Britney Spears Takes Her Boys to Disney!

03/06/2009 at 12:00 PM ET
Diana Zalucky/Disney for use on CBB

Just two days after kicking off her Circus tour in New Orleans, Britney Spears spends a sunny day with her sons Sean Preston, 3 ½, and Jayden James, 2 ½, at the Magic Kingdom Theme Park in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., on Thursday.

The happy boys and Mom – a former New Mickey Mouse Club member! – enjoyed the fun at Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

Click here to see yesterday’s cutie!

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Lis on

You can really tell that Britney loves her boys. I am so happy she is turning her life around… and also that she is back making music!!!! 😀

Shannon on

I am such a Britney fan, I just saw her in concert Tuesday night and she rocked and her boys are too cute for words. I am glad she has made a turn for the better!!

Bela on

I am also so glad things are starting to turn around for her. I wish her only continued sucess. After all the hell she has been through she really deserves it and so do her boys!

Amy W on

how on earth did she have time to go to disney? didnt she have a show that night?

Chloe on

What gorgeous and happy looking boys she has there 🙂

gianna on

The boys are very cute. Sean looks a lot like kevin, while jayden is all britney. Can’t believe they are almost 3 and 4 already, they grew quickly.

Nika on

Gooo Britney! Well done, that’s all I want to say!

Amanda on

She looks so good! I’m glad to see her looking more like herself. I hope she continues to seek help and receive it and I’m sure she’ll be on the right track

Lizzy on

Good for her. It’s refreshing to see nothing but positive comments. God bless and bring her happiness.

Brandi on

They are getting very big! I don’t think they are almost 3 and 4 though, don’t they have fall birthdays? Jayden looks just like Britney and Preston has her eyes but is more Kevin to me. Adorable.

Sammy-xx on

What a gorgeous picture. The boys are absolutely beautiful. I was looking at old videos of when my little cousin was a baby and he was the double of Jayden James, so if Jayden carries on looking like my cousin he will be one handome young man.

Eliza on

Adorable! Glad she’s spending time having fun with them.

Shannon on

Amy W, she had a concert in Atlanta that night and I was wondering the same thing.

gianna on

Brandi i’m talking about how I can’t believe their next birthdays are 3 and 4yrs old. I know their birthdays are in september it’s just a figure of speech. It’s getting a little sickening you looking at every comment I make in every single thread and making a comment about it. You don’t like me fine, don’t even talk to me as I do the same towards you.

Roxi on


EXCLUSIVE: Official Statement about Britney’s Sons on Tour

Contrary to rumors linked to false articles, Britney Spears’ sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, will be joining her on the entire Circus tour and will be attending shows as planned. Britney’s family is a huge inspiration and she loves having them on the road with her.

Di on

It always amazes me how CBB can post of picture of Britney with the boys and people start gushing as if Britney is some amazing mother. How quickly we forget all of her reckless and irresponsible behavior that put the boys in danger that resulted in her losing custody. If it were not for both Jamie AND Kevin accompanying Britney on tour those boys would not even be there because there would be concerns about their safety. It still amazes how people still believe that Britney is the better parent.

daze on

lovely picture! preston looks fierce! and Jayden is soooo cute, the spitting image of his mommy. i already noticed that he’s almost ALWAYS holding that toy Buzz lightyear, wherever he is : with mom or dad.
that’s good to see them all together and happy. i read somewhere that britney and kevin start to get along pretty well compared to last year, i wonder if they spend time all 4 together on tour since kevin is following her.

Mommy of 3 on

Go figure, someone has to wreck the positive comments with a negative one….seem’s to me that people forget they are not “Perfect” either!!!

Anyways, Britt looks wonderful now that she is back on track! I am so glad to see her and the boy’s out for a fun filled day at Disney:) They all look so happy to be there!!

daze on

di, nobody said she was the better parent. we’re simply noticing the efforts made and trying to be positive. seriously, it would be easy to call her names and all but at the end the only thing which matters is that those boys have now the chance to have two caring parents. i agree it should have been like that from the begining but it’s never too late.
we did the same with kevin. at the beginning everybody was calling him irresponsible and not involve but he seems to have changed. the same goes for britney, she was really involve at the begining but falls apart later. i believe it’s GOOD to point what’s positive and not always go back to the past.

madison on

I’m not sensing from reading these posts that people are gushing about what a wonderful mother britney is. I don’t mean to speak for others, but if there’s any gushing going on, IMO I think its because people are genuinely happy with the progress that Britney has made in the last year. Love her or hate her, people have watched Britney do alot of growing up in the public eye – and for whatever reason they genuinely root for her, want her to succeed whether its personally or professionally. I think that’s a good thing. I’m thrilled to see her looking so happy and healthy, and to see her boys looking so happy and healthy and spending time with both of their parents and their extended family. Everybody makes mistakes; they should also be given the love and support and opportunity to make things right again.

