Yo Baby Organic Yogurt: Organically Delicious!

03/07/2009 at 05:00 PM ET

High in calcium and protein, Stonyfield Farms Yo Baby Organic Yogurt is made with organic whole milk and fruit purees, contains six live active cultures to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption and is just plain delicious.

The amount of sugar has been recently been lowered to 12 or 13 grams per yogurt (including milk sugars). Besides the fruit flavors, Yo Baby also offers a Simply Plain version (with no added sugars) and Yo Baby Plus Fruit & Cereal with DHA (a natural fatty acid, also found naturally  in breast milk) which helps visual and mental development and supplies 45% of a baby’s daily iron needs.

We started our baby girl on their new Simply Plain flavor. It’s suitable for babies from 6 months on, with no added sugar or flavors. Once we determined she could handle it, we moved onto the fruit flavors. My daughter loves them all, especially the apple and blueberry flavors.

Yo Baby comes in a two flavor combo pack of six, with four ounce cups of yogurt. Other flavors include Pear/Peach, Banana/Vanilla, Simply Plain and their Strawberry Banana/Raspberry Pear and Apple/Blueberry from the Fruit & Cereal line. They also offer a drinkable yogurt that works in sippy cups.  As your children get older, move up to their Yo Kids Organic Lowfat Yogurt line.


Danielle shares this anecdote: When Anya was a baby, we left a container of Yo Baby yogurt in my mother’s fridge. She later told me that my stepfather ate it for dessert one night and thought it was as good as ice cream because it’s made with whole yogurt and is so rich!

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jacky on

i honestly can’t understand why people would buy this overpriced yogurt for their babies. most adult yogurt is the the same(same nutritional components) and cost less, they only thing people are paying for is the package that says yo baby.

i don’t buy any yogurt for my son. a few months back i bought a yogurt maker so i could make my own. i control everything that goes into it… no added sugar and i can just puree some fruit if i want to favor it. everyone in the family loves it and we save so much money. plus it is super easy to make

Alice on

Yo baby has tons of sugar in it, regular plain yogurt is much better for babies. Alice

Christy on

They also have a soy yogurt line with strawberry and peach flavors. My preschooler is lactose intolerant and he loves them!

Aurora mia on

I wrote to Stoney Field Farms to tell them they should have sponsored my pregnancy 🙂 Orange juice, yogurt and honey crisp apples are what I craved. They sent me a bunch of coupons and a very nice note. Now that Liam is a little older, I use the vanilla (adult) yogurt with his baby smoothie each morning. I just love them.

sinclair on

“baby’s first yogurt”? OMG….marketing at its finest.

I’d be careful with the fruit ‘flavor’-ed ones; fruit puree=concentrated sugar. Also, they have ‘natural flavors’, another industry code term for artificial and/or bad ingredients (including MSG)

Molly on

Christy, make sure you know what soy does to little boys, there are lots of great infomration on google about why little boys must avoid soy

Marisa on

I agree with Alice – if you pick any one of these up in the store to look at the ingredients, the second ingredient is SUGAR – fruit “flavor” comes way down the list. Far better to take some plain organic yogurt and add your own fruit. Why teach your infants that nothing is good without a pile of sugar on top!

jess on

Aurora mia,
Were you expecting a boy or a girl with those cravings. Myself and a few friends craved fruit and we all had girls! Just curious.

Martha on

Molly, would you care to be a little more specific? Are you talking about soy-based products turning boys gay? If so, what about the island of Japan where their diets are based on two things…fish and soy. Don’t you think that if the “facts” you’re reading are true, that Japan’s population would’ve died out by now?

l on

I agree with everybody who said natural yogurts with some self pureed fruit is much, much better. And a lot cheaper.

Stephanie on

My holistic nutritionist only recommends the plain kind of this brand or any others for babies/kids and you can add your own fruit. I like their plain because it is individually packaged and easy to take with you. I have been having a problem finding it on their shelves and I called Stonyfield and they said many big chain markets took it off their shevles and to ask your store and call Stonyfield if you want it back. I know it is similar to even their big container of whole milk yogurt but I really like it, if you do too do something if you can’t find it!!

ella on

Um, food doesn’t “turn” people gay. Too much soy in a little boys diet *may* cause a hormone imbalance, I think the jury is still out on that one.
I will say though that this yogurt has way more sugar then Lucky Charms. Think about that next time you give your kid/baby a snack. I wish these companies would be more responsible in their sugar content- no baby/kid needs that much sugar per serving.

Randi on

I never even thought about the sugar content of this stuff. I guess I got suckered into the whole milk and organic marketing of it all. Thanks for the heads up. I will be looking at the ingredients more often now.

Jennifer on

BUMMER!! I love this stuff!! It’s so rich and creamy; I normally hate yogurt, but I love YoBaby. Never noticed the sugar content- guess I’ll save my money from now on.

murmure on

the idea is that the yoghurt is organic …of course folks could buy adult yoghurt of any kind if they dont feed organic …than you get cornsyrup instead of real sugar …and pesticides and antibiotics and growth hormones …so g right aahead and buy old regular yoghurt no one is stopping you ….i buy an organic products

Jaybe on

I see murmure you will be hard to convince. Companies like Danon and Stinyfield must love you. Without you there will be no America. You go buy organic and thank you for subsidizing and help lowering the cost of our real food. DO you really not know how bad for you those joke types of yogurts are? It is mind boggling why the law even allows the products to have the word ‘yogurt’ written on them.

I bet you travel first class…right???

Anonymous on

Go Greek!

iris on

Wow don’t know if what you all saying its true ! But all I know is that my baby doctor recommend me to give my 7 months old baby yobaby ! Other thing, if is for the sugar we all love it anyways ! And when they get jus a lil bigger they eat worst stuff like candy and all parent let then take it ! Well I preffer giving my child yogourt than candy! You all making a big deal about this let’s be concern more about not letting our children eat candy that has much more sugar than some yogurt with fruit.