Toy Fair 2009: Snow White Emerges from the Disney Vault

03/05/2009 at 07:00 AM ET

In honor of Disney’s first princess fairytale and first-ever animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs releasing from the Disney Vault on Platinum Edition DVD this fall, a whole crop of Snow White-themed products will hit stores this fall. Click to see the new Snow White toys that we previewed at Toy Fair!


The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Sing Together Friends Doll ($25, available in July) from Mattel is surrounded by her animal friends and features her iconic dress with lots of beautiful sparkly details. When girls place the bluebird friend in Snow White’s hand, the bird will whistle. When the bird is placed in her hand again, Snow White will sing a melody with the bluebird. On the third activation, Snow White will sing her iconic song “Someday My Prince Will Come” while her sleeves magically light up. Snow White also comes with a bunny and chipmunk.

The Sparkling Disney Princess Snow White doll ($11, available now) from Mattel is dressed in her signature gown with extra sparkling detail. The Sparkling Princess Royal Horse Assortment ($17, available now) from Mattel comes with “jewels” that can decorate the mane and tail and can also be worn by the girl.

Also available right now exclusively at the Disney Store is the Disney Princess and Friends Snow White doll ($17), which has been recently redesigned to more accurately reflect the original animation. She also comes with two friends, Happy and Dopey.

Two baby doll versions from Mattel will be available in July including Disney My First Princess® Baby Snow White ($13) which is a cuddle-size doll that comes dressed in a onesie and Disney Twinkle Pretty Baby Snow White ($24) which wears a version of her classic fairy tale dress and comes with a matching bottle that lights up and plays music when placed in the princess’s mouth. Again, I wish all baby dolls didn’t come with a bottle- what about a light-up pacifier?

I think Snow White is beautiful just the way she is but with the Disney Princess Royal Make-Over ($30, available in June) from Mattel, you can touch up those rosy cheeks and lips and fix her fab ebony bob. It comes with a princess mirror, a hair brush, hair extensions, a princess necklace that doubles as a bracelet for girls and a color change applicator so kids can apply faux makeup. Girls can create pretty hairstyles and give their princesses a makeover with special ”magical” color-change makeup. It comes with a life-size crown for the girls and a princess necklace that doubles as a bracelet.


The Snow White Infant Costume ($20) and Snow White Ballerina Classic Costume for toddlers ($25) from JAKKS Pacific each include a dress with sparkling print overlay, puff sleeves and character cameo.

The Disney Princess Deluxe Snow White Dress for girls ($35) from JAKKS Pacific goes a step beyond with more luxe fabrics, a four-color print of Snow White and an even more pronounced collar.

When I saw the dazzling Snow White Sassy Prestige Costume for adults ($90) from JAKKS Pacific, I found my Halloween costume! It includes a dress with petticoat, detachable red cape, lace-up corset, and bow headband. To be clear, I will be wearing the long version not the, um, sassy short one!

Complete the dress-up fun with a Snow White “Tiara” ($8) which is really a headband with a big bow and Snow White cameo and comes with a necklace and clip-on earrings, Snow White Light Up Wand ($12) and Snow White Bag Set ($10) which includes an apple-shaped handbag, red gloves and necklace, all from JAKKS Pacific. I love how they incorporate the heart and apple motifs into these items, though I’m wondering if the hearts are supposed to represent the heart that was supposed to be delivered to the Queen as proof of Snow White’s death – kind of gruesome.

Role-Play Toys

If your child wants to role-play cleaning like Snow White cleaned the Dwarves’ home, they may like the Disney Princess Snow White Musical Cleaning Set ($25) and Disney Princess Snow White Musical Vacuum ($30) from JAKKS Pacific. The cleaning set’s broom is musical, and also includes a dust pan, scrub brush, duster, bucket and sponge. The vacuum makes vacuuming sounds and sparkles swirl in the center when activated.

I will say this about these toys- I have an issue with giving my daughter Princess-inspired cleaning and cooking toys (or really any Princess toys) because I want my daughter to be a well-rounded person who understands that life isn’t just about dressing up and looking pretty and that she can do anything she wants. I would have less of an issue with Princess-themed cleaning and cooking toys if they also made versions to accompany their other movies, like Bolt, Cars, etc. Last fall, we reviewed a Mickey Mouse Playhouse Vacuum but that’s the only gender-neutral cleaning set I’ve seen at Disney and I encourage them to think more about their role in enforcing gender-stereotypes.

— Danielle

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caty on

these products are disgusting. what a fine example of how disney continues to suck our children’s imaginations, individuality and personalities into a void of tiny waists, big boobs, and plastic encouraging yet another generation to consume and collect products that no one on earth could ever possibly need. i wonder how much disney products are to blame in global warning…. hmm another thing to rant about.

GMG on

My girls LOVE to play dress up, and will have so much fun with all the pretty, girly items. We have a choice as to what we purchase for our children, and I would choose not to purchase the cleaning items for the reasons stated by the author of this article. But, this stuff is sooooooo cute!

Betty on

The infant snow white costume is adorable. My daughter loves the snow white fairy tale the most, I am always having to kiss her awake after she eats a bite of apple! I am definitely going to get the doll with the bird that whistles in her hand. that is very cute.

Ron on

You people apparently have never actually watched the movie…what does Snow White do while staying with the Dwarfs? She cleans up their house….therefore cleaning toys are appropriate. The toys have nothing to do with re-enforcing stereotypes but rather the plot of the movie.

I think we’ve made enough progress in society that these toys aren’t going to force all of our little princesses into domestic slavery. Maybe someone should contact Disney and have them press into production a princess themed jack hammer set…oh wait…Snow White didn’t have a jack hammer…well…that’s not important is it?

Nick on

Ridiculous. Watch the movie and you’ll see why cleaning items are being marketed. My daughter likes to help her parents and “act” like a grown-up. When she saw a snow white vacuum in the new DVD case that we bought her, she wanted it. She will get it. When I (manly man) clean, she wants to help. When my wife cleans, she wants to help. When I am building something in the garage, she wants to help. When I’m gardening, she wants to help. We teach our kids as we interact with them. Any suggestion that toys should be marketed to both sexes is poppycock. Raise your kids how you want, but I feel sorry for anyone that states that they are going to deny their children a cleaning toy based on something as ridiculous as sexist marketing. Next thing you know, you’ll be avoiding the color pink because it targets girls… This article is a joke.

Melissa on

what happened to the days where playing dress up was encouraged? when raiding the old trunk in gramma’s attic to see the old fashion clothes was fun? why does everyone always have to emphasis on the negatives? i LOVE Disney & all they encourage! They allow for ALL children to believe in their dreams and hopes and wishes … I dont think that buying a Snow White cleaning set will indicate to my child, or any child for that matter, what a “stereotype” is … those kind of “teachings” come from HOME; from PARENTS! & besides didnt Snow White clean up for the 7 dwarfs in the movie? i think THAT is what the cleaning play set refers to .. & not anything more …. & i dont see anything “void” about Disney characters – at least not any more “void” then say a BARBIE doll that I am sure even we all played w/ as young girls! it is ridiculous that there is even a discussion like this – let kids be kids; let them play and have fun and wish upon a star! my 4 year old daughter is a Disney Princess freak! but then again her & her daddy loooove to race Hot Wheels too … & should I deny her the joy of Hot Wheels cuz i find them directed to boys alone? of course not! get over it people and focus on more SERIOUS issues in this world

Melissa on

to think about it …… my parents actually bought the Snow White cleaning set for my daughter for Xmas this year …. cant wait to see my Princess’ face when she opens her gift!