M.I.A. Denies Naming Son Ickitt

03/06/2009 at 07:30 PM ET

To those Internet reports claiming M.I.A. named her 3-week-old boy Ickitt, the rapper responds: Ick! In a humorous message on her MySpace Celebrity Blog, the “Paper Planes” songstress shot down the rumors while poking fun at a few of the more unique names bestowed upon certain celebrity kids.


Explaining that she doesn’t consider her son’s name to be newsworthy information, M.I.A., 31, says she’ll be back with something for her fans soon. “TILL THEN GO PICK ON APPLE, SATCHEL AND MOON UNIT,” she suggests.

Her son, born February 11th, is the first child for M.I.A., whose given name is Mathangi Arulpragasam, and her musician fiancé, Benjamin Bronfman.

Memorably performing while pregnant at the Grammys last month, M.I.A. was also nominated for an Oscar for her song “O Saya,” from Best Picture Slumdog Millionaire.

Source: M.I.A.

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Jen K on

Thank God she shot down that rumor!

Crystal on

I was wondering why you guys hadn’t put anything up about him being named. Now I know why! lol!

dee on

I like MIA but she talked about her baby before it was born. And now she’s wondering why people want to know more?! Its all good, and I wish her and her family good luck.

Elle on

I always wonder why celebs feel the need to tell the public their babies names. I know one or two celebs who haven’t and I think its cool!

Elle on

btw Benjamin Bronfman uses his mothers maiden name Brewer. His mom is actress sherry brewer.

Since his band broke up, he goes by Bronfman again both personally and professionally. M.I.A.’s rep asked CBB/PEOPLE to switch our references from Brewer.

-CBB Staff

stephanie on

How is it fair that her baby doesn’t need press while she tells people (albeit jokingly) to pick on other celebrities’ children for the names their parents gave them?

Jenise on

She was just joking…All that being said, I’m glad that that isn’t the baby’s name

CelebBabyLover on

Stephanie- Like you yourself said, she was clearly joking! From what I’ve read about MIA, she has quite the sense of humor!

hcecilia on

I don’t think she meant to bring the press toward the other children named, which c’mon… Moon Unit is in her 30’s now? I think she was just referring to the picking on her for the name Ickett and how celebrities choose monkier names. Everyone needs to stop being so sensitive and take a joke! She was just being cute.

Nika on

I have no idea who she is but okay.

I think it’s not fair to mention those other celeb baby names, she should respect that too then.

And Elle you don’t understand why celebs feel the ‘need’ to tell their baby names, well I don’t know about you but when my babygurl was born I wanted to let the whole world know how beautiful she is and how we named her (if I could have😉 ) And it is only fair to their fans who have read a pregnancy for months.
I don’t understand what’s wrong with sharing a name, now photo’s.. that’s something different. I like the way Jen & Ben think, sharing the baby’s name after birth just to get the press (and fans) off their back a little bit and then just staying low for a while!

Ruthella on

Seems a bit like she didn’t mind the press when the Grammys and Oscars were approaching…

I respect anyone’s right to retain privacy, especially about their family. But she talked about her pregnancy and baby quite a few times, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable for her fans to be told her son’s name. In fact it seems that releasing a statement like she has done will garner even more press attention… Hmmm.

Manon on

I agree Stephanie.

E on

I’m glad she didn’t name the baby that name, but she shouldn’t have commented on the other celebrity baby names. I don’t particularly like those but it was tasteless to bash someone’s name just to make herself look better. Also, it is not those kids’ fault that they have those names, why is she joking that people should pick on them? And also she seemed to have loved the attention at the Grammys, how come all of the sudden, when it’s convenient for her, she wants to be private?

J on

I think its kind of silly to be comparing her loving the press and not wanting her baby to be in the press. She has a right to decide that she loves the press, but maybe she realizes that press for such a young baby it might not be so good. You have to realize that M.I.A is an adult and if she likes the spotlight, fine, that’s her deal, but she doesn’t have to throw her baby into the spotlight because of it. Wouldn’t you want to be out of the spotlight when you had your first child? Enjoy your own child before the world gets to?

So yes, when she becomes a parent, I think she has every right to be private. Privacy is, after all, her right as a human being. And about being fair to fans, let’s be fair to M.I.A and other celebrity parents and step back and realize, that yes, she is in the spotlight, and you are her fan, and sure you are delighted that she has a baby, but it is not your right to know her child’s name or what he or she looks like. If they allow you to, great. It is her right as a parent to shield this child from whatever she believes might be harmful or pointless at the time being. There is no contract in the world that says, when you have your baby, you must show a picture and tell the world it’s name. And it’s not fair for us to expect that she does. We can’t tell celebrities that, ok, you’re famous now and you’re in the spotlight, now we have a right to know every detail about your life and anyone that you might bring into it. Give me a break.

elle on

Well there isn’t anything wrong with it, I can understand a new parents desire to share that information about their baby to friends and family. However, to me when it comes to celebrities..like when they disclose it they’re truly telling everyone!! I’m not a celeb or anything like that, but to me a name is kinda like..the first barrier of privacy between people.

p.s Moon Unit is an awesome name.🙂

Alice on

I agree with you J, when she talked about the pregnancy, it was still HER. She was doing her show at the Grammies, she talked about how she would be/like to be as a parent, whatever. The baby wasn’t there. It’s very different now and this little boy has the right to have privacy etc at least for the beginning of his life, if she chooses to.

About mentioning the other celeb babies names, I don’t think it was mean. For once she was joking, and saying that if they feel the need to discuss an unusual potentially weird name, they can go to those who actually have them. It’s not being mean, it’s realistic.
And Stephanie, I don’t see how it would be unfair either. Those kids’ parents chose to speak of them whereas she didn’t. Don’t tell me it’s not the parent’s choice, because we don’t know for sure the name of Christian Bale’s daughter, and we don’t ever see clear shots of Catherine Zeta Jones’ kids, so it IS possible to shield them.

dee on

I’m a big fan of M.I.A., but I don’t feel she owes me a thing except putting on a good show when I pay to see her live.

CelebBabyLover on

Alice- For the most part, I agree with you. However, I think whether or a celeb can really choose to shield their children that much depends on the celeb. Christian Bale and Catherine Zeta Jones, for example, aren’t super-famous or that well-known (and thus probably don’t have very many paps following them), so it’s easy for them to shield their kids.

However, for celebs like Angelina and Brad or Tom and Katie, the only way to shield their kids completely (and before anyone argues that Bella and Connor are obviously shielded because we don’t see them: First of all, they’re teenagers, so they aren’t nearly as much of an interest to the paps or media as Suri is. Also, Suri’s going to get much more media attention because she’s Tom and Katie’s biological child. It’s not right, but unfourtnately that’s the way it is.) would pretty much be to keep their kids indoors all the time and never let them see the light of day.

Suzanne on

I just wish she could have used correct grammar.

brandi on

i agree with j. well put!

ErykaWynter on

“HE DON’T NEED PRESS” Pet peeve alert! Please use proper English!

aimy on

Not to start something, but it’s her blog and she can talk the way she wants to.I agree with Dee, and I bet he’s a pretty baby!

Maura on

I saw a picture of the baby, and he is adorable. He has a lot of dark hair. She can talk whatever way she wants on her blog! She doesn’t need a grammar lesson. People take things way too seriously!

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