'Top Chef' Hosea Rosenberg Plans a Meal for the Jolie-Pitts

03/05/2009 at 12:30 PM ET


When you have six kids, dinnertime is probably a little interesting! But for Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg, cooking for a family of eight — say, the Jolie-Pitts — is a snap. The newly-crowned winner of the Bravo TV reality show sat down with PEOPLE earlier this week to “dish” on what he’d serve the famous family. He shared,

“If they came [to my restaurant] with all their kids I’d do something family-style. I’d do a paella or some sort of jambalaya; something where they can just all get into it and get dirty.”

Though the Top Chef — not a dad himself — “loves kids,” cooking for them is a different story! He told PEOPLE,

“I love cooking for kids, but you can’t do anything pretty and sexy or nice for a kid because it’s just going to get spilled everywhere!”

For more with Hosea, check out PEOPLE’s video interview here.


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Jhwest on

Paella for little kids? That’s hilarious. My six kids, who are not very picky, wouldn’t go near that with a ten foot pole. Most parents want to feed their kids something tidy as well. Try quesadillas–those can be jazzed up without being too weird. And they don’t make much of a mess.

Shelby on

Sorry but I wouldn’t call Hosea THE Top Chef…that award goes to Stefan. This season was such a disappointment. Especially with Bravo thinking we were interested in their affair. I hope he figures out how to have a successful relationship without cheating before he decides to add kids to the mix. I barely eat Paella, let alone a 3 year old.

Michelle W on

As much as Hosea was a joke of a Top Chef (Carla and Stefan were full of delightfulness and good cooks to boot), it’s hard for those without kids to understand what a kid will like/should eat.

I plan on kids and love to cook (sometimes for kids) but forget textural and spice issues all the time! Regardless, my kids WILL eat and LOVE kale.

Anais on

Sorry but my Top Chef is Carla.

MZ on

I would not consider paella weird. In my family’s country, kids DO eat that and it’s a common food to eat. Please remember there are people from all over the world on this site.

Seeing as the Jolie-Pitts travel all over the world, I’m guessing they don’t eat McDonalds and PB&J everywhere they go. The kids probably do eat more “ethnic food” than the average American kid, because they’ve been exposed to it from an early age.

Lawton Apartments on

hosea is going to be incredibly successful, because he doesn’t pander to his food audience, he creates things that are good for them and match their food needs and he doesn’t have to always be flashy about it. one of the most interesting chefs to come out of TV in a long while.

Megan on

Paella isn’t considered weird here in Florida. I’ve seen plenty of little kids happily eat it.

brannon on

My 2 year old loves paella.

Maria on

Paella is not weird at all. I guess its weird if you’re used to feeding your kids garbage like burgers, tacos, and other unhealthy foods most of the time, but otherwise its very normal. I am a vegan and so are all three of my children and Brown Rice, Veggie & Bean Paellas are very common in our household and our children have never complained.
Our kids also love fruits and vegetables.

Children are actually not picky eaters. Not at all. The only reason most kids refuse to eat veggies and other healthy foods is because they are exposed to unhealthy junk and are given way too many options. If you raise your kids with vegetables and only healthy foods from the beginning, they’ll love them because that will be their only option and they won’t want anything else because they won’t know about anything else!

Lara on

Carla should have been the Top Chef. Stefan would have been ok too. Hosea is just gross. He’ll be as forgotten as Ian, the second season winner.

CelebBabyLover on

MZ- ITA! Pax in particular is probably used to ethnic food since he ate only Vietnamese food for the first three and a half years of his life (in fact, shortly after he was adopted, it was mentioned in an article that his favorite food at the time was noodles! While not exactly ethnic, noodles aren’t usually a kid’s choice for their favorite food!). Also, I’ll bet both Maddox and Pax would enjoy Paella, since rice dishes are common in both Cambodia and Vietnam (and knowing how much Angie and Brad want their kids to know about their birth countries, I’m guessing they’ve exposed Mad, Pax, and Zahara to traditional dishes from their birth countries).

Anyway, I’d like to point out to Hosea that right now he’d probably only need to make a meal for four of the J-P kids. At almost eight months, Knox and Viv have probably been eating solid food for a few months, but they probably won’t be ready for “table food” for quite awhile yet!