Introducing the New Rock Star-Designed Rock Star Baby i'coo Targo Stroller

03/06/2009 at 07:45 AM ET

Designed by Bon Jovi Drummer and artist Tico Torres, the just-launched Rock Star Baby i’coo Targo ($699) is the same fully-loaded luxury class newborn-to-toddler stroller we reviewed last year (that has recently come down in price to $599) but with a bit o’ bling. Decked out in upgraded rocker black fabrics, the stroller now features a Swarovski Crystals Skull logo on canopy and small details like zippers with little stars on them.

You may be wondering why Tico Torres is designing strollers. We’re told that Tico is a real Renaissance man — in addition to playing music, he paints, sculpts and is in tune with the fashion world. He was inspired to collaborate on a stroller when he saw that his friends with babies didn’t have the cool clothes or gear for their kids that jived with the parents’ own hip style. Baby pastels may be okay for some, but not everyone wants that look, so Tico partnered with Grand Touring Baby to create a Rock Star Baby line that includes the Rock Star Baby i’coo Targo stroller, Candy umbrella stroller, playard, clothing, diaper bag and stroller umbrella. Tico is also the proud papa of Hector, who was born in 2004!

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Mari on

It’s about time someone did this! Yes…it’s not for everyone…but if I ever had a grandchild…they will be riding in this! 😀

Robin on

Love this stroller! Im not into skulls but I definately like this! I would definately get this if I have another child.

dlock on

In the demo video, it said that it accepts 14 different carseats for the universal carseat adapter. Do you guys know if chicco is one of them?

Yes, it does.


jessie on

pretty cool!

D on

CBB, where did you find it for $599? Online it shows it for sale for $699.


The i’coo Targo version (without the bling) is $599. You can find it at and other retailers. They come in black, black/houndstooth, mocha and marine (blue). The Swarovski-crystal all black Tico Torres Rock Star Baby designed version is $699. It’s available at and other retailers.

— Danielle

Lou on

i like this! x

Hiptwinmama on

You can find it here for $599.00

Alex on

Now THAT is a buggy! As a Bon Jovi fan I would be proud to push that around! The whole Rock Star Baby range is beautiful. Props to Tico for this venture!

daniela on

I love skulls! This stroller rocks! If I’m ever so lucky to have another baby this may go on my wish list! 🙂

amanda on

wow..this is the coolest stroller i have ever seen…and I love that its black..therefor making it virtually impossible to see any spills/smears that toddlers love to leave behind. wow. i am in love with this stroller!!! CBB, couldn’t you possibly arrange a give-away contest with the company for this wonderful buggy????
well, one can only dream. =)

ashley on

I have the Rockstar stroller and I would strongly suggest no one buying this. This is the 2nd generation but it is not worth the money. I got mine and the wheels dont move good and the one I have the shade has no shade at all it has all plastic on it. This does not compare to the bugaboo by any means and they advertise as if it does.

eternalcanadian on

Dang, $699? That’s almost one month’s rent for me! 😮

Derek on

Hi Ashley, The new i’coo Targo Rock Star Baby is completely different then the old one. It’s not the same stroller at all. I would suggest that you call the customer service number if you are having issues with your older stroller 1-877-428-2545. Also, like a bike or any moving part, maintenance is always important. Try cleaning the wheels of your Infinity stroller and add some silicone spray to the pegs, it will make a world of difference.


This stroller SUCKS. I dont have it, but I have seen it IRL…and the seat is as hard as a rock…i dont own a bugaboo, but if you really want that look, then just go for the bugaboo…ill tell you one thing…a bugaboo isnt expensive for nothing…the seat on the bugaboo is very nicely padded…its very manoeverable and very versatile…you can make it any color u want…and u dont need to buy another frame to change colors. Bugaboo knock offs on the other hand are only cheaper because they use lesser quality materials, such as less padded seats, their wheels dont manoever as well, and there are just other cons about those strollers…Bugaboo knock off makers only concentrate on one thing, and that is to make it look like a bugaboo, but they dont concentrate on the fact to make it work like a bugaboo, because that would mean the price tag will be higher, thats why Bugaboo look alikes are cheaper.

So if you just want a stroller that looks like a Bugaboo, u may as well not buy it, because u wont get that comfort. Instead, buy another atroller for the same price, something that doesnt look like a Bugaboo, and you will get a better deal. Either buy a bugaboo, or dont.

Smith on

In regards to the previous comment; there are many new parents out there who are looking for something new, something with a little edge and that’s what the new RSB stroller offers. I do like the look of the bugaboo but yawn…who doesn’t own one these days, they’re as ubiquitous as a Graco. I love that this company tries hard to keep things fresh and current and I have met the three owners in person at a baby show. They are all young, fun and very likeable and all three have young children so they know out of experience what they’re talking about. Love this stroller.

Lainey on

Wow, this is a great looking stroller. I’ve only ever heard great things about the RSB new and older model.

dlock on

Thanks Danielle. 🙂

Nancy on

Actually SDCA, I think you are thinking of the Uppa Baby. I have the Targo and I did a ton of research. The Targo has more padding in the seat that any stroller I looked at, included the bugaboo. I use to own the Frog with my first baby but realized I didn’t need to spend $800 to get a great stroller. I highly recommend the Targo, I give it a 9 out 10 for sure. (I still haven’t found the 10 out of 10 stroller yet).

lisa marsters on

hey can anyone help i need a replacement hood for my i’coo targo in rock star but can find a customer service email/ number, i live in the uk but dont mind getting one from where ever i can i just need to get one x

Derek on

Hi Lisa,

You can get one from the manufacturer 877-913-2229.

nancy on

I have one and it is pretty but the sun shade is horrible and it started to rip by the top window piece. I have had to wd40 the wheel about 10 times in the last 3 years. Not very happy with it at all and the worst park of it all is it is really only ment for 1yr olds and up because the straps dont get tight enough for a 6-7 month old. I would avise anyone looking into it please do research first