Ben Affleck's Bundle of Joy

03/07/2009 at 10:00 AM ET
Splash News Online

A beaming Ben Affleck keeps 8-week-old daughter Seraphina Rose Elizabeth safely under wraps while he and wife Jennifer Garner pick up big sis Violet Anne, 3, in Santa Monica, Calif. on Friday.

The couple, both 36, welcomed their baby girl on January 6th, revealing her name a week later. To see Seraphina’s face, click here!

Ben carries Seraphina in an Orbit Baby car seat, which is part of the Orbit Baby Infant System ($900).

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Rebecka on

They are pictured, you can see them in the background😀

Caroline on

Still not sure about her name. It’s funny because “Rose Elizabeth” is such a parallel of “Violet Anne.” I wonder if Seraphina is an honor name, and they’ll call her Rose.

Also, January 6th is more than 7 weeks ago!

Can’t wait to hear the Afflecks talk about her!

E on

I was just thinking about how we hadn’t seen her yet! Although it would be nice to see her face, I can understand why they would want to hide her, for as long as possible since Violet may be intimidated by the cameras! But I’m sure she’s adorable, just like her big sister!

Lou on

aah, cant wait to see her, bet she’ll be just as gorgeous as Violet!

rebecka; good spot! might have seen jennifer if i’d have properly looked but wouldn’t have recognised violet-her hair looks blonder?!

gianna on

I saw the baby’s face on x17 pics, I think she will resemble ben more than Violet does. It’s too early to tell, but she looks a bit different than violet did as a baby.

Nicole on

There are pictures of Seraphina on x17online!! She’s just as cute as her sister!🙂

Zoey on

Oh, he looks so happy with Jennifer Garner and his two precious girls. They were made for one another and I’m sure Seraphina is just as smiley and beautiful as Violet. Such a perfect down to earth celebrity family.

Megan on

I was just waiting for this to be posted! I saw the pics on another site and was waiting to see them here–they do have a picture of her face although it’s a little hard to see…and IA with Gianna that i think she will resmemble more of Ben (at least IMO from what we could see) I cannot wait to see more of our family–Seraphina, from what we could see, is gorgeous like her sister and i can’t wait to see Vi interact with her. She probably wanted mom and dad to bring her sister to school =))) LOVE this family!

Stéph on

Right, Jen and Violet are in the background!

Here is a picture of Seraphina:

She is a cutie, not that I had any doubt! Can’t wait to see her grow up!

Lovely Family on

I love this family! Ben and Jennifer are so happy together and they are the best celebrity family in Hollywood. They are so down-to-earth and dress like regular folks. Violet and Seraphina are beautiful little girls.

Alex on

I saw the pictures on X17 as well. It’s difficult to really tell from that, but if I had to call it, I’d say she’s an Affleck more than a Garner baby at this point, but babies change so much so quickly at this stage. The Garner looks are definitely stronger in the beautiful Violet, so I wonder how her little sister will be? Certainly cute, whoever she favours!

Manon on

Love the “looks more like Ben”! We can only see a puffed up photo of a newborn! It’s sweet.

I think she will be labelled as looking like dad because most people see her Violet as “all” mum – although I think she is mix of her parents, she has a similar shape face to her dad. It always feel strange commenting on looks like this in a way though.

Violet is gorgeous and I bet this little one will be too.

Joy on

Seraphina is an absolutely beautiful baby!🙂

mom of 3 boys on

if you read the article, there is a link to see the baby’s face! it says ‘click here’ and although it’s not great, you can see who she resembles. It’s sad that Ben and Jen have to hide their girls because of the photogs – I’m sure they want to be out and about and enjoy the little things in life.

Jennifer on

It’s a little hard to tell from these photos who Seraphina looks like, but I’m sure she’ll be just as gorgeous as her big sister.

Rachel on

I just have to say my daughter goes to school here and it was crazy yesterday, every time the gate would open the paps would try to get into the school. It was so annoying and freaked all the kids out a bit….now you have the shot so leave the school alone please!!!

SAR on

I couldn’t tell who she looks like based on that photo. She just looks like a newborn — chubby-cheeked and precious.

Since Violet looks so much like Jennifer, it’d be nice of Seraphina looks more like Ben. But with two parents that good looking, we know she’ll be gorgeous no matter what. And Ben is clearly a proud papa, and thrilled to be “surrounded by beautiful women,” like his buddy Matt Damon.

Rosy J on

Just like Violet I am sure baby Seraphina (also like her name btw) will be just as cute as her big sis. I wonder if she has her dimples like her mom and cleft in her chin like her dad. Even though this is not a good pic of her and we didn’t see a facial pic of Violet until she was about 4 months old (also taken by paparazzi) when her parents had to take her for an emergency visit to doctor. I can’t wait to see her and Vi interacting with each other.

Sarah on

Yay for another beautiful Garner-Affleck baby!! I love the name Seraphina, but it just doesn’t really seem to mesh well with Violet. Violet seems like a cutesy, girly name, and Seraphina sounds more classic and romantic…

Mia on

I think Violet looks exactly like her daddy, but has her mom’s mouth/eyes. It’s hard to see who baby Sera looks like. She still has that brand new/squished look to her lol. Ben looks very very happy🙂

CelebBabyLover on

AWWWWWWW! What a cutie pie!

Karm on

Disappointed to see that Violet
STILL has a sippy cup. Tsk tsk.
Cute new sister though.

Anne on

Karm – why on earth are you “disappointed” that a child who recently turned 3 “STILL” has a sippy cup? Personally, I didn’t see a sippy cup in any of these photos, but I’ll assume she has one in these photos or others of the family out; I doubt you are looking at pictures taken in the Afflecks’ private home. My daughter just turned 3, and while she is perfectly capable of drinking from a small, open cup at the dinner table, I would never give her a cup without a lid while out or in the car. Heck, I would barely trust myself with an open cup in the car!

CelebBabyLover on

Karma- Hey, at least it’s not a bottle!

Karm on


As a child development specialist I have seen time and time again the havoc that sippy cups AND bottles (past a certain age) wreak.

Tongue placement is especially important in toddlers (after one years old) Consistent use of sippy cups and bottles displace the proper alignment for the tongue, causing problems with teeth, bite, jaw and SPEECH, not to mention cavities.

For most normal developing children this can be corrected, however for some children such as those with Down Syndrome, the effects are often irreversible.

There was a sippy cups in one of the photos but and I have seen Violet with one numerous times. I LOVE this family but I want all children to the best they can be. .

Clarissa on

Ben looks so happy! =)

Emaline on

So glad to finally see Sera’s face! I wonder if she’ll look just Jen does…Vi is her twin!

CelebBabyLover on

Karm- First of all, sorry for spelling your name wrong earlier! Anyway, Anne has a very good point. How do we know that being out in public isn’t the ONE and ONLY time Violet ever uses sippy cups? Maybe she uses regular cups at home, and sippy cups out in public to avoid spilling all over herself, her parents, or other people.

Karm on


Thank you for your comments, not to worry about the mis-spell😉

Lids can always be taken off a sippy cup when a child sits down to drink. . .
I don’t know what goes on at home but that does not keep me from offering my opinion and educating parents and caregivers.🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Karm- Exactly! And maybe that’s exactly what Violet or her parents do when she sits down to drink! As far as I know, we have never actually seen Violet drink out of the sippy cup, so we have no idea what she does when she sits down to drink from it!

Oh, and I don’t know if this is part of it, but sometimes a child will regress a bit when a new sibling arrives. Maybe this is the case with Violet.

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