Brandi on

My bad gianna, to be honest I did not realize it was you who posted that. It is true that I sometimes find your responses to be negative but that was not the case here. Certainly did not mean to start anything, was just wondering in my previous comment.

Di that has nothing to do with anything and just took this post in a completely different direction, which is too bad. I have never been a fan of Britney but to see the improvements she’s made and where she’s at today as compared to a year ago, I think it is great. It’s a pleasure for me to see photos of her and the boys smiling and happy and I hope that she continues to get better and better for her sons.


These boys are adorable!! I’m glad Britney’s doing better it’s always nice to see people recover and make positive changes in their life. There’s just no need for negative comments when the situation itself is a positive one such as this.

I-dra on

i’m really happy for her. it looks like she’s on an upswing & i genuinely hope things only get better for her. i’m proud of her efforts & i wish her all the best.

Terri on

Is there something in her mouth?

CelebBabyLover on

madison- ITA! I also don’t think anyone’s trying to say that Britney’s a better parent then K-Fed. To answer Terri’s question, I think she may have a gummy worm in her mouth! If so, what a cute “mom” thing to do!

New Shoes on

It sure looks like there’s something in her mouth, like a noodle or something, but it could just be a really strange glare or absence of shadow.

Q on

What a lovely picture. I love JJ’s blond moptop & Preston’s snarl.

Di stop putting words in people’s mouths because it seems you can’t stand the fact that Britney is doing something positive w/ her boys & nobody was attacking her. Get your facts straight also. Kevin & Jamie aren’t on tour because they’re worried about the boys safety. That’s why her visits aren’t monitored.

Most of the stuff you said about Britney could be applied to Kevin when the boys were first born as well, but he got better. I amazed that people like you think still think kevin is a perfect father.

Britney was going through mental & or emotional breakdown. What are people never able to get past their troubles, change & move on?? Di I guess you are perfect & have lived a perfect life right?

Jase on

Di, you are overreacting. You act like you know Kevin & Britney so you have no right to comment on their parenting. Britney has made massive mistakes as a mother and most are commenting on how much progress she has made in the past years as a mother. Kevin is also not a perfect parent and recieves way too much child support in my opinion – he doesn’t have a job (nobody say he’s a DJ for a living because that’s complete BS) and I’m sure he got a nice payout from the People interview he done. He makes ALL his money off Britney – it just seems like sometimes that’s why he has those boys. He also has two nannies when he doesn’t even work which is just stupid. Di, I think you are just trying to find something negative to say – there is nothing wrong with the fact people are commenting on how far she has come. Oh and also the reason Kevin is taking the boys on tour because he is getting paid double his monthly child support to go on an all expenses paid trip – it was be ignorant to think he is doing it because he cares.

Roxi on

more photos on her official site

kris on

From her site (I clicked to see the other pics) it looks like the Atlanta show was Friday. She’s in FL this weekend so maybe the boys stayed in FL and she went to Atlanta alone?

Her boys are adorable. It’s nice to see them all looking happy and healthy. I’m not a Britney music fan but I do think it’s good to see her life getting under control. However it’s happening.

Stephany on

What an adorable picture! They look so happy!

jill on

@Di – Kevin is not going on tour with them. He is staying at houses to see the kids on his days. She has them half the time according to TMZ. There is no need to look into the past. We have all made mistakes, hers were just splashed for everyone to judge. It’s time to move on. The boys look very happy and so does she.

Amy W on

@ #29 Kris
her atlanta show was definatly thursday night bc i know somebody that went

Di on

I had no idea my comments would be so controversial but I guess the Britney fans are out in force. Too bad I rained on your parade.

Britney’s parenting problems have been well documented by the courts. The first thing the courts said about Brit was that she was ” an habitual, frequent, and continuous users of controlled substances and alcohol”. The next thing that happened was she lost physical custody because she violated numerous court orders and did not follow through others. Lastly, she lost all custody plus visitiation when she locked baby Jayden in the bathroom which the police had to break the door down. Everything I just wrote is fact and not my personal opinion.

People talk about how Kevin had problems like Britney but he never lost custody nor was reprimanded by the courts as was Britney. He played by the rules now he has custody and Britney only has visitiation (conservatorhsip equals no legal custody) . Furtheremore, as Britney’s conservator Jamie Spears has to be with Britney on tour and if Jamies is not there, he has security to be in his place.

The reason why Kevin has followed Britney on tour is because there is no way he would allow Britney to take the kids for weeks just because she wants or needs to make some money. He is not going to sacrificE his custodial time to make Britney happy. Lastly, Kevin is getting $5000 a week so that Britney can make millions on the tour.

