition as to who had it harder. It’s all relative. She shouldn’t have to say motherhood was perfect just because someone may have had a harder time. Asking that of anyone is ridiculous.

gianna on

Love those nanny pics posted lol.

b on

In Hollywood $250.000 is NOTHING! Most celebrities pay over that in TAXES. Think about it, celebities are selling their baby pictures for 5x that amount…doing a whole movie for $250.000 is not a lot of money for the amount of time needed to make the movie. I think that actors/actresses are grossly overpaid but it is what it is and if they say they could afford a nanny then I believe her. I’m not an actress in Hollywood so I don’t have any idea what quailty childcare is going for so I can’t judge her. JMO

l on

b, maybe $250,000 alone isn’t that much money In Hollywood, but on Ryan’s side about $1,500,000 and on Reese’s side around $750,000 (sure, all pre taxes, I’ll give you that), with that amount of money if you’re not able to hire any help, then something is terribly wrong.
Why are people trying to find even the most lame excuse when it comes to celebrities? What Reese implied about her and Ryan’s money situation when they had their daughter is just plain stupid.

Kristen on

Ms. please, my math skills are just fine. It is perfectly possible to change ages throughout the 9 months of a pregnancy, even typical, I would say.

Reese was born March 22, 1976. Reese thus turned 22 on March 22, 1998. She got pregnant with Ava in December 1998 or January 1999. Thus, she was still 22 (22 years and 9-10 months, to be specific). She turned 23 in March 1999, when she was about 3 months pregnant with Ava. She gave birth to Ava on September 9, 1999, when she was 23 years and 6 months old (23 1/2).

emily on

Ms. Please, you said (re- Kristen’s comment) “But if Reese was 22 when she got pregnant and 23-1/2 when she had Ava, that would be like the longest pregnancy in the history of live human birth!”

If she was 23 and 1/2 when gave birth and you count back 9 months that would make her 22 (3 months away from being 23). As far as I know, 9 months is the average length of a human pregnancy. You belittled Kristen for not getting the facts straight when in fact it is you who did not. If you don’t do the math before you make fun of someone else, you end up looking, like, silly.

emily on

Kristen beat me to the punch! Yes Kristen, there is nothing wrong with your math skills : )

SouthernBelle on

Sarah (March 8th @ 3 pm) your comments were well-stated and I couldn’t have stated them better. Is it really our business to try to compare apples to pomegranates? Such ire and judgment on here from people who have nothing but a couple of grains of truths or near-truths or maybe no truths at all! What makes so many of you so angry? Discuss, yes, but rip people you don’t even know to shreds? Being a celebrity doesn’t magically transform anyone into someone superhuman, less human or completely alien to other human beings. How well would you do and how would you appear to other mothers or other people if interviewed by a member of the media, put under a microscope, chased down a street with cameras or compared to other mothers or the entire human race?

SouthernBelle on

Oh, and if you click on the link to Elle online, you will see several pairs of [ ]’s. That means those words were paraphrased and are NOT exact quotes. Also these are just little snippets of the whole interview, so ponder that for awhile.

Krystal on

I understand, I was 22 when I had my daughter too. And even if you can get a baby sitter to go out, it’s not the same. You do miss out on what your friends are doing regardless out of how much money you make!

Des on

Dont movies take a couple years to make? So even if something is 200K per film, that isnt necessarily “per year” right?

100K is nothing in LA especially when you have to “fake it to make it” in the beginning.

I had my oldest at 22….I felt ready and I would do it over again BUT I do find myself being a little wilder NOW and I think that has something to do with not doing it at a younger age.

She could have been having a bad day, who knows. I say things sarcastically a lot that could be totally taken out of context, more when Im having a bad day.

Ms. please on

Kristen, you’re right and I’m wrong. I got what you were saying right after I sent my comment.

kris on

Des – I don’t think movies take a couple of years to make but I guess it could just depend on the movie. I think it’s more that it’s usually a while from when the movie is filmed to when they start promoting in and it comes to theaters.