Britney is a woman with a lot of problems and a smiling picture and Disneyworld does not change that. Britney is still under a permanent conservatorship. Brit’s dad went to court last month because some bad people want back in her life again and Brit is very susceptible to undue influence hence the need to get a restraining order against those guys. When Britney gets her life together, without the help of father as conservator then I’ll change my opinion.

Lastly, so what if Kevin has a nanny. Britney has a nanny and she had a nanny at times when she only had the kids for a few hours a day.

CelebBabyLover on

Di- Aren’t you happy that Britney is at least improving? It almost sounds like you’d be happier if she were still a train wreck! Oh, and are you this judegemental of other celebs who have made mistakes? For example, do you criticize Angelina Jolie because of her “wild child” past? How about Nicole Richie, who led a very similar lifestyle to Britney before becoming pregnant with Harlow?

Jase- For the last time, Kevin has ONE nanny, I repeat ONE nanny, NOT two (BTW, I found that out by reading it in reliable sources like PEOPLE, rather than tabs). As for a job…He DOES do DJ at least occasionally. Ok, so it’s not a “steady” job, but it IS a job, and presumably he earns money from it (albiet not a lot) and thus doesn’t earn ALL of his money via Britney.

As for the child support issue, you’ll have to blame the courts for that one. They decide child support based on the non-custodial parent’s income.

Anyway, I personally believe that Kevin is taking the boys on tour because he DOES care. Both he and his lawyer have said repeteadly that he wants the boys to be able to see their mother. Also, Shar Jackson, the mother of his other two kids, has always said that he’s a good father, even AFTER her left her for Britney when she was eight months pregnant. Granted, she gets child support from him, but after what he did to her, I honestly don’t think she’d be saying such glowing things about him if they weren’t really true.

If Kevin WASN’T a good father but Shar was worried about not getting child support payment if she said that, I think she’d just opt to say nothing at all rather than outright lie.

I also want to point out that, while adults can certainly act and pretend everything’s fine when it’s not, kids, especially kids Preston and Jayden’s ages, cannot. Therefore, if Kevin really WAS a bad father, we’d see it reflected in the boys (just as, I have to admit, we did back when Britney was on her downward spiral. Looking back at photos of the boys from then, it’s clear that their lives were not the best back then).

Oh, and getting back to the job thing, Kevin discussed a few other career-related things he’s trying to do (for example, design a clothing line and doing some more singing).

Bottom line: Is Kevin perfect, a saint, or father of the year? Of course not! However, he DOES, at least in my opinion, recieves way more of a bad rap than he deserves.

CelebBabyLover on

I just re-read my copy of the issue of PEOPLE with Kevin’s interview in it, and he also said he’s got a reality show in the works (before anyone gets up in arms, he also added that that the kids won’t be in it).

CelebBabyLover on

One more thing: People are complaining about Kevin basically being a stay-at-home dad and recieving child support. Well, if this were a female celeb we were talking about, would you be so critical of her? I doubt it. In fact, when female celebs announce that they’re going to be stay-at-home moms, most people praise them like crazy for it!

Also, when most female celebs recieve child support, most people say, “Good for (insert ex-husband/partner’s name here) for being a man and supporting his children!”

Mary-Helen on

It’s nice to see Britney with the boys. Yes, she has made some mistakes but it’s still good to see these children happy and enjoying a positive relationship with their mother.

Kevin has been a wonderful father to these boys both when he was married to Britney and during her struggles with substance abuse and depression. He has never badmouthed Britney or said anything bad about her. IMO he is still very much in love with Britney (based on his comments of being open to reconciling with her down the road) and I think he’s being more than generous by allowing the boys to travel with Britney while on tour. He could have said “no” and stuck to the agreement, but he didn’t.

Let’s give Britney credit, she’s really come a long way both professionally and as a mother and I think it’s great that she could rebuild a relationship with her sons. Yes, she did some things that are questionable (to be polite) but many parents who mess up and lose custody make changes and get their children back. Let’s celebrate the repairing of a family, not tear them down.

CelebBabyLover on

Mary-Helen- ITA!

Britney Spears Tickets on

I still like Britney these days, but I definitely think that her earlier hits were her best. Circus is a really good song.

lori on


Your sure to judge Britney so fast, exp. with negativity! You sure know alot about her to not really care for her it sounds like…You must read alot about her, but then again your gonna basically say shes not a good parent.We all have opinions…but you know what..” You should never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes, cause you have NO clue what they have been through”. No ones perfect, exp. living the kind of life she has live in the spotlight! she choose that life YES…but it still dont make it easy. I hardley doubt your PERFECT…so before you start pointing fingers and making acquatizations you need to make sure your hands are clean….

KrystLe Millette on