As to her comments, they could be reworded to sound a certain way. I think they come off as odd to but to each their own. I would like to comment that it comes across as if she is alone with this baby. To me that sounds odder than saying I couldn’t afford help. Hollywood has a strange view of what is affordable.

Kristen on

Thank you, emily, and no problem, Ms. please! Thanks for admitting your error, we all make them at times🙂

And Des, yes, movies take a while from production to release. However, Reese made Election while pregnant with Ava, meaning she had money coming in during her pregnancy. Ryan was also filming and making movies before, during, and after Ava’s birth.

I think the reason that a lot of us are rubbed the wrong way by Reese’s comment is that it comes across as A) Revisionist, and B) It’s one of a long string of comments by celebrities that prove they aren’t very in touch with reality, even those celebrities who work very hard to convince us that they are ‘normal’. It’s kind of inevitable when we live in a culture that bombards us with celebrity hero worship that we will eventually grow tired of it.

Kristen on

Oh, and by ‘during’ Ava’s birth, I mean around the time she was born, not that Ryan skipped out of the delivery room to film something😛

Ms. please on

Just one more comment, just a bit off topic, regarding Reese’s re-writing of history. Has anyone noticed that her two main fan sites have deleted all references to Ryan Phillippe including pictures and videos? Not even a picture of her with him and the children. I find it very strange.

Shannon on

50 Sarah: Exactly. I dont know why Reese’s comments have to be negated just because people here are coming up with figures of how little they have themselves. Have people seen how many young Hollywood stars struggle financially after they have no more job offers?

Reese and Ryan could easily have been living it up to keep up the lifestyles of young Hollywood at that time. Or they could have been paying huge mortgages. No one knows how they were living. Reese’s comments could also be in relative terms to Hollywood, which she really was earning peanuts at that time.

If Reese had said she had it easy, people would have said “Of course, she had all the money”. Now that she says she didnt, she is also attacked

Anne on

I think these comments are most likely taken out of context, and I personally would rather read the entire article before jumping to conclusions! About not being able to afford childcare – one should probably take into consideration the cost of living in LA compared to other parts of the country, and I’m sure there are lots of wealthy parents willing to pay a lot of money for a well qualified nanny, so they may have just been charging more than Reese could afford.

As far as being a young mother, I’ve never gotten the impression from Reese in any other interview that she regrets anything about motherhood, and it seems to me her children are a very fulfilling part of her life. I think she was simply commenting on a few aspects of young motherhood that are very true. I will be 24 in one month, and I have a 3 year old daughter and a son due any day now. Now, I completely and totally have chosen to be a young mother, and I would never trade it for anything. However, it can be isolating that none of our friends have children – it just creates a bit if a “lifestyle gap” between us. I can’t simply decide to go out at the drop of a hat – and sadly, thats led to some of my friends not calling anymore. My fiancee and I have a very different life from our friends, which can be a bit lonely. That being said, I do think it is the best life for us, the one that makes us the happiest. I think Reese feels the same, but there will always be parts of life that are a challenge.

CelebBabyLover on

Ms. Please- Why is that so strange? Ryan is her ex, and I’d actually find it strange if he WAS still mentioned on her fansites, especially now that she’s with someone else (Jake). Also, we have no idea whether Reese has any control over those sites.

Cerise on

It isn’t uncommon with celebrities who are now very wealthy to play up their “youthful struggles” as a way to try to relate to regular people, but it can have the opposite effect. She was recently quoted as saying she had a working class upbringing too, but both her parents have PhDs (father is a doctor and mother is a professor), she lived in Germany as a child and went to a prestigious private school later on, so that’s hardly what most would call “working class”. With so many parents having trouble paying bills & finding jobs, it’s not exactly what real struggling moms want to hear.

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